Đồng nghĩa của fatal

Alternative for fatal

Tính từ

Causing death or fatality
lethal deadly mortal terminal final killing deathly incurable malignant baleful baneful fell grave killer mortiferous murderous pestilent untreatable noxious pernicious tragic vital critical destructive malefic pestilential poisonous virulent causing death death dealing ill-fated ill-starred dangerous life-threatening harmful death-dealing injurious irremediable homicidal ruinous toxic devastating internecine inoperable bloody immedicable mortuary vicious violent nocuous venomous mephitic evil beyond cure detrimental deleterious infectious cruel bloodthirsty disastrous fierce diseased serious dead chronic suicidal irrecoverable remediless persistent destroying pestiferous corrupting troublesome contaminating tainting beyond surgery damaging calamitous necrotic hurtful unhealthy uncontrollable grievous madcap depressed treacherous perilous reckless grim ruthless cannibalistic slaying carcinogenic monstrous malevolent hazardous invasive dying threatening unsafe severe capital acute cancerous metastatic spreading near death very dangerous end-stage on way out touch and go savage brutal ferocious internal civil exterminatory exterminating family barbarous inhuman long-standing long-term sanguinary decimating costly havoc-wreaking barbaric sanguine murdering sanguineous mutually harmful mutually destructive criminal constantly recurring cut-throat bloody-minded slaughterous hellish sapping harrowing unpleasant exhausting strenuous cutthroat arduous merciless pitiless maniacal vindictive butcherous oncogenic carcinomatous tumorous sadistic heartless harsh brutish bestial beastly ravening inhumane wanton devilish diabolical brute malicious butcherly fiendish atrocious truculent remorseless demoniac callous crazed infernal unrelenting cold-blooded

Tính từ

Leading to failure or disaster
disastrous catastrophic calamitous devastating ruinous cataclysmic crippling destructive cataclysmal crushing damning dire fateful grievous injurious lethal unfortunate baleful baneful costly direful harmful detrimental damaging deadly deleterious adverse tragic pernicious terrible hurtful bad noxious dreadful dangerous awful unfavourable disadvantageous unfavorable devastative annihilatory maleficent mortal prejudicial evil woeful lamentable nocuous annihilative unpropitious inimical ill toxic unhealthy cancerous wounding poisonous venomous malefic hazardous wicked untoward shattering negative catastrophal malignant undesirable unwholesome prejudicious sinister counterproductive corrupting suicidal eradicative unlucky mischievous miserable appalling black pestilential virulent perilous extirpative nocent malicious threatening parlous critical corroding environmentally unfriendly ominous inopportune ravaging subversive brutal grave violent pestiferous painful wrackful dicey savage corrosive menacing noisome malign ill-fated incendiary undermining unsafe risky inauspicious deplorable regrettable apocalyptic wretched heartbreaking murderous earth-shattering fierce pestilent severe frightful inexpedient lethiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous ill-starred hapless malevolent death-dealing untimely precarious climactic climacteric convulsionary loss-making unadvantageous unwelcome distressing insalubrious harassing sinful withering tough hostile sacrificial disturbing mortifying tragical unpromising heartrending distressful fire-and-brimstone portentous apocalyptical miasmatic insidious offensive miasmic nefarious spiteful annihilating desolating immoderate impoverishing draining extravagant exhausting wasteful depleting infelicitous hard predictive revealing oracular prophetic ruining killing destroying corruptive hellfire incriminating shocking jeopardizing horrible unsuccessful dark damnatory condemnatory abortive serious troubling thorny life-threatening unsound jeopardising jeopardous ill-boding doomed luckless blighting afflictive messy derogatory implicating condemning implicatory conclusive implicative dooming strong accusatorial erosive cutthroat consumptive fell

Tính từ

Critical, serious or very important in nature, usually in a negative sense
decisive final crucial destined determining doomed fateful foreordained inevitable predestined critical grave necessary pivotal unlucky important momentous serious vital significant key deciding paramount essential fundamental climacteric strategic determinative required needful must-have needed indispensable integral urgent requisite pressing compelling exigent of the utmost importance of the essence of great consequence high-priority all-important pre-eminent influential conclusive major forceful definite definitive absolute prime authoritative imperious principal imperative chief trenchant decided settling incisive certain peremptory crisp settled litmus test consequential acute central necessitous weighty life-and-death burning far-reaching mandatory primary cardinal considerable big leading basic portentous substantial earnest compulsory obligatory capital main vitally important great foremost historic prerequisite material dire dominant heavy called for meaningful overriding profound preeminent outstanding predominant severe monumental solemn of moment earth-shattering clamant importunate somber emergent sombre of great import heavyweight crying sober premier of consequence of significance prominent supreme top notable focal of great importance core sedate staid arch salient remarkable noteworthy eventful life and death humourless humorless no laughing matter no joke quintessential first master intrinsic staple grand no-nonsense primal epoch-making underlined big deal number one instant heavy-duty conspicuous uppermost highest greatest ruling substantive sovereign constitutive overbearing demanded radical overmastering world-shaking sovran impressive all important uncomic earthshaking numero uno relevant apocalyptic desperate signal striking commanding telling special immediate earth-shaking elemental memorable incumbent sensational powerful prior wanted appreciable high-level exceptional much tectonic meat-and-potatoes world-shattering defining very important elementary controlling now or never front-page hefty life-or-death operative major league newsworthy ultimate arresting de rigueur pronounced demanding noticeable pertinent head clamorous large exacting insistent high responsible inescapable nitty-gritty drastic marked binding exciting invaluable sizable large-scale unavoidable desired obvious maximum landmark extensive stipulated especial prevailing appropriate lead extreme seminal bottom-line eminent moving particular recommended persuasive formative valuable tough difficult nonelective forced extraordinary unforgettable intense inherent involuntary utmost rudimentary headline impelling much needed topmost instrumental of great moment hard mighty keynote innate compulsatory of vital importance big-time big league rare called-for arch- impactful imposing inspiring inspirational number-one strong potent emphatic last clear shaping causal evaluative prescribed coercive egregious elevated applicable active basal lacking best interesting lively busy full super king axial intrusive projecting protruding famous arrestive jutting obtrusive statutory right-hand ill-fated doomful direful inauspicious ominous resultful apposite germane fitting lacked set enforced topical worthwhile super colossal mammoth demanding attention dramatic high priority apropos apt glum strongest business-critical mission-critical constraining event-filled strenuous presiding supereminent buzzworthy stern characteristic structural overruling distinguished gloomy dour grim rudimental underlying natural everything name-of-the-game indicative expedient preferred proper specified hectic action-packed climactic austere constituent foundational constitutional emergency sore page-one prodigious unmissable ponderous tremendous life-saving coal-and-ice quiet downbeat sad component connected terrible driving parlous noted trusted reputable celebrated illustrious clamouring hurry-up clamoring requiring obliging heat-on irresistible claiming distressing forcing unyielding actual cold sober incumbent on name of game life or death second-to-none a matter of life and death out of the ordinary of note of substance of import matter of life and death at the heart of epochal star stellar No. 1 honoured noble top-ranking superior extremely important milestone transcendental empyrean empyreal sublime categorical carrying a lot of weight ponderable high profile honourable well known top-notch high-powered honorable highly regarded major-league high-ranking honored priceless top-priority precious obstinate tireless unremitting intransigent tenacious stubborn indefatigable distinctive deep uncommon glaring unusual life-changing very great inestimable preponderant resonant worthy of attention quantum generous unordinary glorious high-up big time big-league top-drawer of high standing testing irreplaceable persistent unrelenting aggressive dogged obdurate persevering entreating nagging pertinacious of importance puissant skookum trying searching helpful choice creative original psychological serviceable treasured avid disturbing high-pressure annoying troublesome suppliant overeager solicitous pushy harassing innovative extremely helpful beyond price extremely useful worth its weight in gold imaginative groundbreaking touchy showdown climatic effective convincing pioneering productive ground-breaking competent stirring effectual provocative vigorous useful swaying capable enticing contributory encouraging motivational energetic robust able inducing stimulating purposeful animating motivating hard-hitting swayful guiding dynamic cogent successful rousing alluring masterful touching efficient seductive forcible efficacious affecting overly solicitous touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice germinal generative most important most prominent most influential

Tính từ

Causing or characterized by extreme distress or sorrow
tragic unfortunate disastrous dreadful appalling awful catastrophic distressing calamitous deadly dire pathetic ruinous abject anguished cataclysmic grievous lamentable mournful sad shocking sorrowful terrible woeful wretched agonising agonizing devastating dismal doleful galling miserable moving painful unhappy dejected deplorable despondent distressful disturbing gruesome heartbreaking heartrending horrendous melancholy piteous pitiable pitiful regrettable stirring unlucky vexatious adverse crushing desolate forlorn gloomy grim harrowing lethal mortal deathly destructive fateful hapless ill-fated heart-rending ill-starred grave serious somber depressing sombre solemn acute critical dangerous disheartening discouraging weighty urgent worrying forbidding ugly unamusing far-reaching sobering severe strenuous earnest sedate sober troubling unpleasant troublesome bitter irksome harsh traumatic discomforting disconcerting stressful torturous bad horrible nasty upsetting horrific tormenting distasteful unpalatable loathsome daunting perturbing cruel excruciating ghastly difficult hurtful frightening macabre hard objectionable horrid disquieting worrisome rotten unsettling revolting horrifying unkind poor execrable abominable uncomfortable agitating atrocious foul lousy vile frightful vexing dismaying afflicting troublous fraught hairy nightmarish grisly repellent unnerving irritating annoying disagreeable repugnant monstrous tragical hellacious mean displeasing unwelcome repellant abhorrent uncongenial unpleasing hostile off-putting bleak tough heavy trying exacting taxing unforgiving oppressed pitiless vicious impoverished stark brutal merciless ruthless poverty-stricken savage dispiriting disappointing glum mephitical perplexing hellish irritable unpropitious dreary alarming melancholic bewildering sinister depressive revulsive austere frustrating poignant inauspicious hopeless foreboding aggravating ominous testing parlous distressed sullen morose unfavorable troubled unfavourable cheerless humourless crummy offensive odious detestable unsavory mortifying humorless unbearable repulsive discomposing unsatisfactory icky stinking unendurable hideous lurid disgusting nauseating unacceptable abysmal sickening obnoxious gross undesirable diabolical unappealing uncool awkward yukky grotty yucky godawful saddening uninviting grody afflictive affecting sour nauseous unsavoury beastly unlovely concerning nerve-racking gut-wrenching nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking heart-breaking

Tính từ

Not capable of being repaired, cured, regained, or undone
irremediable irreversible irredeemable irreparable hopeless incurable irrecoverable irretrievable unrecoverable unredeemable unsalvageable deadly final incorrigible irreformable mortal terminal unmitigable remediless bad cureless gone helpless impossible irrevocable lost sad worsening ill-fated beyond redress beyond recall past hope beyond repair no-win up the creek unwavering uncurable unchangeable unfixable uncorrectable unshakeable serious grave fruitless permanent beyond remedy beyond recovery despaired of past cure past remedy beyond hope inveterate confirmed chronic persistent hardened long-standing habitual dyed-in-the-wool unrepentant unashamed severe lasting complete irreclaimable written off futile obsessive unreformable addicted long-established established diehard compulsive obsessional pathological committed deep-dyed doomed past mending useless unapologetic thoroughgoing thorough utter absolute beyond cure unrectifiable unrestorable unrepairable unalterable lost and gone regular seasoned addictive shameless dependent uncontrollable hooked gone forever nowhere to go out of time congenital fallen unreclaimable irremedial broken ruined destroyed irreplaceable unsavable unregainable cursed wretched accursed desperate given up gone for ever condemned failed afflicted excommunicated vulnerable past praying for aimless blighted alone pointless losing intractable wasted bleak profitless forlorn unprofitable entrenched unreformed uncontrite hard-core impenitent out-and-out deep-rooted hollow ineffectual unachievable ineffective worthless firm devoted loyal unswerving staunch faithful dedicated steadfast abandoned beastly beyond redemption loser wicked recidivous true blue unfaltering full-bore through and through right-down card-carrying arrant irrepressible eternal undying mad keen dyed-in-the wool keen as mustard

Tính từ

Dangerous or perilous
jeopardous hazardous perilous risky unsafe chancy precarious speculative insecure threatening hairy menacing unhealthy serious delicate treacherous venturesome parlous bad thorny ticklish exposed nasty touchy deadly critical adventurous dangersome venturous viperous alarming breakneck dynamite formidable heavy hot impending impregnable loaded malignant mortal portentous pressing queasy serpentine shaky terrible ugly unstable urgent vulnerable wicked touch-and-go on collision course dangerous dicey dodgy jeopardizing grave jeopardising exigent uncertain iffy grievous destructive tricky unsound fraught with danger unpredictable gnarly high-risk sticky problematic rocky difficult unsure unsteady touch and go on thin ice unreliable problematical dubious erratic playing with fire slippery desperate hanging by a thread terrifying unchancy awkward unsettled at risk in danger Russian roulette shonky in jeopardy wobbly doubtful death-defying capricious harmful sensitive defenceless explosive undependable rickety defenseless out on a limb taxing lethal haphazard prickly tricksy tough catchy knotty spiny rugged extreme tight unclear fluctuant unsecured endangered suspenseful cliffhanging incalculable scary on a slippery slope built on sand hanging in the balance life-threatening unknown in the balance threatened toxic injurious wide-open long shot on slippery ground not secure not stable unprotected tottering untrustworthy fearsome reckless on a limb open to attack daredevil turbulent eruptive inflammatory volatile full of upheavals potentially violent in turmoil

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