Đồng nghĩa của suppliant

Alternative for suppliant

suppliant /'sʌpliənt/
  • tính từ
    • năn nỉ, van xin, khẩn khoản
    • danh từ
      • người năn nỉ, người van xin

    Danh từ

    A partner in a amorous relationship outside marriage
    lover beau beloved boyfriend sweetheart mistress paramour swain darling girlfriend inamorata love inamorato lady friend lady-love loved one admirer flame leman partner suitor woman friend courtesan significant other companion concubine dear steady bird cicisbeo courter dearest doxy escort fella fiance fiancé fiancee idolizer infatuate other man truelove valentine wooer bit of fluff bit on the side fancy man Juliet man friend other woman Romeo solicitor toy boy Wag fancy bit fancy woman kept woman love interest sugar daddy boyf girlf querida squeeze man spouse mate young man boy date woman wife husband gallant fellow honey old man ladylove sweetie consort girl live-in lover follower old lady worshipper lady love gal lady better half other half intended WAG helpmate worshiper helpmeet young lady true love betrothed cohabitee hetaera groom friend doxie missus mot dona patootie missis hubby soul mate baby common-law husband sugar bidie-in gigolo babe POSSLQ jong trouble and strife catch intimate odalisque gill amour bride conquest bibi lovebird heartthrob domestic partner main squeeze love of one's life bedmate squire dutch WAGs wives and girlfriends cavalier gentleman caller gentleman friend her indoors old woman plus-one steady girlfriend fiancée sweet adulterer snuggle bug cuddle bug poppet my love dear one angel sweetie pie dearie guy lass sweet one precious lorette bae cohabitant beneficiary housemate longtime companion confidant pal buddy guyfriend sancho lovebug wifey lover boy playmate equal bedfellow madam blind date guy friend one and only male friend common-law wife prize acquisition soulmate Dutch queen Jezebel fan bashert floozy sultana captive slave goomah espoused little woman moll chatelaine kerida supporter seduction adherent heart's desire life partner romantic partner one's promised life companion lady wife enticement captivation enthrallment sugar baby gun moll confidante chickfriend GF best girl dream girl shack job little bit of fluff a notch on someone's bedpost feather in cap

    Tính từ

    Persistent or pressing, often annoyingly so
    importunate clamant exigent pressing urgent indefatigable intransigent obstinate stubborn tenacious tireless unremitting acute aggressive burning clamorous compelling critical crying demanding dire dogged emergent entreating exacting imperative imperious insistent instant nagging necessitous obdurate persevering persistent pertinacious unrelenting annoying avid disturbing earnest forceful harassing high-pressure overeager pushy solicitous troublesome overly solicitous crucial vital important serious essential grave desperate necessary drastic determined immediate resolute continuous severe peremptory pivotal pertinent emphatic extreme unyielding significant relevant terrible sore great high-priority key climacteric parlous paramount fundamental principal primary of interest foremost life-and-death of the utmost importance of the essence repeated incessant needful binding overriding coercive unavoidable immoderate demanding attention major prevalent adamant controversial active current topical constraining firm unfaltering assertive contemporary lively decided unwavering inexorable patient live inescapable heavy integral emergency intense impelling resolved pushful leading required capital driving indispensable clamouring hurry-up distressing forcing requiring persuasive claiming obliging heat-on irresistible clamoring momentous weighty demanded chief reiterative resounding monotonous relentless perseverant called-for top-priority very great time-critical life and death must-have of great consequence pre-eminent now or never dangerous perilous main hazardous awful precarious salient germane dreadful profound operative standout alarming egregious bad decisive sudden solid of note noteworthy high marked definite of concern vigorous afflictive life-threatening all-important consequential considerable far-reaching requisite central substantial needed mandatory cardinal material meaningful portentous solemn vitally important big historic heavyweight of consequence of moment prime monumental of great import somber sombre sober heavy-duty compulsory obligatory earth-shattering of significance sedate large-scale no joke no laughing matter prerequisite appreciable called for no-nonsense of great importance core staid intrinsic big deal eventful influential humourless humorless ponderous determining sizable exceptional prominent fateful extensive basic earthshaking special underlined top large uppermost extraordinary focal remarkable premier telling high-level especial predominant supreme notable deciding dominant pronounced sensational powerful arch grand preeminent big-time big league tough very important substantive conspicuous determinative front-page uncomic newsworthy all important hefty life-or-death outstanding worthwhile tremendous prodigious worrying invaluable first greatest imposing highest impactful striking mighty almighty difficult unforgettable life-changing grievous major-league constitutive radical involuntary nonelective master forced major league hard impressive of great moment nitty-gritty landmark tectonic much strategic grim ruling meat-and-potatoes primal bottom-line world-shaking quintessential incumbent particular much needed sad fatal deep time-dependent time-sensitive crash super best interesting basal eminent utmost without lacking needing head rush vehement fierce furious page-one unmissable super colossal mammoth valuable dynamic arresting maximum overruling vicious business-critical mission-critical climactic real necessitating involving exciting buzzworthy of import elevated crisis immense name-of-the-game apocalyptic coal-and-ice enormous sizeable huge very grave commanding calling for out of the ordinary of substance sweeping earth-shaking epoch-making prevailing overbearing prior elemental sovereign glum exceeding ultra titanic vast astronomic astronomical ample staple overmastering controlling stern appropriate compulsatory inherent rudimentary innate strong distinctive headline noticeable preponderant obvious rare signal resonant memorable keynote worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight quantum uncommon generous milestone conclusive glaring unusual unordinary ponderable potent glorious impromptu gloomy dour number one star sovran stellar No. 1 numero uno life-saving pointed instrumental expedient wanted desired preferred proper de rigueur incumbent on name of game specified elementary recommended goodly biggish austere world-shattering life or death quiet downbeat top-level overshadowing big-league high-profile cold sober of vital importance extremely important high priority matter of life and death disheartening harrowing discouraging deadly wretched ill-fated forbidding sobering shocking forlorn strenuous devastating ill-starred unamusing destructive ruinous desolate ugly depressing most important most prominent

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