Đồng nghĩa của chartered

Alternative for chartered

charters, chartered, chartering

Đồng nghĩa: alliance, hire, lease, rent, treaty,


Past tense for to grant a charter to
authorised authorized empowered licensed accredited certified commissioned enabled invested licenced qualified vested warranted permitted sanctioned entitled gave authority given authority let entrusted recognized allowed approved charged delegated endorsed endowed privileged recognised OKed installed appointed bid capacitated consigned granted passed provided ratified validated legitimized vouched for gave authority to given authority to granted the right to legitimised okayed ordained inducted instated inaugurated gave power to given power to initiated crowned enthroned anointed backed favoured championed supported favored tasked seated promoted advocated deputed guaranteed recommended consecrated trusted established baptized committed intrusted deputized letten leet honoured bestowed conferred franchised honored dispatched instructed commanded equipped mandated deputised adopted granted authority to granted authorization to bequeathed confided to baptised granted a licence to granted a permit to suffered granted permission to granted leave to certificated awarded graced admitted to office rubber-stamped gave permission to given permission to presented gave permission given permission invested with power gave the go-ahead to given someone the authority given the go-ahead to gave someone the authority countenanced consigned to gave the green light to consented given the green light to bestowed on gave the thumbs up to given the thumbs up to armed given the OK to legalised vested in entrusted to conferred on conferred a right to invested in said the word legalized endowed in gave the OK to granted to bade bequethen bequoth swore in sworn in gave given equipt gave to given to gave a diploma to given a diploma to given a certificate to gave a certificate to given the green light gave the word gave the go-ahead given the word gave the green light given the go-ahead gave authorization to given authorization to given a permit to gave a permit to gave a licence to gave the right to given a licence to gave leave to given the right to given leave to gave the means to gave the power to given the means to given means to gave means to given the power to gave approval to given approval to gave a blank cheque to gave the stamp of approval to given a blank cheque to given the stamp of approval to confirmed accepted consented to signed authenticated affirmed formalized agreed to formalised cleared upheld finalized approbated homologated finalised bound put into effect countersigned sealed blessed blest acceded signed off on said yes to assented to upholden corroborated given the nod gave the nod acquiesced assented enacted set seal on made rubber stamped initialled initialed bounden made valid greenlit greenlighted acquiesced in notarized condoned substantiated indemnified gave the nod to given the nod to sustained legislated made binding made stick made legal tolerated given stamp of approval gave stamp of approval carried seconded acknowledged gone for went for caused decreed constituted made legally binding engaged brooked approved of acceded to voted for freed up heard of got behind agreed pushed for lapped up gave assent to made law had lent your name to legislated for gone along with lived with given assent to gotten behind voted in conceded admitted of laid down agreed with bought concurred in stumped for said the magic word subscribed to bought into concurred made into law went along with sat still for gave one's consent given one's consent bore out borne out underwritten underwrote undertaken undertook lay down given permission for gave leave for gave permission for given leave for given go-ahead gave go-ahead taken up boughten took up given something the nod gave leave given okay given the O.K. gave the O.K. given leave gave okay gave something the nod gave something the go-ahead gave something the OK given something the OK given something the thumbs up given something the go-ahead gave something the thumbs up gave something the green light given something the green light gave green light gave one's word given green light given one's word


Past tense for to allow something to exist or happen
permitted allowed let leet letten sanctioned authorised authorized empowered enabled granted entitled licenced licensed suffered tolerated qualified admitted agreed to countenanced OKed assented to brooked consented to endorsed endured gave someone authorization given someone authorization gave someone leave given someone leave legalised legalized legitimated legitimatized warranted acceded to acquiesced in approved of caused abetted acceded accepted acquiesced admitted of agreed approved blest blessed boosted bought boughten cleared conceded concurred condoned consented facilitated franchised granted someone the right green-lit green-lighted had humoured humored indulged left okayed passed privileged sanctified signed gave something the nod given something the nod gave the nod given the nod acquiesced to blinked at gave permission given permission gave the go-ahead to given the go-ahead to gave the OK to given the OK to went for gone for let pass said the word said yes shook on shaken on winked at gave carte blanche given carte blanche gave leave given leave gave the go-ahead given the go-ahead gave the thumbs up to given the thumbs up to gave your blessing given your blessing signed off on took kindly to taken kindly to gave the green light given the green light gave the green light to given the green light to ratified seconded greenlit validated greenlighted accredited formalized homologated finalized confirmed approbated finalised favoured favored formalised concurred with said yes to gave something the thumbs up given the thumbs up rubber-stamped gone along with given your consent to given something the go-ahead gave the thumbs up given something the thumbs up given your blessing to gave your blessing to gave your consent to went along with gave something the green light gave something the go-ahead given something the green light


Having the relevant or required qualifications or skills
qualified fit capable trained able competent experienced licenced licensed accomplished certificated equipped expert practised seasoned adept certified knowledgeable proficient efficient practiced professional skilful skilled talented eligible equal good prepared skillful suitable authorised authorized pro accepted adequate disciplined instructed proper proved tested tried vet veteran up to snuff up to speed entitled sanctioned empowered franchised kosher privileged legit okay okayed masterly apt adroit appropriate virtuoso gifted versed consummate ace suited masterful fitted crack right crackerjack master savvy great mean educated deft fitting handy dexterous clever schooled brilliant dextrous compleat complete well versed mature au fait effective befitting becoming acceptable useful smart polished wizard professed applicable excellent apposite worthy seemly ready serviceable adapted practical time-served intelligent effectual nifty meet hardened relevant correct familiar tasty apropos bright usable workmanlike pertinent genuine well trained up to it sharp dynamite well-versed on the ball happy stellar just satisfactory real decent strong learned long-serving actual deadly feasible preferable rightful wise bona fide employable battle-scarred ingenious due old first-rate genius established useable ideal habile expedient wicked elite with it convenient conformable slick worldly-wise worldly felicitous amenable eager docile pretty top-notch approved accredited balanced out-and-out effortless powerful impressive reliable accurate agile outstanding functional sensible multitalented multiskilled deserving official fine decorous exceptional specialist matured related endowed demon artful formidable correspondent available exact likely magic facile precise equitable congruous practicable good enough hot first-class marvellous sure-handed taught tutored well-rounded all-round refined all-around working superb germane conversant well suited weathered sophisticated class comme il faut marvelous knowing the score to the point old hand cut out for out of this world big league highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly qualified extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly trained to the purpose know the ropes tailor-made been around bred aimed impeccably credentialed enrolled seeded nominated well credentialed desirable credentialed destined quick prodigious productive well qualified pitch-perfect organized very well leading dynamic ultraefficient supreme businesslike fluent mighty terrific tremendous rangé habituated redoubtable up to scratch allowed permitted organised switched-on well-informed acquainted honest pukka true authentic echt pucka dinkum sure-enough certifiable dominant invincible indomitable drilled phenom whiz toughened good for designed sussed conventional killer realizable realisable hyperefficient short-listed a dab hand at A1 best first class a hand at supremely skilled rounded sport accustomed right on errorless dead-on topflight well sporting on-target trustworthy spot-on thorough sure-fire stringent orthodox formal versant matched cut out favourite reasonable promising favorite hopeful awesome on the beam timely teachable canny well up puissant amazing of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years sufficient broken in registered well up in worldly wise been there versed in astounding admirable remarkable regular crisp trainable tuned in up on hardy equal to up to capable of the right stuff knowing one's stuff exercised steady long-time old-time inured belonging judicious having the goods knowing the ropes green thumb old-timer having know-how in the know legitimate senior full perfect having the right stuff has what it takes like a one-man band able to perform condign deserved justified helpful fairy-tale in the running in line for easy alert cunning knowing keen opportune like a pistol equal to the task up there de règle desired prudent fully developed full grown fully fledged full scale full blown knows one's stuff not born yesterday from way back wise to ways of the old school responsible all around just right spot on made to order pat harmonious highly endowed no slouch know one's business know ins and outs know the score know one's stuff know the answers for real well-suited well-chosen know one's onions fully-fledged know backwards and forwards adult full-blown ripe ripened in keeping applied firsthand experient empirical objective hands-on developed grown-up full-size full-term total well-developed full-grown grown active existential experiential experimental empiric pragmatic heuristic non-theoretical factual full-fledged in the field how-to in full bloom completely developed exploitable operable bravura -worthy magnificent superlative wonderful dazzling leet delicate


In accordance with a constitution
constitutional legitimate legal lawful statutory vested authorised authorized licit official codified constituted permissible permitted ratified sanctioned warranted approved democratic ensured representative by law within the law in accordance with the constitution allowed allowable acceptable admissible licensed legalized granted legalised licenced valid rightful proper legit tolerable accepted sound binding fair statutable just enforceable right honest genuine above board upright ex cathedra kosher condign innocent justified protected justifiable enforcible judged de jure enjoined acknowledged prescribed aboveboard passed bona fide contractual enforced decreed card-carrying straight ordained due precedented let conceded okay favored consented accorded tolerated sure enough on the level on the up and up favoured recognized recognised authoritative established true authentic accredited certified suitable endorsed canonical formal real orthodox correct by the book signed and sealed documented excusable OK effective pardonable venial pukka all right regular in effect judicial in force legally binding jural warrantable validated passable authenticated verified sensible appropriate traditional ordered applicable fit actual customary trustworthy in order going by the rules within accepted bounds safe reasonable defensible standard tenable satisfactory commissioned juridical ruled jurisprudent mandated commanded legislated enacted legitimatized good sanctionable methodical supportable conventional operational well-founded explicit legally acceptable undisputed active influential of right probable logical frank forthright overt open candid fixed ceremonious square fitting current ceremonial operative in operation at play in use in execution ex officio legislative admitted according to law effectual decriminalised decriminalized sufferable countenanced bearable unforbidden unprohibited understandable sanctioned by law bonafide vindicable credible driveable available received usual normal ordinary stock strict certifiable sustainable defendable usable veritable set regimented express orderly maintainable plausible explainable arguable forgivable unexpired undoubted unquestioned natural canonic uncontested sealed signed systematic condonable remissible street-legal decided conclusive definite cleared decisive precise cathedral positive routine ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual appointed and delivered rational possible worthy likely pertinent concedable relevant confirmed unconcealed unequivocal right on straight from the horse's mouth straightforward straight from shoulder up front veracious truthful able to hold water true-blue empowered deputed guaranteed not unlikely not impossible vouched for standing upfront stated moral ethical indicative roadworthy ascribed deputized qualified attributed credited righteous virtuous classic definitive fair and square tried and true tried and tested time-honoured tried and trusted time-honored equitable dependable pro forma honourable deputised reliable classical magisterial best deserved merited principled decent honorable officially recognized astute competent nice scrupulous right-minded commanding sovereign wise sagacious judicious intelligent conscientious stand-up imperial departmental executive supreme mandatory bureaucratic ruling administrative percipient reputable shrewd proven perceptive fly faithful tried-and-true significant most scholarly most reliable

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