Đồng nghĩa của handy

Alternative for handy

handier, handiest

Đồng nghĩa: adept, apt, available, convenient, inept, nearby, proficient, ready, skillful, useful,

Tính từ

Ready to hand
accessible convenient available close near nearby ready reachable at hand close by get-at-able readily available adjacent close-at-hand near-at-hand to hand within reach at the ready near at hand on tap at your fingertips on hand in easy reach just round the corner close at hand local within spitting distance around neighbouring nigh adjoining immediate neighboring round the corner just a stone's throw away proximate attainable obtainable on call contiguous close-up next-door standing by close-by primed prepared imminent impending on standby acquirable on stand-to abutting procurable alongside warm on full alert on deck next door not far off not far away not far from in close proximity at close quarters under one's nose within sniffing distance a hop, skip and a jump away at one's fingertips possible in readiness bordering in reserve ready to be drawn neighbourhood community vincinal beside vernacular abreast conterminous touching approximal proximal coterminous easy to get to neighborhood not remote within stone's throw within range side-by-side practical in the area present getatable popular usable covered waiting in place in line at fingertips in position trouble-free user-oriented time-saving labour-saving user friendly user-friendly hassle-free on the brink champing at bit in the saddle at beck and call easily available in order close to hand approaching walkable nearest next nearly upcoming central in the neighbourhood of within reach of hard by within earshot in the vicinity of on the doorstep within close range of within sight close to near to handy for around the corner in spitting distance in the ball park cheek by jowl within striking distance a stone's throw away within walking distance across the street give or take a little on your doorstep in neighborhood well placed for at close quarters to well situated for easy to reach within easy reach of next to within spitting distance of within walking distance of just around the corner from a stone's throw from adjacent to a hop, skip and a jump away from flanking juxtaposed joining fringing connecting verging skirting conjoining flush vicinal direct closest approximate connected attached surrounding bordering on intimate by interconnecting joined impinging bounding edging meeting on the edge of next door to at close range up-close and personal prospective short-term hard in very near on the side up-close in the vicinity back-to-back side by side about almost practically coming juxtapositional neighbouring on in contact contactual against approximate to abreast of cheek by jowl with by the side of proximate to contiguous with attached to nearly here peripheral foreseeable regain one's health get back on one's feet hot circumambient encircling outlying encompassing enclosing fringe circumjacent border circumferential circumforaneous

Tính từ

Good at manual work
deft dexterous skilled skilful adept adroit expert proficient able clever nimble-fingered practical ace capable cunning dextrous gifted masterly nifty nimble ready talented wizard crackerjack genius habile tasty competent crafty fit ingenious skillful adept physically clever with one's hands good with one's hands practised accomplished practiced experienced masterful virtuoso efficient good crack polished apt master versed artful mean sharp slick trained great savvy professional veteran consummate workmanlike brilliant educated qualified quick wicked effective complete compleat bravura agile delicate professed seasoned smart smooth knowledgeable well versed neat schooled facile fine excellent whiz first-rate precise impressive nippy top-notch on the ball a dab hand at effectual outstanding prompt marvellous brainy elite pro first-class marvelous stellar suitable astute canny multiskilled multitalented refined useful proper accurate intelligent sure-handed fitted taught well-rounded tutored all-round all-around old finely judged deadly formidable magnificent specialist topflight exceptional au fait class cool there hot well-versed big league out of this world extraordinarily skilled wised up up to speed very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly trained a hand at highly qualified shrewd exact active effortless splendid fleet versant learned peerless suited having know-how demon superb clean vet hotshot A1 dynamite with it on the beam tuned in top-drawer keen satisfactory reliable very well crisp straight decisive methodic methodical systematic creative innovative fluent leading balanced productive certified resourceful sly supreme organized conversant phenomenal hep hip cute strict express categorical drilled phenom businesslike extraordinary first class best dominant right on errorless dead-on spot-on thorough serviceable sure-fire well sporting on-target trustworthy stringent artistic remarkable rangé having the know-how endowed employable long-term organised supremely skilled wonderful superlative dazzling inch-perfect cut out for having a knack for class act shining at having good hands hardy leet adequate adapted like a pistol having the goods knowing the ropes old hand has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task up to it having the right stuff knowing the score up there up to snuff green thumb able to perform old-timer inventive bright sharp-witted razor-sharp acute intuitive quick-witted smashing fab perceptive discerning wise sagacious judicious insightful incisive perspicacious brill magic hot tamale suss calculating streetwise wily tip-top very able no slouch sharp as a tack know stuff very good no dummy top-hole argute sapient heads-up long-headed light-footed spry lithe lively light sprightly lissom graceful quick off the mark quick on the uptake nimble-footed acrobatic supple quick-moving fleet-footed lightsome zippy light-foot flexible lissome gracile feline lithesome limber twinkle-toed featly swift wide-awake vigilant brisk familiar superior world-class acquainted perfect knowing sophisticated well trained faultless exquisite hardened mature finished tried tested erudite flawless scholarly impeccable disciplined terrific au courant well informed well-informed long-serving enlightened awesome battle-scarred strong in the know equal aware instructed switched-on alert down tremendous up to date clued-up fantastic fabulous clued up genned up established equipped powerful intellectual cultured abreast informed well-read prepared cognizant worldly choice exceptionally good precocious admirable profound sussed champion cerebral posted worldly-wise sensational whip-smart up on in the loop unrivaled painstaking time-served unrivalled conscious eligible cultivated exercised urbane sensible super long-time mighty weathered literate plugged-in illuminated glorious sage well educated penetrating at home up-to-date omniscient rational fast cracking well-executed in the picture eggheaded supersmart ultrasmart whip hyperintelligent been around tuned-in very intelligent no stranger to know the ropes plugged in with-it not born yesterday Einstein whiz kid prodigious careful preeminent transcendent quintessential classic top topnotch distinguished star decent exemplary ultimate specialized handpicked capital deluxe elegant well-briefed virtuosic notable specialised kosher perfected redoubtable advanced magisterial licensed chartered prolific immaculate pure invincible indomitable select sik exo appropriate certificated pitch-perfect happy habituated primed well up golden well executed versatile rad phat schmick toughened matured forward credentialed right fitting puissant amazing dynamic ultraefficient teachable sufficient authorized astounding quick to learn ideal desirable preferable perfectly-executed stirring feasible licenced proved authorised accepted noteworthy beautiful of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years sublime heavenly worldly wise been there versed in mega banging crucial easy well versed briefed divine bosting rounded sport accustomed killer useable working realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable nobody's fool pretty inspiring affecting worthy responsible out of the ordinary percipient unprovincial know one's business know ins and outs know the score all around know one's stuff know the answers quick on the trigger well up in steady old-time inured apprized well briefed exciting well suited well qualified have the goods ahead of one's peers have smarts old beyond one's years got it advanced for one's age sentient observant of the first water supercalifragilisticexpialidocious broken in highly endowed abreast of the facts filled in lettered influential momentous consequential top-shelf the right stuff knowing one's stuff know one's onions intense vital rousing crash-hot gee-whizz important forcible thrilling clear-sighted having been around clear-eyed know backwards and forwards knows one's stuff from way back wise to ways impassioned academic highbrow bookish literary of the old school amazeballs studious civilized pedantic esoteric recondite well-done donnish widely read well read understanding prescient solid deep well-educated polymath professorial philosophical grounded abstruse philosophic civilised well-grounded sound solemn scientific grave studied pansophic privy across apprised appreciative knowledgeable about abreast of apprised of up with in touch well informed about plugged into enlightened about aware of wise to switched on with an understanding of with a knowledge of well versed in clued up about well up on in the know about clued up on well instructed genned up about hip to switched on to

Tính từ

Providing a benefit when used
useful beneficial advantageous helpful productive valuable worthwhile constructive profitable gainful invaluable rewarding timely effective efficacious expedient fruitful instrumental meritorious opportune strategic commodious conducive facilitative favourable favorable of assistance of help positive propitious to one's advantage worth it good appropriate suitable convenient fit auspicious beneficent worthy fitting fortunate lucky satisfactory well-timed behooveful relevant requisite of benefit benefic friendly fair salutary benignant seasonable suited providential happy nice befitting proper apt reasonable acceptable felicitous fitted encouraging promising hopeful right kindly significant important pivotal essential vital crucial practical imperative paramount critical indispensable wholesome welcome healthful reassuring toward pleasureful benign prosperous pleasant flattering pleasing cheering gratifying pleasurable admired appreciated fundamental key necessary respected serviceable in demand exigent needed loved held dear hot of value estimable esteemed of the essence of use worth its weight in gold best central of service scarce worthful hot property full of promise benevolent applicable well disposed agreeable pertinent accommodating condign cut out for politic okay user friendly deserved merited advisable in keeping swell fit for purpose copacetic righteous in character meet right up someone's street rightful up to snuff presentable up to standard sufficient legit to the point apposite kosher good enough just germane in keeping with furthersome comfortable well timed decent effectual potent efficient sensible lucrative desirable powerful successful prudent wise operative win-win sound judicious remunerative recommended adequate suggested tactical paying preferable capable economic seemly contributory meaningful accessory bright excellent subordinate contributive formative ancillary active moneymaking secondary substantial competent informative pragmatic auxiliary recommendable supportive commonsensical telling strong virtuous forcible minor dynamic fortuitous fat juicy money-spinning generous conclusive decisive determinative workable rich supplemental subservient valid well subsidiary forceful well spent rosy financially rewarding well paid logical golden sagacious appurtenant collateral adjuvant for the best in one's interests heaven-sent to your advantage feasible advanced illuminating enriching justifiable usable industrious generative desired reliable purposeful plus good for one accomplishing achieving effecting qualified practicable fulfilling well-spent recompensing commendable counselable unfailing outstanding uplifting inspiring functional required good for you preferred correct exemplary money-making priceless worth the effort in one's best interests healing sure-fire indicated rational reasoned in one's interest financially worthwhile sovereign called-for called for optimistic instructive compelling best suited definitive clear impactive affecting enough heartening roseate likely upbeat rose-colored influential puissant energetic eventful consequential altruistic humanitarian charitable kind favouring favoring pat dexter brave big-hearted paid favoured favored jammy lesser stimulating going well-paying sweet fructuous lush satisfying supplementary born with a silver spoon in your mouth well-off fine in order all right utilitarian going concern paid off very productive impactful in the black additional extra self-serving bush-league flunky to one's own advantage in one's own interests productive of good for aid helpful to facilitate favour favor second-fiddle second-class peripheral attendant leading benefit tending assist promotive encourage help useful for instrumental in lower-level lower-grade flourishing fine and dandy hunky-dory OK as it should be calculated to produce lead to contribute to make for branch cooperative aiding backup lower junior subject tributory assisting assistant right on tickety-boo on the ball jake unobjectionable unexceptional cool tend to promote contributing to most correct

Tính từ

(of equipment or a facility) Available for use
free available accessible empty idle vacant spare unoccupied usable unfilled unreserved untaken unused at hand employable exploitable not in use not occupied on hand tenantless uninhabited disengaged for the taking unemployed unengaged untenanted up for grabs obtainable operative appropriate admissible allowable permitted attainable reachable securable suitable getable open on hold on offer on deck within reach at your disposal at your fingertips to hand to be had on tap inactive dormant off inert latent dead inoperative bare void clear stark fallow devoid blank barren vacuous clean toom desolate emptied abandoned deserted forsaken without contents vacated disused to let mothballed containing nothing out of use derelict destitute leisure unfurnished on the market stagnant going begging stationary unlived in still at rest not filled turned off unclaimed recreational casual unallocated unhired own drained spartan cleared bereft isolated godforsaken out of commission unchartered unbooked depleted evacuated lifeless quiescent resting bankrupt exhausted deflated despoiled not operating ticking over wanting lacking desert waste hollow hollowed out not solid gathering dust sterile fallen into disuse no longer in use unutilized plain without life without living things suspended sidelined down unexploited unmarked virgin on the shelf out of action closed down not made use of untried untapped untouched spotless white virginal uncompleted up for sale gettable unspoilt new fresh not in service non-functioning forgotten rejected unwritten on waiting to be bought there for the taking for sale abeyant motionless immobile unmoving stopped static yours for the asking low-key in holding pattern

Tính từ

Small, compact, or on a small scale
pocket small compact little diminutive slight puny miniature tiny undersized mini wee minute dwarfish bantam dinky smallish portable pygmy shrimpy toylike midget undersize fine subnormal Lilliputian short peewee abridged potted reduced concise condensed capsule pint-sized pocket-size pocket-sized half-pint itsy-bitsy pint-size fun size fun-size vest-pocket petite teeny teensy-weensy minuscule teeny-weeny teensy microscopic dwarf bitty bitsy itty-bitty infinitesimal weeny minikin toy baby minuscular microscopical negligible trifling weensy stunted insignificant small-scale tiddly pee-wee little bitty runty titchy little-bitty atomic microminiature elfin yea big minimum pintsize pintsized miniaturized eensy eensy-weensy scaled-down miniaturised nanoscopic underdeveloped micro scrubby bite-sized ickle stubby knee-high to a grasshopper imperceptible sawn-off low dainty meager meagre skimpy peanut cramped very small lilliputian scrawny knee-high squat dwarfed fragile undeveloped feeble homuncular small-boned babyish light runtish cute shrivelled bitesize small-fry minor embryonic shriveled wizened bite-size not large not big knee high to a grasshopper poky bijou teeny weeny spindly pygmyish very little bonsai model mite tincy teentsy button atrophied underweight smaller youthful pygmaean measly dumpy squatty fubsy stocky munchkin trim neat dear adorable boxy narrow with no room to swing a cat palm-top lesser secondary bush-league adorbs minor-league small-time natty shallow itsy bitsy incy wincy tincy wincy teensy weensy frail weak low-lying not long low-slung thin skinny underfed weakly not tall slim twiggy spare slender sawed-off sickly reedy attenuate knee high to a gnat close to the ground gracile stick skeleton broomstick undernourished insufficient inconsiderable hand-held sparse inappreciable limited second rate delicate scant snub truncated young immature infant fleeting junior hasty brief weedy slightly built size-zero lightly-built unsubstantial niggling zero useless zilch inferior picayune nothing unsound runt infirm two-bit shrimp unconsequential worthless not heavy short-lived hardly any nano small time flyspeck nickel-and-dime not worth bothering about

Tính từ

Affording, or disposed to afford, accommodation
accommodating cooperative considerate friendly helpful obliging complaisant hospitable kind polite unselfish willing compliant adaptable agreeable amenable amiable courteous generous indulgent pliable accommodative civil eager to please kindly neighbourly accepting decent long-suffering neighborly pleasant eager to help on deck on tap user friendly willing to help gracious benevolent thoughtful cordial sympathetic affable genial chivalrous understanding tender amicable charitable caring compassionate good-natured respectful warm-hearted sociable beneficent gallant congenial kind-hearted big-hearted mannerly good-hearted benign warm well-mannered warmhearted nice gentle good liberal tactful well-bred approachable attentive lenient tolerant kindhearted mild good-humoured good-humored solicitous well-disposed well mannered magnanimous gentlemanly altruistic easygoing cheerful civilized genteel courtly benignant tender-hearted supportive tenderhearted softhearted diplomatic suave noble urbane easy patient regardful civilised humane well disposed mindful bountiful loving ladylike mellow soft-hearted refined merciful soft goodhearted cultivated selfless good-tempered honourable all heart polished cultured honorable companionable pleasing giving affectionate humanitarian philanthropic forbearing lovable sensitive lavish open-handed likeable bighearted sweet delightful engaging decorous public-spirited large-hearted even-tempered likable well meaning convivial heedful social well bred bland unctuous stately forthcoming bonhomous dutiful personable eleemosynary lovely responsive righteous munificent bounteous prepossessing winsome unpresumptuous unassuming clement philanthropical unstinting sweet-natured mild-mannered sweet-tempered pitying bleeding-heart big well intentioned harmless welcoming well-behaved courageous heroic concerned harmonious good-mannered valiant observant conscientious thoughty brave forgiving wellmannered politic formal open guestfriendly devoted gentlemanlike fearless bold intrepid dauntless stout-hearted reverential responsible empathic commiserative empathetic wonderful humble modest swell ingratiating self-effacing jovial reputable well behaved correct circumspect discreet accessible easy to get along with easy to get on with favourable noble-minded valorous broad-minded open-minded sentimental human nonmalignant acquiescent moderate happy breezy nonthreatening favorable like a sport knightly marshmallow softie charming comforting wholesome angelic soft touch benefic maternal brotherly calm greathearted propitious unoffensive great-hearted princely motherly fatherly fatherlike heart in right place openhanded openhearted feeling freehanded deferential easy-going willing to please favourably disposed non-malignant do-good welfare nonprofit compatible appealing free ungrudging not-for-profit almsgiving non-profit non-profit-making winning taking enchanting captivating appropriate socially concerned doing good works mushy simpatico reasonable barley-sugar as nice as pie well-meaning free-handed honest respectable upright ethical virtuous trustworthy incorrupt worthy moral dependable comradely upstanding just principled peaceable matching suitable fitting right straight true couth stand-up clean-living on the up and up well-brought-up squeaky clean right-minded all right fair proper scrupulous high-minded incorruptible reliable law-abiding high-principled faithful blameless equitable pure irreproachable laudable admirable meritorious unimpeachable trusty anti-corruption truthful exemplary sincere creditable square respected praiseworthy commendable conscionable kosher lawful impartial estimable venerable elevated moralistic solid fair-minded disinterested distinguished peaceful straightforward rightful deserving guiltless clean sinless on the level sensible morally correct excellent self-sacrificing true-blue saintly above board aboveboard duteous innocent constant uncorrupted right-thinking fine loyal unbiased unprejudiced of good repute esteemed objective dedicated above reproach unreserved dispassionate orderly obedient due evenhanded equal candid self-denying lofty immaculate justified veracious justifiable up front steady outgoing even-handed salt of the earth prestigious legitimate fair and square unbribable clubbable steadfast non-partisan non-discriminatory extroverted pious notable nonpartisan indifferent punctilious great unwavering gregarious full of integrity impeccable squeaky-clean nondiscriminatory legit reverent true blue reputed sterling conversable self-righteous well-thought-of inculpable disciplined dignified faultless unfailing genuine cheery self-forgetting anti-discrimination company-loving submissive docile neutral chirpy holy spiritual deserved denying unstained staunch forthright eminent seemly merited resolute saintlike godly devout biddable clubby condign uncolored perky of principle above suspicion egalitarian temperate upfront trusted unswerving natural firm matey pally chummy chaste name on the up-and-up valuable couthy illustrious honoured recognized competent warranted applaudable trustable impersonal outstanding buddy-buddy balanced lordly calculable proud first-class true-hearted high whiter than white pure as the driven snow bleeding heart praisable honored highly regarded recognised with no axe to grind above-board soft-spoken of good report loving and giving palmary well brought up unerring peacekeeping having clean hands complying unsparing self-forgetful idealistic glorious God-fearing freehearted fulsome manageable tractable conformable smart matchless godlike peerless frank Christian rational even morally right morally acceptable informal communicative relaxed uninhibited dinkum clubable extraverted boon hail-fellow-well-met legal goodish credible on up and up needy thankworthy eligible honest-to-goodness guileless redoubtable worthwhile unbigoted level-headed authentic fast quiet placid well-favoured well favoured highbrow composed straight-arrow clean-cut elegant debonair unpretentious unfeigned uncontrived model self-respecting well brought-up extraordinary remarkable invaluable enduring patriotic on-the-level uncoloured proportionate expansive fun expressive extrovert sure tried stanch secure safe inoffensive perpetual persistent inextinguishable immortal undestroyable unchanging untouchable meek laid back well spoken well-spoken fair-and-square level stable even-steven cricket fair-to-middling good scout Robin Hood classy punctual exact precise fastidious critical independent self-sufficient regal receptive shy non-confrontational pacific lamblike demure sisterly dovelike retiring cool dove-like paternal without fear or favour valued tried-and-true truehearted veridical allegiant down-the-line wholehearted ardent undistorted liege confirmed right and proper on the square dapper alright goody-goody lily-white unmarred unobjectionable precious extremely careful thinking twice pliant filial deferent fair shake square deal predictable committed infallible no lie A-1 obligatory binding quality decisive determined consoling established encouraging sympathizing condoling apt well disciplined apropos ritually pure undefiled positive careful unequivocal major league in limelight big time big name high-powered august meritable prized admired meretorious appreciable commiserating doting piteous ruthful of repute well thought of well respected sympathising sparing having heart in right place well trained incumbent on meet desirable befitting earned tried and true large tried and tested well known favored famous well-known renowned prominent popular famed high-ranking redoubted sound celebrated acclaimed copper-bottomed old softie well-deserved open-hearted well-intentioned favoured with a good reputation tried and trusted fit requisite felicitous in high favor of good standing exceptional noteworthy wicked first-rate well deserved well earned ace smashing brill tip-top grand champion top-notch splendiferous super fab bully top-hole beaut batting a thousand up to the mark worthy of admiration worthy of commendation nasty not too shabby believeable satisfactory organic irreprehensible untarnished without reproach in the clear of excellent character

Tính từ

Always successful
infallible certain sure unfailing dependable reliable trustworthy foolproof sound sure-fire can't-miss effective efficacious fail-safe guaranteed safe surefire unbeatable acceptable agreeable always effective apodictic authoritative correct effectual efficient exact helpful incontrovertible inerrable inerrant never failing omniscient positive right satisfactory satisfying solid steady undeceivable unimpeachable unquestionable useful watertight tried and tested tried and true unerring absolute irrefutable definite indubitable conclusive true undeniable unequivocal incontestable firm indisputable assured unambiguous clear unmistakable undoubted unassailable genuine categorical in the bag never-failing faultless demonstrable real fixed confirmable verifiable evident determined set faithful steadfast on ice decisive plain inarguable convincing obvious predestined hard supreme ascertained known provable establishable destined definitive undisputable secure beyond doubt constant tested unbreakable loyal salted away sure thing staunch having down pat good airtight trusty confirmed accurate precise manifest trustable calculable decided tried-and-true beyond dispute clear-cut beyond question flawless unarguable irrefragable unanswerable unchallengeable accomplished honest resolute unconditional ensured devoted responsible consistent enduring unshakable committed dedicated patent proven insured impeccable compelling final veracious failsafe emphatic nailed-on strong valid true-blue beyond a shadow of a doubt excellent perfect self-evident clinching undebatable idiot-proof tried goofproof sovereign invulnerable ultimate not in doubt without loopholes concluded certified warranted stated stipulated settled sealed clinched established clutch actual dutiful trusted last deciding inflexible credible thorough authentic indefective pronounced cinched racked unswerving conscientious dinkum peremptory factual predictable upright unwavering decent nailed on fast uncompromising iron go-to believable reputable respectable honourable righteous high-principled truthful honorable nailed down made certain absolutely certain sewed up to be counted on safe as houses likely to perform always there stone cold errorless without error on the money kosher all right sincere incorrupt careful no ifs ands or buts cast-iron true-hearted set in stone telling undisputed influential plausible weighty well-defined persuasive formidable cogent lucid ingenious material forceful insightful pertinent urgent incisive trenchant great sharp well-established powerful crystalline coercive well-founded relevant forcible distinct well founded impressive intuitive intelligent inevitable palpable irrevocable concrete recognized doubtless endless boundless determinate inexhaustible transparent recognised unqualified questionless ceaseless continuous persistent unlimited unfading undying continual unflagging bottomless as sure as eggs is eggs diligent same unrelenting unchanging straight assiduous dyed-in-the-wool delivering lasting there come-through abiding continuing eternal invariable counted on rock solid

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