Đồng nghĩa của concentrating

Alternative for concentrating

concentrates, concentrated, concentrating

Đồng nghĩa: focus, intensify, strengthen, think about,

Trái nghĩa: distract,

Động từ

Present participle for to direct one's attention or focus on a particular object or activity

Động từ

Present participle for to increase the strength and diminish the bulk of, as of a liquid or an ore

Động từ

(concentrate on) Present participle for to fix one's gaze at something intently

Tính từ

Being alert or on top of things by paying close attention
attentive observant alert intent watchful heedful mindful aware focused vigilant acute heeding noticing perceptive percipient studious interested listening regardful careful committed deep diligent earnest focussed rapt rigorous scrupulous awake tentie tenty assiduous reckful open-eyed beady-eyed on guard not missing a trick on the lookout paying attention Argus-eyed on one's toes on the qui vive on the job on the ball wide awake wide-awake on your toes listening carefully engrossed absorbed occupied preoccupied immersed fixed concentrated wrapped up steadfast sharp sharp-eyed lost eagle-eyed keen-eyed keen hawk-eyed enthralled riveted engaged attending all ears caught up steady with eyes like a hawk enrapt intense determined fixated firm resolved obsessive single-minded fanatical obsessed inflexible resolute involved fascinated quick chary cautious gripped intrigued wary prudent circumspect prepared ready agog anxious leery guarded captivated eager gone consumed on tiptoe on the watch held enthusiastic gimlet-eyed on the alert locked in dialed in on your guard on alert with weather eye open looking to keeping your eyes peeled looking for really into head over heels keeping a weather eye on things with eyes peeled on toes waiting on set bent devoted thorough punctilious industrious zealous meticulous painstaking with one's eyes open keeping one's eyes skinned sedulous nice up to here up to your ears deep in thought insistent hell-bent impatient buried accepting hearkening receiving active surveying understanding advertent clear-sighted discovering discerning deducing correct detecting discriminating searching contemplating considering sensitive alive questioning bright comprehending intentive penetrating observative intelligent wired perky fully awake wide-eyed transfixed heads up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fast on the draw mesmerized entranced enraptured hypnotized enchanted enamored infatuated bewitched settled spellbound enticed enamoured mesmerised hypnotised exclusive whole entire undivided all set on deep in hooked on strong-minded persistent dogged dedicated driven intensive motivated cagey wise judicious considerate canny discreet sensible thoughtful safe conservative sagacious politic gingerly shrewd apprehensive reasonable conscious calculating restrained astute sage suspicious provident insightful clever deliberate cognizant pragmatic measured expedient diplomatic tactful commonsensical forethoughtful reserved moderate sapient tactical softly-softly sentient sharp-sighted worldly-wise thinking twice playing safe with it considered far-sighted logical wakeful forearmed advisable thrifty unhurried smart tentative strategic levelheaded hip practical sound forehanded frugal rational reticent informed temperate conscientious savvy judgmatical judgmatic unwasteful saving witting belt-and-braces spirited alive to quick-witted incisive ware conversant knowledgeable awake to observing knowing well judged well advised switched on hesitant precautious aware of sensible of watching out psyched up whip-smart controlled walking on eggs watching one's step cognizant of wise to alert to noncommittal handling with kid gloves keeping on one's toes keeping a weather eye on keen-sighted good hands lynx-eyed au courant farsighted on to hedging one's bets with reservations regardful of recognizant of with one's eyes skinned hip to concerned protective enterprising close watching resourceful glued hooked unsleeping taking notice defensive expectant gentle calm gradual visionary desirable non-committal reluctant sophisticated vague unrevealing close-lipped patient sane playing one's cards close to one's chest agile responsive close-mouthed self-aware overcautious overcareful kid-glove delicate keeping a weather eye open keeping one's eyes open keeping one's eyes peeled all there having eyes in the back of your head with one's eyes opened upon one's guard like a clam civil on lookout having foresight not rash suspecting with your wits about you on top of on the stick lively clued-in clued up vital quick off the mark quick on the uptake jazzed equipped economical sly sparing doubting walking on egg shells taking it slow with one's eyes peeled well-prepared far-seeing foresighted apperceptive acquainted apprised fastidious perceiving noting recognizing assured level-headed healthy common-sense parsimonious tight penny-pinching mean sure remarking recognising certain responsive to able to recognize seized of ware of hep to in the know about sensitive to mindful of in on clued-up on percipient of finicky methodical fine ingenious well-advised well thought out intuitive adroit balanced reasoned dexterous brilliant cerebral mature analytical intellectual piercing skilful cagy precocious genius perspicacious respectful complex sharp-witted rapier-like dextrous subtle fly analytic intriguing deft experienced brainy skillful razor-like razor-sharp exacting ratiocinative detailed well thought-out well-grounded conscious of solicitous careful of chary of wary of acquainted with watchful of heedful of know ins and outs know all the answers plugged in in the know tuned in be up on

Danh từ

A notion, idea, or plan
conception idea concept notion impression picture image understanding abstraction perception hypothesis theory cogitation conceptualisation conceptualization generality generalisation generalization intellection plan stereotype thought appreciation clue comprehension design inkling postulation apperception belief cogitating cognition command communing conceit consideration considering deliberating dreaming envisaging explanation exposition fancy fancying imagining interpretation meditating meditation mind's eye model musing philosophising philosophizing realisation realization representation speculating speculation version view mental grasp opinion assessment conviction judgment apprehension estimation knowledge sentiment sense viewpoint judgement slant thinking supposition persuasion feeling take attitude philosophy reading observation suspicion discernment inference awareness point of view vision angle way of thinking perspective outlook visualization approach position grasp presumption visualisation analysis hunch contemplation standpoint assimilation construct evaluation reflection conclusion stance principle conjecture suggestion mind deduction thesis mindset imagination mental picture notions assumption premise examination construal stand ideology estimate picturing conjuring up ideas accepted wisdom account inclination doctrine creed dogma sneaking suspicion beliefs verdict intimation deliberation teaching faintest hint tenet aspect determination indication reasoning appraisal grip simplification posture twist overview prospect foggiest faith foggiest idea faintest idea broad view two cents' worth faintest notion foggiest notion school of thought fool notion rumination excogitation preconception vagary caprice characterization rationality translation inspiration fantasy insight canon study presupposition thoughts consciousness construction pondering formula elucidation recognition variation credo oversimplification sensation theorem call reaction comment side rationale system line sweeping statement way of looking custom eye big idea brain wave say-so intuition frame of mind loose statement disposition trust teachings mental representation mulling over surmise mental image feel intention vantage point value judgment expectation vague idea funny feeling eye view paradigm treatment construing concepts facet conceptualizations reverie dream phantasm hand brainchild wrinkle inspection scheme proposition mood presumptions views hypotheses angles theses premises whiff depiction messages pictures mind-set sniff themes mind's eyes frame of reference portrayal message acknowledgement cognizance line of thinking gut feeling wind signal sign mental vision mental visualization theme apprehending hold percipience presentiment sixth sense rendition portrait rendering cerebration leaning realizing predilection proclivity clarification reckoning standing conceptualisations acuity guess indulgence projection personal feeling prediction signification identification forecast prognosis calculation recollection surmising acceptation realising taste acknowledgment light experience attention spin portraiture presentation agonizing brooding worrying brainwork puzzling two cents worth shoes context where one is at say so idée fixe concern look glimpse flash drift commentary outline definition agonising aspiration rationalization rationalisation regard objective thing worry motivation contrivance intent riff statement remark point declaration say input will dreams head imaginings close-up resolution vent wish vote contention desire option preference decision suffrage part extrapolation inward eye judgment call mirror of the mind tablets of the memory eye of the mind diagnosis participation choice voice precept rule general truth general statement law half-truth general principle vague statement non-specific statement vague notion indefinite statement vox populi considered opinion right of speech right of free speech abstract principle maxim wisdom slight knowledge value article of faith kaupapa self-conviction profession science scholarship tradition logic ethic axiom culture argument cliché truth saying gospel lore argumentation idealogy legend testament superstition mould convention pattern component of a theory code of belief legendry myth aesthetics esthetics dialectics folklore mythology chain of thought know-how attitude to life ethics line of reasoning sayings process of reasoning way of life world view principles Weltanschauung basic idea traditional wisdom oral tradition logical thought how-to truths folk-wisdom formal system values chain of reasoning boilerplate trope fashion mold average institution hackneyed idea standard image conventional image received idea feelings sentiments bias postulate appraisement direction convictions policy matter temperament bent review component detail character note factor valuation particular observance tenets opinions ideals prejudice tendency orientation air headset demeanor code notice gauging demeanour ingredient rating item temper perusal fundamental portion guesstimate respect proposal fix mental state mental outlook guesswork gaging once-over critique basis morals canons standards way shot in the dark element scrutiny response characteristic manner feature subject partiality pronouncement weltanschauung worldview heed belief system topic feedback attribute utterance unit piece sensibility care constituent investigation predisposition esteem member shot trait question framework section posit apriorism debate heedfulness bit way of looking at things divination like it is sight reason particle root material basic drop subdivision stem trace ascertainment comeback rough guess virtues educated guess ground colour orthodoxy supposal color stab maxims mores axioms rules conventions ethical codes moral principles moral philosophy guidelines ethical values code of behaviour rules of conduct moral beliefs POV value-system moral values moral law moral code code of ethics set of beliefs code of behavior code of conduct standards of behavior ballpark figure moral standards attidue meaning instinct attitudes certainty certitude connotation underpinnings finding premonition vein lesson emphasis emotion acceptance avowal tenor trend contribution bet impulse admission assent guideline ethos moral one-sidedness reply mental attitude humour humor deliverance prepossession instruction indoctrination setting emotional state surmisal induction reflections answer liking tone strain way of looking at it text provision deportment article involvement situation building block integrant credence pose firm stand contestation morality learning inculcation propensity penchant vantage anticipation inclining long view counter scope hue guise complexion appearance sizing up summing-up gut reaction view of the world set of principles credenda think interest point of observation expectance specific line of argument conclusions vantage ground from the perspective of sympathy articles of faith attribution foundation influence promise expectancy assurance survey monitoring lemma antecedent layout assignment derivation advisement point of vantage where one stands practice if given hypothetical premiss tentative law starting point interestedness carefulness viewpoints level fine point information watching surveillance religion reassurance reliance an eye effort pensiveness absorption received wisdom guessing likelihood condition possibility doubt suppose particularity info circumstance datum technicality nicety data confidence line of thought ideation introspection quality prevailing attitude accepted belief accepted view viewing scrutinization specification property points of view motive connection exploration surveying score essence itemized information piece of information nitty-gritty fact subject matter gen dope low-down action concentration honor approximation honour supervision recognising probe overlook recognizing noticing stab in the dark essential admiration assertion credit diligence assiduity application industry mindfulness announcement aside articulation proclamation word reverence veneration verbalism backtalk criticism vocalization animadversion quip verbalization ciphering estimating arithmetic informed guess predicting computation stock figuring rough calculation calculating intentness advertence attentiveness advertency studying ear rudiment crack interpolation wisecrack vocalisation mouthful good opinion spotlight dictum obiter good word part and parcel

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