Đồng nghĩa của familiarised


Past tense for to impart information or knowledge
acquainted instructed accustomed habituated advised apprised briefed cleared coached enlightened hipped informed made conversant made familiar primed schooled seasoned told trained versed accustomed to coached in educated in habituated to instructed in inured taught in trained in adapted adjusted cased caught up clued in conditioned drilled explained filled in indoctrinated in initiated into introduced to mixed mixt naturalised naturalized popularised popularized posted primed in schooled in used wised up wonted clued in on clued up on genned up on got up to date kept up to date put wise to awakened to checked out filled in on gained friendship got in gotten in got together gotten together let know made clear tipped off became adept in become adept in became aware of become aware of broke the ice broken the ice brought into common use brought into use came to know come to know got lowdown on gotten lowdown on got to know gotten to know got to know about got with it gotten with it gave a rundown of given a rundown of gave the gen about given the gen about gave the low-down on given the low-down on let down hair let next to put in the picture about put on to got lay of land gotten lay of land kept up to speed with made used to let in on put in the picture notified made aware updated warned prepared kept posted made familiar with taught put wise educated initiated clued edified familiarized with made aware of alerted made conversant with introduced disciplined tutored apprised of revealed disclosed grounded ground indoctrinated counseled counselled acquainted with announced to clued up about run by sent word to brought up-to-date kept someone posted communicated guided informed of advised of divulged orientated oriented grounded in informed about made known to directed inculcated upskilled cautioned forewarned tipped imparted to communicated to leaked to let know one clued up reported to levelled with sent word put on the line put someone through their paces put wise about gave information about given information about ran by hardened given the lowdown announced gave the lowdown acclimatized primed on attuned introed briefed as to acculturated haunted visited frequented affected acclimated exposed welled informed about presented with based intimated devoted made used addicted endured tolerated confirmed brought out fixed up knocked down related to broke in broken in illuminated lessoned appraised made acquainted with sensitized sensitised come out with presented waked related hung at acclimatised imparted made knowledgeable touted told about notified of updated on brought into contact with plugged into welled up on predicated rested led engineered brainwashed leaded levelled leveled steered piloted lectured taught about leaked tattled made cognizant kept abreast kept posted one given notice gave notice updated about laid it out pointed out declared to hanged hung tutored in kept up to date with given the word gave the word communicated knowledge opened someone's eyes passed on dinned something into brought up to date on kept up to speed grassed up explained to gave the gen given the gen described the state of affairs to offered information kept informed filled someone in made known brought up to speed enlightened as to genned up shown the ropes snuck on brought up to date explained the circumstances to showed the ropes drilled in upped to date with opened up drummed into explained the situation to came out with resorted to woke woken gave lessons to given lessons to took to taken to gave the latest given the latest gave intelligence given intelligence gave details to given details to gave information to given information to broken someone in broke someone in gave lessons broke it to given lessons broken it to gave lessons in given lessons in gave a pointer blown the whistle on blew the whistle on gave a tip gave the low-down to given two cents given a pointer gave someone to understand given the low-down to gave two cents given a tip given someone to understand gave the low-down given the low-down given the rundown gave the rundown given a rundown given rundown gave rundown gave a rundown given instructions gave instructions given the rundown on shown the lay of the land gave the gen on gave the rundown on showed the lay of the land given the gen on


Past tense for to make, or become familiar with something or someone


Past tense for to cause to be acclimatized or used to something
accustomed acclimatised acclimatized adapted habituated adjusted conditioned acclimated accommodated attuned acculturated assimilated hardened disciplined seasoned inured reconciled resigned came to terms with come to terms with got used to gotten used to became resigned become resigned blended in fitted in became accustomed to become accustomed to came to accept come to accept learned to live with made used became acquainted with become acquainted with got to know gotten to know fit conformed tailored naturalized put fitted domesticated naturalised become accustomed shaped fashioned integrated suited doctored harmonized edited harmonised got used set become seasoned familiarized oneself with become naturalized climatized toughened tuned accultured proportioned established settled in found your feet got accustomed got someone accustomed resigned oneself got someone used matched complied familiarized someone with became accustomed shope shapen shaped up found one's way around found one's feet coordinated became seasoned became naturalized conciliated regulated keyed accorded strengthened fortified steeled indurated tempered balanced counterbalanced modulated compensated prepared reared cultivated raised desensitized acquainted putten desensitised become inured case-hardened got a feel for gotten a feel for made agree jacked up composed introduced settled altered corresponded modified become used to made consistent tailor-made become habituated become established got one's bearings conditioned oneself conditioned oneself to habituated oneself come around reconciled oneself to oriented oneself resigned oneself to reconciled oneself habituated oneself to become habituated to oriented oneself in gotten one's bearings rolled with punches become resigned to grew used to grown used to became inured gotten into the habit got into the habit grew accustomed to became used to grown accustomed to grown used became habituated to became resigned to grew used came around became habituated grown wild grown naturally grew wild became established grew naturally familiarised matured trained aged qualified primed mellowed adopted absorbed incorporated absorpt readied ripened equipped made experienced annealed moderated mitigated homogenized accepted schooled homogenised equipt took in taken in


Knowledgeable as a result of previous exposure to a given subject
acquainted conversant familiar up abreast au courant informed knowledgeable up-to-date versed well-informed apprised of at home au fait knowledgeable about abreast of accustomed advised aware cognizant in enlightened familiarised up to date well informed about well versed in genned up on hip to no stranger to plugged in to well up on wise to clued in clued in on cognizant of familiar with in the know about used to versed in at ease with at home with in the know cognizant conscious savvy versant apprised knowing experienced switched-on up on expert plugged in mindful skilled educated down sussed clued-up sentient proficient witting competent learned in the loop well-read tuned in in on perceptive clued up on understanding well informed schooled clued up genned up percipient up with with it sensible in touch ware discerning plugged into aware of apprehensive well-versed acquainted with in the picture up to speed apperceptive privy au courant with seasoned intelligent practised practiced observing erudite alive sure grounded posted plugged-in trained well versed instructed au fait with experienced in kept posted enlightened about sharp judicious observant skillful skilful well-grounded well-educated across genned up about clued up about great comprehending certain sophisticated literate switched on to brainy introduced informed about awake keen apprized skilled in proficient in well educated sensitive to sensible of alive to alert to well briefed down with filled in conversant with on to ware of hep to well up in on the beam up to speed on up to date on wary well-briefed into hep cool hip well instructed practised in up to snuff primed current up-to-the-minute in perfect in au parfum having your finger on the pulse sensible to illuminated briefed cultured accomplished well-acquainted clever brilliant bright smart confident veteran up to date with abreast of the facts capable slick crack consummate crackerjack ace good compleat professed qualified masterful virtuoso complete masterly adept master awake to informed of on top of things attentive tasty stellar appraised noting watchful perceiving recognizing vigilant noticing assured cluey clued recognizant remarking recognising partaking of wise privileged switched-on to party to advised of sharing in sussed of dynamite hot wide-awake in control confident with competent at responsive to mindful of regardful of recognizant of able to recognize seized of clued-up on percipient of practical well versed well up prescient top-shelf top-notch alert omniscient appreciative leet tuned-in lettered tutored literary with-it cultivated scholarly intellectual on the ball polished taught studious bookish coached academic well-rounded switched on discriminating nurtured cerebral professional formed fitted developed well read shaped enriched intellectually aware corrected prepared finished initiated scientific well-taught with a knowledge of with an understanding of astute insightful sensitive shrewd penetrating perspicacious quick acute sagacious canny sapient quick-witted sage intuitive thoughtful sharp-witted subtle piercing responsive prudent deep living animate live politic penetrative clear-sighted breathing incisive profound ingenious feeling reactive fine far-sighted clear-eyed delicate adroit seeing discreet dexterous argute gnostic insighted urbane careful deft dextrous cunning with great knowledge whip-smart razor-sharp ear to the ground knows what's what searching probing critical sharp-sighted keen-witted far-seeing refined tasteful inquisitive intent selective suss open-eyed thinking heads-up downy visionary imaginative cute heady long-headed functioning philosophical showing great knowledge full of insight contemplative reflective foresighted sound diplomatic sentimental emotional flesh-and-blood receptive self-aware sensate precocious analytical genius cagey cagy ready clear complex exacting analytic intriguing ratiocinative detailed widely read polite considerate rational sophic sleepless supraliminal capable of feeling fly insomniac seemly cordial respectful courteous decorous existent razor-like rapier-like compos mentis wide awake in right mind organic existing extant biological gentle civil poised cautious mannerly sympathetic suave kind tactical in the right mind tactful lively treating something with kid gloves treating with kid gloves among the living having life in the land of the living worldly unprovincial calculating wily worldly-wise having been around

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