Đồng nghĩa của hell bent on


(set on) Fully committed to an idea or goal
set bent on bent upon intent intent on resolute resolved hell-bent on hell-bent upon resolute about bound decisive determined determined to firm purposeful dead set on insistent on resolved to insistent about single-minded committed to the idea of do-or-die committed steadfast stalwart persistent unflinching unrelenting undaunted fixed unshakeable unshaken unflagging unfaltering steady out strong-minded strong-willed set on on one's mettle dedicated uncompromising intransigent unswerving tenacious unwavering obstinate dogged earnest obdurate relentless staunch strong stubborn indefatigable constant mettlesome steely perseverant persevering spirited pertinacious indomitable plucky intrepid gritty inflexible faithful unbending implacable valiant true vigorous immovable decided brave unhesitating insistent purposive unyielding unshakable adamant bold indurate gutsy courageous persisting loyal spunky unchanging stiff manful serious definite immutable strenuous stout unbendable deliberate settled bulldog four-square stout-hearted rock-ribbed tall in the saddle meaning business intent upon driven bent untiring inexorable undeviating focused sure focussed solid rigid obsessed tireless hell-bent enthusiastic assertive forceful positive ardent pigheaded fanatical full of determination hard headstrong dead set hard-nosed unflappable enduring mulish eager intense pushy bullheaded pat fierce unqualified zealous hardened stable stiff-necked ambitious never-failing emphatic unremitting wholehearted obsessive motivated industrious avid unvacillating willful keen abiding diligent certain hardheaded ossified iron-willed self-willed assiduous defiant patient self-assertive unfluctuating wilful assured demanding fearless fixated perverse domineering devoted enterprising opinionated feisty intractable unmalleable consistent confident sustained unswervable adamantine inconvincible strict unmovable imperious dyed-in-the-wool unalterable in earnest established active tough devout convinced confirmed self-opinionated genuine bound and determined absorbed engrossed go-getting absolute sincere set in stone concentrated passionate preoccupied concentrating recalcitrant immersed occupied refractory unfailing daring true-blue froward audacious deep inveterate unmanageable contumacious even uniform unvarying fervid impassioned inspired hellbent grim contrary balky aspiring dour intending to thirsty restive incompliant monomaniacal invariant desirous regular dominant striving hungry iron unmoved unblinking independent cast-iron pressing compulsive energetic determinate ruthless inexpugnable brick-wall explicit hanging tough self-confident militant wrapped up firm about single-minded about aggressive hard-line difficult hardy vehement hard-and-fast heroic fixated on obsessive about inflexible about fanatical about hard-driving satisfied stern self-starting dire goal-oriented self-driven pig-headed ended mature tending inclined predisposed leaning disposed self-disciplined firmly-based fervent unshrinking attentive never-tiring stanch hardboiled buckled down unquestioning immoveable unappeasable fast sedulous uninfluenced not joking sworn tried-and-true responsible pious tried gung ho consumed compelled unintimidated observant possessed unswayable resistant galvanized impelled entire studious all enrapt exclusive whole undivided obsessional induced telelogical calculated undefeated impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided standing pat alert watchful all out flat-out going for broke good resilient going all the way in place in position mean business clear-sighted straight out playing hard ball urged on riveted importunate urgent high-powered be out for blood nose to the grindstone intensive hopeful hard-working irrepressible firm in spirit perceptive two-fisted sagacious keen as mustard animated tough-minded ironclad resourceful take charge mean honest heartfelt meaning what one says serious-minded engaged enthralled exigent resisting triumphant commanding whole-hearted impatient adventurous bullish fiery game progressive pioneering prevailing seasoned pushful peremptory high-spirited imposing authoritative thrusting going unruly untoward ungovernable wayward forward controlling minding lively dashing brisk resounding reiterative imperative continuous clamant burning monotonous crying overbearing bossy conclusive peppery gingery gallant valorous unbowed patent composed collected mettled frisky sprightly self-asserting like a ball of fire on the make self-seeking eager beaver power-loving get up and go high-reaching power-hungry desiring success through-and-through poised powerful undoubting cocksure undoubtful doubtless implicit clear disobedient rebellious incontrollable rebel uncontrollable recusant insubordinate obstreperous obvious plain committed to out to fixed upon anxious to fixed on decisive about obsessed with resolved on impatient to determined on agreed authoritarian hang tough stand pat as game as Ned Kelly arranged preset cussed predetermined unchangeable allotted specified prearranged unmistakable harsh self-assured self-reliant unpersuadable defined decreed precise prescribed uncooperative unreasonable uncharitable pitiless disciplinarian severe callous cruel hard-core hard-hearted drastic unforgiving no-nonsense ascetical rigorous iron-fisted tyrannical by the book exacting hardhearted browbeating extreme formidable rough austere ascetic unsparing oppressive merciless unsympathetic astringent stringent draconian autocratic disciplinary heavy-handed grave cool-headed can-do self-possessed final frozen incommutable express exact planned flat inalterable invariable cantankerous stroppy uncompliant bolshie irreversible unbreakable dogmatic heady opinionative unmodifiable definitive stipulated still stated remorseless contrarious writ in stone in the bag hard and fast not subject to change broad malign malevolent maleficent awkward malicious fractious spiteful bloody-minded with one's feet dug in bull-headed with one's toes dug in locked in deaf to reason cross-grained wrong-headed stubborn as a mule unsubtle

Trái nghĩa của hell bent on

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