Đồng nghĩa của fatheaded

Tính từ

Lacking in intelligence, or unable to comprehend ideas
dense stupid dumb foolish brainless ignorant mindless obtuse idiotic imbecilic moronic unintelligent unsmart daft dull half-witted naive vacuous vapid witless boneheaded cretinous dim dopey fatuous lamebrained lumpish oafish simple slow thick thickheaded bonehead chuckleheaded crass doltish lamebrain opaque stolid airheaded birdbrained braindead dopy dorky dozy dunderheaded gormless gullible knuckleheaded lunkheaded pinheaded senseless softheaded blockheaded blockish bovine bubbleheaded dippy muttonheaded soft boorish dof dotish impassive lethargic numskulled sluggish torpid brain-dead dim-witted dull-witted simple-minded slow-witted thick-witted fat-headed pea-brained weak-minded dead from the neck up dunce-like empty-headed pig-ignorant soft in the head wooden-headed not the full shilling slow on the uptake thick-skulled as thick as two short planks silly imbecile asinine inane simpleminded crazy chowderheaded half-baked glaikit thick as two short planks unwise illiterate divvy shallow uneducated untaught unschooled barmy unthinking unlearned feebleminded benighted tomfool unread unlettered wooden unreasoning dimwitted insensitive uninformed deficient harebrained innocent unintellectual inexperienced ridiculous daffy unmindful unaware green backward uncomprehending clueless goofy featherheaded insensible absurd unwitting feeble-minded oblivious ludicrous unenlightened thoughtless untrained uninstructed in the dark unknowledgeable dotty nescient unconversant uninitiated imperceptive unconscious ill-advised hare-brained thick-headed nonliterate untutored vacant nonsensical puerile loggerheaded misinformed analphabetic fool laughable pointless hebete uncultured unsuspecting apprenticed uncultivated halfwitted insensate damfool undeveloped late underprivileged delayed checked behind arrested underdeveloped subnormal very stupid blind to heavy inept jerky sappy clownish hebetudinous without thought childish dark imprudent unknowing cloddish blind injudicious preposterous unresponsive rude superficial woodenheaded incognizant irrational mad unreasonable scatty risible crackpot batty insane lunatic nitwitted unacquainted cuckoo nutty wacky screwy Boeotian unscholarly scatterbrained feather-brained slow on uptake pie-faced not with it short-sighted mentally deficient mentally handicapped not intelligent blundering ill-mannered coarse gross comatose slumberish unperceptive unimaginative loopy lifeless inert thick-skinned immature phlegmatic placid unrefined unversed stupefied numbskulled duncelike log-headed nonrational surd idiotical boobish fallacious unconsidered invalid weak unreasoned notional buffoonish somnolent inanimate addle-brained limited credulous feeble dummy indelicate anencephalic anencephalous crackbrained idiot clottish shortsighted listless inactive purblind impolitic rattlebrained thick as mince slothful chowderhead deranged incompetent cockamamy irresponsible indiscreet foolishly stupid not bright negligent careless neglectful forgetful impractical dappy out to lunch ill-considered infantile unstudious giddy dizzy frivolous featherbrained skittish ditzy flighty inattentive mooning rash spaced-out out daydreaming moony kooky loony screwball looney cockeyed zany whacky kookie balmy ill-informed unsophisticated out of it unworldly unqualified meaningless complacent insipid know-nothing pea-brain snaillike pokey tardy leisurely dragging dallying crawling dawdling snail-paced languid unhurried poking dilatory poky laggard dillydallying creeping a brick short of a load wet behind the ears two sandwiches short of a picnic as green as grass lagging raw callow unwary ingenuous primitive childlike fresh unfamiliar unsuspicious new unfledged wide-eyed unskilled natural unseasoned young amateur inexpert unpractised uncritical artless naif uncivilized unguarded born yesterday untried tenderfoot undisciplined uncivilised dewy-eyed guileless rookie unpracticed dewy impressionable naïve trusting verdant unstudied reckless unaccustomed unaffected unpretentious trustful heedless savage sophomoric barbarous easily taken in barbaric barbarian kid philistine unused juvenile adolescent brutish lacking experience unfamiliar with unripe unsceptical aw-shucks wild naïf youthful amateurish over-trusting uncouth easily deceived easily led untested prentice unpolished unformed incautious vulgar spring chicken wet behind ears unripened hasty untamed confiding crude brash inconsiderate instinctive unprepared unproven lowbrow inadvisable heathenish unskillful spontaneous foolhardy nonprofessional down-to-earth jackleg rough unprofessional farcical uninitiate without airs uncivil loutish dupable unwatchful deceivable exploitable gauche heathen fierce undomesticated dilettante jejune Neanderthal Neandertal tender easy cockamamie over-trustful plain rustic unadvised accepting believing unsafe unobservant novice clumsy unpretending uncircumspect napping absent-minded off-guard easy mark unalert impetuous unvigilant uncomplicated unrehearsed lowbrowed low-browed erratic unstable ill-educated ignoramus overtrusting vulnerable unaccomplished unforced unquestioning tasteless inherent born innate vernal poorly educated archaic inconsistent inerudite catachrestic solecistic bourgeois sheepheaded muddle-headed animal austere atavistic vestigial modest unassuming pagan infidel readily swallowing whole readily taken in readily falling for medieval antiquated out of the loop lacking knowledge idolatrous provincial parochial unwarned materialist commercial open mediaeval feudal retarded unable to read and write irreligious godless folksy bush-league corny unadulterated cornball genuine authentic homey unartificial pure clean inappropriate non-technical unequipped fond hot-headed frank uninhibited agnostic atheistic incapable uncertificated unchartered unlicensed virginal anti-intellectual inartistic illogical misguided uncorrupted virgin cute unjaded quaint non-professional lay non-believing unbelieving heretical ungodly faithless Panglossian countrified unholy starry-eyed like a babe in the woods derisive derisory comical feather-headed churlish nullifidian pathetic improvident ferine fell brutal bestial truculent beastly feral rugged non-literate ungraceful lumpen hick hillbilly graceless maladroit not trained not in the loop susceptible off one's guard sceptic profane nonbeliever skeptic stilted clodhopping stiff awkward unmannerly ferocious unskeptical biting sucker mark fleeceable rough-hewn backwoods ungainly swallowing whole tumbling for taken in kidding oneself strange falling hook line and sinker taking the bait being a sucker glib simplistic trifling inefficient slapdash vicious jungli harsh unprecedented novel unheard-of unknown original schematic lightweight insubstantial trivial slipshod shoddy cowboy unskilful sloppy facile frothy flimsy empty cursory surface sketchy oversimplified hollow bumbling dilettantish bungling second-rate a newbie to unused to unacquainted with too green not given to unconversant with not used to a novice at unversed in inexperienced in not used newcome a newcomer to inexperienced at a stranger unpractised in vain petty piddling paltry cack-handed skin-deep wishy-washy one-dimensional nonexpert slack inadequate immoral unfitting dishonourable dishonorable wrong unsuitable infant

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