Đồng nghĩa của ill starred

Tính từ

Doomed to a bad fate
hapless unfortunate unlucky ill-fated star-crossed doomed ill-omened inauspicious unhappy blighted foredoomed jinxed luckless bedeviled bedevilled hard luck infelicitous snakebit snakebitten unpromising unpropitious disastrous fateful ominous cursed wretched calamitous hopeless adverse unsuccessful out of luck untoward unfavourable unfavorable miserable ruinous catastrophic ruined dire poor afflicted unprosperous lamentable cataclysmic accident-prone black misfortunate disaster-prone untimely pitiful stricken disadvantageous forlorn inopportune condemned forsaken destitute awkward in a bad way deplorable regrettable troubled woeful inept devastating bad fated tragic terrible detrimental dreadful baleful fatal destructive ill-boding pitiable awful grievous desperate broken gloomy direful pained shattered burdened under a curse fey destroyed discouraging harmful piteous heartrending heartbreaking anathematized sinister lost undone bewitched accursed cataclysmal shocking appalling disheartening bodeful bleak sinistrous baneful done for desolate pathetic hexed sad sack down on one's luck abject damaging unbecoming unsuitable inappropriate deleterious infernal clumsy rueful sorry disadvantaged ill-chosen excommunicate bringing bad luck klutzy all thumbs two left feet bungling worthless unholy losing woebegone behind the eightball voodooed poor fish jonah loser unsanctified excommunicated unprofitable beaten loss-making frustrated foiled defeated failed threatening minatory doomy menacing foreboding portentous ill tough luck bad break balked unchancy impending evil down on luck behind eight ball baulked ravaging moving agonising harrowing horrendous anguished stirring mournful vexatious lethal melancholy deadly dismal sorrowful agonizing despondent doleful disturbing deathly painful mortal dejected distressing grim crushing galling gruesome distressful sad heart-rending injurious annihilatory horrible devastative dark damning abortive dead sunk finished done kaputt kaput foreordained reprobate threatened predestined unredeemed overwhelmed sentenced convicted menaced destined wrecked overthrown suppressed thrown down dead duck cut down que sera sera kiss of death in the cards pernicious dangerous hurtful crippling noxious atrocious poisonous malignant nocuous maleficent inimical malefic lousy prejudicial frightful undesirable rotten abominable wicked toxic unwholesome abysmal mischievous crummy unhealthy grave execrable prejudicious cancerous venomous inferior unsatisfactory paltry corrupting wounding annihilative malign unacceptable hazardous diabolical disgraceful critical negative nasty ghastly counterproductive catastrophal shattering substandard nocent afflictive malicious mediocre inadequate egregious godawful disappointing cruddy virulent shameful subversive pestilential suicidal hideous mean eradicative intolerable second-rate offensive unspeakable horrid chronic lame vile rubbish laughable hard environmentally unfriendly brutal punk severe parlous odious serious perilous third-rate objectionable horrifying fierce corroding extirpative disagreeable unsafe cheap reprehensible incendiary costly undermining forbidding contemptible murderous violent trashy rubbishy gross shoddy pants insufferable sucky low-grade God-awful unwelcome low-quality grotty abhorrent monstrous beastly upsetting alarming tragical wrackful pestilent savage ignominious heinous inexpedient pestiferous dicey corrosive dirty cruel life-threatening apocalyptic noisome tough repulsive death-dealing very bad frightening extreme deficient duff shabby malevolent scary wanting meagre traumatic meager garbage sickening difficult damnable poxy indefensible god-awful stinking faulty dissatisfactory below par cut-rate earth-shattering under par less-than-stellar poor-quality second-class two-bit crumby bum horrific wack a load of pants bush-league grisly outrageous inexcusable nightmarish risky incurable hostile blameworthy terrifying dread distasteful displeasing fell acute lethiferous internecine wreckful slaughterous harsh killing scandalous unpleasant revolting despicable fearsome redoubtable hurting ugly spine-chilling intimidating formidable hair-raising sinful precarious base grubby scummy scurvy ratty scabby terrific dishonourable dishonorable iniquitous feeble unsightly sordid insupportable unbearable opprobrious loathsome useless subpar suboptimal repugnant insidious ridiculous detestable downer bummer sub-par inconvenient unseemly wrong junky obnoxious improper bush ropy exacting scurrilous off stinky irremediable poor quality cheesy derisory not up to par schlocky not up to scratch low-rent el cheapo not up to snuff excessive bargain-basement convulsionary corruptive unadvantageous sacrificial blighting messy withering climactic climacteric mortifying fire-and-brimstone apocalyptical foul desolating annihilating terminal insalubrious harassing unpopular undesired immoderate impoverishing extravagant depleting draining exhausting wasteful aching cantankerous nefarious miasmatic miasmic spiteful hateful capital ruining destroying hellfire sleazy unpalatable unforgivable predictive prophetic revealing oracular imperilling imperiling dilapidated dreaded disquieting senseless inglorious preposterous ill-advised vicious lurid macabre final homicidal absurd ludicrous foolish-looking silly affecting unpardonable unconscionable foolish saddening depressing cheerless rough unnerving petrifying too bad yucky common schlock killer causing death vital grieving plaintive tear-jerking disgusting ignoble immoral discreditable disreputable incriminating very dangerous run down flimsy shlocky gimcrack cheapjack godforsaken seedy shlock weak coarse down at heel trumpery disconsolate agonized sneaking creepy eerie unjustifiable mortuary necrotic mortiferous mephitic blah damnatory condemnatory tortured racked agonised criminal evil-looking spooky eldritch touch and go unsought unwanted raunchy tinhorn icky diddly valueless the pits grody bad news fallacious grungy not good erroneous not the best minacious minatorial pits overwhelming dolorous beyond contempt suggestive of evil doomful dishonest perverse blackhearted lowering trying unfit testing troublesome bothersome challenging prohibitive ill-timed uncomplimentary unseasonable crying pressing crucial fearful implicating derogatory condemning impermissible exceptionable inadmissible urgent intense imperfect amateurish insufficient unimpressive repellant repellent drastic dubious unreasonable dodgy low questionable not much cop implicatory strong accusatorial conclusive implicative dooming considerable significant condemnable crude defective tatty out cheapo irretrievable inacceptable unappealing uninviting reject exigent not on below average second rate not cricket of poor quality beyond the pale won't do over the fence tenth-rate below standard from hunger not quite the done thing half-baked not up to standard of low quality out of order heavy consequential major blue oppressing scowling rancid arduous strenuous toilsome bitter taxing sobering big worrying punishing grinding hellish rebarbative disgustful hellacious loathly gut-wrenching sombre somber weighty intensive peracute straitened unrelenting excruciating tortuous inhospitable spartan rigorous scabrous stern sober unendurable biting uncomfortable austere comfortless inexorable stringent solemn discomforting erosive cutthroat consumptive

Tính từ

Deprived of the opportunities and advantages of others
underprivileged deprived disadvantaged destitute impoverished needy poor needful poverty-stricken depressed indigent in need in want pauperized penurious beggared handicapped hapless have-not ill-fated in distress necessitous neglected unfortunate unlucky badly off in reduced circumstances in straitened circumstances on the breadline hard up down and out in dire straits as poor as a church mouse without two brass farthings to rub together without two pennies farthings to rub together unable to keep the wolf from the door impecunious broke skint penniless strapped moneyless insolvent stone broke down-and-out unable to make ends meet bankrupt flat broke beggarly threadbare dirt-poor famished without two pennies to rub together cleaned out stony broke strapped for cash without two farthings to rub together without a sou down at heel unprosperous bust in Queer Street in penury dirt poor without a penny ruined flat truly needy reduced lacking distressed on your uppers low-income pinched fortuneless short of money stony-broke empty-handed short struggling bad off rundown behind eight ball on one's uppers low-paid dead broke boracic on the bread line clean out at elbows out of pocket down on one's luck unfavored economically deprived financially disadvantaged unaffluent bankrupted unprivileged requiring help economically disadvantaged discriminated against scanty low meager suffering meagre down to last cent impaired hindered tapped out denuded bereft forlorn over a barrel without a dime in the gutter on last leg homeless crippled broken stony down to last penny without a penny to your name wanting dispossessed inadequately serviced in distressed circumstances straitened wiped out sterile in reduced empty on skid row without a bean hurting without a red cent boracic lint on one's beam ends poor as a church mouse underserviced shabby derelict slummy seedy ghost shanty ghetto underserved run down run-down skid row on one's beam-ends in the red on your beam-ends in debt on the rocks craptastic without a penny to one's name without a brass farthing stone-broke busted hard-pressed in Chapter 11 up against it in a bad way vagrant out of money on the streets indebted failed cashless lost in need of gone under in administration in receivership gone bust in Carey Street gone to the wall without a shot in one's locker in the hands of the receivers workless unemployed laid off jobless between jobs redundant living rough sleeping rough idle extremely poor base of no fixed address of no fixed abode severe difficult stripped totaled divested deficient unmoneyed impencunious stranded vile out of a job resting signing on down-at-heel overdrawn deprived of devoid of played out wretched despicable mean on the dole beaten vagabond defeated outcast finished miserably poor very poor financially poor spent in dire circumstances in great need squalid miserable pathetic shoddy foul sordid smashed on the wallaby track in arrears owing money pitiful unpleasant abject belly up exhausted depleted on the skids out of funds in the poorhouse contemptible in financial difficulties not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together financially distressed financially embarrassed without means of support short of cash without money cleared out liquidated out of business defaulting foreclosed collapsed undone unable to pay one's debts financially ruined belly-up in Chapter 13 taken to the cleaners

Tính từ

Serious in concern, in a mostly negative way
sad grave dire serious grim depressing solemn somber sombre wretched dangerous desolate discouraging disheartening grievous shocking worrying critical destructive earnest forlorn urgent far-reaching harrowing sedate severe sober sobering ugly acute ill-fated ruinous strenuous unamusing weighty deadly devastating fatal forbidding staid humourless gloomy dour cold sober quiet humorless uncomic no-nonsense subdued saturnine leaden sage dignified sobersided unsmiling deadpan stony-faced strictly business po-faced long-faced ponderous grim-faced muted stone-faced thoughtful glum exigent significant profound consequential major substantial important vital crucial considerable stern material pivotal monumental portentous key appreciable momentous eventful heavyweight austere big major league of great import no joke of moment of great importance hefty difficult tough life and death heavy life-and-death of great consequence no laughing matter downbeat of consequence big deal hard high-priority heavy-duty underlined of significance all-important matter of life and death decisive determining fundamental historic cardinal central essential pressing integral paramount overriding influential large-scale imperative capital burning determinative large core intrinsic focal worthwhile primary principal meaningful deciding prime especial main exceptional epoch-making earth-shattering telling noteworthy intense indispensable almighty grand life-changing major-league big league deep apocalyptic testing climacteric earth-shaking world-shaking world-shattering trying searching settling psychological conclusive fateful direful doomful unlucky inauspicious ominous resultful pertinent quintessential dominant desperate now or never clamorous touch and go insistent showdown hanging by thread touchy on thin ice climatic sweeping overruling necessary requisite preeminent primal premier predominant chief notable pronounced sizable imposing leading climactic supreme top great ruling master much needed very important outstanding prerequisite compelling needed required mandatory life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence must-have radical pre-eminent vitally important pointed prominent impactful immediate striking instrumental mighty top-priority powerful salient foremost remarkable top-level overshadowing high-level big-time of concern high-profile of note big-league uppermost sensational prodigious extensive unmissable special page-one unforgettable tremendous conspicuous front-page forceful newsworthy of import of great moment impressive most important

Tính từ

Causing death or fatality
fatal lethal deadly mortal terminal final killing deathly incurable malignant baleful baneful fell grave killer mortiferous murderous pestilent untreatable noxious pernicious tragic vital critical destructive malefic pestilential poisonous virulent causing death death dealing ill-fated dangerous life-threatening harmful death-dealing injurious irremediable homicidal ruinous toxic devastating internecine inoperable bloody immedicable mortuary vicious violent nocuous venomous mephitic evil beyond cure detrimental deleterious infectious cruel bloodthirsty disastrous fierce diseased serious dead chronic suicidal irrecoverable remediless persistent destroying pestiferous corrupting troublesome contaminating tainting beyond surgery damaging calamitous necrotic hurtful unhealthy uncontrollable grievous madcap depressed treacherous perilous reckless grim ruthless cannibalistic slaying carcinogenic monstrous malevolent hazardous invasive dying threatening unsafe severe capital acute cancerous metastatic spreading near death very dangerous end-stage on way out touch and go savage brutal ferocious internal civil exterminatory exterminating family barbarous inhuman long-standing long-term sanguinary decimating costly havoc-wreaking barbaric sanguine murdering sanguineous mutually harmful mutually destructive criminal constantly recurring cut-throat bloody-minded slaughterous hellish sapping harrowing unpleasant exhausting strenuous cutthroat arduous merciless pitiless maniacal vindictive butcherous oncogenic carcinomatous tumorous sadistic heartless harsh brutish bestial beastly ravening inhumane wanton devilish diabolical brute malicious butcherly fiendish atrocious truculent remorseless demoniac callous crazed infernal unrelenting cold-blooded

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