Đồng nghĩa của privy

Alternative for privy

privies, privier, priviest

Đồng nghĩa: bathroom, can, earth-closet, jakes, john, lav, lavatory, outhouse, privy(p), secluded, secret, toilet,

Tính từ

Intended to be kept secret

Tính từ

Behaving or done in a cautious and surreptitious manner, so as not to be seen or heard
secret covert clandestine furtive surreptitious sneaky underhand private stealthy undercover sneaking underground backstairs stealth underhanded sneak hush-hush behind-the-scenes hugger-mugger hole-and-corner sly hidden cloak-and-dagger black concealed secretive under wraps under-the-table closet veiled sub-rosa conspiratorial on the QT shrouded wily cunning skulking slinking shifty disguised cloaked back-alley backstair under the table crafty slippery indirect obscured devious masked covered hole-in-the-corner shady artful camouflaged foxy unseen buried incognito screened inconspicuous not visible secreted guileful under-the-counter tricky scheming confidential tucked away unnoticeable dark top-secret fraudulent catlike silent enigmatic catty noiseless feline evasive invisible surprise out of sight cautious ulterior incog obscure behind someone's back on the sly on the quiet in secret mean unauthorized intelligence slinky contemptible two-faced subversive shorthanded dirty unethical unscrupulous unfair unauthorised spy quick unbowed illicit illegitimate illegal underneath creep quiet oblique sideways sidelong unsuspected QT dissembled murky in holes and corners insidious circumspect cloak and dagger calculating elusive creepy hidden from sight hidden from view out of view lost to view hole and corner sub rosa low-down ambiguous enigmatical clouded mystic occult unintelligible backdoor out-of-the-way strange unenlightened deep mystical in ambush perdu stashed cached enshrouded recondite planted guarded duplicitous hushed up hidden away covered up put in the hole holed up designing clever subtle shonky snide fly slim carny cowardly yellow dishonest crooked deceitful treacherous false disingenuous double-dealing deceptive insincere unprincipled lying bent slick Machiavellian untruthful untrustworthy cheating dissembling hypocritical perfidious mendacious sharp hollow-hearted Janus-faced false-hearted truthless dishonourable double-faced dishonorable counterfeit conniving deceiving dubious two-timing roguish Punic astucious astute fishy defrauding fast rogue dodgy corrupt dirty-dealing double-crossing unjust bogus sham feigned not candid not frank uncandid lubricious unfrank misleading unveracious terminologically inexact not entirely truthful smooth spurious plausible bum seeming serpentine rascal catchy off fake unreliable mock phoney phony imposturous pretended nefarious unlawful questionable criminal immoral disreputable unsporting unsportsmanlike economical with the truth amoral sinister intriguing wormlike perilous ensnaring backhanded dangerous snaky below the belt corruptible buyable grafting venal swindling shrewd beguiling cute snidey cagey cagy like a snake in the grass malfeasant erring errant obliquitous gimmicky iniquitous suborned ruthless evil playing politics put on playing games side not straightforward faking one out slanted faithless slanting knavish fallacious

Tính từ

Characteristic of, or belonging to, a single or particular person or thing
individual personal particular unique personalised personalized individualised individualized peculiar private patented singular subjective idiomatic separate distinctive special idiosyncratic distinct exclusive characteristic individualistic signature distinguishing respective especial original different unmistakable specific customized typical independent own representative intrinsic essential proper customised identifiable express identifying notable conspicuous inimitable recognizable recognisable single monogrammed tailor-made impressionistic innate sole internal patent disparate categorical emblematic inherent exceptional inborn inbred select distinguished particularized exceeding offbeat striking nonconformist dissimilar prominent perceptible distinguishable outstanding intimate familiar noticeable detectable specialised specialized salient decipherable custom extraordinary refreshing claimed particularised diagnostic natural symptomatic precise set discriminating diagnostical local classic remarkable concrete endemic appropriate diacritic restricted indicative differentiating uncommon symbolic discrete marked discriminative individualising individualizing odd exact noteworthy demonstrative regular unconventional off-centre eccentric strange standard suggestive definite archetypal prototypical quintessential particular to peculiar to found only in usual determining very unusual certain explicit resident fixed absolute in character isolated very own exclusive to reserved characteristic of typical of native ingrained actual only abnormal weird aberrant quirky queer irregular anomalous lone solitary freakish bizarre outlandish warning signalling one-off alone indicatory denotive associated evidential designative significant indicating denotative signaling one sui generis one and only archetypical definitive true pointing to all your own copybook paradigmatic illustrative model vintage textbook exemplary classical stock ideal stereotypical prime prototypic prototypal stereotyped archetypic stereotypic patterned typic perfect unorthodox atypical liberated unconstrained bohemian egoistic untrammelled groundbreaking free-spirited pioneering freethinking unfettered self-loving self-indulgent selfish vainglorious pompous narcissistic egomaniacal self-serving egotistical megalomaniac conceited individualist egotistic self-absorbed self-interested egocentric maverick self-reliant stuck-up egoistical self-concerned self-centered untrammeled self-centred wrapped up in oneself most typical

Tính từ

Having knowledge or perception of a situation or fact
aware cognizant conscious mindful conversant acquainted familiar informed knowing apprised perceptive savvy appraised clued cluey recognizant sentient abreast knowledgeable versed witting apperceptive judicious observant certain discerning observing percipient sure ware sharp expert competent understanding skilled experienced proficient seasoned prescient sussed omniscient across alert practised down appreciative sophisticated posted leet practiced tuned-in switched-on well-informed well versed au courant clued-up with-it up-to-date up to date clued up at home up on plugged in in the loop on the ball genned up no stranger to with a knowledge of in the know au fait switched on well-rounded with an understanding of up well-read learned versant hip to well versed in well up on tuned in educated knowledgeable about enlightened familiar with well informed about sensible wise to well-versed erudite alive apprehensive schooled acquainted with in the picture aware of up to speed with it cognizant of in on au courant with plugged-in abreast of well informed cultured instructed apprised of hep up with au fait with plugged into experienced in in touch at home with clued up on in the know about well-educated genned up on trained on to used to briefed well-grounded comprehending hip advised cool watchful attentive apprized alive to well briefed informed about grounded filled in awake in sensible of skilled in proficient in alert to accustomed vigilant down with kept posted hep to conversant with versed in clued in on at ease with on the beam up to speed on up to date on attuned well-briefed intelligent into practised in self-aware enlightened about primed confident having your finger on the pulse perfect in cognizant in familiarised familiarized current genned up about clued up about up-to-the-minute capable on top of things plugged in to introduced switched on to au parfum illuminated literate clued in in control confident with competent at sensitive to sensible to well educated well up in abreast of the facts ware of up to date with careful fashionable thoughtful wary respectful popular modish voguish stylish trendsetting modern heedful chary regardful high-class classy high-toned glamorous smart elegant conscious of conscientious cautious solicitous cagey observative well-acquainted happening hot de rigueur big all the rage massive awake to chary of wary of careful of watchful of heedful of chic trendy spiffy groovy snazzy fly swinging kicking now kicky mod bang up to date in thing sassy up to the minute tony on the job on one's toes regardful of recognizant of be up on know ins and outs with eyes peeled know all the answers latest in vogue in fashion on fleek turned on all the go

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