Đồng nghĩa của ruffian

Alternative for ruffian


Đồng nghĩa: brute, bully, cad, hoodlum, rogue, rowdy, tough,

Danh từ

A scoundrel, rascal, or unprincipled, deceitful, brutal and unreliable person
hoodlum hooligan roughneck rowdy thug villain bruiser bully rascal scoundrel brute casual goon heavy hood lout miscreant punk rogue rough troublemaker vandal tough wretch delinquent gangbanger gangsta gangster gorilla hoodie keelie mobster mug toughie toughy tsotsi yardie bogan chav cougan criminal hoon larrikin myrmidon ned rioter roughie scamp scozza yahoo yob yobbo bully boy lager lout plug-ugly tough guy boot boy bovver boy wrong 'un tearaway gunman hitman desperado brawler yobo boor radge lawbreaker crook assassin murderer racketeer Yardie terrorist bandit gang member savage oaf beast philistine mugger clod vulgarian wild man barbarian killer mafioso clodhopper robber Mafioso charva yakuza outlaw hard man juvenile delinquent cut-throat hatchet man hired gun member of a criminal gang member of the family member of the Mafia tearabout bravo fighter terror hellion yokel heavyweight tough person strong-arm assailant attacker muscleman kook oddball weirdo woodwose hitwoman godfather defacer gunwoman wiseguy bodyguard rebel lubber gawk bouncer brigand bumpkin bear lug reprobate recreant dealer pusher hit woman hit man palooka churl Neanderthal dolt hulk lummox lump hired killer professional killer pirate ravager thief despoiler destroyer pillager ruiner trespasser plunderer wrecker looter mischief-maker juvie ocker offender wrongdoer hit person clumsy idiot wise guy JD young criminal punk kid first offender youthful offender ignoramus graffiti artist troglodyte bigot illiterate young offender heathen monster sadist ogre swine lowbrow oik wild woman hun crude cannibal savage person

Danh từ

A despicable or contemptible person
wretch scoundrel rascal rogue villain rat reprobate swine good-for-nothing miscreant hound scumbag blackguard cad creep criminal delinquent dog heel jerk knave louse lowlife rotter snake worm outcast pig rapscallion skunk toad varlet weasel cur profligate scrote sleeveen spalpeen stinker turd vagabond varmint baddie baddy beast blighter bounder brute caitiff devil evildoer fiend heavy meanie meany monster nazi no-good savage scalawag scallywag scamp scapegrace bad egg bad lot dastard mother rat fink wastrel beggar bezonian bum cullion derelict horror imp ingrate jagoff liar libertine looser pariah pauper pilgarlic poltroon rake renegade ronion scullion scum snake in the grass nasty piece of work wrong 'un thug hooligan wrongdoer crook sinner felon offender rowdy lout hoodlum malefactor lawbreaker outlaw evil-doer malfeasant jailbird culprit convict gaolbird barbarian transgressor swindler trickster mischief-maker cheat bully misfeasor black hat hood monkey black sheep scally fraud troublemaker sneak hellion shyster degenerate charlatan racketeer sadist trespasser con crim animal demon hoon tyke robber cheater fraudster yahoo urchin gangster ogre desperado boor mischief shark yob joker yobbo infractor skelm vandal bad guy unprincipled person enfant terrible perisher thief bandit mugger incorrigible cretin terrorist roughneck antagonist slimeball schmuck maggot vermin sleazebag dirtbag oaf sleaze slime sleazeball loafer stinkard scuzzball fink gunman bogan cougan scozza prankster nointer buffoon recreant tough pest nuisance bear chav pretender perp puck rounder violater prisoner hellhound violator tearaway mobster blackmailer scofflaw fugitive bully boy ne'er-do-well juvenile delinquent fallen angel young offender guilty party black marketeer son of a gun whippersnapper pickpocket bootlegger drunkard holy terror terror ratbag disgrace radge ghoul pickle rip ratfink juvie cannibal tramp jester opportunist cardsharp tease mischievous person prodigal hypocrite idler grafter git monstrosity bogeyman wild man hoodie punk unpleasant person pond scum dirty dog despicable person JD tyrant supervillain brigand psychopath sociopath pirate mischiefmaker antihero nasty evil person perpetrator nasty person bad character conman burglar minx pixie cutup wag jokester booger mean person cruel person bad news scammer bioterrorist rapist shoplifter housebreaker rorter hoaxer limb of Satan bad boy little rascal hell-raiser practical joker fun-maker little devil life of the party little monkey hustler exploiter lag scamster phoney yardbird cyberterrorist grifter suspect embezzler mug defrauder narcoterrorist finagler agroterrorist quack tief bilker ecoterrorist filcher peculator marauder pilferer lifer deadbeat lighty drifter yegg yakuza purloiner trusty muscle transport immoralist chiseller holdupper cracksman phony defalcator con man con artist bad actor guilty person confidence trickster smooth operator wanted criminal confidence artist tea leaf person responsible old lag confidence man slippery eel ex-con rogue trader bunco artist flimflam man armed robber dork goon hick clown slob weirdo clod buzzard bumpkin clodhopper chuff clodpole slimebag peasant loudmouth philistine scuzzbag crud brawler slimebucket pervert Neanderthal lump redneck reptile gorilla rube skank ape toughie lummox rough boob lubber bosthoon bleeder churl dirtball vulgarian bruiser crumb dip butthole hayseed pill stinkpot oik mofo primitive dingo deviant lager lout dastardly person hard man sly person so-and-so reprehensible person

Tính từ

Inconsistent with established standards of good form or taste
unseemly improper inappropriate indecorous unbecoming unsuitable disreputable indelicate unbefitting undignified unrefined indiscreet out of place unfitting unworthy amiss coarse discreditable graceless ill-advised impolite inapposite inapt incongruous incorrect inept infelicitous malapropos perverse tasteless unapt unfit ungentlemanly unhappy unladylike untoward wrong cheap crass crude indecent inelegant in poor taste malodorous out of keeping poor raffish rough rowdy rude shameful tawdry uncouth ungodly vulgar in bad taste out of the way inopportune unsuited untimely inexpedient unacceptable unseasonable ill-suited unfortunate ill-timed awkward undue inadvisable tactless injudicious incompatible regrettable undesirable ill-considered ill-judged inapplicable unfavorable misplaced inconvenient immodest unwarranted unfavourable disadvantageous inauspicious unpropitious discordant troublesome adverse out of order irregular imprudent ineligible inharmonious uncalled-for lacking in propriety offensive dishonourable objectionable unprofessional misguided unlucky disgraceful bad form irrelevant detrimental uncomely shameless unfitted erroneous discrepant bad inaccurate dishonorable inadmissible odd scandalous ill-fitted degrading immoral discommodious ignoble at odds calamitous ill-chosen impolitic ominous clumsy gauche destructive negative unpromising threatening false inconsistent disproportionate damaging abnormal preposterous ludicrous forward bold beyond the pale out of character inadequate opposed ill brazen out-of-place out-of-season off-base ill-adapted unsuitable for inappropriate to shocking fresh cheeky disagreeable demeaning outrageous debasing cheapening not good enough unceremonious shaming ignominious belittling lowering mortifying prejudicial unmannerly wrong-headed naughty humiliating inglorious inconducive contradictory counter harmful base maladroit premature unqualified harsh wretched illogical early incautious faulty hasty rotten confused low unfair extraneous flawed disparaging absurd out of line astray unworthy of erring gloomy insensitive inapropos dissonant jarring clashing awry adrift mistimed unhelpful foul contrary crooked unsatisfactory very bad intrusive haywire bothersome not proper not suitable not designed ineligible for inadequate for unfitted for difficult not designed for ill-adapted to not up to scratch unequipped for unprepared for unsuited to ill-suited to uncomplimentary impudent unblushing infra dig improprietous unequipped uncalled for saucy out-of-the-way unconventional suggestive sorry abject loose unvirtuous wanton ill-bred unhandsome tacky salacious unlovely beneath you lacking dignity risqué smutty unwholesome distasteful disappointing unwelcome funny off-balance boorish churlish ill-mannered discourteous untactful impertinent immaterial not done uncivil off-colour hostile illegitimate dishonest corrupt unethical irrelative unprepared stupid incompetent dull slow beneath your dignity inimical unscrupulous deplorable dreadful inexpert unmatched dissident interfering senseless disparate unreasonable irrational unhandy jejune undexterous insipid banal inexperienced unfacile flat inadept unmeet unproficient not up to snuff not qualified not cricket against the rules incommodious not pertinent not germane defective ridiculous meaningless pointless misjudged unprofitable discommoding unorthodox unfriendly tardy unadvantageous late antagonistic trying testing tough disastrous challenging prohibitive inconsonant off badly timed mistaken mismatched imperfect disobliging disobedient delinquent ornery unhealthy rebellious miscreant thrawn wayward aberrant uncontrollable obstructive fractious mean fallacious inefficient uncool useless ineffective off beam up not as it should be not right left-field ill-matched foot-in-mouth way off sick unlawful not equal to no good not good enough for contemptible out of its element glitched up undeserving beneath reprehensible inexcusable despicable conflicting precocious unforgivable unfitting to recreant valueless nothing blamable improper to unmerited no-good good-for-nothing pitiful vile no-account worthless disconsonant strange irreconcilable bizarre advance too early early on anachronistic out-of-date too late soon a bit previous before time overearly too soon early bird bright and early previous oversoon abortive off-key incoherent unbecoming to paradoxical ironic unrelated shifting unpredictable distorted jumbled rambling unconnected fantastic not in harmony divergent uncoordinated unbalanced lopsided unavailing uneven in opposition alien foreign incongruitous unintelligible twisted incongruent fitful unwise rash foolish not deserving not worth out of place with out of character with not fit sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water short-sighted reckless thoughtless foolhardy overhasty ill-conceived ill-thought-out hare-brained unthinking undiplomatic crazy brash silly asinine crackpot careless badly planned irresponsible hotheaded risky daft crackbrained madcap inconsiderate half-baked cock-eyed off the top of one's head

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