Đồng nghĩa của slain

Alternative for slain

slays, slew, slain, slaying

Đồng nghĩa: destroy, exterminate, kill, put to death,

Tính từ

Dead, no longer alive or living
slaughtered killed murdered assassinated dead late departed lost deceased perished lifeless demised asleep fallen breathless cold lamented gone defunct expired low exanimate passed on passed away no more at peace six feet under under the sod pushing up daisies with God dead as a doornail as dead as a doornail inanimate extinct insensate insentient inert not breathing having breathed one's last nonextant disintegrated retired turned to dust still wasted unanimated down mortified spiritless erased cadaverous stiff offed buried reposing liquidated silent bought the farm out of one's misery gone to meet maker cut off gone to reward bereft of life pushing up the daisies checked out not existing resting in peace finished former at rest kicked the bucket gave up the ghost bit the dust casualty out cold mineral unconscious inorganic motionless comatose bygone vanished dead to the world bypast done unresponsive insensible inactive soulless not living quiescent nonvegetable azoic nonanimal inoperative idle dull out for the count no longer with us bitten the dust senseless in the grave laid to rest man-made dear departed much lamented late lamented unmoving desert faint waste brute limp no longer extant no longer living numb chemical manmade artificial desensitized anaesthetized stupefied in a faint knocked out out not natural anesthetized desensitised out of it passed out lacking physical sensation numbed spark out blacked out not organic non-organic abiotic listless vacant impassive without life lethargic apathetic nonliving not alive

Động từ

Past participle for to kill or cause the death of
killed murdered slaughtered assassinated dispatched eliminated massacred destroyed butchered executed exterminated annihilated liquidated iced offed claimed felled neutralised neutralized snuffed terminated topped wasted whacked croaked downed got gotten smoked stiffed taken erased finished hit hitten bumped off cut down cut to pieces put away rubbed out disposed of done in put to death carried off done to death shot down taken out gunned down knocked off blown away done away with wiped out put to the sword done for mowed down wiped off the face of the earth finished off eradicated put down put to sleep taken the life of decimated scragged polished off ended the life of put an end to snuffed out zapped shot shotten made away with hanged hung extirpated lynched caused the death of gotten rid of garrotted waxed obliterated put before a firing squad abolished guillotined blotted out taken someone's life ended canceled cancelled defeated greased given someone the works chilled dusted off terminated with extreme prejudice strung up put out of its misery strangled crucified blasted extinguished brought down beheaded cooled decapitated electrocuted removed killed off struck down stricken down sent to the gallows sent to the gas chambers stretched out taken care of bagged overcome deep-sixed expunged smited smitten asphyxiated euthanized mutilated effaced ruined blackballed vaporized cost nixed immolated gibbetted gibbeted overwhelmed silenced vaporised beat gassed purged knocked someone off discarded put paid to stamped out rooted out sent to the chair stoned to death sent to the gibbet wiped from the face of the earth swept away sent to the electric chair cleaned up put end to put a bullet in sent to the gas chamber blacked out hung by the neck necked stabbed dusted nuked bowstringed fried bowstrung cleared depopulated dropped murked knifed smothered garotted done potted plugged suffocated sacrificed stoned killed in cold blood sent to kingdom come ethnically cleansed carried out a sentence of death on seen the back of beaten sticked vanquished stuck mangled tortured maimed overpowered routed taken a life taken away dispensed with discontinued worsted pumped full of lead picked off bested lopped lopt devastated costed made swing deprived shattered taken off moved in for the kill driven to the wall caused the loss of leaded to the end of caused the sacrifice of resulted in the loss of culled deleted abated uprooted thinned out the population of thinned out reduced the numbers of slew slayed did in did to death blew away did away with got rid of took out took the life of gave someone the works razed demolished totalled totaled axed smashed wrecked desolated quashed cut out crushed pulverized excised wracked squashed pulled down put a stop to cut wiped off the map pulverised gutted crossed out put out blanked out suppressed trashed upset put somebody out of their misery struck out scored out did for creamed stopped weeded out put a line through quelled squelched levelled leveled banished blue-pencilled blue-penciled overturned trimmed scratched out torpedoed scrubbed ravaged struck scratched inked out blocked out washed out torn down tore down shed obscured concealed fell covered disrupted bowdlerized nullified excluded wiped lift deled annulled brought to an end bowdlerised cancelled out laundered canceled out edited overrun KO'd exsected cut off took someone's life knocked out wreaked havoc on wrought havoc laid waste cut a swath through cast out put the lid on put out of your mind removed all traces of cut up took undone undid overthrown overthrew stricken blued pencil rid stunned ousted toppled spoiled spoilt stripped emptied voided stifled damaged darkened battened eclipsed shaded obfuscated desecrated overcame deposed poisoned scoured cleansed cleared out consumed kayoed expurgated subverted mastered unseated dismantled wiped off censored redacted forgot impaired benothinged smote smit checked invalidated abrogated licked conquered dethroned scourged unloaded lifted crossed through aborted negated blotted scraped off disannulled burnt incinerated burned havocked displaced faded eroded supplanted trounced subdued trampled prostrated scrapped edited out sank sunken sunk subjugated dissolved defenestrated disestablished upended overran covered over took away made dark passed out covered up keeled over held back left in ruins wrought havoc on scissored out smoothed away left desolate cleared away cleaned out tumbled dragged committed genocide whited out sterilised marked out phased out tipped wreaked havoc knocked over brought low sterilized gave something the chop amputated removed from power elided routed out knocked down exscinded given something the chop lopped off wiped off face of earth removed from office knocked something on the head brought about the downfall of rubbed away slashed Xed out brought to ruin destroyed root and branch rubbed off dragged down ridded forgotten withdrawn withdrew saw the back of broke up broken up wore away worn away taken down took down broke off broken off did took a life burned away burnt away shook out shaken out took off blown sky-high taken apart blown to bits took apart blew sky-high blew to bits drove to the wall drove out driven out got shot of gotten shot of

Động từ

Past participle for to cause to be in love
enamored charmed bewitched entranced enthralled pleased enchanted enraptured attracted grabbed enticed infatuated endeared turned on swept off feet fallen in love with made hit with delighted fascinated wowed diverted tickled amused entertained captivated beguiled knocked dead gratified killed tickled pink cheered absorbed absorpt allured ravished gladdened occupied engrossed regaled interested magnetized solaced magnetised sent spellbound thrilled mesmerized distracted wiled witched disported raptured recreated mesmerised held the attention of tickled to death knocked out cracked up swept off one's feet hypnotized gripped riveted rivetted satisfied seduced drawn enamoured transfixed dazzled engaged elated delectated enlivened panicked preoccupied overjoyed hypnotised bowled over broken one up put the whammy on carried away vamped taken put under magic spell put 'em away stimulated put horns on hit the spot made happy given pleasure to cast a spell on put under a spell put away relaxed made roll in the aisles come on to titillated won over tickled the fancy of lured wooed knocked 'em dead fractured one gotten one's jollies made laugh forspoken bedevilled controlled voodooed held spellbound captured tricked bedeviled made smile creased someone up convulsed cracked someone up cheered up fractured exhilarated electrified intoxicated elevated moved rapped contented excited provoked tranced stirred transported inflamed agitated quickened involved immersed pleasured made merry piqued inspired indulged inspirited humored comforted humoured ecstasized rejoiced jubilated exulted gloried grooved scored freaked out arrided gone over big arrested bedazzled ensnared own owned got under someone's skin caught up made a hit with drew slew slayed intrigued tempted held tantalized pulled tantalised hooked invited won persuaded hexed fulfilled bemused enwrapped aroused busied overwhelmed caught influenced enslaved inveigled appealed to coaxed ensorcelled tickle to death tickled someone's fancy astounded held in awe caught the eye of stunned struck cajoled stupefied affected touched suited warmed appealed swept off your feet gladded whetted the appetite of induced amazed beckoned sucked in took pulled in brought in agreed with made someone feel good floated someone's boat compelled ensorceled spelled overcome impressed cursed overpowered possessed decoyed animated gave a buzz given a buzz gained seized subdued gave someone a kick given someone a kick gave pleasure to fired led on baited betrayed solicited lift subjugated blown away blew away courted hoodooed cast a spell over sent into raptures condemned roped in steered come on pleased greatly obliged caught hold of bid made content bucked up picked up put in a trance put a spell on rooted to the spot set at ease put the mozz on put the evil eye on lit someone's fire went over big warmed the cockles of the heart hit on put off guard stricken bewildered haunted awed astonished obsessed misled dumbfounded overcame overawed deluded staggered confused kindled interested greatly dominated floored called enthused entrapped besotted befooled maddened roused filled with delight mollified appeased inclined uplifted heartened lifted blinded had power over dazed converted placated charged motivated rallied brightened subjected turned someone on turned one on petrified paralysed fueled galvanized fuelled fixed conciliated pacified propitiated sweetened had mastery over flushed assuaged gentled juiced galvanised came on brightened up feasted gassed exerted influence on exerted a pull on drew one's attention drawn one's attention got obtained secured brought joy to buoyed up stirred up accursed given someone a charge gave someone a charge snared monopolized signed indicated asked demanded summoned monopolised commanded caught someone's eye immobilized gorgonized halted given joy to gave joy to gave the evil eye given the evil eye prompted made a fool of led leaded keyed up fired up swept someone off their feet disarmed brushed sent into transports favoured pointed the bone at patted riveted the attention of stopped someone in their tracks dragged made someone pleased scratched made a hit vellicated favored coddled trained sat up got one's kicks made someone's mouth water palsied called forth engaged one's attention raced one's motor convinced urged made a hit with someone tied up won the affection of pampered concerned swept you off your feet caught one's eye held one's attention rooted tingled captured one's imagination caressed mattered to made somebody laugh made someone glad knocked one's socks off grabbed the attention of recompensed brought around paralyzed came on to itched pumped up kittled stopped dead aroused one's curiosity immobilised fired with enthusiasm brought forth perked up elicited babied jinxed unarmed stopped in one's tracks prickled whetted one's appetite made someone content filled the bill stopped one dead requited roped made somebody's day gotten one's kicks irritated forspoke besotten gave the come-on to given the come-on to fell in love with gotten bade mozzed frozen froze driven mad taken control of taken over drove mad took control of took over argued into gave great pleasure to given great pleasure to drew in drawn in taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away took somebody's breath away taken somebody's breath away broke one up got one's jollies gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift did the trick did one proud gave pleasure done the trick given pleasure done one proud ate someone up eaten someone up

Động từ

Past participle for to comprehensively defeat
flogged defeated beaten beat conquered overthrown worsted crushed licked overwhelmed subdued overpowered routed bested overcome quelled trounced vanquished subjugated clobbered demolished mastered tanked busted hammered quashed thrashed whipped pulverised pulverized slaughtered annihilated crucified drubbed massacred murdered pasted pounded skunked smashed steamrolled totalled totaled trashed undone wallopped walloped whacked caned decked destroyed dispatched flattened floored got gotten marmalized overborne overmatched overturned pommelled pommeled ruined sunk sunken stopped surmounted taken trimmed upended upset whitewashed zapped dropped edged outplayed shellacked slammed subverted tanned torpedoed trampled triumphed over whomped ambushed butchered decimated entrapped lambasted obliterated outflanked outhit outjumped outmanoeuvred outmaneuvered outrun overrun owned own shipwrecked skinned swamped knocked out prevailed over won against plowed under wiped out worked over blown out edged out gotten the better of nosed out run rings round wiped the floor with finished off given someone a drubbing given someone a hiding KO'd mowed down put paid to ran roughshod over taken it all taken to the cleaners walked all over won a victory over brought someone to their knees brought to ruin done down pipped at the post put an end to rolled back run rings around taken to cleaners borne down gotten around made mincemeat of blown out of the water turned inside out picked apart pwned pwnd overthrew overcame stuffed undid creamed overbore sank took slew slayed outran overran blew out got the better of ran rings round gave someone a drubbing gave someone a hiding took it all took to the cleaners did down ran rings around took to cleaners bore down got around blew out of the water belted buried bludgeoned mauled thumped smoked smothered slogged whupped bombed dusted pummelled snowed under whopped hid threshed battered spanked buffeted buffetted leathered pummeled whaled bashed rolled tromped basted did done whapped curried won a resounding victory over killed struck chastised punished chastened walked over beat up blew away blown away messed up defeated utterly beat hollow roughed up bunged up hidden stricken beaten up gave a hiding given a hiding taken a stick to took a stick to beaten hollow

Động từ

Past participle for to make a strong, lasting, or favorable impression on
impressed affected influenced moved excited inspired stirred amazed astonished grabbed struck stricken touched awed dazzled galvanised galvanized overawed overcome overwhelmed roused swayed impacted overpowered reached aroused astounded buffaloed bulldozed carried electrified enforced enthused fazed got gotten grandstanded killed piqued provoked registered scored stimulated told on thrilled felt admiration felt respect had an impact on left a mark on taken someone aback blown away knocked out made an impression on made splash pushed around shown off showed off cut a figure made a hit made an impression exhilarated delighted wowed knocked dead bowled over made a splash knocked someone's socks off overcame slew slayed took someone aback blew away floored dazed stunned staggered dumbfounded spellbound stupefied hit bedazzled fascinated hypnotized flabbergasted swept someone off their feet got to hypnotised surprised left speechless upset knocked for six hit for six startled shocked disturbed bewildered taken aback took aback alarmed knocked sideways shaken shook had an effect on cowed prostrated frightened devastated intimidated blinded terrified gotten to whelmed daunted overmastered crushed impassioned swamped oppressed confused scared nonplussed confounded rocked dumfounded dismayed appalled enthralled shattered surprized disconcerted struck dumb stricken dumb carried away snowed under left open-mouthed left aghast impacted on registered with hit hard put one away hitten taken somebody's breath away took somebody's breath away taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away captivated enchanted knocked over swept away melted softened bullied disquieted agitated horrified blurred browbeat subdued biassed biased made emotional took your breath away taken your breath away unnerved terrorized involved thunderstruck thunderstricken hotdogged showboated benumbed perplexed jolted subordinated steamrollered destroyed puzzled grinded downgraded demoralized ground wrecked demoralised abashed marked seemed to appeared to quickened crossed deterred impressed on discouraged looked to swept off your feet gotten through to got through to rendered speechless carried weight with struck at shaken up shook up terrorised tugged at your heartstrings touched a chord ground down boggled someone's mind come to the mind of emotionally moved presented itself made an impact on prevailed over stopped someone in their tracks caught off balance exerted influence on swept over crossed your mind run circles around taken by surprise emerged to dawned on knocked for a loop come into one's consciousness took by surprise dawned on one psyched out come to mind left an impression on come to knocked socks off blinded someone with something occurred to made an impact molten browbeaten threw thrown did in done in blew one's mind blown one's mind ran circles around struck a chord stricken a chord gotten through got through sprung to mind came into one's consciousness came to the mind of came to sprang to mind came to mind gave the impression to given the impression to gave the impression of being given the impression of being

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