Đồng nghĩa của ape

Alternative for ape

apes, aped, aping

Đồng nghĩa: anthropoid, aper, caricature, copycat, emulator, imitator,


To imitate (someone or something), especially in an absurd or unthinking way
imitate copy mimic echo parrot mock caricature parody copycat emulate mime mirror affect counterfeit monkey take off ditto do impersonate reproduce simulate travesty send up do an impression of do like go like make like satirize burlesque lampoon spoof satirise repeat ridicule fake make fun of follow feign assume put on sham personate duplicate act like quote replicate clone act reflect play parallel reecho represent pretend reiterate resemble carbon exaggerate Xerox follow the example of knock off pass for embody match reduplicate forge render recite distort phony model oneself on phoney profess dissemble bluff follow suit dupe take after take as a model misrepresent take as an example act out pattern after pirate say again follow in the footsteps of take a leaf out of someone's book recreate masquerade as pose as enact restate approximate regurgitate portray pass oneself off as playact pervert do an impersonation of chant falsify double as manifold deride pretend to be borrow do a take-off recall make believe Photostat stat mimeo model after take as a pattern pattern oneself after fabricate come close to put on an act second redouble follow in footsteps lie repeat mechanically repeat mindlessly trot out cheat take the piss out of repeat back take someone off guy hoke perform pantomime make a monkey out of make a mockery of play on symbolise farce express buffoon symbolize clown phony up mint defraud coin circulate bad money delude make money recapitulate exhibit ring rubber-stamp react rebound vibrate respond recap rehearse reaffirm reprise remake redo adopt iterate ingeminate reconstruct do likewise display style oneself on be like correspond to play a part do an impression try to be like develop malinger be consistent with bring to mind coincide with come near be similar to smack of adopt the style of have earmarks of look like be the very picture of remind one of restamp reawaken recount stereotype reenact photograph perform again type revive engross reprint relive put it on fake it sucker do a number re-echo put up a front of swing the lead shuck and jive play possum make a pretence of mislead show become take on equal rival do again have signs of bear a resemblance to bear resemblance to look a lot like compete with surpass model epitomize personify lay on come to have turn into plagiarize disparage jest sheikh jeer sheik roast joke twist outdo rivalize outvie compete vie with contend with contend challenge rip off pattern oneself on depict typify epitomise incarnate come near to give the appearance of invent disguise pose deceive equivocate concoct lift conjure up feature prevaricate suggest go through the motions of gloss over create steal favour mock up crib favor fence be on a par with model yourself on pattern yourself after be in the same league as be the equal of laugh at take as a role model plagiarise trace photocopy say take the mickey do a takeoff of poke fun at follow example follow in someone's steps behave like purport to be represent oneself as profess to be make a copy of make a replica of take leaf out of book pass off assume character dress as pass yourself off as act a part play a role reel off take the part of dissimulate masquerade play-act posture make out put up a front put on a front front let on make-believe make a show of claim purport contrive devise whitewash kid play at make up put on a false front make as if allege imagine stonewall cloak veil mask conceal hide fool manufacture camouflage construct design image illustrate put on airs four-flush dress up cover up do a bit make out like put up a smoke screen trump up act as if let on like play the part hoax pull strike pretend to have posture as seem to be aspire to profess to have scheme orchestrate lay it on thick assume the role of affect the role of stage scratch copy fraudulently transcribe ham play to the gallery put on a pretense suppose mess aspire jive fish jazz fudge cozen hoodwink beguile signify exemplify glass double correspond daydream fantasize dream excogitate be hypocritical lay claim claim falsely fake out be deceitful assume the role go through the motions suppress obscure give appearance of put on act make show of hatch put on a false display minimize veneer varnish downplay tell untruth drum up think up misstate cook up tell a white lie dream up vamp up vamp create out of thin air fib romance fancy muse sugarcoat airbrush secrete extenuate screen minimise indulge in fantasy fantasise paint draw sketch de-emphasize keep quiet about hush up keep a lid on draw a veil over sweep something under the rug keep dark sweep something under the carpet keep secret be dishonest about soft-pedal attitudinize picture limn disguise as build castles in Spain build castles in the air act as though delineate present make like a disguise yourself pass as assume the character of disguise oneself as pass yourself off fake being mask as shroud figure doublespeak cover pussyfoot evoke character paint a picture of put in words set out paint in words draw a picture of paint a mental picture of be dishonest double-talk hide one's feelings pass off as


(derogatory) A person who is clumsy, stupid or a simpleton
oaf idiot fool imbecile dolt dullard twit doofus dork moron dunce halfwit jackass lump Neanderthal pillock dimwit dummy schmuck yahoo yokel dope dumbbell dumbhead lamebrain meathead nincompoop simpleton brute clot nitwit numbskull baboon bozo buffoon dweeb goon ignoramus putz sap bonehead boor dodo noddy numpty spud bumpkin chump dumbo klutz knucklehead lout nimrod donkey fathead galoot goof hick lamer loon muppet nit wiener birdbrain dill dipstick geek git goofball ninny numskull schlub turkey yobbo airhead blockhead bogan boob clod clunk cretin dingbat dingleberry eejit mug mutt nerd pinhead poop simp thicko barbarian booby boofhead bubblehead chowderhead chucklehead clodhopper clodpole clodpoll clown drongo galah goose mompara ninnyhammer prat stumblebum stupe stupid wally weeny bear charlie cuckoo deadhead dildo dummkopf dunderhead featherhead gawk goofus gorilla jerk loggerhead loser lug lunkhead mome muttonhead natural nong noodle poon saphead schlemiel shlub squarehead thickhead tit tosser woodenhead yob alec berk blunderer bosthoon charley churl coot cuddie cuddy divvy gander gink gobdaw golem gonzo gowk hammerhead hardhead hobbledehoy hulk knobhead lubber lummox lunatic meatball palooka plank plonker prick ratbag schnook stock twerp wazzock balloon beast bruiser chav cluck cougan dip dorba mooncalf nerk nut nutcase nyaff oik ox schlepper scozza skate spoony sumph tomfool twonk witling zombie ding-dong dum-dum half-wit know-nothing lame-brain pea-brain stupid person dim bulb pudding-head yo-yo clumsy idiot ding-a-ling dumb-bell dumb cluck dumb ox wing nut wooden-head hayseed hillbilly peasant rube provincial bogman culchie bucolic country bumpkin rustic countryman cornball chawbacon country cousin ocker countrywoman bushy hind carl son of the soil daughter of the soil hoon village idiot paysan campesino ryot muzhik paisano fellah contadino kulak kern country dweller farmer thug hooligan goat hoodlum ruffian ned rowdy country roughneck hoodie tough bully boy unsophisticated person looby dub countryman/woman swain Hodge villein backblocker cottier booner bevan rural redneck mountaineer country boy countryperson backwoodsperson crofter labourer sharecropper laborer peon planter country-dweller cropper farmworker villager farm hand hired hand contadina bushie joskin backwoods person country person


A rough, bad-mannered, or generally reprehensible person
boor brute creep dork hooligan jerk rascal ruffian schmuck weasel barbarian buffoon clown cretin goon hick joker lout rapscallion rogue scoundrel scum scumbag sleaze slimeball thug cad chav clod dastard degenerate louse miscreant oaf rake reprobate scuzzball skunk sleazebag sleazeball slime slob stinkard swine vagabond varmint vermin weirdo wretch yahoo beast brawler bumpkin buzzard chuff clodhopper clodpole crud dirtbag dog fink hoon knave loudmouth peasant philistine pig rat roughneck rowdy savage scalawag scuzzbag slimebag slimebucket snake toad yob yobbo blackguard bleeder bogan boob bosthoon bruiser charlatan churl cougan dirtball fraudster gorilla heel hound lubber lummox lump Neanderthal pervert redneck reptile rotter rough rube skank stinker toughie trickster varlet villain vulgarian worm bear blighter bounder butthole cheat crumb cur deviant dingo dip hayseed liar mofo monster mother oik pill primitive rounder scozza scrote sleeveen spalpeen stinkpot swindler tough wastrel bully boy lager lout rat fink hard man so-and-so son of a gun bad egg nasty piece of work snake in the grass good-for-nothing bad lot reprehensible person dastardly person sly person unprincipled person animal caveman yokel rustic hillbilly countryman provincial lowlife cornball chawbacon ignoramus backwoodsman backwoodswoman country cousin country boy country girl no-good SOB sadist ogre bum lowbrow wrong 'un farmer vandal hind countrywoman hoodlum devil fiend rural idiot jake cornfed heathen local yokel jackass radge dolt evildoer scamp ratfink scallywag meanie baddie baddy caitiff meany prick nazi scapegrace heavy demon cannibal kuri country bumpkin swain stupid mucker gawk bucolic plebeian cootie maggot Philistine bourgeois materialist traitor serpent betrayer turncoat pleb peckerwood white trash cracker trailer trash good old boy twit dipstick Judas quisling double-dealer double-crosser anti-intellectual unpleasant person back-stabber viper informer riff-raff refuse rabble garbage trash shyster numskull Goth two-timer trog dirt undesirable rass recreant apostate backstabber despicable people rats despicable person troglodyte black sheep ne'er-do-well illiterate bigot ned dirty dog dregs of society bovver boy pond scum lowest of the low wild woman wild man hun crude upstart plowman boot shoe ploughman low-life boot boy ghoul savage person bully parvenu arriviste nouveau riche sloven layabout sluggard slummock slug slacker laggard ragamuffin lurdan tatterdemalion draggletail schlump lardass hog couch potato slattern messy person


(predicative only) Having an unstable state of mind
crazy nuts bonkers bananas barking bats crackers porangi yarra as daft as a brush away with the fairies barking mad non compos mentis nutty as a fruitcake off one's head off one's nut off one's rocker off one's trolley off the wall one sandwich short of a picnic out of one's head round the twist stark mad stark raving mad stark staring mad up the pole with a screw loose around the bend bats in the belfry ding-a-ling mad as a hatter mad as a March hare nutty as fruitcake off the air of unsound mind out of one's mind out of one's tree out to lunch round the bend screw loose a bit lacking upstairs mad insane daft nutty cuckoo loony wacky lunatic daffy dotty crackpot kooky silly dippy looney balmy whacky foolish stupid kookie absurd asinine nonsensical senseless preposterous witless fatuous zany brainless unwise harebrained simpleminded lunkheaded bubbleheaded screwball featherheaded cockeyed inept jerky tomfool fool sappy half-witted half-baked weak-minded batty demented barmy deranged unbalanced mental crazed loco unhinged wacko touched gaga screwy loopy meshuga disturbed psychotic certifiable not all there cracked buggy nutso nutsy raving mad maniacal distraught psycho brainsick maniac moonstruck unsound squirrelly mentally ill unstable not the full shilling whacko bushed cranky bughouse crackbrained fruity haywire meshugge bedlam scatty sectionable slang wud not right upstairs not quite right in the head not right in the head sick in the head ridiculous frenzied raving looney tunes loony tunes distracted idiotic off one's gourd irrational ludicrous psychopathic manic delirious illogical hysterical frantic schizoid not together foaming at the mouth off your head imbecilic moronic eccentric potty sick have a screw loose have bats in the belfry have kangaroos in the top paddock crazy as a loon bathetic clock outlandish unintelligent doolally madcap inane neurotic berserk off beam off the beam gonzo halfwitted incongruous inconsistent flakey flaky troubled off the deep end berko screwed up not of sound mind non compos two sandwiches short of a picnic mixed up have kangaroos in one's top paddock having bats in the belfry have bats in one's belfry deprived of one's wits having a screw loose having kangaroos in the top paddock a bit lacking daft as a brush null wild bizarre odd peculiar weird queer goofy strange unconventional impractical idiosyncratic twisted mentally unbalanced


Being mentally unstable
berserk mad crazy frenzied wild hysterical crazed maniacal raving deranged insane demented rabid manic mental uncontrollable nuts berko frantic hyper nutty amok bananas bonkers barmy bats batty spare barro crackers crook porangi postal beside oneself out of control off the deep end on the rampage through the roof up the wall off the air around the bend off your rocker out to lunch out of one's mind off one's head unbalanced unhinged cuckoo daft wacky screwy psychotic lunatic crackpot wacko psycho loopy kooky daffy cracked gaga loco whacky whacko brainsick cranky bughouse maniac crackbrained moonstruck unsound fruity kookie meshugge haywire balmy certifiable barking bedlam scatty delirious wud slang meshuga touched loony looney tunes loony tunes non compos mentis barking mad flipped out strange eccentric out there flaky gonzo daggy doolally flakey as daft as a brush unstable disturbed sectionable psychopathic irrational unglued dotty looney unsettled disordered off one's gourd one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck raving mad maddened schizzo a few sandwiches short of a picnic round the twist of unsound mind unscrewed distracted not all there distraught mad as a hatter buggy nutsy mentally ill dippy round the bend nutty as a fruitcake nutso squirrelly not the full shilling away with the fairies mad as a March hare stark raving mad off the wall bushed sick in the head up the pole not right in the head not right upstairs not quite right in the head stark staring mad potty foaming at the mouth stark mad schizoid not together off one's rocker idiotic stupid yarra neurotic raging silly foolish violent confused furious schizophrenic paranoid sick have kangaroos in the top paddock bizarre with a screw loose have a screw loose frenetic have bats in the belfry freaked out fatuous crazy as a loon troubled senseless flipped agitated peculiar off one's nut off one's trolley weird erratic panic-stricken preposterous uncontrolled queer feverish overwrought zany unzipped absurd swivel-eyed odd worked up screwball mixed up ridiculous sociopathic screwed up oddball off derailed off-the-wall witless excited fraught out of one's head shook up corybantic simple unwise asinine incoherent half-witted mentally deranged freaky nonsensical schizo psychopathological a bit lacking wrong unreasonable daft as a brush fierce ferocious not in one's right mind unrealistic distrait hectic not of sound mind babbling weirded out angry spazzed out keyed up hot under the collar zonkers in a stew wigged out hot and bothered in a tizzy at wits' end wired hysteric out of one's gourd imbecilic beside yourself have bats in one's belfry have kangaroos in one's top paddock severely mentally ill in a state dull moronic inane brainless outlandish simple-minded dopey thick bedlamite dim-witted feeble-minded slow fried dim dumb ludicrous harebrained kinky diseased pea-brained idiosyncratic goofy fantastic moonstricken featherheaded demoniac aberrant mindless dazed dreamy unconventional impractical overcome off your trolley rampant overexcited distressed illogical desperate soft in the head disarranged fevered unusual half-baked passionate in the ozone anxious touched in the head obsessed devastated in a daze hare-brained worried manic-depressive flipped-out in another world intense in a panic in a frenzy out of your mind out of one's tree non compos having bats in the belfry deprived of one's wits very upset over the edge at the end of your tether having a screw loose out of one's skull having kangaroos in the top paddock dysfunctional paranoiac paranoic psychoneurotic baked dingy psyched out schitzy gibbering ranting phrenetic off the chain nobody home unsafe invalid irresponsible few X short of a Y bemused dull-witted slow-witted cretinous dunce-like demonic demoniacal yampy empty-headed vacuous vapid pixilated fanatic flighty off your chump off the rails chaotic simpleminded bovine dozy pig-ignorant birdbrained bubbleheaded lunkheaded madding cockeyed disorganized panicky offbeat boneheaded chuckleheaded dunderheaded wooden-headed lamebrained fat-headed brain-dead muttonheaded as mad as a hatter severely mentally disordered jerky two sandwiches short of a picnic tomfool sappy doltish panic-struck not right inept not in your right mind topsy-turvy fool off one's chump way-out madcap quirky unintelligent high out of one's box busy up as mad as a March hare faulty tangled shambolic surreal one sandwich short of a picnic thickheaded dense overwhelmed far-out funny uptight pretentious senile gormless slow on the uptake thick as two short planks giddy not quite right nonfunctional wonky broken fuddled amusing unpredictable clownish freakish comic struck overawed affected stunned incredulous laughable braindead twisted risible unorthodox Bohemian far out in a flap last-minute at your wits' end wound up in a cold sweat having kittens in a flat spin in a tizz het up disorganised orderless amiss defective messy weak-minded dead from the neck up backward imbecile outré off-centre rum remarkable funky spaced-out queerish quaint off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way curious bizarro not functioning properly out of order overpowered turned out hopped up out of commission out of whack on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout delusional mentally unbalanced acting crazy way out destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself hot hallucinating restless light-headed rambling wandering lightheaded deviant bewildered hallucinatory deviate outrageous emotional unrestrained bewildering mystifying extraordinary baffling puzzling farcical unthinkable shocking implausible unbelievable unrestrainable fanatical extreme upset shattered worked-up fervent rattled verklempt perturbed harassed pained tormented concerned thrown discomposed wrought-up nonplussed bothered addled flustered muddled convulsive irrepressible fiery impetuous impassioned turbulent vehement driven to distraction incensed fuming unnerved possessed nervous blazing tempestuous spasmodic seething intolerant uncompromising extremist bigoted like a chicken with its head cut off over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard carried away out of one's wits in a fit biased prejudiced one-sided zealous partisan illiberal gung-ho infuriated intemperate narrow-minded perfervid dedicated overboard infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist enthusiastic ardent sizzling bitten unwell militant virulent ill keen

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