Đồng nghĩa của astray

Alternative for astray

Đồng nghĩa: wide,

Tính từ

Having lost one's direction
disoriented adrift at sea bewildered confused lost perplexed thrown unhinged unsettled unstable at a loss discombobulated unbalanced all at sea mixed-up not adjusted off-beam off-course out-of-joint off-track disorientated going round in circles strayed stray having lost one's bearings having lost one's way off the right track roaming roving lost one's bearing going in circles out off course nonplussed wildered mazed in a state of confusion not knowing whether one is coming or going mixed up all over the place in a muddle befuddled dazed muddled confounded puzzled baffled stupefied bemused bushed addled stumped stunned bamboozled distracted fuddled flummoxed disconcerted dizzy mystified muddleheaded dopey addlepated dopy bedeviled befogged flustered shell-shocked thrown off balance at sixes and sevens bedevilled dumbfounded astonished astounded shaken floored fazed taken aback silly muzzy pixillated slaphappy pixilated spacey punchy zonked-out spaced-out punch-drunk spacy zonked fogged discomposed discomfited unnerved troubled clueless surprised shaken up absent-minded addle spaced raddled rattled out to lunch not with it demented unglued deranged dumbstruck flabbergasted startled staggered speechless foxed vexed shocked beaten gone uncertain muddle-headed spaced out shook up fouled up bowled over in a dither dismayed embarrassed hard-pressed discountenanced woolly woozy foolish disturbed upset hard put frustrated slap-happy shook wooly addlebrained dazzled agog aghast awed agape maladjusted distraught giddy thunderstruck gaga hazy dumb come apart disorganised disorganized out of it balled up confusional off-balance awe-struck off balance overwhelmed amazed blown away had their heads messed with uncomprehending besotted confusticated got caused to be at a stand gravelled beat graveled buffaloed thrown off made to scratch their head preoccupied engrossed fuzzy directionless aimless drifting purposeless rootless goalless off track wandering floating without purpose without goal at loose ends in limbo at a loose end without direction delirious irrational unsound senile psychotic crazy whacko with Alzheimer's disease glassy-eyed shot to pieces screwy unscrewed addle-brained not knowing if one is coming or going

Tính từ

Acting or judging in error
wrong incorrect inaccurate mistaken erroneous unsound inexact faulty invalid counterfactual fallacious false illogical imprecise phony phoney sophistical unfounded untrue untruthful erratic misleading bogus dicey dodgy erring flawed iffy fluffed off askew goofed in error miscalculated misconstrued misfigured misguided mishandled off beam off-target specious spurious ungrounded way out wide not accurate not exact off base off target without foundation at fault full of holes not precise not working way off beam wide of the mark out of commission out of line on the wrong track out weak defective unreliable irrational awry groundless untenable unreasonable implausible unreasoning nonrational sophistic inconsequential unsubstantiated amiss illegitimate inconsequent mad unsupported off-beam absurd preposterous distorted baseless foolish ill-founded flimsy falsified unreasoned shaky fallible misinformed off course reasonless unjustifiable way off abroad unconvincing senseless unjustified silly stupid unscientific deceptive imperfect inconsistent questionable dubious tenuous off-base suspect hollow contradictory adrift incongruous arbitrary all wet off track incoherent made up flakey unstable flaky nonsensical off the mark ludicrous idiotic crazy ridiculous fictitious insane nutty wacky daft unwarranted foundationless wild fabricated inadequate unsustainable doubtful impaired bad without basis barmy casuistic chancy rocky disreputable risky unsubstantial way off-beam undependable uncertain perverse in the wrong off the wall pseudo sham off the right track open to question open to doubt labouring under a misapprehension indefinite cold unfitting improper errant insupportable unwarrantable nonvalid wrongly inferred wanting getting cold wrong-headed illegal delusory delusive truthless illusory inexcusable unforgivable invented unpardonable not trustworthy not thinking straight wrong number all off inexpiable unproven unfaithful careless unwise unbacked mendacious beguiling deceitful deluding deceiving uncorroborated brainless inappropriate unacceptable mindless trumped up injudicious discrepant garbled unreal fishy fraudulent loony uncalled-for indefensible kooky way-out not true untrustworthy way-off not right terminologically inexact unthinking fake laughable misdirected misled doesn't wash cockamamie bad-tempered stroppy far-fetched thoughtless loose full of hot air capricious quirky ill-tempered vacant wrongly identified wide of mark barking up wrong tree barking up the wrong tree ill-advised deluded demented freaky aberrant afield gone vanished lost roaming wandering straying raving counterintuitive disconnected distraught delirious disjointed off-the-wall debased botched rank unretentive blemished unfit incomplete insufficient adulterated cracked lemon sick frail malformed injured tainted blamable leaky deficient confused broken-down warped maimed lame marred labouring under a delusion below par inane meaningless inconclusive impossible fatuous irreconcilable imbecilic unproved cockeyed irrelevant unconnected screwy beyond belief self-contradictory not making sense not following beyond the bounds of possibility unconfirmed unverified vain untested unattested conjectural speculative idle gratuitous bottomless not backed up by evidence nebulous without justification trumped-up nonsupported unarguable undefendable refutable wrongly deduced inadmissible vague improbable unpersuasive unbelievable empty unprovoked without substantiation without merit poor unsatisfactory unlikely incredible feeble farfetched unauthorized unsupportable inconceivable obscure sketchy puzzling fantastic chimerical imaginary pathetic airy thin slight reachy unimpressive problematic uncalled for not backed up causeless won't hold water won't wash without cause unauthorised without reason without explanation unendorsed unsupervised hearsay unofficial unimportant negligible trivial casual trifling light insignificant small minor shoestring inconsiderable petty paltry minute unestablished presumed assumed not validated disputable debatable suppositive suspicious dubitable controversial arguable suppositious hard to believe

Phó từ

Deviating from the desired or intended path or course

Phó từ

Well off from the mark, or far from the intended target

Trái nghĩa của astray

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