Đồng nghĩa của fired

Alternative for fired

fires, fired, firing

Đồng nghĩa: agitate, arouse, blast, discharge, dismiss, excite, expel, heat, ignite, inflame, kindle, lay off, provoke, release, shoot, stir,

Tính từ

Exhibiting enthusiasm or strong passion
zealous earnest enthusiastic passionate ardent devoted eager keen burning fervent fervid impassioned fanatical spirited fiery militant rabid committed devout sincere wholehearted avid dedicated energetic fierce forceful hearty intense purposeful pushy single-minded vigorous zestful afire antsy extreme fanatic fireball frenetic go-ahead gung-ho hot itchy obsessed obsessive perfervid possessed ripe self-starting vehement wild-eyed zealotic coming on strong excited stimulated aroused ablaze aflame fired up wild feverish passional torrid warm red-hot flaming emotional heated crazy charged enthused strong demonstrative hot-blooded desirous warm-blooded violent incandescent impatient hungry voracious superheated religious powerful gung ho blazing glowing athirst raring solicitous determined intent agog pumped thirsty nuts animated frenzied anxious heartfelt emphatic yearning stoked longing ambitious juiced profound lively greedy deep keen as mustard hopped-up great champing at the bit hepped up insistent geeked aggressive resolute raring to go itching mad keen willing assertive interested dynamic deep-seated appetent mad potent ready consuming urgent dying craving bigoted uncompromising strenuous acute active assiduous heightened domineering motivated ready and willing as keen as mustard bold frantic extremist pining hankering driven inflamed all-consuming infatuated ebullient raging diehard immoderate bullish dying to forcible hot to trot bright-eyed and bushy-tailed deeply felt warmblooded excessive authoritative feisty tough firm diligent radical desiring intemperate furious serious high-spirited aching in-your-face breathless gone on restless intolerant straining at the leash keyed up nutty confident commanding prejudiced vociferous blunt mettlesome uncontrollable bossy intensive audacious resounding full-blooded muscular clamorous exuberant exhilarated vivacious severe ferocious enamored explosive swivel-eyed steadfast dominant enamoured unrestrained dogmatic expressive titillated uncontrolled hard-hitting strong-willed opinionated stirring gagging thrilling potty fixated biased vocal covetous loud wishful maniacal sentimental deep-rooted compelling melodramatic restive rarin' to go addicted angry obstinate stubborn chomping at the bit set stout inflexible partisan illiberal hopped up full-hearted narrow-minded industrious hard imperious fond smitten terrible extraordinary outspoken exceptional hopeful tenacious conscientious sprightly feeling forthright wishing revolutionary thrilled genuine dogged pleased animate strident entrenched hellacious persistent competitive noisy blistering ungovernable heavy true pertinacious dotty hooked rooted unbridled acquisitive messianic demanding intrenched unfeigned infatuated with inveterate over-enthusiastic thorough devoted to raw inordinate eloquent punchy impetuous excitable unyielding overenthusiastic settled fascinated supreme compulsive impulsive habitual staunch rousing intent on honest hard-core ecstatic unqualified delirious thoroughgoing hot for tender responsive self-assured self-confident moving resolved self-possessed raving bona fide bugged inspired incorrigible card-carrying vivid stirred roused one-sided very enthusiastic full-throated adamant amenable raucous white-hot confirmed disposed steamed up gotta have can-do true blue decided overemotional emotive bred-in-the-bone definite pulling no punches inclined on fire game from the heart full of beans waiting with bated breath bursting plucky mighty fevered insatiable volatile spunky amorous overpowering peppery gingery all out thirsting sexy titillating arousing marked pushing driving effusive stormy irascible expectant allegiant edgy ravenous grasping penetrating piercing enterprising avaricious rapacious intensified aflutter prepared abject rhapsodic wacky concerned tantalized reinvigorated revitalized reborn temperamental tireless importunate tantalised zesty gaga chafing straining bubbling over turnt arduous taxing towering up in a hurry visionary susceptible tumultuous pious warmhearted psyched not backward in coming forward proactive banzai inspirited galvanized energized all-out rigorous exhausting brisk grave hoping fain sectarian wackadoodle wackadoo sensitive vociferant obstreperous assured relentless overwrought in love dizzy hardline moved influenced activated encouraged uplifted engaged hung up happy unreluctant glad minded poignant high-pressure precipitate headlong high-powered inspiring hotblooded affecting quickened exciting loving heartwarming overcharged tempestuous frank credulous up for willful on for erratic monomaniacal unruly partial headstrong contumacious in the mood of a mind favourably inclined pysched up take-charge imposing influential ghastly almighty extremely enthusiastic desperate concentrated pronounced hyper decisive forward controlling major hysterical self-driven galvanised energised stirred up sentient verklempt convincing overbearing positive mushy romantic touching exquisite Herculean indefatigable in earnest deliberate meaning what one says meaning business hell-bent serious-minded revolutionist chauvinistic blinkered activist fearless drastic dreadful set on bent on desirous of on tenterhooks besotted beguiled charmed enchanted persuasive robust touchy-feely daring composed collected nuts for turned on high on sharp fearful beside oneself fond of sweet on enamoured of very keen on smitten with worked up starry-eyed on the edge of one's seat on pins and needles hankering after unremitting effective poised intrepid keen on daft fearsome significant lovesick captivated bewitched on the make enamored of plain-spoken crazed overzealous vicious brassy nutso steely red-blooded lusty vital spellbound love-struck taken enraptured seduced intoxicated frightful unreasonable irrational free-spoken candid open direct uninhibited excruciating critical revitalised born-again ultra self-asserting addicted to infuriated berko berserk strong-minded self-assertive self-reliant heavy-duty cut-throat articulate cool-headed in love with hooked on deranged overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased insane corybantic sizzling bitten unwell virulent flipped ill rebel rigid mad on pontifical very keen terrorist freaked out facile plainspoken smooth-spoken glib voluble fluent free venting stentorian round authoritarian hardened seasoned chronic impractical self-opinionated speculative dogmatical theoretical opinionative opinioned established perennial lifelong fixed ideological unpragmatic unrealistic hypothetical enduring loyal proved faithful stalwart indelible unwavering complete immutable hectic irredeemable unreformable ineradicable impenitent unshakable intransigent longtime unshakeable inexorable unapologetic unashamed staid ingrained incurable explicit accustomed inured habituated strict pigheaded doctrinaire magisterial stern holding fixed views mulish stiff-necked dictative unbending dictatorial bullheaded sicker belligerent dyed-in-the-wool long-established bellicose combative through and through hard-line well established deep-set hard-shell firmly established deep-dyed long-standing die-hard well-established pugnacious fighting warring ultra-active two-fisted brawly assaultive contending warlike chippy quarrelsome gladiatorial confrontational argumentative agonistic contentious discordant truculent scrappy combating disputatious embattled militaristic martial rebellious offensive military warrish assertory up in arms in arms

Tính từ

heated baked baking boiling broiled broiling burned burning burnt cooked fiery fried hot parched scalding scorched scorching sizzling toasted warmed searing roasting blistering sweltering torrid blazing red-hot sultry flaming red ardent steaming ultrahot piping hot superheated incandescent white-hot parching on fire tropical fervid fervent smoking igneous fevered febrile like an oven piping ovenlike recalescent decalescent calescent white thermogenic very warm boiling hot tropic close warm stuffy feverish feverous humid summery sweltry baking hot withering glowing very hot extremely hot blazing hot violent kindled like a furnace alight ablaze afire intense aflame fierce acute strong extreme explosive dreadful heavy heavy-duty vehement furious intensive terrible excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome profound keen deep hellacious almighty hard ghastly fearful frightful ferocious raging stifling unbearably hot like a blowtorch febrific hectic pyretic uncomfortably warm simmering powerful severe burning up dry arid hellish insufferable unbearable diabolical aboil suffocating barren enkindled kindling smoldering ignited inflamed oppressive unstoppable waterless desert dried enflamed combusting lit conflagrant flushed lighted set on fire flickering empyreal agitable turbulent flaring unrestrained in flames smouldering very great blistery flashing gleaming overheated fiery hot brilliant aglow shining radiant bright luminous roaring lucent live candescent dazzling sweaty lambent effulgent bedazzling lucid refulgent fulgent beaming clear shiny drying ruddy sparking oven-like glaring radiating burning hot red hot oxidizing airless oxidising muggy steamy hot and humid sticky jungle-like stewing perspiring like a Turkish bath vibrant shimmery shimmering glistening rich luculent light splendid sheeny lustrous glowy rutilant intensely hot phosphorescent Day-Glo luminescent fluorescent

Tính từ

Marked by curiosity or fascination
interested curious keen fascinated eager excited moved attentive captivated gripped intent riveted absorbed engrossed affected attracted focussed focused into rapt agog drawn earnest inquiring enquiring inquisitive intrigued stimulated beady-eyed nosy responsive snoopy all ears awakened caught enticed entranced gone hooked inspired inspirited lured obsessed occupied predisposed roused taken impressed open sold struck sympathetic touched burning with curiosity on the case eat sleep and breathe investigative questioning probing engaged prying involved intrusive immersed searching scrutinizing preoccupied busy examining analytical inquisitorial scrutinising enthralled meddlesome meddling interfering consumed wrapped up inspecting caught up interrogative hung up charmed desirous mesmerized lost deep tampering mesmerised focused on intent on peering impertinent prurient head over heels spellbound nosey quizzical snooping held really into hypnotized hypnotised officious spying tied up turned on presumptuous nebby inquisitory caught up in up to here eavesdropping peeping disquisitive tempted besotted fixated employed smitten riveted by devoted infatuated observant fact-finding of a mind to gripped by passionate about devoted to querying hooked on interested in enthusiastic about concerned obtrusive crazy about nuts about gone on preoccupied by intruding enthusiastic intense heavily into up to here in taken up locked in dialed in up to your ears deep in thought presuming protrusive bewitched puzzled speculative ardent intermeddling working enraptured ecstatic penetrating rapturous enchanted euphoric enamoured enamored active busybody exhilarated elated exploratory researching sedulous diligent assiduous industrious hopping bustling forward enrapt rhapsodic giddy elevated rhapsodical heady beguiled fanatical passionate fixated by sent distracted mesmerized by tied-up personal buried captivated by intoxicated beguiled by monomaniacal queer intrigued by happy preoccupied with sunk in single-minded single-minded about taken over hell-bent potty about engrossed in absorbed in wrapped up in obsessive about stuck on dedicated to dotty about involved in possessed by wild on wound up hung up on immersed in having a one-track mind interviewing interrogational cross-examining entertained research fixed analytic concentrating wondering pushy investigating undercover inspective exploring doubtful over-curious over-interested busy with enthused ambitious nosy-parkering nosy-parker pushing desiring inclined allured seduced avid outward-looking catechistic heuristic investigatory studious Socratic big-eyed challenging poking sifting dying to know up to one's ears in bent on dizzy high participating monopolized bugged submerged committed piqued galvanized beside oneself galvanised turned-on extremely happy delirious quickened engaged with monopolised engaged in dedicated dutiful hypnotized by fiend for influential fervent faithful devout activist motivated contributing taken up with all wound up energetic transported connected fond crazed delighted thrilled go-getting two-fisted go-ahead blissful ravished hard-pressed laborious absent joyful inattentive carried away dreaming absent-minded overwhelmed content abstracted blissed out daydreaming wrapped unconscious oblivious at work mad keen on enthralled by on the job utilized utilised struck on addicted to mad about enamored of attached to in harness twitterpated by attracted to on the hop too much on plate rushed off your feet hard at it clocked up hard at work on the go on the trot bewitched by besotted with infatuated with hungry for fascinated by smitten with eager for sweet on enchanted by charmed by love-struck by clever pointed canny perceptive thorough subtle discerning discriminating ingenious judicious insightful sensitive smart incisive trenchant sharp perspicacious acute piercing intuitive astute quick-witted fond of wild about partial to in love with taken with enamoured of obsessed with

Danh từ

A person who has been fired

Động từ

To have triggered enthusiasm or eagerness
excited thrilled exhilarated roused stirred animated enlivened enthused stimulated delighted inspired inspirited invigorated moved elated lifted vitalized buoyed charged electrified enraptured galvanized gladdened gripped heartened intoxicated pumped up tickled uplifted bucked up energised energized envigorated galvanised gingered up jazzed up livened up pepped up perked up picked up stirred up evoked gave someone a buzz lit a fire under put zip into quickened put life into aroused inflamed awakened motivated incited impassioned engendered irritated triggered braced vivified spiked exalted filliped provoked heightened impelled intensified brought out zipped up jump-started spurred on amped up informed breathed life into juiced up called forth druv drove drave driven drew forth drawn forth encouraged spurred instigated activated set off rallied kindled fired up prompted revived goaded sparked enkindled urged whipped up worked up prodded piqued strengthened induced actuated refreshed sparked off revitalized waked up caused fomented wakened promoted turned on egged on generated agitated revitalised touched off boosted resuscitated restored revivified pushed whetted raised kick-started waked rejuvenated renewed emboldened titillated fortified fanned revved up brought about reanimated set going influenced propelled produced pricked brightened cheered resurrected built up reawakened buoyed up increased upset woke up steeled swayed keyed up put up to elicited woken up initiated occasioned brought around regenerated persuaded rekindled reinvigorated fostered incentivized brought into being cheered up pressed prest set on geed up fired the imagination of put in motion set in motion recharged fueled fuelled impressed made reinforced touched called into being started woke woken bounced back summoned up breathed new life into invoked precipitated lift empowered exhorted repaired brought to triggered off nudged abetted worked wrought tempted recreated freshened reactivated instilled fermented bestirred awaked enhanced fired with enthusiasm called up reassured primed brewed rewakened rewaked brought recalled commoved summoned exacerbated inclined renovated refreshened gotten going got going dynamized reconditioned recovered brought on chirked up innervated zapped troubled aggravated relieved touched up got someone going given rise to gave rise to made whole fired the enthusiasm of vexed vext created developt developed led leaded coerced bred augmented effectuated amazed picked sustained struck grabbed reproduced stung bolstered astounded pleased enthralled forced challenged got set livened ruffled started up put a bomb under put new life in psyched set up switched on called to mind conjured up irked flustered jolted perturbed amplified distressed cultivated compelled needled magnified affected comforted deepened come to life extended tantalized educed disturbed ignited assured enheartened redoubled enticed expanded astonished consoled accentuated consolidated sharpened stepped up captivated teased boosted up cheered on exercised worsened nurtured supported restarted mobilized originated awoken awoke sent elevated psyched up made worse enabled led to sicced vivificated riled extracted given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to activized spooked won over gave a buzz rooted on brought back given a buzz brought forth brought back to life intensated got to beefed up mobilised tantalised talked into tickled pink gave someone a kick given someone a kick incensed discomposed rewoke rewoken wound up maddened worried begat begotten begot hurt alarmed borne up bore up effected hatched concerned remembered charged up worked into lather taunted fed the fire attracted escalated unsettled interested built minded incentified disquieted distracted dismayed startled seduced disconcerted awed egged jumpstarted enforced yielded catalyzed dazzled spawned ravished charmed bothered flurried unnerved hounded disposed annoyed manifested cut run pained widened confused pressured convinced nerved stricken overcome grieved badgered thought of unhinged discomforted ailed alarumed derailed frazzled fussed distempered hagrid transported recollected coaxed hooked converted reestablished impacted fazed broadened frightened reminisced about pressurized given a boost to gave a boost to suggested exaggerated evinced actualized procured afflicted magnetized updated intrigued entertained gotten gat wowed called re-established raised your spirits stiffened the resolve of whipped harked back to propped up rattled prevailed upon galled helped retrospected retained armed innerved set afoot looked back on bowled over snapped out of it juiced made waves risen steamed up brought round acted as a incentive to reminded rose shook up come round prevailed on come to given someone a charge blown away pressurised put new strength in harkened back to flashed back to gave someone a charge put pep into bethought modernised cranked up put into action fanned the flames of magnetised blew away come to one's senses set on foot replenished put new heart into weirded out translated into hearkened back to poured it on freaked out come around mounted regained consciousness put one in mind of put new heart in crazed brought to mind acted as a stimulus to knocked out recovered consciousness thought back to modernized built a fire under catalysed flashed on rousted regained cut a figure let sunshine in slayed started off heated up put new life into het up put some spark into sweetened carried cut to the quick roiled infuriated angered came to life shook grilled began begun extraught added fuel gave a new lease of life to gotten to come back from the dead refined sprung up improved burned up given a new lease of life to burnt up come back to life shaken up honed sprang up applauded disinhibited obliged wound wounded operated exerted enlarged concentrated shocked allured jogged reenforced grew grown tripped overawed snowballed overwhelmed mushroomed yolden yold wooed compounded fed lured fascinated feed confounded accelerated made brave overjoyed dilated exasperated routed ran harrowed constrained saddened enriched shaken cajoled discomfited initialized gained harassed warmed enchanted satisfied praised overcame redeveloped reached maximized overpowered chivvied speeded sped added to seared mortified undone hagridden hagrode undid infused imbued amused perplexed confirmed emphasized palpated cued dug courted brightened up grappled conceived echoed entranced drove on driven on raised the morale of relaunched boosted someone's morale spirited someone up lifted the spirits of bielded reintroduced stimulated spiritually reminisced reinstituted dragooned placed bullied titivated nursed made braver stoked tormented tortured made miserable made wretched discombobulated powered dazed inveigled gained strength made lively advised bewildered wakened up deranged frenzied stiffened nourished hardened flushed encapsulated captured expressed lit up conjured imparted incented gave shot in arm given shot in arm countenanced propagated holp holpen given life to gave life to cranked reignited favoured favored mustered saved recognized made an impression on speeded up told on gnawed at hiked gave new life to brought to life called out made more lively accumulated felt admiration made an impression came around darkened drawn out plotted revived the memory of made enthusiastic came to made splash slew restored to life stirred embers flashed heaped on infected lashed moved to action spruced up spiced bugged ventilated aggrandized knocked dead become worse piled on suggested to extorted incarnated swept off feet brushed up distended tapped come to one made uneasy milked drew on grandstanded hinted led on rabble-roused hotted up knocked one's socks off drummed up came round furthered made wild left a mark on spurred to action sounded caused to appear hinted to knocked someone's socks off sent into a rage intruded braced up gave pleasure to affronted thought back bugged up made a splash solaced planned got going again jumped up endued recuperated stressed dusted neatened raised from the dead aired out bethought oneself of pierced buffaloed made active diverted rediscovered freshened up given new life to solicited crowded showed off made more exciting had as a result acted upon swelled tidied came to one's senses leaned on got something going cited turned one's head thought back on outraged pyramided complicated made anxious agitated for made a hit had as a consequence spellbound given pleasure to lifted the morale of added fuel to the flames interfered helped out puzzled got up contributed to drawn on cleaned up killed boosted moral initialised jogged memory beghasted raced one's motor schemed dispatched made flip emphasised sped up reminded one of had an impact on made your head spin pushed buttons made for reminded oneself of run up sprung drew out acted as a spur to reminisced on worked on mustered up rooted scored lightened registered made alive insinuated fanned the fire pointed necessitated lifted up hiked up caused anguish to examined maximised stunned changed slain recognised multiplied accented made angry jarred toned up depressed forwarded stoked up spirited up jacked up scared pushed around suscitated acted as a fillip to fanned the flames tired worked someone up caused anxiety to acted as a impetus to felt respect disheartened alerted cleaned bulldozed snapped up raised someone's spirits made confident came back from the dead rose from the dead came back to life risen from the dead gave courage given courage done did given confidence to given hope to gave hope to gave confidence to drew drawn added fuel to fire became worse gotten in the way got in the way came to one gave a lift given a lift gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm given the kiss of life to gave the kiss of life to gotten up gave courage to given courage to blown away the cobwebs blew away the cobwebs gave new strength to gave a new lease on life given a new lease on life given new strength to ridden herd on rode herd on took out of mothballs taken out of mothballs sprang got one going gotten one going gotten one started got one started sowed the seeds sown the seeds sown the seeds of sowed the seeds of took one's breath away taken one's breath away took your breath away taken your breath away given someone grief gave someone grief taken someone aback shown off took someone aback blew up swoll ran up blown up swollen bore in mind rang a bell rung a bell born in mind appealed to given pep talk gave confidence given confidence gave pep talk was responsible for gave one an idea been responsible for were responsible for given one an idea given impetus gave impetus gave the incentive to given the incentive to gotten smoking got smoking given joy to gone over big gave joy to went over big gave birth to given birth to given someone a cue gave someone a cue went to your head gone to your head baited offended chafed

Động từ

Past tense for to shoot or discharge a projectile, pulse or stream via a weapon or device

Trái nghĩa của fired

fired Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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