Đồng nghĩa của dreaming

Alternative for dreaming

dreams, dreamt, dreamed, dreaming

Đồng nghĩa: imagine, muse, vision,

Trái nghĩa: reality,

Tính từ

Not paying attention to something
musing daydreaming absent-minded distracted preoccupied inattentive dreamy unmindful lost in thought abstracted woolgathering absent oblivious faraway distrait negligent pensive vague unheeding unconscious absentminded unobservant wool-gathering distant wandering imagining in a world of your own miles away in a brown study absorbed ditzy careless unaware bemused fantasising fantasizing unthinking lost inadvertent neglectful heedless scatterbrained removed not with us out to lunch unseeing forgetful engrossed blank vacant empty brooding thoughtful withdrawn remote airheaded mooning scatty spacey moony surroundings idle inconscient apt to forget thoughtless vacuous pipe dreaming with a mind like a sieve head in the clouds unaware of events with a memory like a sieve goofing off space cadet far away hollow somewhere else omitted minus deficient bare devoid in short supply diverted distraught regardless inobservant unperceiving undiscerning unobserving unwatchful listless dozy unnoticing apathetic bored lacking concentration not concentrating off-guard off in a world of one's own intent immersed rapt wrapped up immersed in thought deep in thought not there frantic hysteric agitated frenzied hysterical delirious beside oneself out in space a million miles away taken up fascinated caught up anxious hung up asleep engaged worried wrapped-up bugged spellbound deep elsewhere disregardful lax slapdash slipshod slack insensible unfocused amnemonic negligent about nirvanic unwitting oblivious to sloppy remiss inattentive to out of it inclined to forget looking out window remiss in asleep on the job indifferent to not on the job remiss about having a memory like a sieve like an absent-minded professor lax about

Tính từ

Thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom
starry-eyed idealistic romantic visionary quixotic utopian unrealistic dreamy idealist quixotical starry optimistic improbable impossible silly nonrealistic happy hoping head-in-the-clouds half-baked ivory-tower not sensible on cloud nine impracticable impractical perfectionist Utopian chimerical unworkable fanciful unworldly idealized idealised abstracted radical castle-building naive absurd extravagant unbusinesslike imaginary impulsive fantastical chivalrous non-viable inoperable useless unserviceable foolish impetuous inefficacious ineffective ineffectual creative inventive imaginative inspired prescient penetrating insightful innovative far-sighted ingenious perceptive intuitive discerning enterprising wise clever shrewd resourceful talented sharp gifted unfeasible fairy-tale speculative theoretical ivory-towered hypothetical exalted musing ambitious otherworldly lofty pretentious noble astral delusory illusory original introspective grandiose daydreaming prophetic in the clouds out of touch with reality with your head in the clouds revolutionary innovational avant-garde wild pioneering innovatory originative artistic futuristic fertile unconventional trailblazing Promethean groundbreaking unreal unusable fresh unorthodox abstract illogical advanced novel experimental newfangled percipient unusual prudent cutting-edge state-of-the-art ultra-modern judicious productive fantastic new unattainable unique unprecedented whimsical different unfamiliar inapplicable blue-sky infeasible sage nonviable sagacious astute nonfunctional irrealizable unknown strange offbeat unaccustomed unnegotiable no-go unheard-of won't fly unreasonable not a prayer high-tech out of the question cutting edge forward-looking knowing perspicacious hopeful airy-fairy pie-in-the-sky expressive individual acute high-flown intelligent seminal formative refreshing tuned in singular dreamlike artful nonpractical incisive fabulous unpractical thoughtful off-centre vivid special poetic untried unwise distinctive disruptive unlikely inspiring exotic modern far-fetched ultramodern new-fashioned out of the ordinary way out keen ground-breaking contemporary space-age leading-edge out-of-the-box science fiction breaking new ground ahead of the times ahead of its time unviable unrealizable prolific millenarian millenary constructive out there vague fantasizing unachievable exaggerated idyllic sentimental over-optimistic perfect ideal fantasising fictitious legendary airy fantasy dream irrational senseless Panglossian Micawberish millennial rational reasonable sensible crazy potty rare transcendental ultimate arcadian model supreme best ideological made-up mythical eccentric fancy quirky flighty uncommon nonsensical gone reachy floating untested surprising neoteric freakish brilliant genius freaky curious atypical on the ball thorough vigilant tactical farsighted far-out head in the clouds ridiculous chimeric phantasmal bizarre crackpot phantasmic elaborate canny cautious provident nonconformist stimulating recent funky peculiar odd modernistic not applicable blue sky poetical strategic sophisticated progressive intricate left-field politic inspirational fictive far cry just out trendy neat fashionable groovy unexplored happening hot modish unhackneyed stylish in with-it far out cool modernist hip unexampled pathbreaking nontraditional worldly-wise germinal well-thought-out complex multifaceted forward-thinking well-designed highly developed involved well-planned well-built nifty foresighted brain wave breaking ground watchful forearmed careful individualistic levelheaded clairvoyant cool-headed commonsensical far-seeing well-balanced demiurgic avant garde deviceful knowledgeable sapient savvy profound penetrative deep observant sensitive awake appreciative understanding cute argute alert smart conscious quick aware brainy responsive whip-smart sharp-witted razor-sharp ear to the ground knows what's what

Tính từ

Having or showing no intelligence or interest
vacant blank empty expressionless deadpan inexpressive vacuous impassive absent-minded dreamy inscrutable poker-faced vague absent abstracted catatonic emotionless glassy idle inane numb stolid stony thoughtless uninterested wooden ditzy inanimate incurious indifferent lifeless motionless uncomprehending unthinking daydreaming foolish silly unexpressive vapid witless dull unresponsive glazed fixed unemotional straight-faced cold dispassionate dead distant faraway flat hollow bemused apathetic unreadable undemonstrative stoic stupid inert absorbed distracted preoccupied unfeeling oblivious inattentive bland musing remote lacklustre lackluster unaware detached frigid unimpassioned phlegmatic passionless stoical spiritless calm impassible affectless matter-of-fact toneless nobody home cold-blooded dazed fishy devoid cool insensitive distrait unheeding soulless glacial heedless torpid restrained controlled aloof lusterless reserved inactive fish-eyed chill icy impersonal nowhere unaffected imperturbable heartless nonemotional immovable lethargic pokerfaced self-controlled cool, calm and collected stony-eyed perplexed unfocused glassy-eyed reactionless dumb unintelligent colourless unmoving unsmiling serious po-faced colorless withdrawn rigid introspective meaningless stiff uncommunicative masklike noncommittal immobile devoid of emotion unsympathetic benumbed callous asleep inhuman numbed anesthetized lukewarm senseless insipid unexcitable paralyzed still anaesthetized paralysed impenetrable enigmatic placid mysterious heavy laid back cryptic supine dry passive insensate defunct insentient extinct uncanny mystic occult deep enigmatical arcane unsystematic scatterbrained disorganized forgetful unreliable undependable inorganic mineral giddy feather-headed empty-headed erratic dizzy birdbrained scatty feather-brained sphinxlike non-organic exanimate unconscious dippy dappy hidden sphinx-like indecipherable abiotic quiescent mystified disorganised nonplussed puzzled baffled bewildered pensive negligent careless absentminded inadvertent neglectful wool-gathering impossible to interpret deceased nonvegetable inoperative nonliving listless azoic without life nonanimal not alive unmindful unobservant far away not with it somewhere else omitted minus bare deficient with one's head in the clouds with a mind like a sieve miles away lost in thought in a brown study not with us in short supply unconcerned unfriendly unmoved frosty sober unwelcoming uncaring formal chilly unsentimental businesslike standoffish uncordial gelid antiseptic cold-eyed unflappable disinterested inhospitable uninvolved unapproachable clinical unsociable cold-hearted clammy stand-offish unruffled brittle collected hard-eyed neutral unbending offish hostile rational level-headed hard-headed composed serene forbidding reticent objective thick-skinned impartial unenthusiastic hard-hearted impervious austere equable tranquil haughty wintry unclubbable antisocial asocial standoff prosaic stony-hearted solitary blah hard-boiled wintery uncompassionate buttoned-up logical unloving self-contained coldish frozen arctic insensible unfazed taciturn nonchalant ruthless down-to-earth unimpressed merciless offhand disdainful unperturbed hardened practical realistic plain supercilious pragmatic quiet mundane sensible uncharitable obdurate annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent straightforward unvarnished no-nonsense unembellished literal unimaginative factual sluggish severe hard laid-back uncongenial heedless of unsocial commonsensical starchy stern desensitized oblivious to hardhearted hardheaded earthy pragmatical uncreative unadorned candid equal tough abstract unkind prosy non-emotional humdrum pedestrian desensitised unembroidered undistorted exact unidealistic straight-thinking along for the ride with both feet on the ground sangfroid analytic uncurious reptilian unaffectionate contained enduring resigned philosophic indomitable half-hearted negative tepid ice-cold stone-faced removed close unforthcoming secretive guarded cool-headed bovine off unagitated steely Olympian unenthused unimpressionable fierce groggy lymphatic untouched coldhearted marble muted unstirred unamicable ungenial unimpressible insusceptible inimical antagonistic inapproachable dry-eyed undismayed untroubled false insincere fake unaffable unrevealing sedate indurated inexcitable unworried inaccessible contemptuous withering seclusive unneighbourly uncompanionable stilted going with the flow rolling with the punches cold-faced ardorless inhibited repellent cold-shoulder loveless impotent unromantic immune unhappy hateful unneighborly depressing bureaucratic resolute featureless uncolored strictly business straight depersonalised faceless cold turkey unpassioned careful depersonalized gray grey measured nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic immune to impervious to stubborn unyielding feigned unmindful of proof against deaf to pitiless static cruel drab unexciting tedious temperate inhumane dreary slow boring monotonous wearisome nonpassionate brutal harsh unflustered unpassionate mechanical uninspired pointless lacking vitality analytical moderate scientific unpitying compassionless unforgiving indurate case-hardened pachydermatous remorseless stonyhearted stoney unsparing sadistic slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners unmerciful ironhearted unexcited characterless uninspiring two-dimensional hard-nosed iceberg cold fish crotchety surly cantankerous unempathetic with a heart of stone feelingless exacting unamiable churlish sensationless deadened draggy slothful pabulum nothing uninteresting zero spent self-possessed unconcerned about unbiased equitable cold-fish cool cat couldn't care less offhand about uninvolved with apathetic towards casual about nonpartisan apathetic about regardless nonchalant about uncaring about unprejudiced insouciant uninvolved in uninterested in faithful naked truthful accurate feasible frivolous about bored by evenhanded just reckless about dismissive of mindless of unimpressed by regardless of fair careless of cavalier about square pococurante unresponsive to weary of lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned unenthusiastic about blasé unaroused diffident highbrow scornful silent superior not giving a monkey's

Tính từ

Completely fascinated or absorbed by what one is seeing or hearing
rapt captivated entranced rapturous spellbound ecstatic enraptured enthralled fascinated bewitched charmed enchanted gripped transported delighted elated elevated engrossed enrapt euphoric exhilarated giddy heady held intoxicated mesmerised mesmerized rhapsodic rhapsodical riveted sent thrilled absorbed blissful intent preoccupied ravished absent absent-minded abstracted beguiled busy content daydreaming employed enamoured enamored engaged happy hypnotised hypnotized inattentive interested involved joyful oblivious occupied overwhelmed taken unconscious wrapped blissed out hung up wrapped up carried away caught up in overjoyed excited on cloud nine over the moon in seventh heaven joyous in raptures animated jubilant stunned impressed gleeful delirious awestruck exultant awestricken stoked dazzled cock-a-hoop on a high transfixed on top of the world high walking on air jumping for joy beside oneself with happiness exalted enthusiastic frenzied infatuated aroused on cloud seven delirious with happiness starstruck beside oneself with joy in transports of delight floating on air proud cheerful pleased hysterical fervent corybantic flying in high spirits floating turned-on affected in transports attracted wigged out wild with excitement enticed overpowered in heaven tickled pink flying high in a frenzy of delight extremely happy turned on awed intrigued snowed ebullient inspired zestful exhilarative energized trapped attentive delightful rejoicing triumphant bright cheery energised exulting high-spirited in paradise in rhapsodies gladdened flushed filled with joy captive beatific crowing revelling boastful crank glorying prideful swaggering gloating dizzy stimulated treading on air orgasmic victorious gay triumphalist reveling flipping merry wowed deliriously happy made up smitten overexcited gone in exaltation athrill upbeat crazy out mad sunny dreamy wild only too happy as pleased as Punch piqued galvanized moved concerned galvanised quickened blown away mentally enchanted tickled to death in a frenzy pleased as punch very happy as happy as Larry very interested tantalized immersed seduced titillated cheered roused as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy happy as a lark happy as a clam like a child with a new toy hooked on tantalised ardent beside oneself passionate caught up emotional lyrical extravagant eulogistic fond of in love with extremely curious sold on under a spell very inquisitive stuck on highly interested extremely interested very curious breathless hooked amazed puffed up agape over-the-top bedazzled won over open-mouthed hopped up set up looking good fired up under someone's spell exuberant glad eager enthused keen motivated avid tickled desirous willing great hungry agog solicitous gung ho impatient ambitious appetent thirsty athirst geeked greedy hepped up full of beans hopped-up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed aflame uplifted inspirited up triumphal celebrating doing handsprings earnest spirited devoted committed warm vigorous lively zealous hearty vehement pumped wholehearted rabid raring fanatical obsessed fervid fiery dynamic energetic vivacious dedicated voracious passional ready animate nutty nuts wacky perfervid forceful antsy anxious industrious afire unqualified intense active yearning diligent assiduous juiced conscientious gaga itching determined driven sprightly bugged zesty warmblooded ready and willing as keen as mustard keyed up champing at the bit keen as mustard mad keen hot to trot turnt raring to go gone on chomping at the bit red-hot buoyant jovial encouraged excitable enlivened inclined electrified craving jolly peppy amenable bursting disposed awakened longing pining sparky restive hankering covetous tumultuous alive

Danh từ

An inclination to escape from routine or reality into fantasy
escapism daydreaming fantasy illusion fancy daydreams fantasising fantasizing reverie delusion hallucination illusions imagination mirage romance vision avoidance distraction diversion entertainment escape relaxation wool-gathering flight of fancy pipe dreams flights of fancy pipe dream wishful thinking castles in Spain castles in the air figment of the imagination pie in the sky relief pastime recreation interruption leisure activity dreams fancies chimaeras delusions chimeras phantasms figments conceit reveries fantasms nonentities unreality fools' paradises mirages phantasies bubbles fabrication vagaries wishes ideas head trips fiction thought images notions desire whim eggs in moonshine imaginings hope whimsy trances conception contrivances dreamscapes visualisation visualization nightmares conceivings rainbows speculation envisionings aspiration ideation caprices utopia imaginativeness jam tomorrow apparitions vanities empty promises self-deception self-delusion mind's eyes daydreamings make-believe cloud cuckoo land falsehood improvisation fables creation concoction production lies invention limbo ideality imagines concepts ideals muses conceptualisations prospects conceptualizations plans ambition aims nonsense spectres phantasmata wraiths specters impressions incubi absent-mindedness brown studies absorption musings inattentiveness fancyings broodings contemplation trips woolgathering engrossments absence of mind self-absorption blonde moments obliviousness inattention preoccupation abstraction stargazing pretence pretense quirks romancings taste envisagement relish yearnings humor want longings love affairs aches impulses likings urges love pictures humour penchant inclination preferences cravings hankerings eccentricity predilection things druthers likes needs kink hunger whimseys thirsts peculiarities pinings itches partiality predispositions bents fondness yen inventiveness shine attraction sweet tooths appetite

Danh từ

A period of reflection or thought
musing thinking contemplation introspection reflection meditation reverie abstraction cogitation rumination daydreaming pondering cerebration deliberation brooding consideration daydream preoccupation thought woolgathering absorption pensiveness recollection brown study day-dreaming wool-gathering navel gazing trance absent-mindedness inattention study fancy vision revery hallucination inattentiveness self-absorption obliviousness fantasy engrossment muse dwam trip castle-building detachment dreaminess phantasy dream fool's paradise pipe dream head trip mind trip building castles in the air castles in the air lack of concentration lack of application distraction heedlessness carelessness negligence forgetfulness absence of mind inadvertence navel-gazing doziness neglect disregard vagueness oblivion distractedness absence self-analysis absentmindedness laxness thoughtfulness concentration staring into space blonde moment brain fart omphaloskepsis remoteness bemusedness raptness immersion unmindfulness imagining entrancement reflecting ruminating aloofness deep thought prepossession laxity thoughtlessness captivation preoccupancy amusement indifference to obliviousness to inattention to insensibleness navel-watching self-introspection self-examination indifference thinking of other things amnesia chimera conceit nonentity fantasm figment delusion illusion unreality phantasm lapse of memory neglectfulness remissness slackness wish fond hope fancying imagination figment of the imagination castle in the air in a zone conceiving figment of imagination chimaera stargazing idleness scattiness poor memory unconcern oscitation inconsideration tendency to forget

Danh từ

The action of pretending or imagining that things are better than they really are
make-believe fantasy charade daydreaming dream imagination play-acting pretence pretending unreality fabrication fancy invention romancing delusion illusion masquerade self-deception disguise dissimulation fakery game pageant playacting pretense pretension pretentiousness role-playing sham story fairy tale pose front act facade show guise façade put-on airs feigning posturing simulation deception semblance posing subterfuge hoax veneer veil mask artifice falsification posture shamming cloak false front trickery affectation pretext fake imitation appearance display cover faking false display bluff counterfeit acting trick ruse deceit falsehood simulacrum humbug ostentation insincerity stall con profession contrivance red herring face smokescreen air cover-up screen dissemblance false colours wile schtick a put-on a put-up job false pretense affectedness vision imaginativeness ideation ploy impersonation thought reverie fig leaf snobbery hokum airs and graces flight of fancy visualization imposture going Hollywood artificiality pretensions exaggeration feint smoke screen inflation imaginative faculty snootiness grandiosity showing off side assumed manners superciliousness visualisation dress uppishness unnatural imitation covering putting on airs dumb act bluffing hoaxing assumption demand declaration ambition ambitiousness aspiration title allegation maintenance likeness farce pantomime parody personation color mummery colour revel costume masking attitude performance false show false appearance showing outward appearance suggestion claim effect chaser sweet talk soft soap shuck and jive hamming phoney phony dissimilation stance shuffling routine excuse misrepresentation double-dealing stunt gag evasion misstatement mockery travesty mimicry arrogance conception imaginative power daydream pipe dream mind's eye castle in Spain creation of the brain castle in the air mental image stratagem play hoodwinking shift expedient gambit mock attack device maneuver dodge snare duck blind manoeuvre put-up job machination distraction cheat bait dissembling fraudulence duplicity cant attitudinizing fraud deceitfulness dishonesty falsity mendacity treachery lying hypocrisy originality creativity putting on an act kidology lack of veracity speculation inventiveness creative thought chimera chimaera guile codology deviousness cheating cunning craftiness craft deceptiveness scam falseness chicanery slyness sting snow job dupery flimflam scheme swindle jiggery-pokery hanky-panky piousness wiliness funny business monkey business lie intrigue crookedness foxiness cunningness guilefulness crookery cozenage underhandedness artfulness untruthfulness chicane sanctimoniousness perfidy set-up two-facedness lurk wheeze prevarication lip service gyp Tartufferie empty talk con trick legerdemain sophistry imposition hustle spoof management sharp practice perjury fast one fibbing decoy sanctimony mendaciousness perfidiousness gimmick leg-pull pietism rort bunco grift Trojan horse phoniness duping confidence trick affected piety Pharisaism phoneyness rig schlenter fetch flanker pharisaicalness canard lies quackery whitewash equivocation skulduggery skullduggery knavery monkeyshines telling stories sell jugglery gamesmanship jive wiles smoke and mirrors fast shuffle con game every trick in the book white lies fiddle disingenuousness hypocritical talk hypocritical behaviour little white lies forgery prank propaganda faithlessness swindling fix setup double-crossing subtleness cageyness subtlety slickness canniness caginess sneakiness strategy fakeness distortion shenanigans burlesque fiction smoke inveracity joke fourberie tricks bluster obfuscation scheming pomposity hypocriticalness tokenism pecksniffery bait and switch sleight of hand hocus-pocus double-cross shell game attention-grabber lure deviation disturbance distractor commotion diversion interruption beguilement blarney betrayal untruth sophism dirt trickiness boondoggle treason defraudation disinformation circumvention juggling trumpery tactic bragging bravado bombast porky sleight racket fastie hypocritical statement false piety idle boast sellout sham holiness pious platitudes bilk mare's-nest fallacy ride malarkey hogwash wrinkle catch trap pork pie shuck crock fib snow boast braggadocio jiving caper cozening defrauding misleading overreaching ambidexterity trapping two-timing ambidextrousness entrapping curve ball false face false clue fool's errand false trail wild-goose chase diversionary tactic misleading clue mere show refuge plan confidence game dirty pool dirty dealing dirty trick dirty work crocodile tears false colors speciousness disguising counterfeiting concealing hiding concealment shrouding veiling pharisaism suppression camouflage false virtue affected superiority glibness irreverence unctuousness phariseeism bigotry casuistry false profession bad faith double standard

Động từ

Absorbed in one's thoughts
in a brown study contemplating deliberating in a reverie lost in contemplation lost in thought musing pondering reflecting thinking cogitating daydreaming miles away ruminating brooding meditating woolgathering cerebrating stargazing staring into space dwelling stewing tripping out tuning out spacing out zoning out letting one's thoughts wander having one's head in the clouds building castles in air indulging in wool-gathering considering weighing mulling over studying thinking about chewing over revolving thinking over poring over questioning debating perpending turning kicking around wrestling with entertaining weighing up reflecting on eyeing meditating on speculating dwelling on musing on giving thought to turning over brooding over puzzling over excogitating ruminating on reviewing poring on evaluating reasoning examining figuring cogitating about cogitating on appraising conceiving ruminating over ruminating about stewing over brooding on brainstorming racking brains imagining deliberating on rolling deliberating about agonizing over thinking out thinking through reflecting upon wondering mulling analysing judging analyzing worrying about thinking on sizing up envisioning giving consideration to pondering on pondering over wondering about minding sorting out looking at using one's head speculating about chewing on putting on thinking cap sweating over beating one's brains out about turning over in one's mind assessing intellectualizing exploring digesting envisaging agonizing estimating picturing rationalizing comprehending musing over projecting ideating logicalizing figuring out meditating over mooning agonising chewing the cud noodling around considering the pros and cons of rationalising brooding about chewing deliberating over intellectualising putting on one's thinking cap summing up hammering away at discovering soul-searching self-reflecting looking inward investigating surveying researching scrutinizing probing introspecting visualizing visualising ratiocinating puzzling discussing self-questioning scheming enquiring into comparing worrying imaging consulting looking into arguing percolating processing talking over turning over in your mind batting it around scrutinising discerning taking stock of thinking hard tracking running up a flagpole asking oneself giving much thought to debating with oneself pouring it on knocking around having in mind meditating upon giving some thought to asking oneself about turning over in mind recollecting feeling logicizing monitoring going over understanding dissecting perusing thinking rationally thinking logically thinking straight apprehending lucubrating cudgeling one's brains concentrating sleeping on it bethinking flashing on reflecting about diving into delving into canvassing experimenting doing research conducting research into conducting a survey of thinking things through mooting chawing ruminating upon cooling out aspiring to anticipating expecting thinking of taking in poring inspecting taking something under advisement deliberating upon hashing over entertaining the idea of making enquiries into rehashing rating eyeing up sweating contemplating on registering making sense of uncovering sensing bringing to light unearthing supporting batting around kicking about conversing batting about mulling something over chewing the fat planning designing accepting clarifying assimilating maintaining intending purposing fostering harbouring holding harboring devising metabolising speculating on metabolizing conjecturing obsessing proposing countenancing cherishing tolerating brooking guessing moping fretting plotting suffering conceiving of viewing thinking deeply saying to oneself entertaining idea engaging in contemplation surmising keeping in mind recognising recognizing bearing in mind heeding allowing yourself to consider approving of taking into consideration agreeing to inferring deducing resolving appreciating repining sulking about moping over languishing over fretting about grieving over mooning over supposing hypothesizing taking under consideration stopping to consider grieving eating one's heart out dwelling upon sighing sweating out bleeding glooming desponding lamenting languishing eating your heart out thinking upon feeling despondent about sulking chafing inwardly theorizing daresaying postulating suspecting assuming suspicioning presuming perceiving innovating cultivating pioneering hatching seeing making suppositions calling the turn reading between lines doping hazarding a guess forming theories reading guesstimating psyching out running it up flagpole beating one's brains hypothesising doping out theorising making guesses calling it having a hunch fantasizing formulating forming contriving fancying beholding fantasying visioning depicturing creating realising sparking off cooking up thinking up trumping up sparking dreaming up performing realizing regarding conjuring up an image of fantasising chewing over things stewing about mulling over things

Động từ

Present participle for to experience imaginary events while sleeping

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