Đồng nghĩa của like death and taxes


Unable to be prevented from continuing or progressing
inexorable adamant implacable immovable inflexible relentless severe unbending unyielding cruel hard harsh obdurate unrelenting intransigent unappeasable determined merciless pitiless remorseless uncompromising unshakeable unswerving unwavering inescapable iron-handed strict unforgiving unmollifiable unpacifiable unplacatable unsparing draconian exacting rigorous ruthless stringent tough indurate ineluctable adamantine bound compulsory dogged immobile ironclad necessary obstinate resolute rigid single-minded stubborn unchangeable unmovable locked in mean business bound and determined dead set on hell bent on no going back set in stone unfeeling unmerciful unsympathetic uncharitable stony heartless inhuman callous grim stern unpitying hard-hearted cold-blooded inhumane insensitive brutal uncaring compassionless affectless soulless ironhearted fierce stonyhearted hard-boiled pachydermatous desensitized insensate cold-hearted stony-hearted case-hardened desensitised thick-skinned slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners lacking compassion cold savage barbarous stoney unremitting unmoved steely mortal bitter hardhearted frigid ferocious mean flinty stiff grave cutthroat solemn dog-eat-dog austere with a heart of stone hard-nosed marble-hearted irreconcilable indifferent barbaric sadistic sworn deadly serious unemotional inclement unfriendly coldhearted murderous hostile unkind rough grievous icy unsmiling frosty forbidding chilly rugged sober excruciating vindictive sombre somber astringent no-nonsense illiberal solid cut-throat insensible hatchetjob coldblooded satanic arch punishing antagonistic hardline unstoppable killer instinct hard-line unabating intolerant excessive wanton unflinching out-and-out at each other's throats cool formal impassive unresponsive iron-fisted blank uncalled-for mean machine having a killer instinct expressionless deadpan hardened reserved dour uncompassionate stuffy firm unwelcoming fixed distant aloof Rhadamanthine gruff authoritarian louring remote lowering ramrod intimidating poker-faced earnest ungentle mean-looking heavy-handed oppressive difficult humourless trying onerous sedate burdensome repressive humorless nasty searing staid sobersided weighty uncomic bleak dire distressing po-faced bad awful agonising harrowing disastrous straitened unendurable calamitous biting wretched uncomfortable agonizing tortuous inhospitable painful comfortless crushing spartan scabrous discomforting vicious bloodthirsty malevolent fell rancorous revengeful surly ironfisted killer feral without pity

Trái nghĩa của like death and taxes

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