Đồng nghĩa của lowest of the low


Miserable or unpleasant
the pits worst abysmal appalling awful deplorable dreadful lousy terrible unspeakable wretched chronic dire extremely bad grotty pants rock-bottom the dumps a load of pants mediocre poor inferior bad substandard second-rate unsatisfactory low-quality low-grade execrable pathetic lamentable pitiful second-class bargain-basement cheap atrocious rubbish useless diabolical paltry worthless sub-par third-rate rubbishy crummy junky trashy below par ropy duff dissatisfactory poxy low-rent two-bit sad not up to snuff unacceptable under par lame unsound miserable average disagreeable junk dismal base imperfect poorer ordinary rotten deficient direful middling indifferent suboptimal subpar contemptible lemon shoddy sorry downmarket pitiable hack tawdry wanting dime-a-dozen inadequate déclassé shabby flawed crude unexceptional schlocky dodgy below standard coarse leaving much to be desired below average good-for-nothing not up to much subnormal pedestrian schlock low-end common cheapie horrible rough bad news not up to scratch godawful raunchy scurrilous tinhorn beastly poor quality disgraceful horrid cheesy disastrous detestable downer icky stinking horrendous cruddy not up to par laughable damnable meager bush-league cut-rate abominable bum grim wack odious el cheapo diddly not good less-than-stellar grody egregious gross irremediable garbage crumby erroneous meagre poor-quality not the best fallacious blah reprehensible sucky stinky indefensible frightful valueless grungy bummer hopeless woeful very bad pits God-awful punk cheapjack shocking sleazy gimcrack trumpery defective faulty abject unpleasant nasty incompetent tatty tenth-rate shameful disappointing tinny insufficient tacky jerry-built inept repulsive bodger not much cop foul feeble mean obscene wrong bush ineffectual off hideous weak no good despicable disgusting revolting vile repugnant loathsome abhorrent hateful bungling offensive sickening careless repellent scandalous obnoxious yucky nauseous dirty ratty grubby scabby scummy scurvy ineffective sour piss-poor hellacious outrageous noisome calamitous ghastly very poor half-pie unable to do something for toffee a dead loss cheap and nasty no great shakes weak sauce strictly for the birds of a sort sneaking amateurish negligent catastrophic grievous uncomfortable twopenny-halfpenny distasteful naff ill slovenly derisory throwaway ropey poorly tricky god-awful well below par cheap-jack brummagem twopenny off-color from hunger craptacular desperate broken inexpert excruciating incapable dilapidated rancid repellant fulsome noxious nauseating ugly evil lacking not up to standard inproficient unable to do something to save one's life unproficient commonplace stupid for the birds unwelcome harmful end-of-the-pier from hell run down flimsy shlocky seedy shlock unsightly gruesome sordid godforsaken down at heel second-best second class regrettable unfortunate impaired amiss heinous accursed cringe-making monstrous horrific confounded cursed


A worthless or contemptible person or group of people
scum vermin garbage louse rabble rat refuse riff-raff toad trash crud cur dirt good-for-nothing scumbag scuzzball trog undesirable despicable people despicable person lowlife rats sleazeball worm beast bleeder blighter boor bounder buzzard cad chuff churl clown creep cretin crumb dirtbag dog fink heel hound jerk joker lout no-good pill reptile rotter schmuck skunk sleaze sleazebag slime slimeball slob snake so-and-so stinkard stinker swine varmint dastard dirty dog dregs of society pond scum rat fink low-life canaille good-for-nothings ragtag and bobtail riffraff rubbish hoi polloi dregs underclass untouchables Z-list proletariat unwashed rabblement rout dross tagrag and bobtail down-and-outs outcasts tramps ragtag deadbeats vagrants undesirables dossers outcast great unwashed loser peasants in the underclass mob scum of the earth mass lowest as common as muck scoundrel knave rogue son of a gun reprobate wretch weasel pig blackguard rascal scrote villain varlet snake in the grass miscreant vagabond spalpeen brute sleeveen dingo nasty piece of work unprincipled person cheat bad lot swindler rapscallion bad egg skank monster fraudster trickster stinkpot wastrel scalawag oaf evildoer baddie baddy meanie meany vulgarian degenerate wrong 'un charlatan ruffian savage mofo criminal mother evil-doer barbarian philistine SOB bumpkin rube ratfink crook rake fiend butthole bum caitiff devil scapegrace heavy scamp liar nazi scallywag idiot bad guy mischief-maker jackass weirdo peasant dork thug yahoo maggot buffoon goon scuzzbag slimebag slimebucket hooligan clodhopper hick incorrigible prick pervert dirtball lummox boob backstabber wrongdoer bear hayseed shyster dip deviant profligate rounder troublemaker delinquent scally kuri sneak bully rowdy misfeasor malfeasant unpleasant person tyrant psychopath sociopath reprehensible person black sheep nasty person sly person bad character dastardly person ne'er-do-well evil person cootie dolt hind twit dipstick traitor serpent betrayer turncoat numskull Judas quisling double-dealer double-crosser swain yokel back-stabber viper informer stupid mucker rustic jake gawk bucolic two-timer rass recreant apostate malefactor sinner offender culprit turd chav clod convict lawbreaker outlaw yob roughneck clodpole hoon loudmouth yobbo brawler trespasser transgressor ape toughie Neanderthal rough lump redneck bogan lubber bosthoon bruiser gorilla cougan poltroon derelict ronion horror bezonian pariah libertine looser beggar jagoff pauper scullion cullion renegade pilgarlic ingrate imp black hat skelm primitive tough scozza oik drunkard hoodlum racketeer loafer pickpocket gaolbird bootlegger jailbird felon bully boy lager lout hard man ratbag animal antagonist sadist demon hood shark monstrosity bogeyman enfant terrible

Trái nghĩa của lowest of the low

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