Đồng nghĩa của one and only

Tính từ

Unique, one of a kind
incomparable inimitable unique incredible amazing unparalleled unequalled unmatched matchless unrivalled peerless singular ideal special unequaled unrivaled unsurpassed without equal supreme extraordinary model exceptional unsurpassable unexampled standout one-off nonpareil beyond compare one of a kind second to none sui generis consummate notable superlative noteworthy perfect rare remarkable unordinary one individual alone without parallel faultless out of sight in a class of one's own without match only beyond comparison wonderful golden majestic glorious noticeable fine attractive admirable uncommon interesting grand buzzworthy delightful exclusive quintessential classic unprecedented novel essential exemplary ultimate prototypical typical irreplaceable unparagoned extraordinaire signal unexcelled far-out phenomenal unheard-of unconventional unimaginable unrepeatable archetypal in a class by itself something else purpose-built separate once-in-a-lifetime newfangled utmost new exquisite without precedent paramount best primo one-of-a-kind superior transcendent unrepeated fresh outstanding surpassing top greatest pre-eminent excellent towering par excellence leading foremost preeminent chief highest unbeatable premier super in a class of its own finest record unbeaten predominant prominent prime principal dominant head main top-tier primary capital first-class top-drawer topmost without peer sovereign distinguished champion tops major star prevailing best ever illustrious supereminent key lead apex first central premium cardinal hors concours world class select first-rate best possible a cut above the rest ace industry leading topflight top drawer top-notch number-one number one top-class unmatchable most unchallenged eminent maximum one-in-a-million choice arch- overriding optimal biggest commanding presiding absolute master governing complete arch optimum primal overbearing overmastering utopian dominating sovran undefeated uppermost number 1 crack record-breaking first class prize-winning top of the line top of the range stellar high-class top-of-the-range terrific sans pareil numero uno unapproached aces all-time solid-gold gilt-edge renowned elite important famous celebrated definitive decisive marquee culminating final prior untouchable high total directing senior higher better greater larger bigger elder unconditional of the highest quality out-of-sight big-time noted crown blue-ribbon vintage choicest boss estimable superfine A-1 Grade A highest ranking mother of all without an equal stand alone in a league of its own all-time best max uttermost unequalable extreme significant maxi the most fabulous sensational splendid beautiful blissful too good to be true splendorous paradisiacal heavenly awesome marvelous superb gorgeous sublime brilliant paradisiac out-of-this-world A-OK fab divine magnificent to die for marvellous fantabulous idyllic dreamy fantastic out of this world reigning peak authoritative ascendant regnant predominate ruling core unassailable big controlling prevalent domineering furthermost largest most excellent most important most influential most outstanding most prominent

Tính từ

That which stands on its own
unique lone sole one solitary only single solo alone one-off nonce onliest lonely unaccompanied unattended individual special singular exclusive particular distinct odd isolated separate sui generis only possible uncommon specific unshared definite one shot only one unusual atypical exceptional abnormal random untypical freak anomalous ace remaining private stray unrelated final precise peculiar unrepeated last only surviving only remaining only one left sole remaining unitary distinctive pure characteristic undivided distinguishing simple unmixed especial discrete signature unalloyed unblended uncompounded separated distinguished by oneself once in a lifetime by itself singled-out left alone one only lonesome companionless independent all alone disparate express stag unrepeatable respective certain specified fixed personal unescorted detached friendless single-handed forsaken distant without companions reserved on its own on one's own standalone never-to-be-repeated limited-edition once-in-a-lifetime original deliberate clear-cut purposeful abandoned autonomous unchaperoned by yourself one of a kind particularised unsociable selfstanding particularized select diacritic reclusive unassisted unmarried unaided cloistered in solitary me myself and I me and my shadow in a solitary state different spare surplus unpaired extra withdrawn antisocial hermit leftover unsocial retiring introverted individualized unused unmatched uneven diverse dissimilar hermitic hermitical personalized distinguishable misanthropic lorn retired self-sufficient eremetic offish out-of-the-way deserted standoffish uncompanionable aloof self-contained unalike unlike nonidentical unconnected disconnected unassociated contrasting orra patented idiomatic subjective privy divergent unattached offbeat disunited other set explicit personalised individualised determined clear poles apart defined exact identifiable given predetermined straight-out identified established specialised concrete specialized outright selective limited

Danh từ

Used as an affectionate form of address to a beloved person
darling love beloved dear dearest sweetheart sweetie angel honey lover sweet treasure baby pet sugar truelove babe flame hon precious squeeze dear one doll poppet sweeting boyfriend dearie friend girlfriend honeybunch lamb loved one sweetie pie lover boy firm favorite heart's desire apple of one's eye light of my life the apple of somebody's eye true love beau steady inamorato inamorata paramour admirer swain leman heartthrob girlf boyf significant other love of my life lady love object of affection lady friend woman friend WAG man friend fair-haired boy light of one's life valentine suitor lovebird companion follower sweet one love of one's life betrothed partner fella gallant bird doxy worshipper heartbeat idol fiance tootsie worshiper husband wife number one first and last fiancé young lady fancy man the love of one's life querida numero uno the object of one's affections the apple of one's eye young man fancy woman fiancée escort wooer toy boy man date fellow boy sugar daddy ladylove fiancee courter soul mate old man mistress my love intended girl courtesan Juliet Romeo concubine honeybun gal other man cicisbeo other woman intimate deary mate favorite favourite kept woman bit of fluff cherished one bit on the side gentleman caller squire gentleman friend mi amor sweety snuggle bug cuddle bug hero hetaera odalisque gigolo groom lass bride conquest catch sunshine jo heart-throb sugar pie cohabitee jong live-in lover honey bunch lovebug confidant pal buddy guyfriend common-law husband guy favorite person cavalier lady woman male friend lady-love bibi mot dona WAGs gill patootie confidante chickfriend GF old lady object of one's affections the pet idolizer infatuate suppliant solicitor Wag love interest fancy bit WAGs wives and girlfriends soulmate spouse bashert consort helpmate espoused helpmeet better half life partner romantic partner other half one's promised life companion

Trái nghĩa của one and only

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