Đồng nghĩa của unfeeling

Alternative for unfeeling

Đồng nghĩa: callous, cold, cruel, heartless,


Unsympathetic, harsh, or callous
callous heartless unsympathetic hard-hearted inhuman cold cold-blooded hard pitiless uncaring uncharitable cruel insensitive ruthless unemotional cold-hearted inhumane stony thick-skinned unfriendly austere brutal hard-boiled harsh severe stony-hearted affectless case-hardened compassionless desensitised desensitized hardened indurate insensate ironhearted merciless obdurate pachydermatous remorseless sadistic slash-and-burn soulless stoney stonyhearted take-no-prisoners unforgiving unmerciful unpitying unsparing apathetic hardhearted hard-nosed anaesthetized anesthetized cantankerous churlish crotchety deadened emotionless exacting feelingless icy sensationless surly tough unamiable uncompassionate uncordial unempathetic unkind cold fish with a heart of stone indifferent unresponsive impassive unmoved cool aloof unconcerned frigid savage dispassionate unbending detached stern barbarous passionless distant inflexible mean remote relentless unrelenting inconsiderate undemonstrative implacable insensible phlegmatic lukewarm disinterested numb reserved fierce lacking compassion stolid stiff impassible barbaric frosty grim coldhearted vicious stoical inexorable rigid unyielding strict untouched steely uninterested brutish uncompromising unloving stoic wicked listless impersonal formal wooden nasty rigorous forbidding unpleasant monstrous hard-bitten unsentimental dead impervious restrained ferocious thoughtless unaffected passive calm flat flinty spiritless unsusceptible hostile poker-faced evil glacial incurious chilly rough benumbed unwelcoming wanton deadpan malevolent malicious withdrawn unenthusiastic fiendish bloodthirsty intolerant offish torpid uninvolved stand-offish standoffish bloodless murderous beastly bestial truculent imperturbable clinical hard as nails dry vindictive cut-throat matter-of-fact heedless spiteful mean-spirited hateful marble-hearted atrocious repellent draconian sober chill inclement heinous unsociable unapproachable hurtful cold-eyed asleep unfair toughened malignant unimpressionable nonchalant unremitting tyrannical brute butcherly unexcitable self-controlled unstirred expressionless lifeless dog-eat-dog blank dastardly diabolical gruff inhospitable unmindful uncommunicative selfish cynical unappeasable senseless firm unruffled illiberal inattentive businesslike neutral collected vile unclubbable antisocial asocial standoff indurated gelid buttoned-up authoritarian insusceptible antiseptic pococurante unflappable sanguinary obtuse blah antipathetic adamant heavy-handed laid-back impervious to inexpressive cutthroat controlled careless hollow languid cool, calm and collected repugnant halfhearted aversive vacant inured half-hearted objective reticent dour oblivious toneless insouciant dull unsmiling uncongenial unkindly stringent unperturbed offhand bland violent composed blasé serene impartial nonreactive equable clammy ramrod impenetrable lethargic hard-headed numbed brittle as hard as nails wolfish sluggish hard-eyed frozen tranquil tactless abusive heedless of nefarious immune to disdainful placid imperceptive depraved rugged deaf to solid maleficent oblivious to unimpressible base bad negligent unaffectionate sharp couldn't care less inert ungenerous self-contained virulent feral mortal unimpressed disagreeable heavy grave stuffy fell serious adamantine satanic unexpressive devilish shabby stubborn taciturn unchristian stone-hearted haughty supercilious wounding unaroused rational gray grey faceless abrasive abominable hellish rancorous ironfisted without sentiment snide bored coarse blind invulnerable flagitious egregious nowhere unimpassioned immovable nonemotional ill-natured offended impertinent procacious annoyed impudent solitary insolent curt regardless tyrannous really hard odious loveless aggressive immune cold-shoulder deaf level-headed crass punishing lackadaisical bitter crude casual perfunctory uncurious impotent intimidating delinquent negative catty lazy unprincipled despicable strait-laced seasoned starchy contemptible equal candid wimpy moony draggy sombre somber unfazed louring nonplussed infernal earnest lowering rude quiet blind to ungentle oppressive black-hearted logical immoral villainous mindless of malign hard-as-nails vengeful unexcited abstract not nice demonic careless of unmindful of no-nonsense ungodly unresponsive to unmoved by could care less what the hell unrepenting indifferent to scornful dishonourable resistant pernicious hard-edged wrathful don't give a damn insensitive of stony-eyed dishonorable despiteful non-emotional along for the ride dirty inaccessible contemptuous laid back uncommiserating revengeful killer intemperate hatchetjob coldblooded analytic without pity contained self-centred glazed stonehearted impenitent insentient conventional unjust excessive forceful unnatural stingy ungracious casehardened nonresponsive close unforthcoming guarded secretive mechanical armour-plated tepid demanding removed premeditated bovine killer instinct censorious wintry wintery arctic coldish uptight punitive constant appalling cannibalistic unspeakable utilitarian bleak subhuman sexually unresponsive tormenting torturous off self-centered unsympathizing rowdy extreme cool-headed upsetting bearish inscrutable irreconcilable intense Olympian unenthused disimpassioned carefree groggy lymphatic unsensitive ardorless unromantic inhibited uncivil insipid glassy unagitated world-weary competitive despotic dictatorial not caring muted indefatigable bloody sour avaricious unregenerate greedy uncontrite disapproving unanimated limp feeble suppressive onerous unflinching cold as ice dry-eyed untroubled undismayed inured to paralysed paralyzed still arch foul ill marble unworried browbeating bullying stilted lacking sentiment hard-line obstinate headstrong hard-shelled critical with a hide like an elephant solemn unrevealing sedate inexcitable demoniac accursed Mephistophelian hardline antagonistic obnoxious complacent vapid wishy-washy iron-fisted uncalled-for hardhanded mean machine unreasonable temperate loathsome bureaucratic having a killer instinct wretched frowning glowering menacing toughened by experience fixed pokerfaced intransigent nonpassionate Rhadamanthine very hard unflustered unpassionate stark as tough as old boots featureless straight colorless colourless measured uncolored depersonalised unpassioned careful depersonalized nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic slow indolent anaesthetic anesthetic hard-shell resolute insensible to insensible of insensitive to analytical moderate scientific sworn deadly overbearing tight-lipped grim-faced unaware accustomed habituated low iceberg disregardful of at each other's throats horrible unconscious disregarding unheeding reckless horrid just watching the clock not giving a damn astringent proof against going with the flow rolling with the punches cutting rotten cold-fish cool cat self-possessed low-down strictly business cold turkey mean-looking biting intensely competitive fiercely competitive derelict nonobservant neglectful straight-faced caustic gross hardy strong cast-iron vigorous experienced sturdy stout homicidal unknowing nescient incognizant clueless innocent ignorant unacquainted uninformed unwitting remiss rash execrable ignominious detestable low-minded deplorable scummy currish grating vitriolic acclimatized coarsened used impercipient unperceiving hideous mindless inadvertent ghastly brusque annoying irritating acerbic impermeable unconcerned about equitable unbiased ignorant of unconscious of unaware of galling acclimatised steeled irreverent unashamed unsubmissive impious prepared uninvolved with apathetic towards apathetic about nonchalant about unprejudiced offhand about casual about nonpartisan uncaring about uninvolved in uninterested in slack lax unaffected by without knowledge of negligent of untouched by in the dark about acerb comfortless bored by dismissive of square frivolous about evenhanded just reckless about unimpressed by regardless of fair cavalier about spiky argumentative sealed sinful unscrupulous corrupt debauched weary of unenthusiastic about lukewarm about phlegmatic about nonaligned amoral reprobate sinister shameless water-resistant imperviable watertight waterproof non-committal unsocial highbrow diffident silent superior deceitful unlawful wrong unethical debased iniquitous dishonest devious degenerate perverted criminal rubbing the wrong way impregnable closed hard to take tight supine unambitious unmotivated self-indulgent vitiated unsavoury disparaging errant crooked exploitative shady libertine slippery scandalous unconscionable evil-minded infamous self-seeking grisly conscienceless ignoble two-faced morally wrong objectionable dodgy decadent defiled scheming profligate questionable improper corrupted gruesome disreputable licentious dissolute scoundrelly shameful unrighteous crafty scrofulous sly bent felonious squalid underhanded incorrigible shifty unconscientious unsavory dark lawless slaughterous Laodicean roughshod water-repellent impassable unreceptive hermetic unswayable proof droopy dispirited not giving a monkey's unpierceable unwavering hermetically sealed rainproof unmovable awful wild grievous terrible destructive dreadful dangerous dire lethal sanguineous excruciating devastating bloody-minded ruinous harrowing sanguine murdering untamed painful threatening shocking unrestrained disgusting horrendous revolting offensive abhorrent sick uncivilized distressing searing killing death-dealing perverse primitive macabre obscene vulgar fatal horrifying frightful unruly horrific trying thuggish degraded uncultured furious sickening maniacal disastrous calamitous lewd uncivilised agonizing abandoned black indecent burdensome destroying miserable harmful strenuous arduous ferine frightening uncouth fearful gory intolerable catastrophic unrefined impetuous tigerish crippling agonising baleful uncultivated turbulent cataclysmic repulsive injurious rabid fiery boorish cataclysmal desperate woeful devastative deleterious damning voracious tragic uncomfortable annihilatory demoralized distasteful acute delirious blood-and-guts noxious mad ugly hairy prurient demoralised frantic unclean filthy annihilative sapping exhausting godawful unwholesome venomous pugnacious warlike lousy distressful sick-making disgustful loathly maddened undisciplined boisterous autocratic worrying nauseating nightmarish radge domineering riotous discomforting raging loutish damaging spine-chilling undomesticated frenzied explosive stormy unbearable crazed impure heathen libidinous detrimental internecine unceremonious oafish frenetic miscreant tempestuous grody lascivious ill-bred taxing unpolished agitated uneducated disquieting hotheaded impassioned feverish heathenish natural insufferable red in tooth and claw ill-mannered warped reprehensible hysterical potent lecherous yucky convulsive troublesome traumatic unpalatable disturbing loose rakish dissipated barbarian ravaging disadvantageous sordid uncontrollable Neanderthal raffish jackleg rakehell noisome lowbrow God-awful unsettling eradicative rakehelly baneful afflicting wayward racking mortifying without mercy sleazy knock-down-and-drag-out knock-down drag-out hammer and tongs difficult Neandertal life-threatening full-blooded every person for themselves twisted chilling very bad afflictive sobering precarious perilous bellicose spartan ravening straitened unlettered crushing beastlike gut-churning blood-and-thunder gloating treacherous predatory ravenous lupine fallen direful decimating hard-fought involving bloodshed scungy disconcerting troubling piggish gluttonous swinish animal carnal irrational unsophisticated philistine shattering catastrophal lamentable nagging radical Draconian masterful worrisome irksome carnivorous desolating annihilating nauseous unsafe Spartan unendurable worthless drastic illiterate volatile stressful daunting butcherous perturbing wilful morbid tumultuous intimidatory ill-boding foreboding ominous benighted alarming parlous punitory rancid stinking deliberate needless unjustified arbitrary poor agitating dismal doleful raw cyclonic animated hot contaminated faulty putrid insubordinate unmannered yobbish fearsome minatory viperous serpentine minacious nonliterate non-literate high-handed unprovoked piercing fraught troublous paroxysmal volcanic raving enraged incessive repellant fulsome squally gratuitous groundless motiveless grueling penetrating repressive caveman abrupt infuriated rapacious angry tragical hellacious abysmal damnable cursed chronic revulsive grotesque chaotic troublemaking fractious disorderly inept undiplomatic bungling biffo animalistic aggers rainy freezing unjustifiable wrenching burning blistering stinging consuming sudden impoverished oppressed poverty-stricken OTT over the top overstrict coercive blunt impolite significant considerable belligerent lawbreaking intractable disruptive contumacious snowy blustery wet drizzly damp windy willed poignant pounding gruelling weird terrifying spooky scary eerie ghoulish discourteous heartbreaking consequential major jungli heart-rending vexatious aimless ribald indelicate profane indecorous bluff unmannerly two-fisted anarchic unwelcome unhappy heartrending unlovely unpleasing sad yukky displeasing hazardous toilsome inelegant roughcast vulgarian bawdy adverse great icky sore contrary ornery double-crossing unmanageable provoking bad-mannered untutored unexpected grinding weighty big intensive peracute deathly tasteless lowbred foul-mouthed artless common loud terminal gut-wrenching startling flagrant roughneck incult unladylike ungentlemanly outrageous unanticipated pestilent unforgivable swift quick unforeseen immediate rapid unpredicted hasty scurvy terrific grewsome lurid nightmare vital berserk unchaste facinorous cacodemonic hedonic deviant pervy beyond the pale terrorizing fateful unfortunate fast lustful concupiscent promiscuous indulgent louche flagitous erosive consumptive wrackful pestilential extirpative suicidal lethiferous pestiferous cancerous toxic wreckful assertive sybaritic unhealthy swinging unconstrained sicko kinky voluptuary crazy forcible fuming terrorising drunken deteriorated violated easy open dirty-minded fast-living hot-tempered hot-headed in the fast lane night owl fast and loose lacking restraint in the gutter gone bad pleasure-seeking gone to the dogs high living environmentally unfriendly out of control bang-bang


Lacking refinement in behavior or manner
gross boorish coarse crass tasteless unsophisticated bearish brutish callous insensitive loutish oafish thuggish unrefined common imperceptive philistine uncivilised uncivilized uncouth uncultured undiscriminating unsavory unsavoury vulgar cloddish ignorant slobbish uncultivated clodhopping incult inelegant loudmouthed ocker plebby unpolished yobbish swinish Neanderthal ill-bred rude rough crude ill-mannered lowbrow churlish impolite rough-hewn illiberal lowbred roughneck low uncivil rugged raffish unmannerly insensible barbaric discourteous uneducated barbarian unmannered savage rustic bad-mannered primitive barbarous wild raw indelicate provincial disrespectful clumsy graceless ungentlemanly unladylike lumpish mannerless awkward impertinent gruff ungracious thoughtless loud Neandertal gawky clownish classless heathen indecorous ungallant stupid lumpen impudent heathenish natural lubberly benighted inconsiderate uncalled-for dense blundering hooligan doltish obtuse cruel tactless base bungling plebeian unseemly stolid ungainly insolent hick surly brusque curt gauche ornery cantankerous raunchy sullen illiterate parochial uncoordinated loud-mouthed inurbane unhandsome badly behaved blunt heavy-handed subhuman unlettered obnoxious non-U mean ungraceful nescient ill-behaved common as muck agrestic countrified unpoised earthy troglodytic rowdy bullying abusive audacious cheeky disagreeable witless asinine insulting untamed vicious brutal merciless inhuman rough and ready presumptuous hoonish bovine poor shoddy sleazy sordid out-of-line lumbering unchivalrous tacky cheap unpleasant rustical wooden bumbling short tart sharp offhand mindless vacuous thick misbehaved inept klutzy gawkish blockish dorky blunderous undexterous stumbling off uncomfortable uneasy dozy butterfingered flip fresh offish ill-humored pig-ignorant uncontrolled outrageous ungodly unholy unconscionable wicked abrupt unfriendly beyond the pale low-bred ill-humoured in a state of nature ape-like all thumbs ungenteel disgracious backwoods offensive hillbilly improper foul-mouthed


Unaware or intentionally inconsiderate of someone else's feelings
tactless rude inconsiderate insensitive disrespectful uncivil discourteous impertinent impolite blunt frank hurtful outspoken thoughtless uncaring undiplomatic unkind unsympathetic abrupt bluff cruel impolitic sharp uncharitable uncivilised uncivilized unconsiderate ungentlemanly unladylike plain-spoken uncalled for speaking as one finds calling a spade a spade boorish brash unperceptive untactful unmannerly ill-bred ungracious ill-mannered uncalled-for unmannered unhandsome bad-mannered impudent insolent churlish uncouth loutish ungallant unrefined mannerless oafish cheeky coarse rough indelicate fresh crude offensive insulting audacious short ignorant flip vulgar disgracious curt presumptuous brusque offhand abusive graceless unchivalrous contumelious malapert crass gruff derogatory indecorous surly disparaging sassy lippy gross sullen unceremonious ungenteel smart-alecky underbred disagreeable brazen bold unpleasant pert saucy cocky arrogant uncomplimentary insubordinate disdainful brassy badly behaved rustic misbehaved common nervy out-of-line unpolished intrusive inaffable uncultured cavalier bearish smart alecky roughneck unfriendly raunchy raw loud-mouthed loud mouthy low-bred overbearing crabbed peremptory yokelish bounderish selfish self-centered unthinking gauche careless terse hostile intolerant tart ill-behaved unconcerned unmindful unthoughtful heedless off indiscreet callous antisocial offish inhospitable unfortunate incautious unfair heartless hasty reckless asocial self-centred forward irritable moody contemptuous tacky cheap irreverent shameless uncultivated brass-necked personal arch wise brazen-faced bold-faced cocksure unsubtle brassbound low barbaric scornful derisive flippant unsophisticated plebeian meddling meddlesome prying inquisitive incongruous procacious smart unsuitable interfering nosy hooligan provincial philistine sacrilegious snippy profane impious profanatory aweless unfilial blasphemous primitive savage out of line off base awkward ungainly unseemly clownish clumsy insensible backwoods classless tasteless lowbrow gawky cloddish barbarian lowbred hick yobbish raffish rugged incult hillbilly illiberal barbarous slobbish clodhopping improper rough-hewn Neanderthal foul-mouthed inelegant heavy-handed uncourteous inurbane crusty


Lacking in originality, variation, spirit or energy
flat dull boring monotonous tedious insipid uninteresting dreary droning tiresome dead jejune lifeless toneless unexciting bland colourless prosaic spiritless stale vapid depressing empty lackluster lacklustre pointless soporific uniform vacant arid banal colorless dim drab drudging dry dulled dusty expressionless featureless heavy ho-hum humdrum jading leaden lusterless mat matte milk-and-water monochromatic numbing pedestrian ponderous slow stodgy stuffy stupid tame tiring unchanging unexcited unexpressive watery wearisome weary wearying wishy-washy deadly old samey uninflected unvaried blah blind draggy inane innocuous muted prosy sapless unpalatable unseasoned vanilla weak whitebread mind-numbing ho hum namby-pamby lead balloon uninspiring unimaginative uninspired commonplace pale mundane characterless run-of-the-mill faded subdued trite lustreless feeble routine uneventful anaemic tired sterile anemic pallid plain washed out grey gray ordinary unremarkable lame bloodless nothing vacuous limp somber neutral sombre wooden plodding quiet soft unstimulating repetitious passionless unlustrous barren dingy dark pastel unvarying bromidic hackneyed workaday apathetic torpid nondescript ashen common flavorless stiff everyday toned down flavourless lowered faint ashy washed-out indistinct restrained as dry as dust listless zestless bleak unoriginal dry as dust soulless derivative tasteless monochrome subfusc poor subtle quotidian fatiguing dull as dishwater unanimated inadequate nowhere low-key dullsville undistinguished sluggish mediocre illustrous black understated laborious half-hearted zero weariful repetitive softened dull-coloured matter-of-fact thin matt muffled stifled banausic lacking variety ineffectual ineffective suppressed platitudinous unimpassioned dark-colored low stilted unexceptional conventional hushed nothing to write home about indifferent irksome toned-down inaudible mild static soul-destroying pathetic mechanical achromatic dark-coloured unobtrusive shaded deadened pabulum unrelieved hacky common or garden dull as ditchwater enervating exhausting dreich plain vanilla light unconvincing wan no great shakes run of the mill stagnant passive drivelling driveling unmemorable inoffensive uncolored unadventurous uncreative uninterested watered-down turgid mellow laboured mute threadbare antiseptic achromic lackadaisical washy middle-of-the-road silenced enervated usual indiscernible ornery corny gentle unentertaining unenjoyable lacking vitality waterish lacking variation unmoved unpolished mumbled yawnsome unclear meager flat tire imperceptible downcast meagre low-pitched monotone not up to much lacking excitement lacking interest dirty labored big yawn greyish lethargic slack puny inactive stereotyped unenthusiastic awkward useless emotionless mindless clumsy desiccated beige hollow futile strangled unburnished profitless overlong bleached halfhearted tepid undistinctive safe interminable flimsy cold non-stimulating unsuccessful plebeian well-worn unromantic fruitless vigourless conservative predictable unproductive shallow clear sleepy paltry unnatural inexpressive etiolated tenuous grayish distasteful unappetizing savorless unsavory long-drawn-out languid bog-standard stock gloomy smothered uninventive derived unimpressed implausible pedantic whispered desolate obscure irresolute slothful unspirited white-bread forced deadpan prolix inept mousy indecisive deadening muddy meek inarticulate lacking in vitality languorous unintelligible dowdy sober heavy-handed unsavoury dragging dismal depressed unhearable weighty one-horse fuddy-duddy day-to-day treadmill deadly dull old hat dead-and-alive a dime a dozen without color long prosing nonglossy bummer drag cloying drear moth-eaten bomb second-rate unlively unpassioned inferior inert impotent powerless least Milquetoast unmodulated undemonstrative wordy long-winded earthbound trying frustrating annoying irritating unartistic shadeless tingeless disinterested artificial delicate yawn darkish crude simplistic cautious unprogressive serious stolid solemn boresome vexatious filthy circumspect unimpressive unsatisfactory discoloured discolored watered down unobjectionable in the doldrums customary normal typical regular unsentimental unvarnished unembellished unpoetic nitty-gritty literal terrestrial unemotional factual unadorned unfateful noneventful unnoteworthy inconclusive harmless nerdy wimpy unappealing prudent hack mainstream mortal poky snooze nebbish fatuous slight reluctant perfunctory vigorless energyless unostentatious diluted raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy overused heavy-going formal worn-out overworked unpretentious chary square lurid ghastly cadaverous sickly white waxen doughy blanched livid soft-hued endless average sooty dun grimy garden-variety garden variety phoned in staid without variety sludgy vain reserved attentive two-dimensional unenergetic boiled down without punch lukewarm unresponsive weakly trivial puerile cardboard clichéd backward reiterated samely monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song unchanged verbose half-pie OK so-so unrewarding timid spent backwoods comatose gingerly considerate careful puts one to sleep heedful wary calculating flat as pancake unwilling impassive cool blasé devoid of feeling devoid of emotion worthless truistic murky sullied tarnished opaque heavy going lacking energy not so hot out of date outdated greyscale grayscale hard to digest aimless valueless unprofitable purposeless old-fashioned outmoded not shiny archaic discreet unenterprising obsolete behind the times defunct extinct otiose unavailing bootless inefficacious abortive antiquated murmuring antediluvian leery insufficient superannuated hoary hueless passé unfruitful unfilled unprolific inconspicuous vague diminished muttering faltering light-toned graceless inelegant cliché-ridden timeworn sour uncoloured insubstantial unnoticeable repressed unflashy simple cream ungainly antwacky hoarse hazy fuzzy black and white tintless not in color black-and-white out of the ark played out time-worn worn out cut and dried low-keyed gauche scarcely audible out of earshot bated ill-defined greige sand superficial unbelievable distant reedy unstressed unaccented taupe oatmeal ungraceful rough-hewn rigid uncomfortable rustic rustical uneasy spoiled droopy ecru improbable untenable questionable buff fawn gawky maladroit submissive melancholic dejected spineless languishing melancholy dispirited despondent mopy weak-kneed inconceivable sketchy unpersuasive incredible blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate unconcerned broken downhearted sad drippy bumbling unhandy inflexible obstinate unyielding unbending turned off stone-coloured indefinite stone mushroom light-colored putty down in the mouth down in the dumps cast down light-coloured stinking malodorous noisome foetid spoilt stenchy fetid dried parched reeking smelly thudding

Trái nghĩa của unfeeling

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