Đồng nghĩa của mandatory

Alternative for mandatory

Đồng nghĩa: compulsory, mandatary, mandate, required,

Tính từ

Necessary or very important
essential crucial important necessary key requisite vital indispensable needed required called for imperative critical compulsory obligatory paramount compelling urgent integral pressing high-priority acute of the essence pivotal fundamental substantive all-important burning central consequential significant vitally important life-and-death of great consequence of the utmost importance pre-eminent prerequisite all important must-have necessitous needful cardinal quintessential principal prime chief basic momentous wanted intrinsic core decisive primary very important desired preeminent inherent major rudimentary elementary innate focal bottom-line constitutive radical heavy meaningful life-or-death earth-shattering much needed meat-and-potatoes lacking basal king foremost lacked telling mission-critical business-critical number one everything underlined demanded characteristic structural staple natural underlying rudimental profound nitty-gritty world-shaking name-of-the-game foundational constitutional elemental constituent salient incumbent coal-and-ice determining connected component big influential dominant involuntary forced peremptory nonelective overruling premier deciding overriding predominant primal appropriate compulsatory leading supreme top weighty determinative great capital main ruling climactic grand master at the heart of binding expedient specified preferred exigent proper recommended outstanding far-reaching de rigueur incumbent on name of game material strategic highest first uppermost arch prevailing overbearing big-time prior sovereign overmastering sovran greatest number-one especial major league potent controlling champion topmost star numero uno effective stellar testing climacteric trying searching settling psychological epoch-making historic desperate now or never clamorous dire hanging by thread touchy touch and go insistent on thin ice climatic showdown most important

Tính từ

Impossible to avoid
unavoidable certain ineluctable inescapable inevitable necessary sure compulsory fated ineludible inexorable obligatory assured unpreventable predestined predetermined preordained required unescapable impending inevasible manifest obvious prescribed set bound to happen for sure sure to happen in the bag in the cards locked up open and shut ineliminable imminent destined doomed patent definite undoubted routine repeated robot-like usual regular automatic predictable settled expected fixed foreseeable decreed ordained reliable guaranteed undeniable impreventable fateful unalterable unfailing decided foreordained natural effective irrevocable binding dependable determined irresistible without recourse all locked up to be anticipated to be expected for certain no ifs ands or buts certain to happen bound meant prearranged returnless infallible inerrant clear out of one's hands predestinated all sewn up appointed overpowering compelling overwhelming pre-elected uncontrollable potent compulsive urgent irrepressible forceful ungovernable imperative driving besetting obsessive oppressive overmastering foredoomed intended designed threatening that is to be near at hand to come hanging over que sera sera in the air in the wind stated written in the cards predesigned in store overhanging instant compelled that will be condemned closed looming menacing nailed on sealed forthcoming in prospect brewing very likely way the ball bounces directed coming agreed preset pre-agreed pre-planned pre-decided preplanned pre-established cut and dried set up programmed encoded planned established in advance premeditated calculated foredestined proposed arranged in advance precogitated forethought decided beforehand scheduled arranged deliberate

Tính từ

Arrogant and domineering
imperious dictatorial domineering bossy overbearing authoritative commanding peremptory authoritarian high-handed arrogant lordly overweening autocratic imperial tyrannical despotic haughty tyrannous arbitrary assertive autocratical bullish dominating forceful magisterial masterful officious tyrannic wilful willful pushful pushy compulsatory compulsory exacting obligatory oppressive required high and mighty throwing one's weight around harsh severe dogmatic absolute draconian strict autarchic totalitarian anti-democratic repressive imperative undemocratic firm rigid monocratic unyielding czarist tsarist doctrinaire demanding iron-handed illiberal inflexible imposing iron-fisted heavy-handed controlling coercive stern egotistic confident pompous tough summary insistent dominant disciplinarian cruel cocky uncompromising rigorous absolutist stringent ruthless self-confident merciless hard lofty powerful supercilious superior proud bullying brutal unlimited one-party stuffy emphatic subjugating unjust insolent regnant decisive compelling Neronian uncontrolled inhuman autarchical obstinate ironhanded mean unsparing hard-line unbending solid pitiless stiff rough inexorable relentless self-assured all-powerful self-willed ordering aggressive bidding masterly assured impressive unaccountable unconstitutional single-party fascistic overpowering strong-willed unreasonable unrestrained patronizing overconfident dystopian sure of oneself autonomous pushing driving czarlike throwing one's weight about downright brusque crack the whip in driver's seat on high horse dogmatical august patronising judicial stately majestic highhanded dignified regal pontifical overproud cocksure presumptuous abrupt strong brisk unassailable no joke flat-out straight out clamorous dictative crack-the-whip opinionated lording it positive preponderant snotty high-and-mighty uppity ascendant prevalent cavalier disdainful sniffy intolerant absolutistic in charge cast-iron brassbound decided not backward in coming forward definite fixed certain undeniable finished no ifs ands or buts throwing weight around hard to please classic classical definitive judgelike judge-like heavy overwhelming burdensome crushing fierce murderous trying onerous excruciating bitter unfair hardhanded punitive rugged grim searing grievous hardheaded uncharitable single-minded dour intractable by the book unrelenting resolved dyed-in-the-wool dogged hardhearted hard-nosed obdurate browbeating mulish callous hardened extreme ossified formidable hard-core stiff-necked hard-hearted austere ascetic steadfast determined unflinching drastic pressing unsympathetic dire unforgiving astringent no-nonsense resolute ascetical disciplinary immovable grave bullheaded disheartening gloomy backbreaking discouraging weighty sombre hefty dismal depressive troubling dispiriting superincumbent bleak worrying distressing troublesome stressful exigent somber taxing depressing confining headache rough going

Tính từ

Established and not likely to experience any changes
hard-and-fast certain determinate final firm fixed flat frozen hard inexpugnable set settled stable absolute binding compulsory conclusive decisive dictated exacting irrevocable strict unbending written carved in stone set in concrete definite unequivocal explicit unambiguous decided definitive clear precise specific unmistakable manifest clear-cut cut and dried black and white hard and fast positive indubitable express distinct known categorical evident obvious patent transparent palpable open-and-shut black-and-white cut-and-dried well-defined crystal clear plain sure unquestionable irrefutable incontrovertible defined indisputable undoubted unarguable ultimate unambivalent straightforward nonambiguous unquestioned undisputed recognized unchallengeable unanswerable stark univocal lucid recognised sharp crisp ringing pronounced sharply defined pegged rooted luculent pellucid barefaced apparent perspicuous bald luminous detailed comprehensive striking broad well defined lucent crystalline marked bald-faced bright-line exact understandable unblurred spelled out clearly expressed determined established specified quantified irreversible limited unchangeable indelible unrectifiable determinative permanent peremptory irremediable invariable finished changeless immutable lasting emphatic unalterable unreversible unrepealable unappealable clear cut guaranteed concrete intent determining proven assured convinced confident well-marked undubitable well-grounded silhouetted stated forthright clean-cut clearly defined distinguishable graphic incisive noteworthy severe audible visible bold significant as plain as the nose on your face not vague full vivid tangible minute as plain as daylight cut and dry res ipsa loquitur undeniable incontestable ascertained true inarguable confirmed beyond doubt irrefragable unchallenged accomplished sealed accepted beyond question acknowledged uncontested nailed-on not in question not in doubt supreme provable confirmable authoritative establishable real safe verifiable genuine demonstrable sure thing having down pat as sure as eggs is eggs there are no two ways about it all sewn up

Tính từ

Being the authoritative or definitive source of, or reference for
authoritative approved authorised authorized classic definitive sanctioned best classical magisterial official accepted accredited commanding legitimate recognised recognized sovereign administrative bureaucratic canonical departmental executive imperial lawful legal ruling supreme ex cathedra ex officio established valid standard authentic formal bona fide proper certified documented orthodox sound endorsed licensed validated authenticated verified ratified kosher licenced signed and sealed regular traditional exhaustive customary undisputed binding genuine licit prescribed true contractual correct methodical effective allowed real explicit rightful legally acceptable legally binding in effect in force influential confirmed effectual pro forma ordinary received stock usual normal undoubted unquestioned natural statutory acknowledged canonic uncontested masterful bonafide acceptable conventional credible legit legalized lordly reliable consummate finest ultimate greatest strict constitutional permissible certifiable superlative imperious judgelike actual veritable usable orderly set regimented express right legalised unexpired systematic fixed ceremonious egotistic formalistic routine ceremonialistic ritualistic ritual ceremonial mother of all judge-like true-blue within the law warranted signed sealed decided decisive conclusive okay precise cathedral ordered positive definite cleared suitable fitting and delivered straight from the horse's mouth qualified commissioned permitted agreed appropriate vouched for applicable ascribed attributed empowered appointed organized credited determined affirmed backed chosen operational institutional active OK'd regulated systematized exact structured agreed upon current operative in operation systematised organised de règle at play in use in execution okayed countenanced discerning circumspect settled respectable procedural common required available deputed guaranteed recommended discreet establishment universal suggested businesslike ready arranged deputized proven supported passed time-honoured certain coherent societal judicious ruled deputised arrived at done officially recognized made official stated democratic standing elected indicative apt elective nominated popular delegated mainstream due accurate rigid representative of the people fit desired meet becoming suited prudent just befitting sensible felicitous pretty school most reliable most scholarly most complete most perfect most significant

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