Đồng nghĩa của unpopular

Alternative for unpopular

Đồng nghĩa: unappreciated, unloved, unwanted, unwelcome,

Trái nghĩa: popular,


Not liked or popular
avoided cold-shouldered detested disliked rejected shunned unloved unwanted unwelcome friendless unbefriended uncherished unliked despised hated ignored loathed out of favour spurned unattractive undesirable abhorred creepy disesteemed disfavored drip dumpy execrated gross loser lousy nerdy obnoxious ostracised ostracized out out in the cold scorned sent to Coventry unaccepted unvalued weird wimpy unsought after not sought out uncared for in bad odor in bad odour out of favor not in the swim forsaken outcast uncared-for abandoned in the doghouse in disgrace in the dogbox abhorrent in someone's black books in someone's bad books despicable isolated lonesome forlorn companionless lonely estranged desolate all alone without friends with no one to turn to without a friend in the world blackballed abominated condemned cursed anathematized neglected offensive useless jilted unbeloved loveless superfluous unappreciated withdrawn destitute sad despondent unnecessary unhappy lorn not loved unsocial unneeded without companions by yourself feeling friendless nonessential annoying discarded surplus to requirements de trop alone solitary deserted unattached disgraced alienated lone single by oneself cut off in trouble adrift marooned without ties with no ties all by one's self disregarded refused turned down rebuffed forgotten disdained overlooked unnoticed denied unrecognized unconsidered unrecognised passed over unheeded lovelorn vacant derelict vacated void disused disobeyed unobserved unfollowed unnoted untaken dropped returned unremarked slighted unheard underestimated undervalued not accepted unsung lapsed dismissed decayed evaded omitted depreciated unused deferred deteriorated unkempt tossed aside unwatched postponed cast aside declined uncared affronted


Not desired
undesired unsought unwanted undesirable unasked uninvited disagreeable unpleasant distasteful displeasing unacceptable rejected objectionable excluded inadmissible obnoxious repellent exceptionable blackballed lousy thankless shut out unwished-for ill-favoured ill-favored excess baggage not in the picture left out in cold unwelcome intolerable unpalatable offensive deplorable reprehensible unpleasing not wanted nasty unfortunate unlucky disappointing distressing upsetting regrettable lamentable terrible appalling blameworthy awful ill-advised unsolicited unsuitable bad left out in the cold unasked-for too bad unsatisfactory troublesome unsavoury icky unsavory horrible unattractive annoying unwished for unsummoned uncool inadequate unbidden uncalled unbid uncongenial unlovely rotten harsh yukky yucky sour bitter wicked uncoveted unexpected not invited not asked not okay unappealing uninviting difficult painful uncomfortable unenviable repugnant unfavorable unfavourable dreadful off-putting insufferable repulsive loathsome disgusting frightful untoward detestable abhorrent revolting hateful obscene foul disliked dreaded vile odious despicable contemptible disastrous beastly loathly horrid sickening noxious disgustful nauseating ghastly nauseous dire ignominious wretched sad pitiful rebarbative for the birds strictly for the birds unlikable loathed abominable inexpedient adverse outcast inconvenient shunned defective useless to be avoided out of place beyond the pale incommodious disadvantageous bothersome scorned detrimental disgraceful shameful unbearable horrendous gross insupportable shocking hideous ugly execrable grim repellant gruesome censurable monstrous evil rude invidious grody dislikable forbidding sick-making dismal depressing scandalous noisome horrific rancid fulsome horrifying irritating heinous grievous grisly galling atrocious inappropriate macabre lurid nightmarish miserable unendurable excruciating bogging God-awful out of line out of order unappetizing awkward inhospitable joyless comfortless cheerless bleak afflictive tasteless irksome unspeakable unrequested stinking godawful agonizing creepy grotty uncalled-for hurtful vexatious sick severe woeful vomitous sleazy putrid harrowing sombre disturbing doleful solemn somber unsupportable impossible inexcusable gloomy worrying grave scurvy yucko skanky agonising oppressive hostile stomach-churning stomach-turning enough to try the patience of a saint beyond endurance beyond bearing not to be borne too much too much to bear a bit much past bearing vomit-inducing enough to try the patience of Job unadorable uncaptivating unlovable untempting unseemly indecorous opprobrious dreary unwelcoming unfit dislikeable poison eye-watering very disgusting gnarly unenticing damnable overpowering last straw enough already disrespectful flavourless flavorless insipid yicky savorless flat outrageous shameless vulgar egregious terrifying accursed pestiferous shuddersome resentful ornery pesky blasted infamous cursed cussed unappreciated confounded unpardonable sordid derogatory discourteous grewsome terrific nightmare fearful unforgivable dismaying filthy offered provocative impudent impertinent affronting insolent squicky festy cloying surfeiting sleazeball scuzzy disconcerting troubling uncanny ghostly dim faint from hell mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish sepulchral funereal weak anaemic yecchy disquieting worrisome discomforting degrading wounding provoking slighting insulting unasked for not required uncalled for gut-churning cringe-making unsettling traumatic stressful perturbing daunting torturous humourless poor crummy unnerving humorless discomposing distressful sober agitating mortifying uncivil vexing impolite unmannerly sedate abysmal hairy tormenting heartbreaking diabolical troublous frightening fraught tragical cruel unhappy saddening pathetic afflicting hellacious tragic affecting mean concerning anguished sorrowful heartrending unlooked-for nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking gut-wrenching extremely bad nerve-wracking unsustainable no-win disheartening straitened unpropitious dour discouraging unfriendly ill-fated hard-pressed hard hopeless tough shadowy discommodious tortured harmful perilous morose dangerous troubled full of hardship doubtful threatening glum gray mournful strained black exacting ill-omened treacherous direful ill-boding sinister injurious austere negative chilling grey inauspicious foreboding ominous parlous pressing dark precarious desolate exigent messy jeopardous morbid apocalyptic rocky very bad more than flesh and blood can stand


Not fashionable or popular at a particular time
unfashionable outdated outmoded dated antiquated unstylish archaic obsolete out tacky tasteless cheesy dowdy prehistoric square antediluvian passé bygone styleless defunct frumpy trashy superseded unhip inelegant crusty passe yesterday's old-fashioned out-of-date out of date out of fashion out of style old hat behind the times old-fangled olde worlde ticky-tack ticky-tacky out of the ark not fashionable last year's antwacky stale old school no longer fashionable old prehistorical obsolescent superannuated retro demoded medieval outworn moribund rusty neolithic mossy fossilized mediaeval kaputt Noachian fossilised kaput moth-eaten Stone Age ancient antique anachronistic old-time dead past oldfangled mouldy quaint moldy former musty vintage creaky extinct fusty démodé clunky primitive old-world olden not with it old-fogeyish old-school vieux jeu backward-looking horse-and-buggy feudal aged has-been frumpish old-hat disused crusted tired worn-out past it old-timey rinky-dink out-of-style square-toed retrograde of old traditional historic behindhand conservative expired of yore gone horse and buggy done hackneyed corny vanished timeworn historical parachronistic hoary demode late erstwhile early backward not current passé of the old school old as the hills age-old anachronous departed overused exhausted bypast nonextant odd discarded discontinued forgotten previous dusty nostalgic dinosaur one-time period relic cobwebby fogyish unprogressive belated neglected rococo disapproved long-gone not modern grown old lost immemorial backwards of olden days out of it finished retrogressive sometime quondam fallen into disuse venerable classical heritage fogeyish ancestral time-worn enduring ageless past its sell-by date veteran time-honoured back-number dull decrepit on its last legs past its prime very old as old as the hills anachronistical done to death faded yesterday threadbare worn out elderly hacky geriatric abandoned gothic barbaric concluded lapsed irrelevant invalid back number drab out-of-fashion obscure no longer in use deprecated fossil inflexible classic bent unusable evocative broken-down timeless archaistic of yesteryear had it done for boring having seen better days out of commission out of use not in clapped out dead and gone old fashioned stuck in time in period style old world folk antiquarian old-style no longer used earlier redundant completed long-ago old style no longer in fashion remote primeval primordial decayed old as Methuselah unoriginal once aboriginal pristine onetime original cast-off crumbling gone by waning declining unremembered unrecalled ex- foregone forepassed at an end way back way back when latter-day lost and gone lost in time consigned to oblivion past recall dying out lasting established first ritual oldie primaeval disappearing becoming obsolete ageing in oblivion sunk in oblivion water over the dam water under the bridge down memory lane earliest hoar ritualistic tried and true tried and tested long-lived of long ago long-standing long-established on the wane on the way out senescent undesirable on the decline aging overfamiliar growing old going out of use going out of fashion

Trái nghĩa của unpopular

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