Đồng nghĩa của conflicting

Alternative for conflicting

conflicts, conflicted, conflicting

Đồng nghĩa: battle, clash, contest, differ, disagree, fight, oppose, opposition, struggle,

Tính từ

In conflict
clashing discordant incompatible inconsistent contradictory contrary disagreeing discrepant incongruous opposed opposing irreconcilable opposite adverse antithetical at odds contrasting different differing divergent inconsonant inharmonious paradoxical repugnant varying antagonistic antipathetic at variance contrariant disconsonant dissonant incongruent oppugnant unfavorable unfavourable unmixable mutually exclusive in opposition at odds with dissimilar disparate counter mismatched polar antipodal unalike poles apart converse diverse reverse quarreling distinct unlike diametric quarrelling in conflict unrelated contrastive unequal diametrical in disagreement variant hostile dissenting antipodean separate deviating at loggerheads nonidentical ill-matched unharmonious irregular antithetic non-identical distinctive distant warring out of keeping rival contrasted incomparable unsimilar enemy inimical distinguishable diametrically opposed disputing competing unsuitable oppositional out of step out of sync jarring fighting independent unconnected incoherent uncongenial not in keeping dissentient alternate anti disharmonious disproportionate alternative battling combating unsuited antonymous out of line other protesting allergic ill-assorted not the same at sixes and sevens inverse uneven obverse frictional acrimonious cross unfriendly diverging incompatible with conflicting with various combatant inconstant inconformable repelling against feuding streets apart arguing anomalous contrary to opposed to foreign dissident self-contradictory heterogeneous factious particular in conflict with discrete unassociated discriminable reluctant offbeat otherwise facing controverting disputed crossing defending restrictive exposing denying confronting defensive objecting obstructive gainsaying differentiable another incommensurable differential at variance with distinguishing wrangling adversarial up against at cross-purposes estranged like night and day like chalk and cheese oppugnant to repugnant to locking horns at cross purposes at outs at war at each other's throats on the outs disputatious nonmatching inappropriate bickering squabbling incommensurate disjoint antipathic hateful irresoluble uncoordinated exclusive ill suited mutually incompatible bipolar respective omnifarious indiscriminate mixed diversified unique misallied one-sided inequitable asymmetric off-balance lopsided unjust unreconcilable especial express individual polar opposite varied manifold eclectic out of place sundry motley contrarient averse against the grain counterbalancing extreme antitypical altered single untypical atypical unnatural off-key factional oppositive dichotomous contrarious unadapted as like as chalk and cheese unmistakable contradistinctive contradistinct in contention on a sour note nothing like not alike reversed contrapositive violative ambiguous nullifying ornery con negating contradictive counteractive agin contending whale of difference flip-side irreconcilable with differing from different to disagreeing with alien no go corrival antagonistic to adverse to unacceptable to unusual for antithetical to in disagreement with in opposition to discrepant with discordant with incongruous with not so not as such other than supposed hostile to foreign to inimical to emulating competitive vying cutthroat contesting in competition challenging emulous equal striving heretical heterodox nonconformist alien to changeable unorthodox diametrically opposed to disconsonant with inconsonant with not in accord with unpredictable unstable variable unconventional erratic capricious fickle iconoclastic out of step with out of place with not in keeping with not in harmony with out of keeping with unsteady fluctuating maverick resentful tense bitter uneasy mercurial unsettled nonorthodox heretic changing volatile like cat and dog at daggers drawn negative whimsical changeful unreliable flighty fluid flickery temperamental ever-changing undependable uncertain mutable protean chameleonic skittish chameleon-like belligerent aggressive vagarious fluctuant labile shifting lubricious illogical angry combative militant unsympathetic out-there up and down bellicose confrontational resistant contentious spiteful blowing hot and cold inhospitable wrathful disapproving vitriolic jaundiced virulent unwilling adversative accusatorial quarrelsome difficult unsociable argumentative truculent unreceptive pugnacious oppugning ill-disposed

Tính từ

Not in harmony or keeping with the surroundings or other aspects of something
incongruous inappropriate unsuitable absurd contradictory discordant unsuited contrary extraneous improper wrong unbecoming bizarre clashing disconsonant dissonant inapt incompatible inconsistent irreconcilable jarring odd out of place strange amiss graceless inapposite incoherent incorrect indecorous inept infelicitous malapropos off-key perverse unapt unfit unhappy unseemly untoward at odds ironic out of keeping paradoxical alien distorted divergent fantastic fitful foreign illogical inapropos incongruent incongruitous in opposition irregular jumbled lopsided not in harmony rambling shifting twisted unavailing unbalanced unconnected uncoordinated uneven unintelligible unpredictable unrelated standing out a mile sticking out a mile like a fish out of water disparate different discrepant mismatched differing unmixable inconsonant anomalous at variance diverse varying disagreeing dissimilar dissentient unmatched sour note non-matching improbable puzzling impossible baffling confounding ambiguous confusing oxymoronic riddling self-contradictory enigmatic bewildering oracular incomprehensible inexplicable equivocal irrational confused rotten erring misplaced meaningless pointless ridiculous out-of-the-way wrong-headed unreasonable unorthodox disobliging disobedient miscreant uncontrollable ornery thrawn troublesome wayward aberrant obstructive delinquent unhealthy fractious rebellious unhelpful mean disjointed faulty defective disconnected awry mistaken false bad imperfect unsatisfactory flawed inaccurate astray adrift ill-thought-out erroneous fallacious sick foul crooked unlawful haywire unfair out of order glitched up uncomfortable uneasy ill at ease out of one's element

Tính từ

Simultaneously experiencing or expressing opposing or contradictory feelings, beliefs, or motivations
ambivalent equivocal contradictory doubtful fluctuating inconclusive irresolute mixed uncertain undecided unresolved unsure vacillating wavering hesitating torn clashing conflicted confused debatable equivocating hazy hesitant indecisive muddled opposed opposing vague warring iffy in two minds unclear in a dilemma in a quandary on the fence blowing hot and cold on the horns of a dilemma indeterminate indefinite open ambiguous confusing unsettled borderline paradoxical double-edged settling nothing proving nothing up in the air two-edged tentative dithering shilly-shallying dubious uncommitted in doubt waffling of two minds divided undetermined faltering teetering sceptical unconvinced skeptical noncommittal suspicious distrustful wishy-washy not sure mistrustful oscillating sitting on the fence hemming and hawing split hinky trustless halting doubting betwixt and between running hot and cold fickle leery on-the-fence controversial floating cautious disputable nervous disputed moot infirm dilly-dallying lacking confidence vexed diffident vacillant neutral perplexed contentious weak volatile changeable unstable pussyfooting agnostic faithless open to question humming and hawing weak-minded hedging your bets in the middle weak-kneed like doubting Thomas hot and cold hot-and-cold without belief wobbling shillyshallying inconstant swithering unfinished pendent uneventful astraddle unsteady impartial not definite changing halfhearted shaky fearful wobbly fluctuant insecure non-committal full of doubt argumentative disputatious polemical polemic unconfident unable to decide touch and go reluctant scrappy hot-button contended quarrelsome mixed emotions mixed feelings half-hearted marginal controvertible delaying stalling shy provocative critical havering timid hanging back chary wary circumspect apprehensive careful uneasy cunctatory having misgivings having qualms open to debate unclassifiable slow unwilling afraid uneager unpredictable dawdling averse lazy backward unbelieving cynical questioning incredulous disbelieving problematic arguable questionable peripheral frontier bordering cagey lacking trust dodgy inexact dubitable open to doubt lacking faith have misgivings have reservations

Tính từ

jarring grating harsh discordant unpleasant clashing incongruous offensive strident annoying contrasting dissonant grinding inappropriate incompatible inharmonious irritating shrill cacophonous disagreeable grotesque jangling rasping raucous scraping squeaky unaesthetic unsuitable displeasing irksome vexatious loud unbearable uncharacteristic unharmonious upsetting out of place unmusical unmelodious screeching rough sharp noisy tumultuous piercing tuneless ear-piercing blaring squawky boisterous unvocal unmelodic off-key hoarse jangly turbulent absonant gruff stridulent ear-splitting riotous brassy metallic squawking stridulous clamorous wild rugged disagreeing furious penetrating horrisonant blustering screechy buffeting disharmonious blatant inharmonic maddening husky tinny coarse clangorous clanging strong tempestuous forceful stridulant scratchy violent uncongenial dry fierce raging choppy agitated stertorous inconsonant inconsistent repugnant discrepant braying atonal stormy blustery squally creaking roily acute deafening disharmonic ill suited roiled mismatched earsplitting mutually exclusive inclement dirty heavy ugly flat scratching stentorian plinky jingling jingly abrasive rabid ferocious stridulatory stentorious cacophonic guttural high-pitched booming thunderous explosive convulsive bell-like resounding ringing resonant croaking raspy infuriating persuasive vocal vociferant baying vociferous obstreperous high out of keeping rowdy exasperating rankling galling paroxysmal volcanic forcible nonmatching croaky out of tune immusical ill-sounding clinking sour lively niggling tiresome aggravating troublesome growling growly shrieking piping caterwauling astringent tough lacking harmony at variance at odds glaring glary out-of-tune out-of-key harsh sounding treble shattering air-rending intrusive squeaking whistling blinding intense dazzling insensitive vexing harsh-sounding knockabout antipathetic contradictory ill-matched rough-and-tumble argute thin irreconcilable bad unlovely unwelcome unpleasing nasty disturbing restless swirling disturbed storming roaring stormful

Tính từ


Tính từ

Not friendly
unfriendly hostile antagonistic cold disagreeable chilly sour surly aloof distant inimical unsympathetic cool frosty inhospitable misanthropic uncongenial unsociable aggressive antisocial frigid ill-natured unamicable unneighbourly unpleasant unaffable unkind unsocial unwelcoming quarrelsome reserved stand-offish unapproachable withdrawn disdainful haughty impersonal indifferent nasty severe stern stiff supercilious uncommunicative unforthcoming adversarial adversary antipathetic antiseptic arctic brittle chill clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed coldish discourteous frozen gelid glacial hard-eyed icy impolite jaundiced menacing mortal negative obnoxious rude uncivil uncordial ungracious unmannerly wintery wintry cross ill-disposed Olympian starchy acrimonious against censorious combative competitive contrary disaffected estranged grouchy grudging gruff hateful malicious malignant opposed opposite spiteful uncharitable unneighborly unpromising vengeful warlike not on speaking terms remote standoffish detached unresponsive offish unbending asocial formal unclubbable standoff unemotional dry forbidding solitary reticent buttoned-up undemonstrative austere dispassionate unfeeling reclusive unenthusiastic emotionless taciturn unconcerned passionless stony opposing restrained introverted lukewarm wooden averse uninterested anti retiring guarded secretive incurious hard apathetic offhand uncompanionable uppity silent cold-hearted stuffy shy quiet private down on unamiable unloving unfavourable uninvolved off unfavorable introvert close diffident eremitic self-contained constrained annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent agin conventional laconic snobbish media-shy closemouthed cold as ice close-mouthed tight-lipped at odds retired set against malevolent dead set against off-putting cynical unreceptive uncooperative steely repellent fierce abstracted phlegmatic affectless suspicious preoccupied inapproachable confrontational distrustful proud inaccessible snooty impassive disobliging ungregarious incompatible short demure uptight hesitant ceremonious laid back self-restrained allergic cautious stuck-up stuck up rigid resistant prim inflexible putting on airs backward dumb muted reluctant strait-laced keeping people at arm's length eremetic stilted at variance oppugnant at odds with dissenting from in disagreement with at variance with on the warpath unsavoury harsh objectionable unattractive ungenial malign avoidant ungenerous unlikeable tough grim half-hearted tepid introspective discouraging stolid xenophobic unhappy depressing unmoved unaffectionate contained contemptuous withering seclusive iced abhorrent mean heartless bad-tempered mopey mopish unenthused brusque flinty sober cheerless superior unsmiling passive nongregarious brooding scowling spiritless ill-tempered unsavory callous hardhearted stoic numb stoical impassible lifeless stony-hearted casual removed disinterested alienated insensitive lofty cold-shoulder belligerent discreet adverse laid-back contentious ascetic hermitlike oppositional independent hard-hearted thick-skinned hard-boiled on ice adversative accusatorial argumentative isolated cold fish lone wolf insular loveless hermitic hermit-like hermitical acting in opposition unrevealing unwilling to mix with other people pompous ungainly sceptical unaccommodating non-communicative self-sufficient all alone staid exact precise mute unhelpful correct proper untalkative tongue-tied unconversational secret mum loath unwilling disinclined inhumane pessimistic affected starched uncompromising unamenable obstructive speechless tight-mouthed wordless curt dark clamlike seemly official serious mumchance unreasonable difficult unobliging selfish hating egoistic sarcastic sardonic egotistical narrow-minded misanthropical polite evasive mom hush-hush modest indisposed straight arrow by the numbers stiff-necked at a loss for words businesslike skeptical inhibited timid shrinking self-effacing on the QT dried up buttoned up clammed up unyielding uneager perverse fromward afraid disliking unsentimental mild soft-spoken peaceful sedate composed placid bashful gentle serene noncommittal collected insociable arrogant neutral matter-of-fact self-controlled hostile to antagonistic to resistant to antipathetic to ill-disposed to opposed to cussed incongruous clashing bureaucratic clinical inhuman mean-looking having no use for unfavourably disposed to put on airs bloody-minded discordant featureless uncolored strictly business straight impartial depersonalised faceless candid cold turkey unpassioned colorless careful soulless depersonalized gray colourless grey equal measured nondiscriminatory abstract anonymous poker-faced monolithic antithetical different dissimilar disparate variant polar inconsistent inharmonious contradictory dissonant irreconcilable discrepant mutually exclusive irresoluble poles apart diametrically opposed coy unassertive unassuming sheepish humble meek timorous recessive controlled calm self-conscious embarrassed unconfident insecure close-lipped apprehensive unexpressive wary mousy moderate unpretentious nervous temperate unobtrusive conservative tightlipped sententious incommunicable blushing incommunicative fearful sparing uncommunicable chary down-to-earth cagey considerate hushed thoughtful circumspect unpresuming prudent repressed unassured inarticulate unspeaking cool, calm and collected judicious unruffled unflappable chaste unexcitable nice prudish aw-shucks decorous subdued imperturbable simple reasonable zipped uneasy voiceless abashed dour steady lowly tactful skittish shamefaced self-possessed tentative priggish unostentatious withdrawing sensible politic dried-up uncurious level-headed unaffected nonchalant square pure alert heedful rabbity rational gingerly safe deadpan tranquil virginal virtuous watchful vigilant decent attentive calculating flat balanced dummied up unsure disciplined playing your cards close to your chest in check unimpassioned mannered not talkative inward-looking faint-hearted strained lost for words awkward cloistered maidenly diplomatic soft enigmatic unpretending deep recluse coquettish under control still uncomfortable kittenish inconspicuous prissy secluded unboastful courteous anchoritic eremitical mim insensible puritanical niminy-piminy fogeyish leery overmodest lone old-fashioned equable plain solemn insouciant spacey dumbstruck of few words dumbfounded untroubled expressionless toneless hollow dead blank bland vacant objective bottled up ill at ease hardened strict unexpansive spaced-out prim and proper pococurante out of it discriminating observant precautious nowhere immovable nonemotional self-centred fuddy-duddy with reservations stick-in-the-mud easy even self-centered warm nonvocal struck dumb on the lookout with eyes peeled of the old school levelheaded soundless saying nothing not saying boo unable to get a word out stony-eyed unexcessive bereft of speech not given to excesses unextreme unnatural forced costive sullen frustrated deliberate tamed restricted limited vestal unsullied undefiled contrived laboured artificial girlish doubtful socially inhibited camera-shy arch flirtatious retreated aseptic kind punctilious sequestered genuine natural hung up immaculate intact self-doubting uncertain stodgy docile ashamed ingenuous ordinary artless unambitious apologetic respectful indrawn low-pitched low muffled hushful low-keyed simpering outside dubious blenching flinching unpoised low-key unaggressive contemplative self-interested pensive self-absorbed unnoticeable low-profile labored not forward monastic cowering weak-kneed trembling quaking cool-headed hard-headed not forthcoming complacent perfunctory unimposing ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed unagitated uninquiring zipped one's lips have tight chops lacking courage easily frightened unimpressionable unfazed inscrutable secluse hermetic cryptic keeping a low profile hesitating wavering ladylike respectable unprejudiced uncommitted unbiased wise strategic obdurate inexpressive listless coldhearted marble uncompassionate blah undercover backstairs covert sly furtive feline mysterious self-deprecating free from vanity hiding your light under a bushel wouldn't say boo to a goose innocent pokerfaced wimpish mousey yellow gutless tremulous chicken fainthearted scary fearsome yellow-bellied sissy trepidatious resigned intelligent judgmatical judgmatic discerning stable tolerant regular silentious unheard unimpressible insusceptible goody-goody old-maidish buttoning up clamming up hidden mum's the word tight chops zipping one's lips buttoning one's lip shut away shocked sagacious softly-softly kid-glove delicate lenient abstinent peaceable in private in chambers in privacy straight-faced indurated inexcitable astounded under wraps inobtrusive nonaggressive corked up in charge chilled on a leash in control of yourself closed up earnest aghast dazed thunderstruck amazed awake civil worldly-wise faint cowardly shuddering recreant poor-spirited frightened scared considered not excessive compromising in the background in the dark lonely alone dependable settled reliable sober-minded benign even-tempered sobersided gobsmacked flabbergasted companionless shell-shocked along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches on lookout having foresight not rash dumbstricken obmutescent mature anxious troubled friendless unaccompanied knocked for six cool as cucumber astonished aphonic hit for six like a clam poised responsible sound carefree secure restless tense discomposed edgy unsettled unperturbed blithe lonesome good full of common sense well balanced calculable serious-minded unswerving having both feet on the ground medium comfortable checked regulated constant curbed mindful provident aware relaxed perturbed unrelaxed bothered nervy jittery antsy suspecting scrupulous shrewd forethoughtful special one-off sole unique singular one only unworried deadly musty conformist unquiet discomforted disquieted discomfited devil-may-care happy-go-lucky humourless fusty by itself keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells thinking twice hedging your bets keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves belt-and-braces watching one's step watching out walking on eggs on your toes taking it slow playing safe on the qui vive on guard on the watch unanxious old-fogeyish genteel narrow magisterial fetid straitlaced important self-important hot bloated humorless puffy foetid Victorian smug smoky smelly careless lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome oblivious debonair doubting unattended forsaken sui generis out-of-the-way particular deserted lacking social skills by oneself on edge stag separate lorn on its own verecund blushful recoiling nonplussed unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless inattentive lackadaisical blind supine deaf without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss heedless undisturbed negligent undaunted easily embarrassed non-committal as dry as dust vague overcareful canny overcautious

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