Đồng nghĩa của unashamed

Alternative for unashamed

unashamed /'ʌnə'ʃeimd/
  • tính từ
    • không xấu hổ, không hổ thẹn, không ngượng, vô liêm sỉ
      • to be unashamed of doing something: làm việc gì không biết xấu hổ


Showing no shame or embarrassment
shameless unabashed unblushing unembarrassed barefaced blatant bold brazen flagrant immodest insolent unapologetic impudent brash audacious cheeky brassy presumptuous forward arrant overbold rude abandoned hardened depraved profligate improper outrageous incorrigible dissolute unprincipled reprobate lewd immoral unchaste high-handed brass-necked bald-faced unrepentant undisguised cocky fresh pushy bold as brass brazenfaced wanton overt saucy confident indecent unshamed unconcealed pert impertinent defiant brazen-faced unshrinking sassy bold-faced cocksure arch wise nervy brassbound without shame smart-alecky gritty free familiar overfamiliar presuming amoral unconcerned undismayed undaunted open fearless unflinching unawed frank naked temerarious forthright abashless composed poised unrestrained unaffected feisty in-your-face unreserved forceful spirited arrogant smart self-assured assuming indelicate indecorous coming on strong not backwards in coming forwards indiscreet coarse spunky tawdry hotshot flip loud flashy gutsy meretricious contumelious as bold as brass corrupt remorseless transparent impenitent disrespectful bumptious overconfident self-assertive malapert disdainful supercilious uppity haughty impolite discourteous irreverent lippy pompous flippant overweening overbearing conceited assumptive smug lordly self-asserting hubristic inconsiderate lofty uppish insubordinate pretentious imperious cavalier contemptuous assertive insulting offensive mouthy self-confident aggressive procacious high and mighty unmannerly egotistical sniffy ill-mannered uncivil proud opinionated vain boastful patronizing obtrusive blustering cool superior snippy scornful self-important hifalutin highfalutin huffy chesty huffish toplofty toploftical boldfaced vainglorious intrusive patronising high-and-mighty stiff-necked high-hat officious bad-mannered peremptory full of oneself domineering out of line egotistic thrusting pushing crude mannerless smart-arsed swaggering meddlesome bossy swollen-headed derisive abusive smart-assed important masterful snobbish off-base condescending out-of-line disparaging snotty snooty impetuous interfering rash prying meddling nosy ungracious obnoxious facetious strident thoughtless smarty-pants cute smart-aleck bigheaded affected smarty shocking ill-bred mischievous sneering pushful snobby elitist dictatorial mocking full of yourself know-it-all loudmouthed scoffing hoity-toity stuck-up toffee-nosed sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous wise guy unseemly cold-shoulder ambitious aweless too big for your boots hotheaded crass pontifical egoistic egoistical narcissistic prideful egocentric impulsive impolitic over-free busy intruding tactless naughty inappropriate breezy protrusive nosey snoopy precipitate hasty vulgar daring bright self-affected bloated selfish self-promoting self-serving self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-opinionated self-centered self-righteous self-contented self-adulatory swellheaded biggity self-glorifying self-conceited self-centred bare-faced presumptive magisterial showy self-satisfied undiplomatic unhandsome unmannered uncalled-for sheer loud-mouthed orgulous untactful vivacious iconoclastic bantam insistent over-assertive fancy-pants big-headed bragging biggety autocratic disgracious snippety puffed up stuck up irreverential unhallowed crusty ungodly unholy jumped up hard on an ego trip brave plucky boldface obvious heavy indulgent overindulgent relaxed ballsy lacking civility bad mannered imperative impish throwing one's weight around overhasty previous premature foolhardy temeritous combative volatile weisenheiming effervescent trashy heedless headlong incautious maladroit bullish tolerant free-and-easy go-ahead smart-mouthed uninhibited put down overassertive direct chirpy dapper dashing keen highhanded overfriendly overfree importunate remote swanky ostentatious tony persnickety aloof unduly familiar noisy blaring harsh projecting prognathous bald bulging jutting grating jarring churlish high-flown throwing one's weight about putting on airs driven piercing raucous unfitting unbecoming making passes at making advances towards misbehaved unfilial profanatory cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill high-pressure enterprising fierce go-getting militant chatting up gaudy ear-splitting discordant personal unsubtle undignified suggestive unladylike ungentlemanly jazzy tinny garish sharp-elbowed inquisitive incongruous unsuitable high-pitched metallic flirtatious risqué smutty scandalous unwholesome untoward distasteful off base smart alecky off-colour out of keeping withering derisory taunting jeering sure witty demeaning scathing degrading derogative snide abhorrent depreciative denigratory slighting detractive belittling derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative positive certain jaunty high hat hard-nosed on your high horse temperamental full of contempt on high horse sardonic disapproving dog it upstage opprobrious smart aleck smart guy smarty pants clever pointed ingenious sarcastic incisive adept smooth agile highbrowed humorous whimsical highbrow sharp bantering apt tongue-in-cheek droll quick nimble jocular jesting ready nifty quick-witted


Being such by habit, long-established, and not likely to change
confirmed hardened seasoned chronic entrenched habitual rooted deep established inveterate settled committed devout firm fixed intrenched lifelong perennial resolute set thorough true ardent complete dedicated devoted earnest enduring faithful fervent immutable incorrigible indelible loyal proved stalwart staunch steadfast uncompromising unwavering unyielding vehement wholehearted compulsive diehard fanatical fiery impenitent ineradicable inexorable intransigent irredeemable longtime obsessive obstinate persistent stubborn supreme thoroughgoing torrid unapologetic unreformable unshakable unshakeable zealous accustomed definite explicit habituated incurable ingrained inured staid sicker dyed-in-the-wool long-established bona fide hard-core long-standing deep-rooted deep-seated die-hard hard-line deep-set firmly established through and through all-consuming bred-in-the-bone card-carrying deep-dyed well established well-established red-hot hard-shell unrepentant hopeless utter absolute out-and-out unswerving true blue unfaltering full-bore right-down arrant congenital beyond hope mad keen keen as mustard regular pathological obsessional shameless irrepressible eternal undying dyed-in-the wool through-and-through unchangeable full-fledged infixed instilled deep-down genuine deeply ingrained to the core out and out intractable irreformable unredeemable irretrievable irrecoverable addicted unrecoverable unreformed uncontrite irremediable bad abandoned uncorrectable beastly beyond redemption irreparable useless impossible loser wicked recidivous radical accepted traditional abiding unchanging irradicable irremovable rigid unreconstructed worn valid fundamental profound basic built-in secure inbuilt inbred inherent subconscious innate lingering long-lasting hooked undestroyable indestructible unremovable old-fashioned implanted extreme unfading instinctive intrinsic gut incessant conservative reactionary traditionalist inborn longstanding obscene pornographic X-rated val ultra-conservative unprogressive lasting unforgettable permanent ineffaceable embedded dug in fortified set firm driven in determined unwaivering constant frequent reprobate deep down deeply felt inflexible indomitable immovable lodged in one's brain unregenerate obdurate recurrent adamant blimpish inannihilable by habit fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist endemic


Very experienced in a particular job or activity and therefore not easily upset by its more unpleasant aspects
hardened inured accustomed habituated toughened cast-iron deadened desensitised desensitized experienced hard hard-bitten hardy rugged seasoned stout strong sturdy tough vigorous acclimatised acclimatized coarsened indurate used benumbed callous case-hardened coldhearted contemptuous cruel cynical disdainful hard-as-nails hard-boiled hard-edged hardhearted heartless impenetrable impious inaccessible indurated irreverent obtuse prepared resistant steeled uncaring uncompassionate unemotional unfeeling unrepenting unsentimental unsubmissive robust solid durable familiarized strengthened firm hard-wearing familiarised trained adapted resilient substantial sound stable indestructible well built long-lasting strongly made tempered well-built heavy-duty conditioned annealed iron hard-nosed unbreakable stalwart imperishable uncompromising stubborn built to last hard as nails disciplined adjusted rigid stiff inflexible used to impervious strapping reinforced mighty lusty staunch fortified brawny familiar well made secure safe given wont heavy acquainted reliable broken in invincible cohesive dependable addicted bombproof made to last settled in in the habit well-made schooled serviceable bulletproof learned modified resolute made ready perdurable inexpugnable galvanized galvanised muscular athletic accustomed to hulking forceful husky beefy hearty liable practised practiced inclined hooked prone well constructed able-bodied thick thickset tenacious indomitable leathery fit stark dense healthy molded tight moulded withstanding steady hard-headed shrewd practical realistic tough as nails impregnable invulnerable unassailable down-to-earth matter-of-fact inviolable everlasting enduring rock-solid storm-resistant fast stormproof well defended tried-and-true well-protected fixed lasting steely impassible knockabout well protected flourishing armoured established unattackable well fortified unyielding well-founded well-armed concrete immovable airtight armored world-weary consolidated adamantine set compressed compacted hard-handed packed stony compact concentrated rocky lacking sentiment toughened by experience as hard as nails as tough as old boots exercised familiar with grooved acquainted with at home with experienced in versed in no stranger to conversant with habituated in in the habit of given to

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