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Alternative for screwy

screwy /'skru:i/
  • tính từ
    • (từ lóng) gàn bát sách, dở hơi

Tính từ

Rather odd or eccentric
odd peculiar queer strange weird bizarre funny offbeat outlandish quirky eccentric kooky abnormal cranky kinky quaint unconventional wacky bizarro freakish idiosyncratic oddball unusual crazy curious erratic far-out freaky funky kookie off-centre off-kilter off-the-wall out-of-the-way queerish remarkable rum spaced-out way-out weirdo whacky wild zany dilly wacko dotty flaky flakey irregular off-center off the wall uncommon far out out in left field extraordinary singular anomalous unorthodox aberrant outré out of the ordinary atypical left-field unfamiliar fantastic unnatural out there freak uncustomary whimsical different deviant rare unique out of the way way out unexpected droll unco mystifying exceptional perplexing untypical daggy grotesque absurd mysterious puzzling baffling unaccountable unaccustomed outre nutty ludicrous ridiculous avant-garde surreal uncanny eerie capricious surprising fishy creepy unwonted spooky incongruous in left field suspicious questionable dubious alternative fanciful preternatural original mad insane perverse nonconformist quizzical inexplicable unpredictable madcap bohemian unheard of phenomenal especial uncharacteristic exceeding aberrated extraordinaire nuts extravagant daft astonishing exotic individual distinctive beat characteristic bent preposterous suspect cockeyed foreign esoteric wayward radical monstrous Bohemian malformed hippy heterodox boho out of the common anomalistic nonstandard off the beaten track out of line off-base off-color oddish novel cuckoo dippy cracked crackpot individualistic kookish progressive advanced old-fashioned batty experimental innovative amazing chance nonconforming schizoid wigged out schizo unparalleled eccentrical special laughable unprecedented maverick informal comical untraditional excentrical not tightly wrapped humorous arbitrary fresh scarce inconceivable very unconventional unordinary vagarious fitful teratoid changeable doubtful inscrutable like nothing on earth off the air shady rummy avant garde out-there prodigious doubtable equivocal dodgy dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky nonsensical unreal slang fantastical foolish cockamamie unceremonious problematical problematic unhinged touched unbalanced demented irrational funny peculiar off-beat off the rails bugged out divergent funny strange isolated unrepresentative deviating twisted perverted unhealthy warped unknown distorted aberrational devious corrupt heteroclite deviate outrageous unnormal heteromorphic wonderful not normal non-typical barbarous awkward alien unheard-of eye-popping incredible outstanding new noteworthy unearthly supernatural distinct incomprehensible particular ghostly unthinkable infrequent something else notable striking unimaginable off-key miraculous out of place paradoxical conspicuous untried obscure signal awesome inconsistent incomparable discordant inappropriate unbelievable exclusive unsuitable distinguished contradictory devilish jarring contrary creative astounding unintelligible specific other-worldly inapt marvellous illogical wrong unfit unsuited unbecoming inapposite indecorous malapropos uncomely untoward unseemly infelicitous incorrect inept improbable pioneering unapt marvelous unseasonable sporadic unexplored unfathomable distinguishing imaginative rogue newfangled disparate at odds far-fetched demoniac demonic non-mortal animal subhuman non-human eminent ironic superior paranormal bewildering memorable enigmatic extreme one and only sensational unconforming wondrous magical impressive significant make-believe tremendous stupendous refreshing inexplainable awe-inspiring eldritch inhuman unexampled few and far between inopportune momentous inapplicable spookish haunting unwarranted inimitable improper untimely out of this world one of a kind inexpedient thin on the ground amiss undue graceless inadvisable erroneous unhappy inharmonious discrepant one-off groundbreaking revolutionary imprudent inaccurate unbefitting inadmissible ill-timed uncalled-for ground-breaking sui generis out-of-place ill-advised out-of-season bad form intriguing disconsonant random confusing unlikely implausible incoherent fluky insoluble inapropos incongruent conflicting unrealistic transcendental transcendent otherworldly seldom arcane unsolvable digressive unexplainable specialized superhuman supernormal transgressing signature grandiose stunning wandering atypic prominent newsworthy spectacular sole rambling weird and wonderful solitary occasional occult only unlike superlative lone out of keeping unfitting eery hare-brained visionary fabulous mystic mind-boggling terrific mind-blowing specialised unmatched unequalled unrivalled secret breaking new ground single variant fearful interesting unrivaled scary inspired matchless unexcelled unequaled one separate remote recondite uninvestigated record peerless false little known beyond your ken definite in a league of its own without equal beyond compare without parallel first-time offhand ornate irrelevant poignant custom customized personalized dreamlike mischievous playful disorderly fancy straying defective waggish marked dissimilar loner cool impossible stupefying befuddling startling egregious few nondescript pretend imitation concocted labored laboured ersatz made-up staged unrecognized psycho mental gothic baroque Gothic fortuitous unforeseeable unforeseen unanticipated surprise other unrecognised non-standard limited sick deformed alone gonzo riddling ambiguous self-contradictory confounding oxymoronic exciting seldom seen typical indecipherable imaginary chimerical crotchety misshapen ugly pervy sicko unforgettable eye-catching arresting metaphysical mystical unworldly representative altered imported ready customised personalised unconvincing incredulous illusory varying heretical indescribable undefinable personal errant unharmonious hideous unsightly serious oracular supranormal ghoulish essential amusing uncertain flighty dicey chancy witty romantic ambitious unconceivable misleading uncompelling artificial not typical private anarchistic out of the box amazeballs impenetrable suppositious potty hallucinatory illusive barmy not prepared in short supply precise flash heavy gnarly forby misproportioned deviative supermundane ironical magnificent staggering diagnostic discriminating classic symptomatic identifying diagnostical unacceptable all your own breathtaking freethinking very strange illegitimate immoral dishonourable unethical dishonest unprofessional never to be forgotten mangled mutilated gnarled stellar brilliant surpassing abstruse beyond comprehension beyond understanding off beaten path liberated untrammelled unconstrained unfettered crooked unscrupulous out of sight cock-eyed cock-and-bull independent wildering unhandsome unbeautiful homely unpretty unappealing unattractive unlovely unpleasing vile ill-favored supercalifragilisticexpialidocious unusually good not cricket dishonorable not suitable inadequate against the rules untrammeled awful ghastly horrific dreadful ominous all-time unknowable huge great substantial free-spirited fugly huckery numinous uncouth magic whacko supernal too good to be true extra special flamboyant grody surrealistic gross antic ill-favoured unhuman innovational modern inventive innovatory sinister frightening trailblazing futuristic unnerving superstitious petrifying terrifying hair-raising chilling blood-curdling uneasy scaring spine-chilling disconcerting spectral crawly ghostlike originative neoteric untested new-fashioned inspiring ingenious leading-edge artistic state-of-the-art cutting edge just out contemporary ultra-modern far cry modernistic disruptive cutting-edge recent out-of-the-box seminal indelicate indecent naughty immodest extraneous dissonant clashing incompatible irreconcilable unitary unrelated unconnected lopsided unavailing in opposition shifting jumbled not in harmony uncoordinated uneven incongruitous pure unmixed unshared simple unalloyed unblended discrete uncompounded separated undivided sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water by itself one only singled-out left alone only one

Tính từ

Not having a sound state of mind
crazy mad demented deranged unhinged insane unbalanced crazed nutty daft psychotic cuckoo lunatic wacky batty loony mental maniacal bonkers nuts wacko cracked certifiable loco crackpot gaga barmy kooky whacky crackers psycho daffy looney kookie whacko crackbrained unsound cranky haywire balmy meshugge fruity brainsick maniac bughouse moonstruck scatty bats meshuga bedlam wud slang non compos mentis looney tunes loony tunes dotty loopy touched disturbed dippy out to lunch unstable not all there mad as a hatter bananas sectionable frenzied psychopathic barking of unsound mind nutty as a fruitcake raving mentally ill around the bend buggy raving mad off your head irrational squirrelly nutsy distracted barking mad distraught off the wall round the twist not the full shilling round the bend away with the fairies delirious mad as a March hare nutso off one's gourd eccentric stark raving mad hysterical manic porangi bushed sick in the head as daft as a brush stupid not right in the head silly potty idiotic frantic up the pole not right upstairs not quite right in the head foaming at the mouth out of one's mind stark staring mad not together foolish stark mad schizoid wild disordered absurd berserk senseless ridiculous bizarre fatuous preposterous off your rocker yarra nonsensical zany screwball gonzo off your trolley have kangaroos in the top paddock peculiar odd have bats in the belfry hare-brained witless cockeyed flaky flakey unwise strange goofy have a screw loose half-baked asinine half-witted queer harebrained schizophrenic off one's nut out there brainless neurotic unreasonable with a screw loose crazy as a loon doolally inane ludicrous rabid unglued risible paranoid unconventional raging unsettled troubled dopey funny flipped out erratic dumb simpleminded confused bubbleheaded lunkheaded featherheaded pointless laughable oddball mixed up jerky fool farcical fantastic sick imbecilic sociopathic wrong weak-minded illogical off derailed weird not in your right mind off the air outlandish comic one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic amusing irresponsible mindless gormless tomfool sappy inept dim kinky freaky hilarious dim-witted derisible screwed up comical implausible pea-brained glaikit wooden-headed a bit lacking off-the-wall psychopathological berko way out daft as a brush severely mentally ill madcap quirky imprudent unintelligent incautious thoughtless indiscreet injudicious clownish idiosyncratic foolhardy rash reckless impolitic simple off-centre faulty invalid diverting moronic chucklesome humorous dull ill-advised ill-considered impractical light-hearted outrageous waggish thickheaded bedlamite uncontrolled birdbrained flipped schizo damfool unscrewed ape unbelievable freaked out incongruous fantastical witty chowderheaded dotish fanciful fried inconsistent moonstricken meaningless out of one's head unthinkable unreal demoniac dazed dreamy cockamamy touched in the head joshing camp soft in the head having bats in the belfry deprived of one's wits manic-depressive over the edge non compos not of sound mind in another world mentally deranged out of one's gourd having a screw loose in a daze off the deep end in the ozone having kangaroos in the top paddock flipped-out psychoneurotic paranoiac paranoic daggy cock-eyed violent half-cracked birdy unrealistic unzipped dingy derpy furious baked uncontrollable gibbering ranting phrenetic rampant avant-garde incredible schitzy unsafe aberrant maddened schizzo off the chain psyched out offbeat nobody home halfwitted chaotic bemused panic-stricken yampy cockamamie idiotish imbecile way-out pixilated fanatic obsessed flighty two sandwiches short of a picnic out of your mind disorganized derisive derisory surreal simple-minded smoothbrained dilly monstrous grotesque astonishing shocking pathetic far-out unusual topsy-turvy dull-witted slow-witted feeble-minded cretinous slow dunce-like as mad as a March hare one sandwich short of a picnic out of one's tree as mad as a hatter severely mentally disordered off your chump unpredictable freakish very stupid smooth-brained thick-witted not right campy empty-headed vacuous thick vapid tangled shambolic unorthodox Bohemian far out outré rum remarkable funky spaced-out queerish quaint off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way curious bizarro bovine dozy pig-ignorant nonfunctional disarranged wonky broken fuddled in left field boneheaded chuckleheaded dunderheaded lamebrained fat-headed brain-dead muttonheaded disorganised orderless amiss defective out of control amok messy not functioning properly out of order acting crazy slow on the uptake thick as two short planks giddy not quite right out of commission out of whack on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout entertaining droll fallacious false unfounded weak groundless spurious incorrect flawed erroneous priceless unreasoning specious nonrational unjustified unjustifiable killing side-splitting jocular facetious untenable inconsequential rib-tickling illegitimate unreasoned contradictory inconsequent antic jokey whimsical comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming riotous uproarious hysteric sophistic jocose sportive hysterically funny sophistical unscientific a card gelastic killingly funny joking goofus boffo a caution a laugh ironic a scream fool-headed fool around a hoot gump dizzy light crazy shtick Mickey Mouse casuistic hollow inconclusive unsubstantial impossible perverse irreconcilable unproved irrelevant unconnected not following off beam full of holes without foundation self-contradictory beyond belief without basis not making sense beyond the bounds of possibility twisted mentally unbalanced

Tính từ

(of a person's state of mind) Foolish, silly or simple-minded
soft foolish silly simple mindless mad crazy daft loopy fatuous obtuse thick thickheaded feeble-minded half-witted vacuous oafish dopey weak-minded unintelligent unsmart stupid brainless witless imbecilic imbecile scatterbrained dotty scatty dippy airheaded birdbrained boneheaded bubbleheaded chuckleheaded dim-witted doltish dumb dunderheaded knuckleheaded gormless lamebrained lunkheaded opaque feather-brained pinheaded giddy senseless inane slow empty-headed softheaded thick-witted dotish slow-witted soppy dof idiotic harebrained nutty wacky pea-brained flighty asinine absurd thoughtless ridiculous dim unwise daffy goofy cuckoo kooky dappy half-baked brain-dead frivolous dense imprudent ignorant ditzy dull preposterous puerile dizzy nonsensical featherbrained cretinous crackpot simpleminded lunatic loony looney insane muttonheaded featherheaded kookie dozy moronic ludicrous zany screwball jerky damfool whacky divvy blockheaded dopy inept sappy tomfool cockeyed chowderheaded fool glaikit batty balmy crackbrained hare-brained fat-headed wooden-headed childish irrational halfwitted unreasonable cockamamy injudicious immature vapid lamebrain bonehead feebleminded ill-considered ill-advised dorky illiterate vacant unschooled uneducated skittish untaught know-nothing not the full shilling pea-brain slow on the uptake soft in the head braindead barmy deranged simple-minded backward dead from the neck up ditsy frothy yeasty futile lightheaded weird flakey light-minded flaky light-headed foolhardy irresponsible reckless rash erratic unstable cockamamie nitwitted impractical inconsistent sheepheaded muddle-headed pie-faced bovine as thick as two short planks dull-witted pig-ignorant blockish naive thick-skulled dunce-like stolid gullible uncomprehending insensitive lumpish sluggish dimwitted thick as two short planks imperceptive pointless crass blind green unaware inexperienced hebete unthinking not with it wet behind the ears unperceptive unimaginative illogical rattlebrained numbskulled anencephalic anencephalous duncelike Boeotian numskulled impassive boorish lethargic torpid fatheaded donkeyish obstinate unresponsive limited out to lunch unreasoning loggerheaded cloddish clottish deficient wooden purblind not intelligent thick-headed very stupid mentally deficient mentally handicapped negligent careless neglectful forgetful inattentive unmindful mooning spaced-out out daydreaming moony out of it unlearned unread untutored unlettered benighted untrained unknowledgeable unenlightened uninformed unsophisticated unscholarly nonliterate thick-skinned callow superficial unworldly innocent unqualified unintellectual credulous retarded unconversant shallow log-headed analphabetic woodenheaded a brick short of a load two sandwiches short of a picnic as green as grass uninstructed uninitiated in the dark feather-headed indiscreet thick as mince slow on uptake

Tính từ

Too unlikely to be believed
unbelievable incredible inconceivable unthinkable implausible unconvincing unimaginable impossible improbable extraordinary amazing astonishing fanciful questionable staggering unlikely fantastic fantastical incredulous outlandish preposterous uncompelling unconceivable unreal flimsy harebrained incogitable infeasible reaching cockamamie cockeyed doubtful dubious fishy flaky flakey kooky lamebrained phoney phony scatterbrained suspect thin unsubstantial weak far-fetched mind-boggling beyond belief eye-popping jaw-dropping mind-blowing cock-and-bull difficult to believe hard to swallow open to doubt scarcely credible past belief too much full of holes won't hold water won't wash for the birds absurd ridiculous unrealistic unreasonable illogical debatable full of it farfetched feeble laboured unpersuasive rare labored untenable cock and bull poor inadequate unsound reachy tenuous unimagined ludicrous strained lame tall problematic beyond the bounds of possibility outrageous false shallow not likely hard to believe out of the question unheard of iffy hard to take puzzling obscure unheard-of unsatisfactory insubstantial incongruous shaky unique groundless forced highly unlikely strange pathetic far out fallacious dubitable superficial unapt equivocal uncertain astounding nonsensical incomprehensible extravagant unknowable exaggerated breathtaking contrived specious dishonest fabulous remote suspicious irrational insupposable slight unplausible elaborate insufficient sketchy overdone bizarre incoherent shady unimpressive singular unordinary exceptional uncommon vain not in the least likely farcical untrustworthy disputable trifling frivolous laughable transparent controvertible crazy baseless uncivilised uncivilized unconscionable barbarous doubtable not to be thought of impracticable ungrounded inane wishful not on out of the ordinary outside chance contemptible assailable weakly hundred-to-one unsure inauthentic unicorn trivial unacceptable unusual insupportable likely imcomprehensible faint ineffable beyond possibility extremely implausible extremely doubtful extremely unlikely vague flawed paltry phenomenal untoward contrary unspeakable untold unutterable uncredible beyond reason extremely difficult to believe won't fly unnatural threadbare unsubstantiated contradictory faulty inconclusive nebulous indescribable inept puerile rings phony misleading overblown ponderous ineffectual hokey less likely vapid spurious unsustainable unsupportable hollow invalid irreconcilable senseless indefensible inapprehensible undreamed-of overwhelming unthought of slim bleak sensational embellished untrue fabricated untruthful not able to hold water undreamed of flat meager meagre spectacular hyperbolic nonrational airy illegitimate unreasoning fatuous nutty wacky unfounded unreasoned inconsequent inconsequential slim and none not expected not understandable excessive embroidered distorted histrionic arguable unreliable undependable dodgy unsupported erroneous increditable speculative undecided unconfirmed unsettled weak-kneed off the wall self-contradictory half-baked not convincing beyond one's wildest dreams long shot fat chance on thin ice touch-and-go blown up overdramatic high-flown sensationalized queer beyond the realm of reason unbacked complicated odd overstated inflated problematical unsocial horrendous inordinate sensationalised extortionate funny shonky ill-founded pseudo not quite right open to suspicion potentially dangerous open thick potentially false suspected under suspicion unclear not kosher lacking substance highly coloured abnormal unearthly unachievable last straw once-in-a-lifetime unattainable out of bounds unworkable unfeasible unobtainable unholy God-awful antisocial unviable hopeless forlorn impractical insurmountable undoable insuperable irresoluble insolvable unrealizable unsolvable risible irresolvable paradoxical wild intolerable late shocking ungodly atrocious dreadful horrid nasty unseemly hardly possible impervious no-go insoluble non-viable like herding cats not possible inaccessible useless no-way beyond you not a prayer not worth considering futile inexecutable beyond one hare-brained impassable way out contrary to reason irrealizable wrong defective unjustifiable incorrect silly stupid inaccurate unjustified mad fallible idiotic daft open to question unwarranted fragile foolish foundationless sophistic insane brainless without foundation imprecise without basis inexact imbecilic wide of the mark negligible uncorroborated unscientific ill-considered ill-defined inconsistent unwise insignificant indefinite injudicious mistaken arbitrary unintelligent loony reasonless unstable imperfect witless indistinct sham frail light moronic confused asinine unwarrantable mindless inexcusable unforgivable tame ineffective unsuccessful unpardonable casuistic hazy chancy risky rocky disreputable barmy outside small distant deceptive disjointed bad indeterminate inexpiable perverse meaningless nonvalid dicey off beam conjectural slender minute amiss unestablished impaired ambiguous faltering controversial wrongly inferred dotty thoughtless off-target imprudent vacant indiscreet suppositive suppositious zany incautious unintelligible indecisive dim perplexing hesitant in doubt shadowy lunatic dippy daffy jerky short-sighted ill-advised half-witted nerdy doltish softheaded feebleminded tomfool simple insecure unarguable undefendable refutable unspecific inadmissible without justification tiny unsafe puny minimal off out contentious borderline wrongly deduced uncalled-for minuscule exiguous bogus off target issuable moot inefficient flabby unpleasing unsuitable unthinking illegal fruitless profitless feeble-minded untested unverified negotiable unattested unproven enigmatic blurred erratic loose capricious bad-tempered stroppy quirky not working subject to debate open to debate falsified fake presumed assumed not validated ill-tempered demented sophistical freaky aberrant woolly bleary foggy cloudy distraught raving counterintuitive disconnected delirious off-the-wall purposeless all wet wooly fuzzy not reliable full of hot air not dependable unproved not backed up by evidence irrelevant unconnected empty not following not making sense hesitating halting vacuous worthless loopy cockamamy cretinous pointless stuttering stammering inarticulate casual minor petty unimportant shoestring inconsiderable empty-headed goofy gormless infantile dumb damfool divvy childish insincere dof glaikit insipid crass wishy-washy immature innocuous sappy hypocritical artificial cynical garbled stumbling devoid of intelligence deceitful feigned pretended inexplicit debased rank unretentive unfit adulterated awry lemon sick malformed injured tainted blamable broken-down warped marred botched blemished incomplete cracked leaky deficient maimed pretend dissimulating dissembling counterfeit unpredictable unforeseeable indistinguishable unresolved incalculable cryptic arcane abstruse undetermined undefined mysterious mumbled muttered broken poorly spoken treacherous unknown confusing muffled double-dealing devoid of validity two-faced hollow-hearted faithless intangible indiscernible wavering irresolute equivocating elusive vacillating below par up in the air in the balance

Tính từ

Having one or more bends or angles
crooked winding twisting sinuous tortuous zigzag meandering serpentine anfractuous deviating bending crazy curled curling curved curving curvy devious irregular twisted windy agee angular catawampus circuitous crippled errant incurving indirect jagged kinked kinky knurly rambling roundabout snaky spiral topsy-turvy tortile flexuous snaking twisty meandrous bent convoluted spiraling turning zigzagging mazy spiralling labyrinthine coiling ambiguous undulating wandering serpentiform oblique intricate involved coiled awry looping contorted erratic lopsided twisting and turning gyrating wriggly distorted askew curvilinear wavy slanted skewed sinuate ogee complicated out-of-the-way obscure full of twists and turns vagrant meandry bendy wry bowed arched warped hooked twined wrenched involute vermiculate wavering lithe curvilineal rounded sweeping loopy gnarled tangled braided wound knotty deviative flowing bowing warping arching twining veering excursive wiggly tacking squiggly snakelike remote detouring digressory confusing removed confounding straying digressing misleading diverting slinky asymmetric asymmetrical unsymmetrical uneven oscillating transverse fluctuating inclined crinkled sloping waggling serrated diagonal aslant slanting tilted tipping slantwise atilt circling corkscrew swirling pitched listing cock-a-hoop deviant V-shaped sharp-cornered divergent circular implied circumlocutory backhanded evasive periphrastic long-drawn-out sidelong pointed Y-shaped bifurcate forked unforeseen eventual subsidiary duplicitous long discursive understood underhand sinister long way home inferred unplanned sneaky sneaking long-winded tacit hinted at akimbo cornered crossing intersecting staggered divaricate crotched digressive obliquitous ambagious collateral writhing entwined jointed articulated circumlocutionary non-linear desultory leaping digressionary digressional maundering taking the long way diffuse lengthy parenthetical tangent aberrant aberrative tangential excursional excursionary heteroclite travelling traveling roaming nomadic back road winding around long way going around long way around by way of

Tính từ

(of a person) Unable to think clearly
confused disoriented bewildered disorientated delirious muddled unbalanced unhinged addled befuddled demented unglued all at sea at sea dazed discombobulated irrational senile unsound absent-minded crazy deranged out-of-joint psychotic unsettled unstable whacko with Alzheimer's disease addlepated dizzy dopey dopy fouled up glassy-eyed gone mixed-up muddleheaded muzzy out to lunch pixilated pixillated punch-drunk punchy shell-shocked shook up shot to pieces silly slaphappy spaced out spaced-out spacey spacy unscrewed zonked zonked-out addle-brained not knowing if one is coming or going not with it muddle-headed stupefied stunned confounded distracted bemused bushed bedeviled befogged raddled fogged addle spaced bedevilled woozy groggy perplexed puzzled out of it wobbly unsteady lightheaded light-headed lost faint reeling flustered staggering shaky fuddled adrift giddy woolly baffled addlebrained wooly astray tipsy hazy gaga weak off-course woolly-headed nonplussed vertiginous dazzled slap-happy staggered mixed up thrown weak-kneed at a loss weak in the knees numb off-track drugged inattentive trippy dreamy rattled swimmy whirling bleary dumbfounded bamboozled aswoon upset disturbed in a muddle off balance in a state of confusion sailing not adjusted off-beam eccentric drowsy dumbstruck half-asleep agog simple maladjusted distraught foolish rocky nauseated nauseous senseless stoned capricious whimsical daft puckish pixyish touched impish prankish fazed queasy stuporous nonsensical dozy stupid insensible cold disconcerted disorganised flummoxed stumped disorganized asea shaken shook vague benumbed strayed woolly-minded tottering swimming off-balance teetering numbed balled up seeing stars slow tired swaying sleepy light blind dumb blinded come apart drunken roaming roving lost one's bearing with rubbery legs thrown off balance out of control with legs like jelly weak at the knees in a stupor mazed wildered going round in circles all over the place not knowing whether one is coming or going

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