Đồng nghĩa của fair and square

Alternative for fair and square

fair and square /'feənd'skwəe/
  • danh từ & phó từ, (thông tục)
    • lương thiện
    • công bằng; thẳng thắn, không úp mở, không khéo léo


Not counterfeit
on the level fair honest legitimate proper straight true above board genuine sincere straightforward aboveboard accepted accredited authentic authorised authorized for real honest-to-goodness kosher lawful official reliable sanctioned square straight-shooting trustworthy truthful upfront valid verifiable on the up-and-up right as rain telling the truth on the up and up legal pukka legit unequivocal unconcealed frank forthright candid overt open licit by the book real sound sterling actual dinkum echt sure-enough pucka unadulterated unalloyed certified right certifiable authenticated rightful authoritative natural unquestionable veritable true to life real McCoy bona fide original card-carrying faithful guileless artless unaffected ingenuous factual veracious accurate literal precise correct realistic true-blue like it is unpretentious simple naive innocent veridical credible unpretending sure true-to-life exact direct meaning what one says absolute unvarnished certain unfeigned outspoken pure the real McCoy not copied up-front naïve no-nonsense no fooling plain unhypocritical right on straight from shoulder regular up front heartfelt uncontrived unpretended unforced wholehearted full-hearted unassumed earnest deep from the heart honest-to-God for-sure no buts about it positive sure-thing real stuff really-truly errorless strict bang on dead-on as true as I'm sitting here on the line spot-on on-target so close spot on undeceptive high-principled unelaborated as true as I'm standing here unerring on the nail objective very undoubted verisimilar straight from horse's mouth de facto unprejudiced unexaggerated word for word veristic true-life documentary matter-of-fact telling it like it is as it really happened historical verbatim circumstantial lifelike nonfictional concrete scientific effective hard fact-based existent unadorned unbiased bonafide undisputed plain-spoken attested trusty free-spoken round unfaked twenty-four carat simon-pure genuine article your actual real thing live believable truth-telling righteous plainspoken scrupulous unreserved just


Fair, just, or impartial
equitable fair just impartial unbiased dispassionate even-handed right unprejudiced fair-minded honest proper reasonable rightful anti-discrimination disinterested due egalitarian non-discriminatory objective unbigoted conscientious good honorable honourable scrupulous upright balanced candid decent equal evenhanded indifferent neutral nondiscriminatory nonpartisan non-partisan open-minded proportionate sensible square uncoloured above board cricket ethical even-steven fair-to-middling impersonal justifiable level moral stable uncolored upfront without fear or favour fair shake square deal with no axe to grind on the level on the up and up aboveboard straight even virtuous fair-and-square true trustworthy matching uninvolved detached unselfish genuine straightforward dinkum kosher on-the-level on the up-and-up respectable on the square right and proper upstanding righteous nice truthful law-abiding right-minded all right principled noble lawful fitting independent incorruptible clean blameless stand-up pure free from discrimination merited middle-of-the-road justified without favouritism condign rational on-the-fence high-minded deserved correct on the fence reputable worthy warranted nonaligned nondiscriminating suitable elevated unslanted exemplary anti-corruption competent moralistic sincere high-principled fit legitimate legal dutiful uninfluenced uncorrupted unemotional faithful uncommitted appropriate saintly sinless irreproachable angelic guiltless meritorious laudable unimpeachable praiseworthy conscionable right-thinking without favor earned apt humane requisite true blue dependable steady reliable sportsmanlike outside responsible equable innocent clinical unswayed sportsmanly uninterested judicial lofty aloof saintlike admirable godly level-headed unbribable cold unallied whiter than white squeaky clean morally correct pure as the driven snow according to the rules charitable unaligned non-aligned meet legit non-discriminating disconnected moderate not taking sides becoming well deserved well earned obligatory commendable punctilious forthright sporting gracious unprepossessed pukka frank civil mannerly selfless well balanced sitting on the fence strictly business cool on up-and-up chivalrous gentlemanlike gallant full of integrity equalized without distinction nonbiased equalised free from self-interest without prejudice impeccable immaculate sporty according to Hoyle expected anticipated awaited slated unaffiliated of principle true-blue circumspect up front morally right morally acceptable Christian equalitarian unaffected unimplicated adequate sufficient ample enough middle in proportion faultless unruffled logical unmoved nonpassionate composed that takes everything into account classless satisfactory middle of the road straddling the fence free God-fearing squeaky-clean pious noble-minded bounden credible unfailing well-earned humble steadfast veracious authentic devoted reverent matchless deserving holy philanthropical devout philanthropic godlike creditable peerless spiritual democratic unpretentious uncontrived unfeigned disengaged enduring dedicated unwavering trusty constant resolute patriotic twenty-four carat holding water permitted official card-carrying in principle authorized befitting orthodox applicable canonical authorised autonomous unconcerned bystanding broad-minded removed non-participating undecided unconnected rhadamanthine scheduled coming on sidelines equal-opportunity rectitudinous dignified inactive nonchalant poker-faced quality professional centrist untainted favoring obedient self-righteous incorrupt sound incorrupted non-radical non-extreme lily-white cultivated inculpable irreprehensible tractable well-behaved estimable sanctimonious non-reactionary central favouring religious prim lenient saving proud pacific safe uncontroversial open to reason

Trái nghĩa của fair and square

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