Đồng nghĩa của unenviable

Alternative for unenviable

unenviable /'ʌn'enviəbl/
  • tính từ
    • không đáng thèm muốn, không đáng ghen tị

Tính từ

Not envied due to being Difficult, undesirable, or unpleasant
disagreeable uncoveted undesirable unpleasant unwanted unappealing difficult objectionable painful uninviting unwelcome distasteful horrible nasty unattractive uncomfortable unpopular unwished-for thankless unacceptable unfortunate infelicitous awkward invidious wretched miserable trying deplorable reprehensible terrible lamentable sad disappointing intolerable disgraceful bad offensive wrong rotten shameful distressing appalling awful displeasing dire pitiful regrettable vile unsatisfactory abominable insufferable poor ignominious immoral sinful wicked disastrous iniquitous heinous woeful detestable dreadful ignoble sorry criminal atrocious repugnant base dishonourable insupportable diabolical pitiable inadequate substandard dishonorable odious execrable lousy egregious pathetic contemptible dissatisfactory mediocre imperfect crummy off wanting loathsome lame not cricket unlucky ill-advised unfavorable unfavourable not up to par blameworthy vicious nefarious evil too bad corrupt degenerate dishonest tragic outrageous crooked unlawful grievous disreputable depraved dark dissolute unconscionable abhorrent shocking discreditable deficient monstrous inferior unprincipled unscrupulous villainous unethical unreasonable unsuitable heartbreaking out flagitious insufficient suboptimal subpar unrighteous unsavory calamitous despicable indefensible bent abysmal impermissible inadmissible inappropriate faulty scurrilous defective scandalous not on weak wack crumby punk paltry cruddy bush unworthy warped out of order disgusting stinking lacking obnoxious unsavoury laughable low meager meagre beyond contempt not quite the done thing less-than-stellar not up to scratch bush-league below par God-awful not good enough second-rate tragical heartrending unhappy distressful inopportune afflictive regretful dissatisfying hateful a pity too much ill sour fiendish foul thin disturbing disconcerting junky amiss schlocky damaged disquieting a bit off a bit much a bit thick over the top black mean murderous illicit cruel lawless infamous felonious diabolic illegal barbarous no good debased illegitimate less than ideal inexcusable for the birds no great shakes not much cop leaving a lot to be desired untrustworthy scoundrelly reprobate inhuman indictable sordid transgressing unforgivable OTT ruffianly dirty shady roguish underhand blackguardly senseless inglorious preposterous inept shabby not okay insubstantial scant found wanting inconsiderable feeble not acceptable too little bereft thievish beastly rascally malfeasant low-down dissipated unspeakable ridiculous unpardonable foolish dastardly treacherous perverse amoral perverted horrifying frightful peccant culpable maleficent knavish deceitful debauched unjustifiable grim vitiated venal wanton impure mournful revolting unbearable sickening opprobrious perfidious mercenary faithless bribable very bad undesired untoward unpalatable upsetting unsought unseemly exceptionable improper dismal amateurish abject unimpressive dodgy dubious shoddy hopeless questionable trashy horrendous damnable grotty garbage tatty condemnable horrid crude cheapo gross irremediable rubbishy stinky worthless inacceptable reject won't do low-quality over the fence tenth-rate below standard from hunger below average poor-quality not up to snuff second-class poor quality low-grade half-baked second rate two-bit of poor quality not up to standard beyond the pale of low quality third-rate under par

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