Đồng nghĩa của bemused

Alternative for bemused

bemuse /bi'mju:z/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm sửng sốt, làm kinh ngạc; làm điếng người

Tính từ

Puzzled, confused, or bewildered
confused bewildered puzzled baffled stupefied dazed muddled mystified perplexed stumped stunned befuddled nonplussed fuddled thrown clueless dumbfounded at sea bushed discombobulated discomfited discomposed disconcerted disoriented distracted flummoxed preoccupied shaken troubled unnerved addle addled addlepated astonished astounded bamboozled bedevilled bedeviled befogged confounded dizzy dopey dopy engrossed fazed floored fogged mixed-up muddleheaded muzzy pixilated pixillated punch-drunk punchy raddled shell-shocked silly slaphappy spaced spaced-out spacey spacy zonked zonked-out absent-minded at a loss beaten mazed shaken up taken aback wildered at sixes and sevens flustered fuzzy thrown off balance staggered surprised lost woozy speechless flabbergasted startled groggy out of it shocked disorientated amazed dumbstruck uncomprehending overwhelmed aghast gobsmacked uncertain bowled over blank rattled dazzled not with it all at sea overcome mixed up foxed blown away light-headed dismayed giddy awestruck lightheaded thunderstruck staggering unsteady wobbly upset stuck gaga hazy agape awed wonderstruck addlebrained hard-pressed knocked for six faint shaky breathless hard put reeling doubtful disturbed dumb weak-kneed tipsy awestricken dumfounded slap-happy woolly openmouthed wooly open-mouthed wide-eyed off balance lost for words filled with wonder weak in the knees filled with astonishment filled with amazement filled with awe worried inattentive vexed nonplused beat vertiginous drugged vague dreamy stymied agog swimming gravelled in a dither graveled numb blind blinded light foggy disorganized incredulous off-balance marveling marvelling wondering shook unglued numbed disorganised woolly-headed benumbed spaced out out of control at a loss for words unable to believe your eyes shook up unable to believe one's ears without ideas impressed defeated embarrassed eccentric discountenanced trippy frustrated whirling swimmy aswoon frozen intoxicated senile drowsy maladjusted distraught daft puckish touched impish prankish capricious whimsical pixyish bedazzled half-asleep had their heads messed with besotted bleary confusticated got caused to be at a stand buffaloed thrown off unhinged deranged unbalanced demented foolish made to scratch their head gone come apart out to lunch frightened alarmed jolted not knowing if you are coming or going awe-struck in a state of confusion in a muddle caught on the hop goggle-eyed in amazement taken by surprise caught on the wrong foot bollixed balled up fouled up at wits' end uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill tottering weak put to it teetering in a fog mind-blown without a clue at a complete loss abstracted with rubbery legs absent diverted agitated with legs like jelly distrait weak at the knees impassive empty vacant unexpressive distant faraway absorbed ruffled absentminded pestered harassed tormented hassled sidetracked unfocused miles away in a flap driven to distraction stupid clouded cloudy blurry woolly-minded insensible confusional muddle-headed addle-brained misty shadowy blurred sailing adrift senseless cold stuporous simple nonsensical dozy slow swaying sleepy tired delirious drunken unfeeling irrational unsound turbid insensitive psychotic unstable crazy unsettled out-of-joint asea whacko paralyzed deadened unresponsive paralysed in a stupor with Alzheimer's disease dead torpid asleep glassy-eyed shot to pieces screwy unscrewed anaesthetized immobilized not knowing if one is coming or going anesthetized immobilised wooden

Tính từ

Forgetful or careless due to distraction
absent absent-minded absorbed abstracted dreamy engrossed faraway inattentive lost preoccupied a million miles away distracted oblivious daydreaming vague unaware heedless distant musing lost in thought pensive distrait forgetful woolgathering miles away in a brown study vacant careless unheeding neglectful unthinking wool-gathering unmindful brooding thoughtful absentminded rapt scatty far away somewhere else airheaded mooning moony not with us deep in thought out to lunch blank withdrawn remote scatterbrained unconscious dreaming intent unobservant immersed negligent removed inconscient not there wrapped up apt to forget pipe dreaming immersed in thought with a mind like a sieve in a world of your own detached empty inadvertent thoughtless vacuous out in space hollow omitted minus deficient bare devoid taken up fascinated caught up anxious hung up asleep engaged worried wrapped-up bugged spellbound deep elsewhere in short supply unsystematic unreliable disorganized undependable giddy feather-headed dizzy empty-headed birdbrained erratic feather-brained dippy dappy baffled bewildered mystified disorganised nonplussed puzzled with your head in the clouds not with it disregardful lax slapdash slipshod out of it inclined to forget slack looking out window insensible remiss in asleep on the job unfocused amnemonic wandering indifferent to negligent about nirvanic not on the job remiss about unwitting having a memory like a sieve oblivious to like an absent-minded professor sloppy remiss lax about inattentive to ditzy spacey surroundings idle goofing off space cadet unaware of events head in the clouds with a memory like a sieve frantic distraught hysteric agitated frenzied hysterical delirious beside oneself

Tính từ

Behaving irrationally due to anxiety or mental illness
demented crazy mad crazed deranged unbalanced unhinged daft disturbed unstable maniacal psychotic sectionable wacky delirious frenzied loopy manic psychopathic confused dippy distraught doolally eccentric hysterical idiotic insane irrational lunatic neurotic odd schitzy schizoid silly touched batty bizarre cuckoo dotty gaga loco loony mental nutty psycho rabid raving screwy uncontrolled unglued unreasonable wacko whacko whacky balmy bonkers brainsick buggy bughouse certifiable crackbrained cracked crackers crackpot cranky daffy frantic fruity haywire kookie kooky looney maniac meshugge moonstruck peculiar psychopathological queer schizophrenic stupid unsound bananas barmy bedlam bushed derailed disordered foolish gonzo moonstricken nuts nutso oddball paranoid potty scatty senseless sociopathic unsettled wild barking berserk dazed demoniac distracted dreamy fatuous meshuga nutsy off preposterous raging sick slang squirrelly wrong wud yarra bats porangi raving mad barking mad mentally ill off-the-wall as mad as a hatter flipped out not quite right in the head not the full shilling off one's gourd off the wall off your head up the pole around the bend as daft as a brush away with the fairies flipped-out in a daze manic-depressive not all there not right upstairs nutty as a fruitcake off the deep end off your rocker of unsound mind out of one's gourd out of one's mind out of one's tree out there round the twist sick in the head stark mad stark raving mad stark staring mad as mad as a March hare crazy as a loon foaming at the mouth in another world in the ozone looney tunes loony tunes mad as a hatter mentally deranged non compos not of sound mind one card shy of a full deck out to lunch round the bend with a screw loose a few cards shy of a full deck mad as a March hare non compos mentis not right in the head not together one sandwich short of a picnic over the edge a few sandwiches short of a picnic deprived of one's wits having a screw loose having bats in the belfry severely mentally ill having kangaroos in the top paddock off one's nut off your trolley have kangaroos in the top paddock have bats in the belfry flaky flakey have a screw loose troubled erratic strange ridiculous nonsensical incoherent mixed up flipped freaky absurd zany unwise off the air screwball illogical screwed up weird berko aberrant not in your right mind spaced-out brainless ludicrous bewildered violent outlandish mindless ape laughable schizo a bit lacking unscrewed unconventional kinky freaked out dopey unusual daft as a brush idiosyncratic pixilated out of one's head gone babbling witless asinine uncontrollable befuddled simple maddened muddled frenetic disoriented injudicious furious invalid disorientated half-witted harebrained funny unthinking fantastic goofy offbeat featherheaded obsessed curious discombobulated impractical nonrational bedlamite amok fried unreasoning addled unjustifiable fuddled remarkable dizzy at sea groundless unorthodox faulty quirky muzzy mixed-up disarranged extraordinary implausible rum way-out out of control far-out freakish unscientific off your chump deviant addlepated shell-shocked punchy zonked pixillated slaphappy spacey zonked-out muddleheaded punch-drunk spacy dopy puzzling bizarro touched in the head funky queerish quaint weirdo outré mystifying baffling off-kilter out-of-the-way soft in the head shook up fouled up not with it way out dysfunctional diseased paranoiac paranoic daggy psychoneurotic unrealistic unzipped dingy baked nobody home unsafe gibbering ranting phrenetic rampant schizzo few X short of a Y psyched out off the chain simpleminded bubbleheaded irresponsible panic-stricken yampy lunkheaded cockeyed off the rails consumed jerky tomfool sappy inept fool inane chaotic demonic demoniacal severely mentally disordered fanatic flighty disorganized out of your mind possessed two sandwiches short of a picnic hyper twisted topsy-turvy imbecilic simple-minded moronic risible madcap half-baked weak-minded not right surreal dull-witted slow-witted dim-witted feeble-minded dull cretinous slow dunce-like tangled shambolic unreasoned feverish empty-headed vacuous thick vapid spare flawed barro postal crook amusing unpredictable clownish comic excited high agitated busy overexcited up nonfunctional wonky broken dim bovine dozy dumb pig-ignorant birdbrained pea-brained incorrect beside oneself Bohemian far out mentally unbalanced contradictory disorganised orderless amiss defective messy boneheaded chuckleheaded dunderheaded wooden-headed lamebrained fat-headed brain-dead muttonheaded off-centre up the wall through the roof on the rampage stupefied not functioning properly out of order fierce ferocious hare-brained ill-conceived weak out of commission out of whack on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout not well thought out off beam without foundation without basis ill-thought-out not making sense outrageous addle befogged woozy raddled fogged woolly spaced stunned confounded bedeviled swivel-eyed slow on the uptake thick as two short planks giddy not quite right acting crazy turned out hopped up fallacious bamboozled fazed perplexed flustered bewildering farcical untenable inconsequential unfounded hot hallucinating restless light-headed fevered rambling wandering lightheaded hallucinatory deviate unthinkable shocking unbelievable illegitimate cockamamie shaken rattled slap-happy bedevilled thrown shook wooly addlebrained inconsequent baseless arbitrary specious uncommon singular sophistic uncanny suspicious abnormal reasonless dubious atypical mysterious anomalous out of it balled up fishy eerie unnatural questionable counterintuitive disconnected disjointed out of one's skull untypical irregular different unfamiliar unexpected incongruous doubtful perplexing unaccountable shady freak rare dubitable unco creepy disputable disquieting debatable shaky unaccustomed spooky doubtable unique equivocal dodgy uncustomary suspect problematical problematic surprising droll outre out of the way out of the ordinary left-field all at sea senile absent-minded out-of-joint with Alzheimer's disease glassy-eyed shot to pieces spaced out not knowing if one is coming or going addle-brained muddle-headed imprudent unintelligent comical cockamamy foolhardy pointless reckless doltish ill-advised rash derisory unreal ill-considered fanciful fantastical derisive thoughtless pathetic cock-eyed derisible incautious unworkable indiscreet impracticable incredible thickheaded gormless damfool chowderheaded dotish glaikit imbecile puerile scatterbrained far-fetched feebleminded grotesque halfwitted impossible divvy dof hilarious extravagant feather-brained meaningless diverting frivolous blockheaded short-sighted heedless humorous impolitic chucklesome ignorant obtuse careless inconsistent improbable childish monstrous braindead unfeasible dense ill-judged astonishing pinheaded non-viable dappy useless futile gelastic softheaded too much dead from the neck up impulsive infantile inappropriate misguided light-hearted immature extreme clueless witty romantic inconceivable unlikely brash hasty inadvisable changeable uproarious amazing humoristic facetious joshing camp campy capricious whimsical riotous unpractical slapstick exorbitant unimaginable retarded sidesplitting comedic entertaining visionary backward inconsiderate hotheaded antic unattainable vain killing screaming hysteric hopeless unviable naive nerdy unearthly theoretical side-splitting rib-tickling priceless unrealizable ivory-tower incompetent full of holes infeasible pie-faced good-humoured good-humored beyond the bounds of possibility out of sight out of the question thick-witted half-cracked birdy bathetic clock incomprehensible rattlebrained unsteady in a frenzy excessive nerdish dimwitted burlesque unconsidered bugged out mentally incompetent callow obstinate donkeyish avant-garde green credulous vacant bone-headed goofy loony harum-scarum sublime contemptible idiotical improvident addle-pated waggish null inexperienced insipid complacent unaware insensate mirthful Boeotian taking the cake idiotish foolheaded dope jocose jocular smoothbrained extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible dilly worthy of scorn jolly ineffectual very stupid smooth-brained out of one's box excellent mentally slow daredevil hot-headed ditzy overhasty wrong-headed unseemly feather-headed embarrassing in vain in left field O.T.T. OTT over the top a bit much ill starry-eyed quixotic featherbrained fickle skittish daring adventurous as thick as two short planks wet behind the ears for grins to no avail false idealistic frothy forgetful light-minded yeasty inconstant ditsy temerarious audacious overbold overconfident soft undiplomatic indelicate tactless inexpedient graceless spurious unplanned utopian unworldly perfectionist delusory erroneous bird-brained risky badly planned radge unjustified imaginary nitwitted very good unconvincing incredulous grandiose illusory heady unachievable unformed sophomoric undeveloped lively ambitious unconceivable misleading uncompelling artificial nonrealistic reachy floating off the top of your head sheepheaded unobtainable suppositious illusive underdeveloped on cloud nine not applicable not sensible blue sky sophistical forlorn undoable insurmountable hollow casuistic poorly planned not thought through not fully developed make-believe ludicrous. laughable insuperable irresoluble insolvable unsolvable inconclusive unsubstantial cock-and-bull perverse irreconcilable paradoxical irresolvable unproved cheery cheerful happy hearty irrelevant unconnected unserviceable inoperable insoluble inaccessible impassable impervious inexecutable irrealizable nonpractical unusable not to be thought of not possible beyond one hardly possible no-go hundred-to-one contrary to reason not on no-way not a prayer not worth considering like herding cats beyond you self-contradictory beyond belief not following nonviable chimerical speculative inapplicable otherworldly unbusinesslike abstract inefficacious won't fly no go

Tính từ

Lightheartedly silly or excitable
giddy silly flighty capricious frivolous scatterbrained careless ditzy dizzy skittish thoughtless heedless whimsical excitable flippant reckless scatty batty birdbrained carefree dippy ditsy dopey featherbrained frothy futile goofy harebrained impetuous impulsive insouciant puerile yeasty dappy dotty irresponsible nutty brainless bubbleheaded excited foolish gaga wild feather-brained light-headed light-minded empty-headed lightheaded inane erratic stupid superficial shallow forgetful trifling empty bird-brained rattlebrained vacuous dreamy disorganized absent-minded fickle inattentive unreliable kooky daffy feather-headed disorganised airheaded not with it crazy idiotic hare-brained rash madcap asinine juvenile imprudent light petty ill-considered inconstant fatuous childish hasty foolhardy precipitate unsystematic daredevil incautious vain precipitous overhasty devil-may-care kamikaze lighthearted vague hot-headed woolly-headed hell-for-leather harum-scarum with a mind like a sieve eccentric dipsy airbrained simple infantile unstable heady changeable ridiculous immature childlike wacky dingdong dingbat meaningless pointless screwy casual weird flakey trivial flaky remiss light-hearted facetious slaphappy wool-gathering slight zany merry uncareful illogical irrational insubstantial lightweight flip idle non-serious careless of one's duty fly-by-night vapid pea-brained insignificant paltry unnecessary lacking seriousness nonserious frilly unsubstantial lacking substance worthless abstracted lacking in sense tongue-in-cheek gay volatile perky playful barmy unprofound not thinking clearly inconsequential haphazard not serious divvy temerarious musing unaware vacant absorbed distracted undependable daring romping negligent regardless disorderly of no value of no merit of no account faraway preoccupied daydreaming oblivious unthinking unheeding mystified nonplussed puzzled baffled distant bewildered pensive with your head in the clouds

Động từ

On the ocean or sea, typically of a ship or person aboard a ship
at sea disconcerted dumbfounded nonplussed perplexed adrift baffled bamboozled beaten bewildered bushed confused discombobulated disoriented fazed flummoxed mystified puzzled stumped distracted lost mazed wildered at a loss not following at sixes and sevens beat confounded befuddled muddled fuddled foxed addled vexed vext gravelled graveled buffaloed befogged got posed muddied stupefied floored gotten gat stunned fogged amazed dazed staggered astounded flabbergasted made someone scratch their head astonished obfuscated threw thrown caused to be at a stand mixed up setted someone thinking surprised flustered rattled upset shocked startled overwhelmed disorientated bowled over hit like a ton of bricks rocked dumfounded surprized frustrated knocked sideways blew your mind messed with one's head brought up short knocked for six stymied gone to your head blown your mind went to your head took aback taken aback unnerved clouded dismayed eluded discomposed beset left open-mouthed snowed caught off balance numbed threw off ruffled made punchy inebriated made your head spin boggled the mind of hit balled up put out of action disturbed thrown off bothered intoxicated thunderstricken thunderstruck shaken shook shaken up shook up struck dumb stricken dumb blew away blown away thrown off balance threw off balance blurred obscured bedevilled bedeviled overcome exercised worried beclouded overpowered tangled complicated left aghast involved thickened confusticated awed dazzled knocked out entangled jumbled encumbered boggled discomfited snew snown besotted conquered knocked over psyched out knocked the stuffing out of muddied the waters mucked baulked stuck it to got at deranged stopped someone in their tracks brought around mixed you up paralyzed dulled defeated raveled got to ravelled petrified knocked senseless thwarted bedazed screwed up boggled the mind paralysed perturbed balked snarled up stumbled confuscated made unclear overcame taken by surprise took by surprise gotten to thrown for loop gotten at threw for loop took your breath away hat taken your breath away hitten besotten put off agitated discountenanced appalled abashed unsettled embarrassed flurried mortified troubled disquieted put out of countenance let down put into a flap put someone off their stroke distressed alarmed horrified fouled up annoyed unhinged bugged demoralized demoralised concerned affected daunted chagrined distorted discouraged panicked devastated dizzied messed up fussed discomforted ailed shattered irked made nervous crushed psyched frazzled spooked distempered pothered made uneasy weirded out freaked out put at a loss upset the applecart hit for six distracted from put on edge put in a spot put the wind up put someone off their stride put in a hole put on the spot muddled up threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy frightened scared shamed stirred moved prostrated humiliated hassled saddened touched struck impressed dispirited preoccupied disheartened burdened snookered disrupted disorganized disordered foiled unbalanced unmanned excited hurried het harassed heated oppressed overmastered spellbound swamped whelmed demeaned outwitted undone disappointed tried dashed occupied undid bustled snafued benumbed jolted dislocated afflicted galled chilled disillusioned hagrid terrified alarumed derailed made emotional dishonoured discredited intricated disenchanted hindered disgruntled provoked pained chafed disarranged affrighted showed up made uncomfortable owned made awkward made self-conscious made ashamed deterred intimidated irritated worked up hung up rendered speechless subordinated dishonored gnawed at steamrollered loused up caused to lose your bearings caught one short stopped destroyed stirred up sticked made anxious made waves thrown into a tizz escaped run circles around caused someone to lose their composure crazed killed knocked for a loop threw into a tizz consternated made a monkey of stuck depressed snowed under filled with consternation setted someone back on their heels preyed on your mind occupied thoughts terrorized flipped swept someone off their feet convoluted grinded downgraded terrorised lied heavy on ground wrecked mucked up caught unawares knocked over with feather left speechless sent into a spin teased plagued stricken mistaken mistook hagridden hagrode own gave a turn given a turn given a shock gave a shock gave a hard time gave a bad time given a bad time given a hard time did in done in ran circles around

Động từ

To have instigated the curiosity or attention of someone
interested attracted appealed to drew engrossed excited fascinated intrigued tempted captivated entertained enthralled lured snared tantalized titillated affected amused aroused concerned distracted engaged gripped hooked involved perked up pleased pulled touched mattered to mesmerised mesmerized moved riveted rivetted tantalised turned on beguiled caught one's eye diverted enchanted grabbed immersed piqued absorbed absorpt aroused one's curiosity bewitched captured one's imagination engaged one's attention floated someone's boat held held one's attention lit someone's fire occupied preoccupied sat up tickled someone's fancy whetted one's appetite arrested busied enwrapped caught up charmed spellbound hypnotized hypnotised entranced enraptured transfixed monopolized holden held your attention monopolised caught bedazzled engulfed drawn employed allured won fixed fixt enticed fixated compelled magnetized filled enamoured consumed overwhelmed ensnared magnetised soaked tied up held spellbound invited enamored put under a spell tickled your fancy taken up took up captured delighted gained seized buried ravished enveloped wiled witched killed inspired obsessed infatuated held the attention of got lost in cornered fired interested greatly become lost animated overpowered provoked assimilated aroused curiosity kindled thrilled stirred lost oneself in transported enslaved held in awe seduced stimulated appealed wrapped up upped on subdued gladdened hogged applied caught your eye attended bound used up aroused the curiosity of kept busy intoxicated bounden became lost sewed up sewn up threw yourself into absorbed yourself in thrown yourself into dazzled wowed raptured bowled over tickled pink won over swept off feet gratified carried away tickled knocked out knocked dead impressed awed sent slayed persuaded led on amazed struck inveigled astounded stupefied satisfied baited stunned overawed astonished dazed overcome cheered exhilarated decoyed floored betrayed solicited coaxed staggered wooed bedevilled bedeviled solaced induced elated regaled rapped roused delectated inflamed teased caught the eye of hit the spot sucked in tickle to death made a hit with slew slain electrified influenced disported cajoled dumbfounded overjoyed humoured beckoned humored courted vamped made happy roped in come on steered pulled in brought in whetted the appetite of swept someone off their feet stricken tormented took your breath away blown away taken your breath away blew away contented overcame plagued pleasured beset left speechless misled elevated entrapped rejoiced blinded deluded harassed recreated confused indulged tricked quickened controlled subjugated enlivened grooved tranced arrided fulfilled took taken ensorcelled set at ease made your mouth water cast a spell on bid fractured scintillated put the whammy on put 'em away pleased greatly turned someone on tickled to death put under magic spell put horns on hit on put off guard sent into raptures caught hold of relaxed sparked whetted wakened stirred up given pleasure to kept maintained gave pleasure to came on ruled tortured bewildered mollified called appeased haunted possessed dominated hounded converted placated conciliated pacified propitiated sweetened charged galvanized taunted deceived took aback trapped taken aback assuaged gentled petrified endeared uplifted heartened annoyed palpated besotted frustrated gnawed beleaguered badgered pestered worried harried befooled grappled baffled thwarted preyed on gorgonized prompted led leaded jubilated scored exulted gloried got going inclined warmed rooted paralyzed paralysed disarmed sent into transports had a grip on drawn attention mousetrapped touted struck dumb riveted the attention of turned one's head freaked out dragged inspirited exerted influence on got picked up made a fool of trained cracked up led astray nurtured comforted owned ecstasized called forth convinced brought joy to signed urged preyed on your mind indicated gladded partied gave a buzz asked agreed with filled with delight won the affection of voodooed flirted with switched on galvanised swept you off your feet subjected laughed it up wound up made content agitated blurred gone over big had a hold on shilled got someone going made merry made someone feel good obtained led up garden path grabbed the attention of surprised become an obsession with brought around kept amused buoyed up demanded rooted to the spot tossed a party kept someone hanging on suited secured had a get-together brightened up drew attention went over big summoned refreshed pumped up warmed the cockles of the heart kept hanging knocked 'em dead turned someone's head given a buzz panicked brought forth exerted a pull on treated to elicited gave someone a kick tolled stricken dumb unarmed commanded drug given someone a kick kept alive cheered up roped bucked up tickled the fancy of kept up conned gnawn gnew besotten argued into bade gotten gat drew in drawn in forspoken forspoke gave the come-on to given the come-on to got under your skin own gotten under your skin gave a party given a party broke one up got one's jollies gotten one's jollies broken one up given someone a thrill gotten going gave someone a thrill done it for someone did it for someone gave great pleasure to given joy to given someone a charge gave joy to given great pleasure to gave someone a charge got one's kicks gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift gotten one's kicks taken control of taken over took control of ate up became an obsession with took over eaten up

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