Đồng nghĩa của disciplinary

Alternative for disciplinary

disciplinary /'disiplinəri/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) kỷ luật; để đưa vào kỷ luật
    • có tính chất rèn luyện trí óc; để rèn luyện trí óc


Strict or exacting in standards
strict harsh rigid hard rigorous severe stern stringent tough dour inflexible oppressive unbending authoritarian draconian uncompromising unyielding firm forbidding illiberal adamant grim picky uptight adamantine bullheaded determined exacting fixed hardline headstrong indurate intractable intransigent invariable obdurate obstinate pertinacious puritanical relentless resolute set solid steadfast stubborn stuffy unadaptable undeviating unpermissive unpersuadable unrelenting unshakeable unsparing unwavering cast-iron dead set hard-line heavy-handed iron-fisted no-nonsense fierce drastic austere grave hard-nosed callous extreme unsympathetic dire inexorable hardhearted hardheaded uncharitable pitiless hardened formidable cruel single-minded autocratic hard-core merciless imperious rough hard-hearted unflinching pressing unforgiving demanding dogged browbeating mulish ascetical stiff-necked immovable by the book domineering resolved stiff ascetic astringent absolute dyed-in-the-wool ossified disciplinarian tyrannical ruthless implacable unfeeling flinty heartless brutal ramrod stony brassbound serious onerous unchangeable punishing remorseless hard-and-fast unalterable immutable definite solemn burdensome inhuman set in stone hard and fast savage cold unsmiling insensitive unmerciful hard-boiled pigheaded forceful excessive steely trying murderous opinionated heavy rugged self-opinionated weighty cold-blooded bound unvarying arduous ironclad despotic strong punitive diehard dogmatic unchanging taxing locked in wilful difficult perverse willful sedate unkind unswerving earnest settled inconvincible hardhanded pat staid insistent challenging humourless humorless self-willed determinate uncomic sober sobersided grievous inexpugnable searing stoney affectless binding compassionless desensitized stonyhearted ironhearted take-no-prisoners bitter exigent radical desensitised strenuous cold-hearted po-faced ferocious repressive entrenched gruelling sombre gruff somber tiring unpitying uncaring inhumane draining grinding staunch stable unappeasable tenacious concrete case-hardened final rooted certain enervative wearing uphill stressful crushing vicious thick-skinned soulless pachydermatous insensate slash-and-burn doctrinaire established sharp hellish crippling sapping stony-hearted excruciating killing nasty desperate back-breaking grueling dead set on distant aloof immoderate unemotional narrow inconsiderate louring unsentimental swingeing intimidating lowering pontifical fanatical unfaltering dictatorial hard-hitting arbitrary really hard incommutable ungentle ingrained refractory decided coercive unmalleable hard-bitten hidebound iron-handed mean-looking inalterable incompliant hurtful frozen flat unswayable deep-rooted iron unmoving indomitable biased constant deep-seated iron-willed intolerant hard-shelled authoritative decisive truculent unmovable vindictive stand pat sadistic hard-headed businesslike brick-wall standing one's ground compulsory hard as nails not giving an inch well-set bound and determined clear-cut incontestable incontrovertible ungiving militant spartan unfair abrasive unjust abusive inordinate unreasonable intense ironhanded summary tight hard to please unvacillating extortionate outrageous forcible rowdy curt Draconian cynical suppressive exorbitant fast brutish blinkered unaccommodating assiduous tireless sedulous unflagging unstoppable hostile inclement bullying locked preconceived barbarous unbreakable cool virulent cut-throat world-weary uncompliant recalcitrant punitory irreversible exact ironfisted mean penal unplacatable unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable static testing crisp unflexible unabated pounding mortal indefatigable wearying overburdening debilitating overbearing tactless indurated very hard pugnacious changeless unmoved very severe dreary douce inveterate jelled unflappable monstrous tyrannous coldhearted bloodthirsty vengeful bestial unremitting high-handed two-fisted lacking compassion ineluctable lacking sentiment hard-edged as tough as old boots toughened by experience as hard as nails superincumbent tricky sky-high set in one's ways hanging tough dug in standing pat unhumorous dull set in your ways thoughtless necessary immobile do or die hold your ground hold the line hold the fort serious-minded tough nut to crack writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced decided upon inept undiplomatic bungling with a heart of stone sticking to one's guns formal overstrict OTT mean business solid as a rock no going back like death and taxes hell bent on dictated mandatory irrevocable carved in stone conclusive written set in concrete prejudiced impractical speculative dogmatical theoretical opinionative opinioned reserved over the top unfriendly frigid chilly icy frosty uninviting zealous ideological unpragmatic unrealistic swivel-eyed hypothetical complex rule-bound surly sullen unapproachable caustic acerbic crabbed sour threatening glum churlish mordant complicated one-sided magisterial holding fixed views dictative bigoted remote grumpy cross fell sinister menacing stark enforceable traditional customary conventional limiting classical cutting morose bleak scowling sulky bureaucratic officious involved scathing trenchant sarcastic stinging penetrating sardonic piercing incisive splenetic cantankerous glowering crusty gray grouchy grey categorical bad-tempered legislating sanctioned didactic preceptive bossy normative accepted prescribed acerb wounding poisonous waspish spiteful ill-tempered bull-headed snarky catty mordacious sarky acidulous bloody-minded boot-faced die-hard toilsome wearisome prescriptive acrid acetic biting tonic stalwart assertive true whole-hearted emphatic in earnest committed dominant purposeful intent prevailing persistent sure unshaken persevering unshakable unqualified seasoned going bent positive explicit consistent strong-willed do-or-die never-failing bent on bent upon through-and-through hell-bent on hell-bent upon hang tough


Punishable or bookable


Of or relating to a homily, or to homiletics
homiletic didactic moralistic moralising moralizing sententious preachy sermonic instructive instructional edifying doctrinal teaching sermonising sermonizing admonitory disquisitional expository preaching homiletical pedantic enlightening informative educational illuminating informational educative preceptive pedagogic improving heuristic propaedeutic priggish useful donnish informatory pompous sanctimonious scholastic pietistic self-righteous helpful pious pontifical unco guid sermonical pedantical lecturelike illuminative cultural didactical trite tutorial revealing telling canting explanatory judgmental preachifying ponderous judgemental Pecksniffian serious upright cautionary self-important pi high-minded strait-laced pointed holier-than-thou dogmatic Pharisaic Pharisaical academic tuitional schoolmasterly bookish formal erudite moral abstruse teacherly teacherish teachy exhortative schoolmasterist advisory hortative learned pedagogical elucidative literary schoolish doctrinaire inkhorn explicative explicatory descriptive explanative exegetic illustrative interpretive expositive interpretative exegetical stilted punctilious arid egotistic fussy formalistic hairsplitting overnice dry ostentatious particular nit-picking dull scholarly elucidatory revelatory explaining demonstrative graphic diagrammatic allegorical clarifying hermeneutical school profound professorial communicative intellectual newsy factual forthcoming cerebral egghead highbrow expositional exemplifying representative typical prefatory annotative expounding evaluative describing pictorial illustrational evincive delineative discursive guiding informing comparative illustratory pictoric symbolic specifying indicative hermeneutic declarative emblematic corroborative sample by way of explanation expressive analytical metaphoric imagistic iconographic figurative

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