Đồng nghĩa của aloof

Alternative for aloof

Tính từ

Not friendly or sociable
cold distant cool reserved remote detached unfriendly indifferent frosty withdrawn unsociable uncommunicative frigid unresponsive antisocial standoffish unsympathetic unforthcoming chilly unapproachable impersonal offish unconcerned unbending stiff unclubbable formal asocial haughty standoff uninterested dry forbidding austere disdainful supercilious stuffy incurious uppity proud snooty lofty stand-offish cold-eyed buttoned-up hard-hearted hard-boiled thick-skinned laid back on ice stuck up cold fish lone wolf putting on airs unemotional dispassionate unfeeling apathetic icy reticent undemonstrative cold-blooded emotionless impassive disinterested stony passionless restrained glacial solitary unmoved unwelcoming uninvolved phlegmatic chill quiet taciturn inhospitable retiring gelid reclusive calm antiseptic hostile callous uncordial stolid clammy uncongenial brittle lukewarm uncaring silent shy hard-eyed introverted wooden secretive neutral heartless stoical affectless misanthropic impassible wintry wintery impartial close coldish frozen arctic private stern collected stoic hard close-mouthed poker-faced insensitive diffident unenthusiastic nonchalant self-contained uncompanionable dour casual unsocial unneighbourly numb guarded unkind tight-lipped steely self-controlled severe inhibited objective clinical serene controlled unprejudiced sober uncurious unbiased laconic offhand uncharitable Olympian flinty conventional laid-back dumb curt unaffable unexpressive fierce unpleasant demure rigid media-shy unsmiling antipathetic composed serious nonpartisan unruffled gruff evenhanded impervious harsh off unaffected untouched insouciant obdurate uncivil matter-of-fact insensible tough grim removed introvert rude heedless eremitic modest mute grave nasty ceremonious unstirred prim closemouthed antagonistic backward bashful inattentive starchy cautious mom cold-hearted sedate placid intimidating constrained candid equal speechless repellent pococurante self-restrained louring retired strait-laced ungentle menacing brooding passive sombre somber lowering fair-minded hardhearted unflappable imperturbable mum unloving blasé unaroused discourteous ungracious unimpressed disagreeable hardened annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious insolent negative businesslike stilted clammed up unsentimental heedless of equitable sententious cool, calm and collected uncommitted inimical unneighborly relaxed just fair stony-hearted snobbish mild soft-spoken peaceful gentle noncommittal unamiable cross nonaligned unpassioned abstract easy unexcitable listless staid sparing outside square stark oblivious rough deadpan uncompassionate cruel mean-looking glowering unpitying expressionless flat dried-up apathetic about uninvolved in uninterested in rugged on the fence abstracted preoccupied unmoved by brusque coldhearted unamicable impolite complacent perfunctory undecided inactive inert obnoxious shrinking uninvolved with surly untroubled uptight bored by sour strict unperturbed ill-natured timid self-effacing lifeless superior nonbelligerent noncombatant unworried sullen untalkative tongue-tied careless spiritless unmindful of deaf to negligent oblivious to solemn neuter nonparticipating middle-of-road unaligned bystanding disengaged pacifistic jaundiced mortal adversary adversarial ill-disposed hateful incommunicable inhuman muted rational nongregarious scowling gray grey disapproving stuck-up equable cold-shoulder uncolored straight nondiscriminatory resolute even-handed soulless bad-tempered independent spacey tightlipped grouchy halfhearted aversive repugnant mean inflexible dead blank bland vacant toneless hollow hard-headed unyielding inapproachable short nonplussed on sidelines insular incommunicative open-minded inaccessible earnest non-partisan nowhere unimpassioned immovable nonemotional frowning uncommunicable spaced-out insusceptible unsusceptible out of it keeping people at arm's length insensate cold as ice ill-tempered unrevealing balanced unimpressionable eremetic crass tactless obtuse imperceptive grim-faced hard as nails feelingless bloodless without fear or favour with no axe to grind stony-eyed conservative avoidant introspective unaffectionate contained half-hearted tepid unsavoury indifferent about incurious about abrupt ungenial objectionable unattractive hesitant unlikeable unenthused unincluded selfish ungenerous analytic unhappy depressing terse dismissive camera-shy dispassionate about not interested timorous inward-looking mopey mopish distrustful xenophobic sheepish coy recessive inscrutable unfazed level-headed cool-headed unreceptive suspicious ardorless loveless impotent unromantic unsavory socially inhibited overbearing wicked insociable arrogant uninquiring unagitated unfavorable unfavourable rigorous logical discreet close-lipped inarticulate aseptic retreated thoughtful recluse alienated tranquil unimpressible uninfluenced pompous put on airs unselfish isolated marble inexpressive blah indurated inexcitable ungainly unrelenting stringent not caring contemptuous withering seclusive unconversational exact precise non-discriminatory cynical ascetic hermitlike ungregarious dry-eyed undismayed exacting correct proper secret enduring resigned philosophic indomitable bureaucratic unnatural forced hermitic hermit-like hermitical unforgiving authoritarian illiberal tight-mouthed wordless dark clamlike carefree selfless along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches non-emotional solid ramrod non-communicative self-sufficient all alone mumchance unwilling to mix with other people affected starched featureless depersonalised faceless colorless careful depersonalized colourless measured anonymous monolithic blithe without prejudice free from discrimination free from self-interest seemly official astringent inexorable evasive hush-hush unswayed laboured mannered contrived artificial immune polite at a loss for words hard-nosed no-nonsense heavy-handed honest unbigoted pokerfaced unmindful easy-going steady nonaffected unexcited dried up buttoned up devil-may-care happy-go-lucky straight arrow by the numbers stiff-necked embarrassed repressed strained self-conscious awkward uneasy on the QT strictly business cold turkey immune to impervious to stubborn unanxious sitting on the fence on the level lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome debonair straight-faced proof against subdued unrelated unconnected autonomous unallied compassionless inconsiderate supine deaf unbothered not bothered at ease forgetful self-centered feckless undisturbed lackadaisical blind undaunted self-centred aggressive pitiless thoughtless merciless ferocious quarrelsome without a care in the world not giving a toss labored inhumane ruthless desensitized indurate case-hardened pachydermatous remorseless stonyhearted stoney unsparing slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners unmerciful ironhearted uninviting unmannerly lacking compassion formidable inured to with a heart of stone desensitised as hard as nails unsensitive crabbed threatening glum churlish competitive unpromising contrary against warlike vengeful conflicting acrimonious opposed opposite estranged censorious combative grudging malicious disaffected malignant spiteful grumpy savage fell sinister morose bleak sulky unconcerned about splenetic vicious cantankerous crusty truculent offhand about apathetic towards casual about regardless nonchalant about uncaring about not on speaking terms frivolous about reckless about dismissive of mindless of unimpressed by regardless of careless of cavalier about unresponsive to weary of lukewarm about phlegmatic about unenthusiastic about highbrow scornful boot-faced not giving a monkey's dull lethargic torpid sluggish glazed languid empty straightforward fixed plain malevolent glassy inanimate heavy motionless draggy realistic lazy naked prosaic couldn't care less idle off-putting insipid faraway limp slow numbed inorganic bellicose wimpy moony anaesthetized bare dazed practical anesthetized rancorous pugnacious militant factual insentient defunct extinct unembellished fundamental mineral Laodicean wishy-washy bald wrathful confrontational bitter pragmatic could care less what the hell pure indolent sensible exanimate don't give a damn slothful stupefied comatose truthful belligerent venomous alien angry adverse virulent non-committal literal unvarnished quiescent unadorned prosy commonsensical nonvegetable stupid nonanimal inoperative azoic maleficent unpropitious vitriolic biting malefic out viperous dead to the world ornery catty argumentative scrappy out cold unfocused iced sexually unresponsive malign discouraging nonresponsive reptilian abhorrent unreadable bovine catatonic unanimated feeble stone-faced devoid disimpassioned bored vapid unambitious unmotivated groggy lymphatic averse anti temperate benumbed asleep droopy dispirited nonpassionate anaesthetic anesthetic judicial unflustered unpassionate senseless unprepossessed uncoloured down on uncooperative analytical moderate scientific unconscious stony-faced opposing disobliging iceberg paralysed paralyzed still meek indrawn contemplative self-interested pensive self-absorbed knocked out simple vacuous cold-fish cool cat self-possessed frustrated ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed somnolent lacking physical sensation blacked out passed out spark out out for the count insecure wary uncomfortable nervous reluctant apprehensive at odds reasoned valid justified firm levelheaded reasonable informed sound basic fishy unmoving lacklustre unconfident unassertive drowsy sleepy good static shiftless languorous commonsense commonsensible tedious drab unexciting drugged sleeping hibernating dormant frank well-founded lucid well considered hung up stuporous hebetudinous slumberous dopey vegged out inconscious out to lunch dreary boring wearisome monotonous down-to-earth uneager pointless lacking vitality mechanical uninspired non-organic bottled up uninspiring two-dimensional characterless abiotic foul mundane laodicean obvious manifest unexaggerated unequivocal explicit direct sheer transparent unambiguous patent evident brutal indecisive uncertain irresolute unresolved nothing lusterless lackluster pabulum uninteresting zero spent unimaginative without life deceased nonliving upfront undisguised unqualified hardheaded earthy pragmatical uncreative pedestrian humdrum faithful straight-thinking accurate with both feet on the ground unembroidered undistorted feasible unidealistic not alive blunt true to life warts and all

Tính từ

Showing contempt or lack of respect
disdainful contemptuous proud scornful superior haughty arrogant derisive sneering lordly supercilious condescending disparaging disrespectful hoity-toity slighting withering indifferent insolent mocking patronising patronizing snobbish abhorrent dismissive hifalutin highfalutin insulting jeering lofty prideful sniffy snotty contumelious full of contempt uppish antipathetic averse cavalier contemning cool despising egotistic high-and-mighty overbearing rejecting repudiating scouting snooty toplofty unsympathetic uppity high and mighty on your high horse looking down your nose at turning up your nose at pretentious pompous stuck-up conceited self-important presumptuous imperious toffee-nosed domineering huffy cocky smug high-hat egotistical overweening bumptious toploftical high-handed overconfident elitist audacious boastful snobby swaggering vainglorious important ostentatious stiff-necked peremptory huffish masterful presuming narcissistic vain stuck up immodest assuming puffed up self-satisfied affected bossy chesty aristocratic persnickety assumptive self-assertive self-asserting snippy bigheaded egoistical egoistic brash opinionated swellheaded cocksure bloated biggety assured blustering biggity hubristic self-conceited self-opinionated exclusive bragging tyrannical dictatorial ritzy fancy-pants potty la-di-da grandiose despotic pushy magisterial autocratic remote swanky tony know-it-all smart-alecky high-flown egocentric self-righteous big-headed self-centered putting on airs too big for one's boots holier-than-thou sure too big for one's breeches confident self-affected swollen-headed self-confident self-engrossed selfish self-congratulatory pontifical orgulous impudent self-promoting self-assured self-contented self-adulatory self-serving full of oneself self-glorifying self-centred blusterous standoffish commanding airy refined authoritarian honourable gracious honorable cliquish wiseguy bullish forward bold smart officious brassy saucy impertinent rude unabashed brazen flip sassy wise pushful unblushing barefaced boldfaced cheeky procacious malapert pert fresh smarty ambitious throwing one's weight about cold-shoulder on a high horse wise guy on an ego trip on one's high horse self-respecting self-aggrandizing loudmouth puffed-up high authoritative dominating tyrannous autocratical tyrannic imperative assertive imperial firm oppressive dogmatic arbitrary nervy full of yourself posh willful wilful above oneself imposing scoffing heavy-handed insistent inconsiderate jumped up pontificating showy complacent too big for your boots brusque abrupt uncivil iron-handed powerful repressive decisive rigid inflexible dominant harsh forceful sententious stuffy brassbound doctrinaire arch stiff stern positive emphatic portentous severe compelling certain puffy brazen-faced flaunting bold-faced on high horse high-minded la-de-da throwing one's weight around braggart self-complacent self-flattering self-applauding extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy self-pleased unreserved self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited offhand highhanded controlling masterly stooping la-dee-da complaisant undemocratic silliness giddy thoughtless dizzy flighty vaunting strutting casual curt anti-democratic impressive self-willed unconcerned insouciant uninterested consequential unceremonious discourteous sure of oneself ironhanded obnoxious loud reserved distant detached denigrating belittling inflated poncey windy draconian glib terse cursory off perfunctory ungracious iron-fisted boasting take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish familiar free overbold strict ordering aggressive bidding grand spectacular flatulent highfaluting magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated compulsatory obligatory mandatory exacting required compulsory rash overfamiliar impolite offensively self-assertive Neronian dogmatical unyielding too big for one's britches nose in the air careless strong unassailable coercive bullying impetuous overhasty precipitate previous premature hasty foolhardy high falutin clamorous crack-the-whip dictative overproud pleased with yourself summary brisk presumptive improper inappropriate shameless lording it in charge not backward in coming forward preponderant demanding regnant ascendant prevalent intolerant throwing weight around uncompromising obstinate undeniable rigorous decided definite fixed stringent finished definitive classic classical judgelike hotshot jaunty judge-like smart aleck smart guy smarty pants

Tính từ

Silent and withdrawn after being upset
sulky surly sullen huffy mopey cross disgruntled glum moody morose petulant piqued pouting resentful fractious glowering ill-humoured mopish put out scowling angry bad-tempered chippy churlish dark fed up gloomy grouchy grumpy moping mumpish peeved perverse pouty sour vexed brooding cheerless crabby depressed dismal dour fretful frowning gruff ill-humored ill-tempered irritable mardy mean obstinate ornery out of humour querulous sourpussed stroppy sulking uncooperative unsociable withdrawn in a bad mood out of sorts down in the mouth having a fit of the sulks in a funk in a huff in a mood in a strop in the sulks testy crabbed peevish cantankerous touchy tetchy irascible ratty crotchety waspish cranky choleric splenetic snappish snappy crusty prickly narky curmudgeonly pettish miserable eggy miffy disagreeable short-tempered bitter soreheaded ill-natured quick-tempered bilious dyspeptic liverish peckish fiery snaky impatient shirty complaining snippy saturnine whingy edgy peppery snarky annoyed indignant snippety stuffy scratchy raspy acrimonious unfriendly uptight aggrieved like a bear with a sore head sorehead discontented spiteful bearish unhappy exasperated grumbling irritated on edge offended whingeing hot-tempered curt waxy displeased brusque dejected joyless shrewish hurt thin-skinned sombre dissatisfied somber captious lugubrious melancholy harsh acid difficult temperamental bloody-minded blue ugly out of temper irked uncommunicative fierce truculent sore unsmiling humourless disappointed mournful grim disconsolate sad quarrelsome embittered forlorn humorless huffish unpleasant desolate despondent pessimistic dispirited critical low sensitive woebegone fussy miffed unresponsive doleful short-fused cynical riled on a short fuse hostile down in the dumps volatile out of humor melancholic grudging acrid downcast bad downhearted down upset crestfallen cussed cheesed off aggravated sorrowful gray grey whining irate ungracious dreary short rancorous as cross as two sticks cross-grained in the dumps narked tooshie tart nasty griping whiny grousing tense nettled contrary wretched solemn mirthless sepulchral vicious low-spirited bleak disheartened forbidding unhelpful black uncivil discouraged rude demoralized morbid awkward comfortless in high dudgeon stern woeful cast down heavy-hearted malcontent heavyhearted heartsick heartsore saddened heartbroken brokenhearted inconsolable scrappy fault-finding in low spirits brassed off demoralised severe wounded furious aggressive snarling oversensitive threatening menacing tough taciturn malignant blunt caviling cavilling vindictive carping trying ferocious angered vitriolic emotional begrudging provoked wrathful malicious intimidating snuffy enraged fretting sharp waspy affronted ireful broody confrontational venomous long-faced depressive jaundiced argumentative grave hateful godforsaken browned off louring hard elegiac cold funereal elegiacal disapproving chapfallen hot under the collar not best pleased troubled droopy negative hot-blooded dolorous obstreperous having got out of bed on the wrong side catty unmannerly disaffected inhospitable impolite discourteous disobliging excitable misanthropic pertinacious crybaby abrupt belligerent uncongenial malevolent antagonistic frustrated discontent ungratified bellicose sober hotheaded choked unsympathetic envious jealous malcontented kvetching growling childish chuffy flinty steely pugnacious galled austere incensed mad contentious filthy mean-spirited passionate salty serious plaintive bothered ticklish hacked off peed off wicked disputatious bristly insulted teed off chill dreich murky sunless darkening plutonian dire tenebrous drear lonesome Cimmerian lonely depressing cloudy ungentle stark lowering ticked off malign stony hot-headed out of joint sorry hangdog regretful easily upset mean-looking adust Eeyorish chap-fallen having got out of bed the wrong side tenebrific easily offended in the doldrums distressed nasty-tempered out-of-sorts dragged languorous triste bummed out wound up tearful in a temper oppressed down in dumps anguished broken blue funk weary tristful listless down-hearted languid ill-disposed spiritless unamused refractory recalcitrant boorish pigheaded thrawn bolshie disrespectful arsey impulsive tempersome inflammable cruel unforgiving contumacious froward contrarious obstructive balky revengeful unlikable foul combative poker-faced murmuring ill-mannered eristic ungenerous snarly atrabilious zowerswopped censorious uncharitable inconsiderate wroth subdued phlegmatic rough rugged perversely irritable outraged glouting hypersensitive abusive hopeless evil stewed with a long face feeling down full of gloom looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny fuming unkind hurtful militant maleficent baleful grumbly moaning bemoaning whimpering wailing crying deploring lamenting reluctant sharp-tongued poisonous malefic hard-faced stringent viperous feisty flustered evil-intentioned hate-filled unsatisfied unfulfilled huffy irascible hard to please unwilling vex toey maddened disturbed agitated harried ruffled hypercritical psyched up angerful frenzied ranting raving convulsed wild disquieted with chip on shoulder hard done by vehement grudge-bearing sardonic irreconcilable with a chip on one's shoulder caustic languished dysphoric bowed down teary in tears bereaved weepy down in mouth in grief hapless broken-hearted in doldrums sick at heart pensive wistful grief-stricken grieved infuriated harassed ropeable hassled dicey jumpy hazardous unsafe unpredictable wired up bundle of nerves highly strung perturbable iracund iracundulous hoha crabbing bellyaching uncontent kicking unenthusiastic half-hearted hesitant vinegary hasty snitty scunnered crook wrath restless restive evil-minded worked up bad tempered crummy destroyed cast-down down and out in pain agonised rueful in the pits agonized uneasy forced disinclined ennuied sniveling put-out unassuaged insatiable picky fed-up faultfinding unappeased not satisfied unsated steamed up foaming at the mouth in a lather bent out of shape uninviting foul-tempered snivelling distant unapproachable formidable foreboding ominous loath strict frightening savage fell stiff sinister resolute boot-faced agitable neurotic kittle mopy skittish high-strung easily frightened easily agitated despairing inauspicious disheartening dreadful unpropitious grieving unfortunate distressing abject discouraging unfavorable unfavourable tragic unpromising terrible direful dull unlucky lamentable hurting pathetic crushed awful doomy horrible drab heartbreaking grievous shocking calamitous piteous heartrending pitiful downbeat harrowing regrettable adverse deplorable ghastly portentous appalling painful devastated bodeful dispiriting sick as a parrot ill-boding horrid frightful ill-fated horrifying horrendous afflicted ill pitiable desperate sorrowing poor infelicitous defeatist horrific lachrymose upsetting heavy macabre minatory disadvantageous troublesome heart-rending weighed down gruesome alarming weeping dismayed in a blue funk ill-omened uncomfortable distressful fateful disturbing dangerous worrying oppressive saddening pained untimely bleeding lurid fearsome doomed terrifying inopportune atrocious scary nightmarish agonizing in despair shot down mourning baneful spooky grisly agonising apocalyptic shadowy hideous untoward traumatic daunted singing the blues disconcerting sunk in gloom fearful minacious unwelcoming disastrous creepy doubtful ripped dolent eerie plangent unhopeful daunting unnerving monstrous grotesque lousy cut up loathsome let down vile clouded terrific torn up offensive detestable dingy objectionable afflictive chilling all torn up displeasing defeated perilous dirgelike dirge-like on a downer taken down stormy overcast as sick as a parrot low in spirits flat bereft sedate catastrophic poignant tragical inconvenient cowed helpless revolting sapped dolesome disappointing turbulent distraught sordid disquieting off-putting shattered dread hair-raising spine-chilling redoubtable ruinous tear-jerking grewsome moving unseasonable execrable sinistrous sickening rotten impending godawful harmful destructive troubling vexatious tortured unsuited bummed-out unsuitable low-down destitute ruthful scungy repugnant repulsive sunk in the toilet ill-starred gut-wrenching galling discommodious inapt inappropriate unwelcome parlous unconfident squally inclement worthless ill-suited very bad unearthly earnest jinxed shamefaced enervated maudlin rainy unoptimistic nostalgic abandoned tempestuous cursed dashed windy intimidatory threnodic gusty wintry prejudicial inexpedient abashed squalid premonitory sobersided deflated discomforting deathly contemptible down-in-the-mouth inconducive unhealthy gutted intimidated warning aching bewailing funeral gory sheepish cataclysmic despicable crucial counter afflicting loury blowy misty shameful colorless detrimental improper shaken unconsolable inferior tormented racked weird shady spookish sick raw discomposing damp suffering unseemly damaging devastating crushing forsaken excruciating scurvy impoverished indigent augural suggestive prophetic haunting mortifying pressing wintery abysmal in sorrow in mourning irksome resigned po-faced affecting lackluster lacklustre deep luckless distasteful perturbing unpalatable full of sorrow malapropos unfit humiliated repellent annoying odious irritating disparaging wrong opposed undesirable exigent colourless boring lifeless dim monotonous repellant abhorrent long-suffering strained heart-breaking unpleasing inadvisable uncertain stony-faced uninspiring ill-advised unexciting blah uninteresting humdrum unlikely unencouraging full of despair uncaring ruined deserted funebrial exequial deathlike apathetic Stygian hollow obscure unimpassioned leaden sorry for oneself waste depressant without energy lorn melodramatic supernatural unmoved dirgeful companionless threnodial demoralizing demoralising dampened drooping sagging emo worried acheronian prostrated touching dejecting drained intolerable torn-up wet fatal griefstricken perturbed at given to looking on the black side have the blahs deadly heart-sick lovesick empty devitalized undermined doom-laden gaunt guilty cringing browbeaten blustery foggy reflective thrown sorry for yourself concerned bowed lowered suicidal dolorific heart-wrenching derisible guilty-looking furtive lost unchancy disillusioned taken aback promising rain evil-looking off sluggish doom and gloom forgotten homeless dubious unprosperous stirring having blue devils having the blahs prostrate with grief ashamed embarrassed sneaking friendless uncared-for bugged shook burned discombobulated antsy contused unmitigable lethal mortal let-down not happy sob story frantic anxious life-threatening suggestive of evil unable to be consoled unable to be comforted cowering conscience-stricken dragging defenseless alone solitary defenceless fruitless ailing put off deterred in a bad way out of luck raging injurious without hope up the creek shook up dismaying beside oneself with grief sobbing shot-down unenthused hard-pressed exacting treacherous precarious jeopardous rocky straitened full of hardship messy malificent doomful precursive presaging prescient mephitical testing perplexing aggravating hellish bewildering vexing revulsive frustrating unamusing strabilious no-win momentous significant foreshadowing Gothic bummed powerless downtrodden close to tears disgraceful down-in-mouth beat beat-down come-apart caved-in unspeakable urgent extreme thunderous trashy shoddy down-and-out blubbering can't win prognosticatory important predictive drastic outrageous derisory tumultuous larmoyant bullying at the end of your tether not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup worrisome lacking in confidence lacking in enthusiasm having lost heart crippling irretrievable on the verge of tears stressful unsettling torturous bored tired comminatory terrorizing unwholesome chronic paltry feeble agitating unbearable abominable unsavory with cold feet lost momentum oppressing near close forthcoming lowery upcoming overhanging terrorising portending impendent poverty-stricken exciting fated exhilarating inspiring intriguing extraordinary remarkable phenomenal destined thrilling easily moved unsatisfactory nauseating hairy tormenting fraught gross icky stinking disgusting unacceptable obnoxious diabolical troublous unendurable gone to pieces in blue funk grotty grody unappealing yucky uncool yukky hellacious nauseous in floods of tears with tears in your eyes unsavoury unlovely concerning beastly at hand base jaded wearied nerve-racking nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking degraded ghostly sated surfeited satiated blasé pitiless nightmare sick and tired ignominious debased up to here dirty humble servile ignoble unworthy slavish reprehensible menial God-awful death-obsessed shabby dishonourable grovelling dishonorable subservient meek outcast groveling deferent self-effacing

Tính từ

secluded sheltered cloistered hidden isolated private remote sequestered unfrequented concealed covert lonely out-of-the-way quiet retired secret solitary tucked away undisturbed abandoned alone beleaguered blockaded close closet confidential deserted hermetic incommunicado insular isolate lonesome personal quarantined reclusive removed reserved screened secluse seclusive segregated shy singular unapproachable uninhabited unsociable withdrawn cut off shut off off the beaten track off the grid out of the way faraway cut-off inaccessible outlying distant godforsaken far-flung obscure far-off in the back of beyond far hard to find in the middle of nowhere unreachable unget-at-able deep off the map in the sticks away jerkwater backwoods lone Barcoo in the hinterlands in the booay in the tall timbers in the backblocks in the backwoods in the backveld beyond the black stump in the platteland off the beaten path undiscovered god-knows-where middle of nowhere in a backwater off-lying beyond far off far removed separate desolate hidden away far-removed far-out boondocks foreign unknown apart in the depths of … disconnected far flung unsettled off beaten track back frontier wild unvisited inconspicuous alien outlandish in the boondocks shrouded set apart difficult to get to beyond reach out of reach impassable long afar ways good ways miles away stone's throw end of rainbow miles unpopulated barren lost well away quite a ways desert unpeopled beyond the horizon detached closed insulated self-sufficient self-contained in the distance in the boonies abroad

Tính từ

Being a single, sole or solitary member a kind, type, or class
solitary alone lonely unsociable companionless reclusive cloistered friendless unaccompanied antisocial lone lonesome withdrawn introverted isolated one one-off only retiring singular sole special unique unsocial by itself hermitic hermitical all alone by oneself deserted distant eremetic forsaken independent lorn misanthropic offish out-of-the-way particular reserved retired self-contained self-sufficient separate stag standoffish sui generis unattended uncompanionable on its own secluded sequestered private single quiet remote hidden segregated cut off individual insular secret covert detached abandoned solo sheltered shy seclusive unfrequented hermetic one and only hermit-like exclusive recluse secluse off the beaten track removed eremitic introvert insulated onliest tucked away shut off monastic forlorn anchoritic desolate estranged concealed uncommunicative reticent blockaded undisturbed unapproachable demure ascetic distinct personal uninhabited only possible restrained exceptional screened cool unrepeatable marooned out of the way definite cloistral contemplative set apart abnormal anomalous isolate close closet beleaguered quarantined silent odd secretive inward-looking unforthcoming outcast one of a kind uncommon confidential incommunicado rejected meditative timorous diffident unbefriended destitute cautious bashful taciturn apart cold media-shy retreated sheepish modest timid coy backward self-effacing recessive cut-off out on a limb thoughtful stand-offish undemonstrative one shot close-mouthed off the grid closed inaccessible stranded discrete certain respective original protected confined restricted shielded high and dry immune incomparable never-to-be-repeated limited-edition once-in-a-lifetime shut-off unshared unworldly departed remaining ace unconnected one-of-a-kind inconspicuous shrinking nonce peculiar precise specific eremitical only one austere shrouded final monkish celibate hard to find hidden away shut away to one side unusual atypical peaceful taken out socially inhibited random last simple uncherished only remaining unconcerned aseptic disinterested incurious inhibited nongregarious uncurious casual uninterested indifferent untypical freak left down empty disconsolate renounced comfortless troglodytic godforsaken homeless sole remaining only surviving only one left cenobitic conventual introspective unrelated stray monachal coenobitic once in a lifetime unrepeated meek indrawn Spartan frugal oblate discreet pensive self-absorbed self-interested onetime closemouthed constrained reflective soft-spoken collected ruminative inner-directed self-centred unfriendly ungregarious laconic self-restrained guarded self-centered unrevealing snobbish shunned unattached one-shot alienated unpopular unwanted non-communicative tight-lipped once-off once-only spurned ostracized unloved uncared-for without friends adrift ostracised without ties with no ties with no one to turn to all by one's self without a friend in the world

Tính từ

Stubbornly, and usually unreasonably, holding to an opinion, decision or purpose
stiff-necked stubborn obstinate opinionated uncompromising unyielding inflexible mulish unbending obdurate self-willed wilful bull-headed refractory adamant adamantine bullheaded contumacious dogged hard hardened hardheaded hard-nosed haughty headstrong immovable implacable inconvincible intractable intransigent ossified pat pertinacious perverse pigheaded self-opinionated strong-minded strong-willed unrelenting willful balky boneheaded indurate unreceptive proud as stubborn as a mule determined firm rigid tenacious inexorable steadfast relentless resolute single-minded recalcitrant bloody-minded tough unshakeable fixed persistent unwavering uncooperative contrary unshakable cussed persevering unmalleable unflinching unpersuadable unmanageable iron-willed froward cantankerous difficult bolshie hard-line unreasonable incompliant stiff stubborn as a mule rock-ribbed steely strict deaf to reason obstreperous insubordinate indefatigable locked in insistent disobedient unaccommodating set unbendable uncompliant unswerving rebellious remorseless tireless defiant set in stone hardline dead set on set in one's ways iron unflagging stroppy resolved solid hard and fast indomitable contrarious grim wayward bound unadaptable ungovernable thrawn diehard cross-grained die-hard assiduous restive untoward harsh importunate unswayable awkward pitiless ornery brassbound hard-core pig-headed wrong-headed staunch purposeful fractious untiring merciless steady stern sedulous rigorous decided unsparing unchangeable unmovable hanging tough dogmatic unruly bound and determined unresponsive uncontrollable obstructive mutinous disobliging unamenable rebel recusant unfailing inveterate ruthless tiresome troublesome frozen unappeasable renitent constant sticky disputatious sure narrow-minded patient stalwart immutable severe cruel noncompliant unfaltering hardhearted dead set hidebound stringent diligent dyed-in-the-wool unforgiving strong unalterable enduring unflappable not giving an inch demanding iron-fisted brick-wall persisting tough nut dug in standing pat standing one's ground rugged mule meaning business tyrannical unbreakable oppressive opinionative stupid unbudgeable petrified wild incurable indurated rigidified fossilized bony pervicacious undisciplined resistant fossilised unwilling unhelpful non-compliant categorical stiffened hard-shell locked-in set-on one-sided insoluble thorny unpliable locked problematic knotty indocile unstoppable with a will of one's own determined to have one's own way inconsiderate unsupportive unmoved with one's feet dug in convinced with one's toes dug in heady in for long haul like bad penny perseverant forceful energetic blinkered unfluctuating unhesitating immalleable durable crisp doctrinaire unflexible impassive hang tough unvacillating unremitting stony-hearted unimpressionable unshaken unabated pounding mortal hard-headed cohesive do or die hard as nails sticking to one's guns hold the line hold one's ground hold the fort unmodifiable quiescent permanent coherent truculent abiding sustained wholehearted never-failing unqualified unquestioning possessive true sturdy spunky stout unforgetful set in your ways stand pat stick to guns set in concrete stony bent on going all the way contentious unimpressible not cooperative unrepentant uncompassionate impertinent bullhead unemotional mean authoritarian cold fish proof against persuasion entrenched deep-rooted invariable concrete incorrigible tough nut to crack uncharitable dour disciplinarian callous hard-hearted fierce imperious drastic dire no-nonsense ascetical domineering by the book exacting absolute browbeating extreme formidable rough austere ascetic pressing unsympathetic astringent draconian autocratic disciplinary heavy-handed grave stable ingrained settled deep-seated grumbly overbearing irritable trying boorish finical vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured hard to please temperamental crotchety uppity touchy uptight chippy feisty quarrelsome disputative sour oafish discontented hypercritical picky prickly dissatisfied rude querulous bearish crabby huffy argumentative negative delicate hard to satisfy irritating fussy overcritical impolite irascible perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical ungracious well-set cast-iron determinate final inexpugnable rooted unchanging solid as a rock ironclad definite flat jelled certain hard-and-fast unvarying spirited dedicated committed vigorous undeviating earnest intent undaunted bold assertive valiant gritty lasting gutsy mettlesome courageous plucky driven continuous stout-hearted brave continual decisive full of determination continuing unabating emphatic fanatical serious doughty lionhearted ineradicable zealous ceaseless long-standing purposive chronic perpetual perennial hardy aggressive manful ardent everlasting fast incessant tight pushy devoted long-lasting established confirmed recurrent lifelong unfeeling bulldog impliable deliberate endless inelastic unending robust flinty deep-dyed focused bent upon compulsive high-spirited indelible strenuous ferocious secure ramrod bent toughened active habitual obsessive winner-take-all zero-sum focussed heavy-duty faithful four-square impulsive hearty unbroken unmitigated routine recurring inborn long-lived ever-present usual inbred heartless unceasing uninterrupted go-getting self-assertive do-or-die intrepid irremovable hell-bent on protracted hell-bent upon nonstop unrelieved ambitious interminable resilient burning imperishable non-stop heavy rowdy all-or-nothing win-or-lose keen enterprising enthusiastic motivated industrious incontrollable compact consistent brutal regular avid inescapable eager seasoned indestructible hard-wearing resisting eternal aspiring militant non-flexible rock-solid intense sound never-ending unmoving loyal explicit well-founded unswervable armoured hard-boiled armored two-fisted hard-bitten out forbidding hard-driving self-starting self-confident fearless goal-oriented opposing reinforced taut self-driven illiberal shatterproof lusty urgent stuffy immobile adverse cold unpermissive excessive unfavorable unfavourable unassailable fiery game important non-breakable running continued powerful infrangible unmerciful tense disorderly granite immoderate heroic exigent devout imperative hungry unwearied brittle obsessional prolonged incorruptible deep necessary unfriendly besetting radical even uniform intrenched ungiving thirsty desirous uncaring round-the-clock obsessed inspired indissoluble lawless striving inalterable solidified unsupple bombproof positive independent hard-hitting changeless resistive invariant monomaniacal static irreversible vehement clamant crying acute possessed turbulent lingering haunting invulnerable unpleasant reliable assured high-powered bred-in-the-bone fixated well-established all-consuming heedless reckless riotous violent irrepressible confident never-tiring inured hell bent on irresistible impetuous intemperate imprudent drunken impervious rash forward bawdy out of control out of line hell-bent stiff as a board well-built well-made made to last pass-fail high stakes self-disciplined high-stake exasperating mullish estranged seditious disaffected factious insurgent irreconcilable alienated firmly-based unshrinking direct nonflexible reactionary traditionalist conservative long-drawn-out conscientious gallant starched day-and-night great unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable unpacifiable unblinking immoveable perseverative ultra-conservative unprogressive cocksure valorous sharp passionate hardworking hellbent straight trusty challenging unintimidated dauntless ballsy ineluctable neverending dangerous dragging slow nasty laborious compulsory complicated puritanical exact biased insubmissive peevish cross petulant obscene pornographic X-rated iron-jawed abrasive unjust unfair alarming undefeated preconceived inextinguishable immortal sagacious remaining true-blue boisterous formal undiscouraged undeterred mean business thick-skinned disruptive anarchic scrupulous systematic meticulous painstaking blimpish unkind insensitive clear-sighted all out flat-out straight out tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon intent on set on determined to committed to the idea of numbed annealed as game as Ned Kelly rocklike attention-seeking chaotic troublemaking solemn manly greathearted gutty stouthearted unafraid undauntable heroical unwaivering no going back undismayed drawn-out spun-out unpitying firm in spirit perceptive keen as mustard animated tough-minded resourceful take charge unrestrained reserved fit nonperishable unfading undying deathless inextensible inductile savage curt lion-hearted unobliging like death and taxes decided upon writ in stone cut-and-dried strait-laced unsentimental romping noisy anarchical rumbustious lawbreaking lively rollicking loud punishing unsmiling chilly frigid icy frosty not put off not discouraged cynical never give up fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist competitive cool distant lacking compassion vindictive inhuman consumed compelled uncivil discourteous dynamic nonstretchable out of hand louring gruff red-blooded pushful peremptory cutthroat whole-hearted disagreeable sacrosanct ageless progressive bloodthirsty pioneering remote lowering intimidating galvanized impelled desperate pugnacious triumphant tough as old boots rocky as tough as old boots with a heart of stone unvaried incommutable unchanged dominant in earnest nonmoving warlike gladiatorial scrappy resounding reiterative monotonous prevailing non-stretchable unamiable uncongenial safe induced mighty sombre somber ungentle cold-blooded cold-hearted chiseled chiselled unbudging going irrefragable nonbreaking unwreckable undestroyable inextirpable inexterminable undestructable unruinable irrefrangible impregnable invincible self-asserting nonmotile pushed steered guided galvanised mean-looking potent hard-shelled nonbreakable full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face self-seeking fiercely competitive get up and go stop at nothing power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke self-assured can-do eager beaver power-loving gung ho high-reaching self-possessed influential well-armed strengthened airtight storm-resistant fortified well protected flourishing unattackable dependable impenetrable stormproof tried-and-true knockabout well fortified inviolable well made well defended well-protected impassible untimely unfortunate immotile thorough unbowed gripping tormenting neurotic consuming unquenchable bitter furious significant fixed as the laws of the Medes and Persians inconvenient inopportune through-and-through perdurable brass-bound fervent proved complete forcible dominating torrid thoroughgoing impenitent supreme unapologetic unashamed irredeemable unreformable longtime urged on unexpected unanticipated ill-timed stark accustomed habituated staid strapping addictive fanatic controlling sicker surprising unforeseen annoying disastrous unusual unpredicted mistimed hale athletic sinewy capable muscular big able substantial staying dateless oft-repeated repetitive timeless consecutive repeated around-the-clock unalleviated ongoing connected unwaning aeonian frequent long-established pathological wackadoodle wackadoo puissant crucial compelling vital bona fide in fine feather able-bodied unwelcome infelicitous inapt unsuitable inappropriate unlucky inauspicious anchored well established red-hot through and through deep-set firmly established card-carrying nailed quiet hitched hooked situated attached stationary still located preoccupied infatuated without respite high-priority made fast vexatious malapropos badly timed inimical unseasonable constraining instant pivotal emergent necessitous key misfortunate disturbing hapless luckless unpropitious ill-starred star-crossed essential clamouring persuasive clamoring requiring distressing of the utmost importance of the essence hurry-up immediate obliging heat-on now or never claiming forcing

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