Đồng nghĩa của lousy

Alternative for lousy

lousy /'lauzi/
  • tính từ
    • có rận; có chấy
    • puộc thưa khuẫn bần tiện; ghê gớm
    • (từ lóng) (+ with) đầy rẫy, lắm, nhiều
      • lousy with money: lắm tiền nhiều của

Tính từ

Very poor or bad
terrible inferior awful miserable poor rotten second-rate shoddy bad duff slovenly abysmal atrocious low-rent appalling off poxy desperate execrable frightful inadequate incompetent two-bit unsatisfactory unspeakable useless very bad wretched bargain-basement bum bush bush-league careless cheap cheapjack cheesy coarse common crumby cut-rate deficient dime-a-dozen dismal dissatisfactory gimcrack hopeless horrible junky low-grade mediocre pathetic piss-poor punk rubbishy schlock schlocky sleazy sour suboptimal subpar substandard sucky trashy trumpery unacceptable wack wanting wrong bodger pants rubbish tinhorn dreadful el cheapo faulty for the birds harmful no good outrageous stupid unwelcome worthless not much cop not up to scratch of a sort a load of pants strictly for the birds crummy paltry dire deplorable lamentable pitiful lame nasty abominable grotty diabolical sorry woeful sad third-rate shabby vile horrendous below par ropy disagreeable chronic contemptible unpleasant shocking offensive horrid defective imperfect loathsome odious cruddy God-awful ill laughable distressing pitiable detestable base disgraceful revolting disgusting foul abhorrent sickening tawdry repulsive gross repugnant egregious not up to snuff beastly mean objectionable insufficient direful obnoxious low-quality ghastly below standard crude disappointing distasteful second-class repellent grim stinking hideous nauseating low poor-quality grievous tatty pits shameful rancid tacky abject tenth-rate despicable disastrous noisome yucky displeasing unsound junk hellacious ugly godawful grody noxious scandalous under par below average meagre hateful nauseous unfortunate obscene lemon icky horrifying sub-par grubby reprehensible average meager monstrous gruesome flawed weak tinny ordinary repellant jerry-built piddling subnormal middling dirty dodgy unpalatable regrettable heinous inept ratty sordid horrific uncomfortable calamitous not up to par heartbreaking intolerable scurvy not up to much harrowing fulsome insubstantial amateurish grave the pits ineffectual indifferent poorer measly leaving much to be desired from hunger limited unexceptional stinky insufferable pedestrian undesirable uninviting disgustful loathly unsavory unsavoury gaudy severe troublesome depressing rank derisory unsuitable valueless ineffective putrid low-end lacking garbage negligible downmarket serious puny frightening evil grisly damnable tragic macabre beggarly hack smelly trifling from hell feeble festy irksome run-down déclassé good-for-nothing unworthy difficult insignificant squalid cheap and nasty alarming forbidding malodorous fetid disturbing damaged distressful yukky harsh vulgar bitter heartrending skimpy gloomy stingy pongy niffy annoying irritating mephitic nightmarish cheapo godforsaken seedy cruel naff painful miserly poor quality whiffy funky olid manky miasmal galling afflictive foul-smelling evil-smelling wicked less-than-stellar unpleasing sick-making yucko strong foetid disconcerting exiguous stressful little off-putting gut-wrenching critical disquieting no great shakes rough traumatic scabby scummy agonizing inexcusable sick doleful dilapidated fraught unimpressive bleak meretricious impaired drecky trivial slipshod unhappy piteous inefficient reeking exceptionable acrid ignoble amiss brummagem tasteless sombre tragical hairy catastrophic ignominious inglorious mournful unappetizing inexpert dingy acute unfit solemn somber reeky impotent cheerless flimsy dishonorable bogging unbearable vexatious excruciating broken rueful joyless terrifying scruffy Brummagem insupportable fearful inappropriate upsetting second rate impoverished dishonourable hellish skanky lurid dud agonising unappealing vicious twopenny-halfpenny unlovely comfortless parlous stenchy uncongenial filthy invidious broken-down rebarbative cheapie musty fusty indefensible extreme frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty modest scant lean minor-league terrific grungy high rinky-dink tattered hair-raising slight cheap-jack scanty ripe low-down not good enough entry-level bottom-rung raunchy troubling small negligent discomforting worrisome poorly sneaking restricted inappreciable inconsiderable daunting unsettling perturbing torturous tough reduced piffling dreary garbagy brackish bungling agitating petty mingy desolate incapable tormenting troublous unsatisfying dangerous menial hard very unpleasant minimal crying cursed trying rickety accursed ramshackle makeshift impermissible inadmissible drab dark unproficient unskilful disreputable confounded downer bummer catty intense dread unforgivable fierce disheartening sullen morose drear pungent extremely bad small-time hurtful hostile unnerving unpardonable opprobrious scrubby villainous sorrowful run down very poor cataclysmic fearsome redoubtable niffing cringe-making forlorn depressive sepulchral indigent glum scungy irretrievable brutal worrying unsightly scary intimidating formidable kitsch scroungy down at heel ridiculous vomitous scuzzy improper affecting pinchbeck brassy spine-chilling powerless inapt humming poverty-stricken half-pie scurrilous irremediable minor league on the nose a dead loss gnarly out of order yecchy small potatoes not up to standard gut-churning weak sauce beyond the pale unable to do something for toffee god-awful vomit-inducing stinking to high heaven a dime a dozen stomach-churning two a penny stomach-turning dime-store not satisfying ill-smelling beyond contempt off-colour crook off colour out of sorts showy corny cheeseball garish worst well below par tricky blithering short nominal throwaway dislikeable dislikable commonplace twopenny badly built kitschy sparse slender piddly scrimpy risky precarious hazardous perilous end-of-the-pier flaming dissatisfying ropey thrown together sparing preposterous senseless infernal niggling picayune minute unequal stark pitiless ruthless savage oppressed merciless shlock shlocky debased dicey second-best unseemly plastic pretentious unconscionable sinful foolish low quality shameless mighty grewsome nightmare footling degenerate unqualified melancholy eye-watering ruinous off-color infamous depraved immoral discreditable iniquitous bloodcurdling grimy slummy thin second class creepy pressing crucial lowest of the low rock-bottom the dumps unrelenting nagging tremendous silly absurd ludicrous foolish-looking eerie crashing bothersome injurious destructive unjustifiable snide impertinent embarrassing abusive insolent biting cutting discourteous dubious unreasonable questionable insalubrious unstable urgent condemnable out blah unfitted pesky unlikable dismaying under-strength testing pressured heavy demanding frustrating taxing criminal irredeemable drastic not cutting it currish inacceptable reject ungenerous pigpen inproficient blameworthy overwhelming dolorous dreaded surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying not good erroneous diddly crippling devastating ominous stenchful gruelling murderous arduous tiring mangy portentous bodeful exigent not cricket won't do half-baked of low quality not on of poor quality over the fence not quite the done thing not much chop not the best bad news fallacious acid shady sharp bland tart shifty petrifying excessive inconvenient afflicted ruthful tearful suffering distressed tainted stale low-minded no-good dirty rotten oppressing scowling leaving a lot to be desired pestilential unable to do something to save one's life craptacular decomposed infested gamy decayed poisonous polluted grueling strong-smelling not proper inconsistent unproductive ill-suited incompatible unable futile unadvantageous inefficacious unsuited discouraging unpromising bedraggled worn-out unkempt decrepit untidy threadbare funereal morbid a stinker of a a bummer of a dreich lugubrious saturnine destitute neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel rundown timeworn sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome black elegiacal tenebrific elegiac unsaleable unsellable warped scratched partial torn blemished cracked inoperative deformed catchpenny Cimmerian incomplete unfinished patchy malfunctioning immature undeveloped rudimentary sketchy inexact discomposing humourless humorless sober mortifying injured bottom-of-barrel marred disfigured not working faultful not functioning minus fallible sedate unendurable lesser saddening afflicting uncool awkward few bugs in a state of disrepair minor lowly anguished concerning humble unpretentious secondary subordinate nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking nerve-wracking unimportant junior subservient unassuming low-ranking subsidiary second-string undistinguished ancillary second-fiddle smaller demeaning degrading bottom slighter servile plebeian lower lower-ranking humdrum lower in status undersized lower in rank small-fry dinky third-string low-born subjacent second-banana beneath someone under someone's heel not very important back seat less important below someone lower-class not so important

Tính từ

Used to express anger, contempt, or annoyance
mean contemptible despicable dirty base low vile hateful rotten vicious cheap cruddy deplorable detestable grubby lame loathsome low-down nasty paltry pitiable pitiful ratty scabby scummy scurvy sneaking sorry wicked wretched no-good odious abominable disgusting offensive revolting sordid distasteful abhorrent horrible repulsive repugnant horrid nauseating awful obnoxious foul execrable unpleasant repellent appalling ignominious disagreeable sickening beastly abject gross reprehensible dreadful yucky dishonourable dishonorable ignoble shocking hideous bad shameful unsavory unsavoury stinking noxious noisome disgraceful yucko obscene icky degenerate nauseous terrible horrendous shabby heinous filthy atrocious sleazy rancid diabolical miserable evil snide currish disreputable gruesome grotty God-awful low-minded skanky frightful funky ugly ghastly worthless repellant villainous scandalous fulsome loathly unpalatable disgustful hellish unappetizing sick-making bitter displeasing uncongenial unlovely unwelcome unpleasing harsh sour discreditable objectionable mucky malodorous unfair squalid smelly illegal rank acrid putrid fetid mephitic pongy stinky whiffy niffy miasmal black unsportsmanlike olid off-putting foetid on the nose vulgar despisable depraved unscrupulous corrupt unprincipled grody disdainable unethical immoral nefarious foul-smelling evil-smelling degraded uninviting polluted smudged bedraggled stained besmirched dingy yukky draggled befouled smutty grimy blackened grungy sullied muddy begrimed bemired dusty unclean uncleanly soiled bogging festy slimy damnable horrifying poison bum ungodly unholy scungy underhanded deceitful good-for-nothing creepy debased meanspirited sneaky unworthy deceptive crass abandoned cowardly monstrous no-account pathetic sad beggarly accursed godawful degrading unlawful petty dirty rotten beyond the pale beyond contempt crummy brackish messy useless dislikable very unpleasant raunchy yecchy scuzzy callous thoughtless shameless shiftless hellacious from hell detested execrated feckless incompetent malicious malevolent disrespectful despised uncool pestiferous invidious pesky unspeakable loathed outrageous abominated hated abhorred hard-hearted narrow-minded shoddy graceless slipshod malignant indecent hateable hateworthy measly caitiff infamous maggot poor inferior swinish outcast revulsive brutal abysmal hairy grim cursed chronic perverted below contempt beneath contempt low-life dishonest sinful good-for-naught meritless no-count crooked fraudulent iniquitous dark unsporting treacherous crafty dissolute reprobate humiliating diabolic debauched double-dealing ungentlemanly gut-churning fiendish coarse devilish cunning devious sly underhand wily vomitous unrighteous sick wrong shifty conniving designing shady calculating guileful Machiavellian cheating flagitious egregious impure shrewd illegitimate deceiving inequitable unsportsmanly slick scheming knavish vomit-inducing illicit off-color ill-gotten against the rules below the belt not cricket Janus-faced out of order

Tính từ

Ill or unwell
ill poorly sick unwell bad nauseous queasy awful crook crummy lame nauseated paltry poor rotten rough seedy grotty off-colour ropy off colour out of sorts under the weather indisposed peaky funny liverish wabbit peculiar off below par not oneself green about the gills peaked queer terrible run down not up to par dreadful ailing sickly washed out unhealthy peely-wally peakish run-down not well dizzy infirm down weak faint not very well giddy sick as a dog bedridden under par in poor health not in good shape not up to snuff debilitated diseased sickened punk in a bad way off-color lightheaded frail feeble light-headed unsound qualmish infected groggy squeamish laid-up woozy impaired sickish queerish like death warmed up afflicted green mean rocky feverish invalided valetudinarian iffy queazy bummed laid up laid low on the sick list at death's door fatigued tired drained invalid hospitalized incurable under medication suffering disordered rickety broken down anaemic bilious decrepit anemic seasick hospitalised carsick airsick travel-sick pukish suffering from motion sickness a wreck suffering from altitude sickness slightly unwell unfit horrible not up to the mark ropey ugly unsightly ghastly off one's feed not yourself qualmy reeling failing low uneasy not so hot imperfect confined delicate tottering defective declining wobbly the worse for wear not feeling well haggard achy hypochondriacal in pain not a hundred percent barfy suffering from radiation sickness about to throw up green at the gills green around the gills pallid pasty pasty-faced ashen whey-faced gray colourless bloodless ashy grey ashen-faced trainsick uncomfortable upset corpse-like cadaverous sallow ill-looking wan pinched pale incapacitated deathly pale uncertain restless dubious unsettling troubling odd concerned unsettled doubtful fidgety grim exhausted enervated sickly-looking drawn emaciated running temperature on sick list got the bug feeling terrible feeling awful off one's feet feeling rotten green around gills weakened spent etiolated thin peelie-wally as white as a ghost as white as a sheet colorless weary sapped languorous sluggish depleted beat shaky enfeebled pooped in poor shape wasted low-energy unsteady burned out worn out down-and-out asthenic worn-out languid prostrated prostrate broken-down tuckered out out of commission out of gas out-of-action tired out strange slight weakly effete tender out of action unstable doddering wimpish wimpy unsubstantial rundown puny soft softened sick as dog doddery fragile insecure flimsy wavering disabled injured confined to bed knackered dying wretched crippled down with weedy worn tottery gaunt spindly dragging raddled vacillating tenuous vitiated trembly meagre pathetic strengthless sapless meager in bad shape lacklustre lackluster out of shape hollow-eyed travelsick languishing valetudinary handicapped disgusted housebound immobilized unwholesome in bed wasting off form ill in bed miserable in bad health slender stricken hors de combat chunderous contaminated tainted septic blighted sinking reduced sensitive nesh susceptible got a bug immobilised peccant abnormal not healthy nauseatic sick as a parrot powerless without energy infectious dainty fishy shatterable brittle fracturable shattery wispy bockety cranky chronically ill always ill pining often ill laid-low helpless impotent in ill health in poor condition irresolute stressed out of condition shilpit faltering not feeling up to snuff experiencing nausea feeling queasy ticklish quaking feeling nauseous feeling nauseated feeling woozy inconstant staggering tricky trembling in a decline indecisive unsafe unbalanced uneven tense strained half-hearted dopey emasculated flabby gentle insufficient flat aged halting anile sensile out of humor down in the mouth in declining health careworn wonky precarious withered fraught hollow-cheeked teetering dead loggy aweary bushed jaded logy washed-out wearied beaten bleary done limp teetery fluctuant rattletrap wavy wiggling unsure dilapidated tattered unkempt dishevelled disheveled coarsened debauched feeling sick wiped out played out stressed out burned-out all in tapped out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks worse for wear

Tính từ

Filled or well-supplied with something
teeming abounding swarming replete thick awash rife abundant fraught thronging flush packed full overflowing filled crowded brimming crawling plentiful bursting alive stuffed thronged jam-packed chock-a-block overrun abounding in seething crammed bristling generous profuse chock-full lavish plenteous superabundant well-provided full of swamped chock-full of brimful jammed loaded rich ample flowing copious heaving bounteous solid prolific inexhaustible overrun by abundant in galore multitudinous populous pullulating chocker luxuriant exuberant well-supplied flooded numerous fruitful liberal pregnant hopping infested bustling flushed dripping jumping rolling saturated hoaching buzzing hotching deluged big stinking lank covered knee-deep in plenty choked congested close dense compact heavy tight serried lush deep great compressed populated heaped crawling with like sardines like Piccadilly Circus cram-full of bursting at the seams having a considerable amount of having a copious amount of charged laden bountiful boundless considerable overloaded well-stocked glutted well supplied well stocked well provided prodigal munificent supplied complete overfed luxurious opulent infinite flourishing thick on the ground full to bursting in abundance brimming with chock-a-block with charged with swarming with jammed with bursting with a gogo stuffed with thick with overflowing with overloaded with packed with well supplied with well provided with rife with crammed with loaded with replete with solid with brimful with awash with well stocked with rich in teeming with crowded with fraught with jam-packed with chocker with overcrowded overfull chockablock chockful fat aplenty plenty mobbed cornucopian wall-to-wall filled to capacity cramped comfortable packed like sardines bulging at the seams bumper overpopulated busy inundated running over no end cram-full full to the gunwales large unstinting voluminous huge clogged full up crushed a dime a dozen spilling over crammed full fit to bust commodious full to overflowing substantial packed out up to the hilt filled up huddled full to capacity filled to the brim excessive occupied overpeopled massed extravagant stacked fulsome stocked hoatching sizeable burdened overfilled overwhelmed superfluous riotous gorged sufficient bulging sumptuous handsome jammed full topped up up to the rafters like the Black Hole of Calcutta immoderate sardined elbow-to-elbow filled to the rafters extensive extreme profusive openhanded countless alive with broad fertile productive lined innumerable myriad suffused padded plethoric weighted lousy with wealthy affluent no end of at full capacity full to the brim frantic stinking with full to the gills level with no end in sight full to the top entire surplus in excess overabundant extra groaning unabridged topfull overbuilt unsparing encumbered weighed down gushing permeated weighted down whole full of commotion heavily populated overburdened effusive filled with thickset SRO clean vast immense spacious roomy unrestricted expansive capacious plenitudinous fecund with inordinate open-handed gushy unrestrained whopping rank princely tidy moneyed bundled tumid arranged rammed consigned chock wrapped mob scene full house sold out stiff with topped off decent proliferous lacking overprovided overstocked oversupplied up to here standing room only to the roof mucho enough and to spare over the top thickly populated settled densely populated many multifarious peopled multitudinal legion several various stink with blocked plugged obstructed heavily settled knee-deep in gridlocked blocked-up impeded imbued impregnated stuffed-up stopped closed jam-full occluded mucous stoppered blocked up stuffy stopped up competent swimming unlimited appreciable enough improvident packed to capacity cram full completely full humming jampacked solid with people packed to the gunwales snarled up full of people scaturient inundant torrential inundatory more than enough

Tính từ

Of poor or inferior quality
low-quality substandard mediocre bad wretched paltry imperfect shabby sorry junk ordinary tawdry sad average base middling lemon common poorer indifferent hack mean déclassé worse fair second-rate low-grade two-bit second-class low-rent good-for-nothing inferior cheap shoddy miserable junky execrable worthless bum bargain-basement tatty trashy rotten rubbishy trumpery gimcrack cut-rate cheapjack el cheapo schlock schlocky cruddy valueless so-so insignificant run-of-the-mill run-of-the-mine passable run-of-mine medium commonplace outclassed undistinguished bog-standard uninspired uninspiring half-pie no great shakes fair to middling poor unsatisfactory terrible reject sleazy tinpot tinhorn cheesy ropy poxy coarse useless poopy not up to scratch sub-par dime-a-dozen duff not up to par a dime a dozen bush-league below standard not good enough twopenny-halfpenny bodger poor-quality of a sort not up to snuff piss-poor unremarkable unexceptional tolerable workaday vanilla moderate middle-of-the-road plain vanilla pedestrian prosaic everyday nothing to write home about not up to much OK adequate standard forgettable lacklustre lackluster fair-to-middling fairish normal conventional unexciting amateurish amateur usual not so hot humdrum characterless colourless modest dull decent mainstream all right okay intermediate not bad colorless not very good mundane garden-variety unmemorable plain nondescript routine respectable quotidian boring uneventful uninteresting satisfactory bland typical banal cut-and-dry cut-and-dried standard-issue serviceable O.K. good ornery meh common or garden in-between unimportant immaterial enough acceptable homespun unpretentious stale simple of no consequence homely allowable traditional presentable admissible humble stereotyped suburban hackneyed sufficient corny hacky fairly good sufficiently good fine moderately good drab predictable white-bread plastic dreary monotonous garden unnoteworthy trite generic not too bad of poor quality garden variety not much cop fair enough good enough median midway middle mid medial intermediary halfway midmost neutral midsized mediate midsize central middle-sized popular par medium-sized unimpressive tame nothing special no-frills customary regular basic nothing to get excited about middle of the road

Tính từ

Having or displaying malice, evil or vindictiveness
malevolent malicious spiteful vicious malignant hostile nasty mean cruel vindictive evil bitter rancorous unkind malign venomous hateful unfriendly poisonous wicked baleful catty virulent maleficent pernicious malefic bad vengeful despiteful fierce murderous sinister waspish dirty revengeful hellish rough poison murder ill-natured evil-intentioned bad-natured evil-minded backbiting defamatory slanderous caustic menacing acrimonious unpleasant hate-filled scathy hurtful horrid tough ornery cussed vitriolic harsh cutting wounding disagreeable biting sharp antagonistic uncharitable rude inconsiderate churlish acid astringent acerbic snide savage unsympathetic mordant angry splenetic barbed scathing tart abusive aggressive brutal sarcastic bad-tempered ill-tempered foul obnoxious resentful severe callous searing ill-humored acrid surly cantankerous ill-humoured inhospitable belligerent stinging sour trenchant mean-spirited despicable contemptible acidulous acerb vile pungent base mordacious low insensitive razor-edged rotten unfeeling cross beastly furious low-down irascible inhuman tetchy bilious hard testy sardonic uncongenial viperous sulky incisive narky pointed ratty devastating stroppy shirty querulous unfair corrosive snarky scalding satiric acidic satirical brusque critical stern smart-aleck smart-alecky smart-mouthed abrasive horrible threatening shabby piercing uncaring heartless thoughtless hard-hearted withering irritable combative confrontational pugnacious bellicose vituperative coldhearted wrathful inhumane ruthless sadistic cold-blooded barbarous unsociable ill scrappy execrable currish dishonorable detestable ignominious peevish grouchy dishonourable joyless militant grudging crabby wretched fractious grumpy not nice petulant snappish sullen forbidding pitiless louring snappy squint-eyed crotchety curmudgeonly filthy huffy cranky ungenerous annoying low-minded liverish chippy soreheaded peckish moody embittered accidentally on purpose miffy waxy eggy penetrating uncomfortable keen comfortless argumentative sarky blistering envenomed stabbing ill-disposed shrewish spleenful destructive viperish toxicant compassionless merciless upsetting cold-hearted slashing dripping venom uncivil unkindly unamiable offensive sordid paltry ignoble crabbed full of spleen full of gall unchristian hardhearted grating messy grumbling pettish fretful irritating complaining scratchy curt galling touchy cynical choleric discontented dyspeptic crusty harmful dangerous jaundiced whingeing sorehead whingy deadly noxious rubbing the wrong way spiky hard to take gruff short-tempered quick-tempered on a short fuse snaky sharp-tongued on edge unhappy bleak grim grievous hot-tempered injurious short-fused frightening intimidating trying ominous intimidatory minatory baneful nocuous adverse deleterious damaging mischievous prejudicial ruinous detrimental heated bodeful minacious inclement excruciating intemperate oppressive heavy discomforting piqued annoyed aggrieved vexed exasperated indignant displeased irate irked irritated calamitous woeful galled provoked dark outraged austere hardhanded burdensome rugged wild fiery odious loathsome impassioned glowering black enraged scornful belittling violent bristling antipathetic inflammable icy spirited inimical contentious intolerant tempestuous lively lawless antisocial disputatious quarrelsome ugly passionate manic hysterical uneasy taunting gross deplorable scummy

Tính từ

Not desired
unwished-for disagreeable unpleasant unwanted undesirable distasteful unacceptable unpopular displeasing objectionable obnoxious unsought uninvited repellent rejected inadmissible exceptionable excluded unasked undesired blackballed thankless shut out ill-favoured ill-favored excess baggage not in the picture left out in cold unpalatable disappointing unfortunate unlucky bad deplorable regrettable nasty yukky yucky uncongenial unlovely icky rotten unpleasing unsavory harsh lamentable sour bitter wicked distressing upsetting blameworthy ill-advised unwelcome not wanted annoying unwished for too bad reprehensible unsavoury intolerable offensive terrible appalling awful unsolicited unsuitable left out in the cold unasked-for unsatisfactory troublesome horrible unattractive unsummoned uncool inadequate unbidden uncalled unbid uncoveted unexpected not invited not asked not okay unappealing uninviting difficult painful uncomfortable unenviable repugnant unfavorable unfavourable dreadful off-putting insufferable repulsive loathsome disgusting frightful untoward detestable abhorrent revolting hateful obscene foul disliked dreaded vile odious despicable contemptible disastrous beastly loathly horrid sickening noxious disgustful nauseating ghastly nauseous dire ignominious wretched sad pitiful rebarbative for the birds strictly for the birds unlikable loathed abominable inexpedient adverse outcast inconvenient shunned defective useless to be avoided out of place beyond the pale incommodious disadvantageous bothersome scorned detrimental disgraceful shameful

Tính từ

Not liked or popular
unpopular avoided cold-shouldered detested disliked rejected shunned unloved unwanted unwelcome friendless unbefriended uncherished unliked despised hated ignored loathed out of favour spurned unattractive undesirable abhorred creepy disesteemed disfavored drip dumpy execrated gross loser nerdy obnoxious ostracised ostracized out out in the cold scorned sent to Coventry unaccepted unvalued weird wimpy unsought after not sought out uncared for in bad odor in bad odour out of favor not in the swim forsaken outcast uncared-for abandoned in the doghouse in disgrace in the dogbox abhorrent in someone's black books in someone's bad books despicable isolated lonesome forlorn companionless lonely estranged desolate all alone without friends with no one to turn to without a friend in the world blackballed abominated condemned cursed anathematized neglected offensive useless jilted unbeloved loveless superfluous unappreciated withdrawn destitute sad despondent unnecessary unhappy lorn not loved unsocial unneeded without companions by yourself feeling friendless nonessential annoying discarded surplus to requirements de trop alone solitary deserted unattached disgraced alienated lone single by oneself cut off in trouble adrift marooned without ties with no ties all by one's self disregarded refused turned down rebuffed forgotten disdained overlooked unnoticed denied unrecognized unconsidered unrecognised passed over unheeded lovelorn vacant derelict vacated void disused disobeyed unobserved unfollowed unnoted untaken dropped returned unremarked slighted unheard underestimated undervalued not accepted unsung lapsed dismissed decayed evaded omitted depreciated unused deferred deteriorated unkempt tossed aside unwatched postponed cast aside declined uncared affronted

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