Đồng nghĩa của vacuous

Alternative for vacuous

Đồng nghĩa: asinine, blank, empty, fatuous, hollow, inane, mindless,

Tính từ

Lacking in intelligence, or unable to comprehend ideas
stupid unintelligent dumb brainless dense mindless obtuse witless thick dull dopey slow foolish doltish dim simple fatuous unsmart lamebrained thickheaded boneheaded oafish senseless birdbrained chuckleheaded dunderheaded opaque lamebrain bonehead pinheaded dopy knuckleheaded lunkheaded airheaded gormless dorky softheaded bubbleheaded silly soft vapid inane unreasoning vacant uncomprehending shallow superficial half-witted dim-witted slow-witted brain-dead empty-headed weak-minded thick-witted dull-witted half-baked without thought idiotic moronic imbecilic daft ignorant dozy cretinous dippy wooden-headed pea-brained asinine crazy muttonheaded simple-minded imbecile bovine slow on the uptake naive fat-headed dunce-like dof pig-ignorant simpleminded harebrained dotish blockheaded soft in the head goofy not the full shilling puerile dotty thoughtless gullible scatterbrained unwise giddy barmy thick as two short planks nutty ridiculous glaikit chowderheaded nonsensical blockish stolid absurd feather-brained divvy mad daffy frivolous scatty tomfool featherheaded sluggish childish flighty laughable sappy feebleminded lumpish pointless ditzy cuckoo wooden batty dead from the neck up crackpot as thick as two short planks kooky wacky featherbrained hare-brained unthinking ludicrous uneducated feeble-minded insensitive screwy insane risible thick-skulled dizzy futile loony looney whacky kookie skittish zany imprudent damfool fool crass ill-advised illiterate deficient unreasonable loopy illogical thick-headed inept jerky imperceptive preposterous lightheaded lunatic torpid meaningless unschooled boorish balmy light-headed lethargic untaught light-minded irrational ditsy frothy yeasty insensate foolhardy braindead rash injudicious dappy nitwitted irresponsible ill-considered nonliterate short-sighted unlearned infantile weak clueless benighted unread crackers mental nuts cracked analphabetic uninstructed facetious clownish unlettered untutored bonkers flippant heavy immature insipid flip potty screwball rude forgetful whimsical unaware cockeyed juvenile unsound hebetudinous idle cloddish unresponsive nonserious hebete unstable vain reckless cockamamy halfwitted dimwitted pie-faced impractical cockamamie non-serious off the wall know-nothing numskulled lacking seriousness not intelligent very stupid slow on uptake mentally deficient mentally handicapped incoherent ill-mannered blundering surd idiotical unconsidered invalid notional nonrational boobish fallacious unreasoned buffoonish stupefied blind unperceptive unimaginative bone-headed slumberish comatose coarse gross impolitic incomprehensible unintelligible numbskulled ignoramus addle-pated erratic thick-skinned dummy rattlebrained lifeless inert Boeotian dark backward soppy fatheaded impassive retarded shortsighted loggerheaded clottish phlegmatic placid credulous feeble log-headed unmeaning unenlightened underdeveloped uninformed duncelike indiscreet inanimate somnolent woodenheaded anencephalic anencephalous capricious unrefined limited mentally slow foolishly stupid undeveloped unsophisticated inconsistent inactive listless not bright unintellectual indelicate thick as mince fickle poor misguided sheepheaded slothful chowderhead outlandish out to lunch not with it muddle-headed pea-brain unhinged deranged inconstant comical purposeless light-hearted lacking knowledge bad risky aberrant inappropriate bird-brained derisible pathetic derisive farcical negligent careless merry touched neglectful grotesque surreal contemptible outrageous changeable heady complacent monstrous unthinkable astonishing fanciful shocking fantastical fantastic incredible derisory foolheaded bizarre unbelievable mooning daydreaming inattentive unmindful spaced-out out moony empty addle-brained brainsick cranky demented crazed loco maniac wud maniacal bedlam meshugge bughouse crackbrained psychotic slang fruity unbalanced haywire bats gaga wacko moonstruck whacko psycho meshuga certifiable trifling worthless perky unprofound lighthearted lacking in sense tongue-in-cheek gay volatile light playful out of it flakey not all there looney tunes bedlamite not quite right flaky loony tunes fried not serious non compos mentis wishy-washy flat innocuous in the ozone devoid of intelligence out of one's gourd heedless incautious wild innocent insensible oblivious unwitting hasty untrained unconscious unknowledgeable nescient inexperienced unconversant uninitiated green ill-conceived undiscerning misinformed impulsive in the dark uncultured madcap improvident apprenticed uncultivated unsuspecting impracticable indiscriminate blind to cock-eyed uncritical unknowing undiscriminating incognizant fruitless inconsiderate unheeding unacquainted unworkable remiss regardless unscholarly unjustifiable unrealistic inadvertent unreal groundless ill-thought-out slipshod unscientific implausible untenable deaf off-the-wall off beam way out ill-judged unstudious extravagant inadvisable unpractical impetuous donkeyish obstinate idiotish squirrelly tearaway prejudiced wholesale unquestioning harum-scarum smoothbrained unversed insouciant implicit as daft as a brush disregarding uninterested unsteady weird smooth-brained unfeeling derelict nonobservant airy delinquent unworldly unqualified extremely foolish full of holes stupidly irresponsible illegitimate inconsequent inconsequential baseless unfounded arbitrary specious freaky distraught raving reasonless wrong disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed slack crude lax flawed tactless a brick short of a load as green as grass wet behind the ears two sandwiches short of a picnic incorrect faulty irreflective contradictory slapdash unreflective precipitate unobservant casual unselective unexacting unconcerned indifferent apathetic undiplomatic cursory unfussy offhand perfunctory absent-minded not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense indiscriminating hot-headed easily pleased

Tính từ

Having or showing a lack of emotion
vacant blank empty deadpan expressionless inexpressive inscrutable absent emotionless glassy impassive stony wooden inanimate lifeless motionless uninterested absent-minded poker-faced unexpressive stolid fixed numb catatonic glazed straight-faced dull unresponsive stupid vague nobody home abstracted dreamy unemotional dreaming inane daydreaming thoughtless unthinking faraway hollow unreadable dead lacklustre lusterless fish-eyed lackluster stoic undemonstrative unimpassioned flat dumb unintelligent pokerfaced dispassionate cold distant idle unmoving fishy fake insincere false unsmiling serious po-faced dazed incurious indifferent ditzy uncomprehending foolish silly vapid witless feigned meaningless stiff immobile uncommunicative masklike noncommittal preoccupied distracted absorbed musing oblivious inattentive unconscious unaware unheeding distrait negligent careless bemused absentminded inadvertent neglectful wool-gathering heedless far away unmindful unobservant somewhere else omitted minus deficient bare devoid miles away lost in thought in a brown study in short supply not with us woolgathering engrossed pensive scatterbrained forgetful out to lunch lost thoughtful rapt scatty moony diverted withdrawn remote agitated brooding removed speculative distraught intangible unreal misty shadowy fantastic chimerical phantasmagoric phantasmagorical otherworldly excellent astral unsubstantial mythical introspective marvelous imaginary whimsical nightmarish immaterial introvertive out of this world not there mooning airheaded apt to forget insensible unfocused pipe dreaming inclined to forget marvellous detached intent immersed wrapped up gentle visionary fanciful lulling soothing utopian quixotic impractical calming relaxing idealistic frantic frenzied hysteric hysterical delirious immersed in thought deep in thought out in space beside oneself regardless inobservant unobserving unwatchful unperceiving undiscerning unnoticing apathetic bored listless dozy in a world of your own a million miles away lacking concentration not concentrating off-guard off in a world of one's own spacey surroundings inconscient space cadet goofing off unaware of events confused disregardful slapdash slipshod lax head in the clouds puzzled bewildered perplexed flustered troubled out of it looking out window amnemonic having a memory like a sieve inattentive to slack remiss in asleep on the job wandering indifferent to negligent about nirvanic not on the job remiss about unwitting oblivious to like an absent-minded professor sloppy remiss lax about disconcerted ruffled discomposed with a memory like a sieve with a mind like a sieve pestered worried mystified nonplussed harassed befuddled tormented meditative reflective ruminative fazed confounded hassled sidetracked at sea dreamlike beautiful superb illusory wistful not with it in a reverie with your head in the clouds in a flap driven to distraction

Tính từ

Empty or lacking in contents
empty vacant blank bare void clean devoid stark toom unfilled drained emptied hollow clear free barren unoccupied uninhabited desolate vacated abandoned deserted tenantless open untenanted forsaken unused destitute derelict unhampered unimpeded unobstructed unfurnished unlimited evacuated without contents unblocked stripped spartan cleared bereft bankrupt godforsaken plain depleted passable unrestricted unstopped unclosed unencumbered unclogged unhindered unmarked exhausted dead deflated despoiled virgin wanting waste lacking desert available untouched white virginal uncompleted spotless containing nothing new fresh unengaged unwritten on forgotten disengaged rejected to let disused smooth unemployed idle untaken for sale unlived in up for grabs not in use on the market unpeopled lonely isolated neglected unfrequented solitary depopulated discarded spare unpopulated remote unvisited secluded wild not filled lorn cast off unsettled consumed spent ruined unreserved lonesome forlorn jilted sapped shunned dropped used up left in the lurch alone uncultivated rough inhospitable trackless unmanaged unfarmed rugged bleak relinquished ownerless uncivilized dreary unallocated accessible destroyed uncivilised castoff pristine hollowed out unhired handy discontinued brand-new not solid dormant defunct obsolete moribund superannuated usable stagnant lifeless fallen into disuse unchartered unbooked finished no longer in use dissipated exploitable at hand on hand not occupied employable disregarded refused returned spurned rebuffed scorned disdained denied expended gone impoverished squandered sterile dry for the taking uncommitted ditched stranded without life ignored unfriended left uncouth disowned renounced betrayed outcast marooned without living things all gone at an end turned down friendless dumped at ease left stranded used kaput thrown over left at the altar left behind out rid at leisure not busy without freed from free from sans unaffected by no longer affected by relieved far-gone

Tính từ

Dull and uninteresting
colorless colourless uninteresting drab dull dreary boring dry insipid lackluster lacklustre monotonous tedious bland non-stimulating unexciting unimaginative uninspired uninspiring vapid weak wearisome feeble flat lustreless pallid stale tame trite wishy-washy anemic anaemic characterless lame lifeless limp spiritless sterile tired torpid unanimated zestless antiseptic barren bloodless commonplace mediocre middle-of-the-road nondescript run-of-the-mill humdrum inoffensive mundane prosaic unmemorable tiresome jejune pedestrian plain banal inane milk-and-water ho-hum nothing arid watery flavourless heavy stupid flavorless driveling drivelling vacant blah empty dead tasteless pointless ponderous zero numbing wearying leaden slow stodgy tiring jading stuffy drudging namby-pamby ordinary old weary hackneyed innocuous monochromatic mind-numbing weariful unstimulating flat tire unremarkable common or garden clear dull as dishwater dusty expressionless blank least unpalatable Milquetoast nowhere poor inadequate half-hearted prosy hacky unpassioned unlively uneventful vanilla soft mild nebbish beige corny fatuous subdued dry as dust tenuous slight undistinctive matter-of-fact featureless sapless nerdy unappealing pabulum waterish wimpy everyday ho hum useless routine plodding null futile workaday undistinguished vain profitless unexceptional unpoetic nitty-gritty literal unsentimental unvarnished terrestrial factual unembellished unadorned unemotional bleak dowdy unchanging desolate unrewarding deadpan unproductive fruitless worthless lacking in character aimless purposeless unprofitable valueless hollow unsuccessful ineffectual bootless otiose inefficacious unavailing ineffective abortive unfruitful unprolific unfilled common average quotidian nothing to write home about neutral bromidic plain vanilla conventional unvaried unsavory ornery no great shakes bog-standard unsavoury soulless unappetizing predictable normal forgettable usual anodyne indifferent unoriginal garden-variety draggy mainstream standard passionless derivative gray grey simple not up to much savorless a dime a dozen listless unnoteworthy samey muted typical so-so unexceptionable as dry as dust middling unobjectionable customary second-rate deadly distasteful indistinctive dim standard-issue run of the mill stock stiff generic quiet soporific inedible regular insignificant unpretentious uneatable pale uninviting half-pie garden dullsville cut-and-dry cut-and-dried dreich old hat humble harmless apathetic lacking variety noncommittal not much cop faceless languid garden variety nothing to get excited about pathetic etiolated nothing special inferior overused overdone overworked time-worn unobtrusive unimpressive familiar lusterless wooden unostentatious fatiguing watered-down mechanical worn out irksome cornball unentertaining unenjoyable bush-league toneless dime-store unrelieved depressing yawnsome dull as ditchwater lacking variation played out modest OK stereotyped not so hot savourless intermediate dime-a-dozen repetitious lacking excitement lacking interest homely puny disagreeable big yawn ten a penny off-putting unpleasant revolting disgusting unattractive nauseating sickening unoffending uniform general unvarying unimportant frail restrained halfhearted peaceful yucky cold gentle uncreative unseasoned institutional unadventurous derived uninventive monochrome indecisive sick-making gross discreet enervated trivial washy unfeeling understated inconspicuous unnoticeable safe platitudinous fair soul-destroying unspirited threadbare unromantic subtle passable sluggish prolix deadening worn-out run-of-the-mine medium run-of-mine second-class low-key white-bread elementary clichéd plebeian dismal bog standard plastic well-worn stereotypical clean square middle of the road impotent powerless vigourless unflavoured sombre somber lethargic homespun sour bitter spiceless mindless clinical tepid droning static trying frustrating unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed yawn vague achromatic indeterminate indistinguishable undefined abstract indistinct unfateful noneventful inconclusive rancid horrible laborious unartistic suburban overlong crude meagre simplistic meager tolerable wan mat unexpressive matte unexcited dulled not bad amateurish amateur neglectable negligible dragging enervating interminable mortal exhausting poky snooze inexpressive emotionless lacking vitality passive uninflected mean boilerplate phoned in basic no-frills repetitive endless whitebread blind spineless effete two-dimensional plain-Jane unextraordinary off-the-shelf foul-tasting indigestible accustomed raw dispiriting wintry wintery sorrowful damp oppressive windy downcast jake sickly weak-kneed wet limp-wristed slothful spent hack irrelevant inconsiderable paltry fair to middling inconsequential piddling immaterial irresolute long-drawn-out deadly dull banausic lead balloon loathsome repugnant hoary neither one thing nor the other meaningless whatever unenthusiastic not very good monotone shopworn cliche obligatory musty moth-eaten hackney cobwebby timeworn wimpish nerveless invertebrate weakened weakling ignorable truistic cliché-ridden foul nasty vile widespread stark nameless facile noplace dumb hokey cornfed tripe lukewarm regimented of little consequence of little importance of no consequence not worth mentioning of no importance of no great concern of no account noisome wavering cowardly vacillating obvious matter-of-course starch lowly natural prevalent yawn producing governmental utilitarian corporate functional rudimentary ugly unkind coldhearted anaesthetic insensitive insensible impassive indolent lazy anesthetic innocent diluted folksy inelaborate pure and simple normophilic uncluttered unornamented austere rustic your basic uncomplicated unelaborate undecorated familiar tune boiler plate peaceable boiled down without punch reserved retiring invisible unshowy circumspect relaxed standard issue downbeat blending into the background nonprovocative innoxious played down out of sight in the background soft-pedaled tasteful toned down non-aggressive non-violent benign white non-combative hurtless light conservative pleasant calm friendly sober repressed unflashy low-keyed toned-down

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