Đồng nghĩa của chilly

Alternative for chilly

chillier, chilliest

Đồng nghĩa: brisk, cold, cool, nippy, snappy, wintery,

Trái nghĩa: heating, hot, warm,

Tính từ

Without warmth
unfriendly unsympathetic cold frigid cool unwelcoming frosty glacial aloof forbidding reserved supercilious unresponsive disdainful distant formal gelid haughty remote antiseptic arctic brittle chill clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed coldish dispassionate frozen hard-eyed hostile icy impersonal passionless stiff uncommunicative uncordial unemotional wintery wintry withdrawn wooden austere offish stand-offish detached cold as ice unapproachable unsociable standoffish indifferent unforthcoming antisocial unbending inhospitable unclubbable asocial standoff undemonstrative dry uncongenial solitary emotionless reticent stern unneighbourly unconcerned buttoned-up unenthusiastic uninterested unfeeling stony apathetic lukewarm offhand Olympian incurious unaffable hard taciturn unsocial restrained antagonistic misanthropic introverted disagreeable uppity uninvolved nasty inimical impassive guarded steely severe reclusive secretive unloving negative uncivil stuffy repellent off fierce rude unneighborly rigid phlegmatic insolent annoyed offended impudent impertinent procacious uncharitable uncompanionable harsh cold-hearted unpleasant unamiable grim obnoxious tough unkind flinty self-contained retiring unamicable off-putting ill-natured unmoved unsmiling stolid silent abstracted close private preoccupied introvert antipathetic jaundiced mortal adversary adversarial discourteous ungracious cross inapproachable ill-disposed quiet proud inaccessible gruff tepid stoical impassible affectless stoic numb constrained passive half-hearted diffident hateful ceremonious hesitant laid back stuck-up mean-looking hard-boiled cold-shoulder unenthused inhibited thick-skinned stuck up putting on airs laid-back avoidant unsavoury introspective iced abhorrent mean objectionable unattractive unlikeable ungenial unaffectionate contained discouraging ungenerous sober seclusive contemptuous withering lifeless bad-tempered muted xenophobic unhappy depressing unreceptive mopey mopish ill-tempered unsavory brusque short unfavorable unfavourable snooty distrustful nongregarious brooding scowling lofty hard-hearted suspicious neutral uncaring calm disinterested casual removed on ice uptight cold fish lone wolf impartial pompous insensitive ardorless impervious impotent unromantic loveless ungainly strict shy close-mouthed self-restrained demure perfunctory lackadaisical serious rigorous grave solemn cautious media-shy modest dour closemouthed prim shrinking timid tight-lipped laconic self-effacing dumb surly sour subdued unrelenting stringent uneager retired snobbish exacting inflexible unexcited Laodicean bashful gentle mild serene soft-spoken peaceful noncommittal sedate collected composed placid backward eremitic conventional aggressive unforgiving authoritarian unyielding louring illiberal halfhearted solid rough lowering ramrod intimidating rugged quarrelsome laodicean limp uncertain wishy-washy uncommitted irresolute non-committal undecided unresolved indecisive sombre earnest obdurate ungentle astringent inexorable somber insociable arrogant menacing impolite unmannerly hard-nosed no-nonsense heavy-handed starchy opposite competitive estranged censorious grouchy unpromising combative grudging malicious contrary disaffected against warlike malignant vengeful conflicting acrimonious spiteful opposed put on airs keeping people at arm's length not on speaking terms coy unassertive unassuming sheepish humble mum mom meek timorous discreet mute recessive speechless clammed up controlled self-conscious embarrassed tongue-tied unconfident close-lipped insecure apprehensive unexpressive wary mousy untalkative buttoned up self-controlled moderate reluctant unpretentious nervous staid temperate careful unobtrusive conservative tightlipped sententious incommunicable blushing incommunicative fearful poker-faced stilted sparing uncommunicable chary strait-laced secret down-to-earth cagey considerate hushed wordless thoughtful circumspect curt unpresuming seemly prudent proper dark repressed callous unassured hermitic inarticulate evasive unspeaking tight-mouthed cool, calm and collected judicious unruffled unflappable chaste unexcitable nice prudish aw-shucks decorous straight heartless imperturbable on the QT simple matter-of-fact reasonable zipped uneasy voiceless abashed steady clamlike measured lowly at a loss for words tactful skittish shamefaced self-possessed isolated tentative clinical priggish unostentatious withdrawing sensible politic non-communicative dried-up uncurious unrevealing level-headed unaffected nonchalant square pure alert heedful rabbity hush-hush unpassioned abstract rational gingerly safe deadpan tranquil virginal virtuous watchful vigilant decent mumchance attentive calculating flat eremetic balanced dummied up unsure disciplined in check unimpassioned mannered not talkative inward-looking faint-hearted businesslike strained insular lost for words hermit-like awkward cloistered maidenly unsentimental diplomatic soft enigmatic cynical unpretending unwilling deep afraid recluse coquettish under control still uncomfortable kittenish inconspicuous prissy secluded ungregarious spiritless polite unboastful ascetic courteous anchoritic eremitical mim insensible puritanical niminy-piminy dried up fogeyish leery overmodest affected lone old-fashioned independent equable plain insouciant correct spacey dumbstruck hermitical of few words dumbfounded untroubled expressionless toneless hollow dead blank bland vacant narrow-minded objective bottled up ill at ease hardened unexpansive starched spaced-out playing one's cards close to one's chest prim and proper pococurante out of it discriminating observant precautious nowhere immovable nonemotional self-centred fuddy-duddy with reservations stick-in-the-mud easy even self-centered warm nonvocal struck dumb on the lookout self-sufficient with eyes peeled of the old school levelheaded soundless saying nothing not saying boo all alone unable to get a word out stony-eyed unexcessive bereft of speech not given to excesses stiff-necked unextreme unnatural forced costive sullen frustrated deliberate tamed restricted limited vestal unsullied superior undefiled contrived laboured artificial girlish doubtful socially inhibited camera-shy arch flirtatious retreated aseptic kind punctilious sequestered genuine natural hung up immaculate intact self-doubting stodgy docile alienated unconversational ashamed ingenuous ordinary artless unambitious apologetic respectful indrawn low-pitched low muffled hushful low-keyed simpering outside dubious blenching flinching unpoised low-key unaggressive hermitlike contemplative self-interested pensive self-absorbed unnoticeable low-profile labored not forward monastic exact precise cowering weak-kneed trembling quaking cool-headed hard-headed not forthcoming complacent unimposing ruminative meditative reflective inner-directed unagitated uninquiring zipped one's lips have tight chops lacking courage easily frightened unimpressionable unfazed inscrutable secluse hermetic hardhearted official bureaucratic inhuman keeping a low profile stony-hearted disinclined loath hesitating wavering indisposed ladylike respectable unprejudiced unbiased cryptic wise strategic inexpressive listless coldhearted marble uncompassionate blah unwilling to mix with other people sceptical self-deprecating free from vanity hiding one's light under a bushel wouldn't say boo to a goose innocent pokerfaced wimpish mousey yellow gutless tremulous chicken fainthearted scary fearsome yellow-bellied sissy trepidatious featureless colorless soulless gray colourless grey equal uncolored depersonalised faceless candid depersonalized nondiscriminatory anonymous monolithic resigned undercover backstairs covert sly furtive feline mysterious intelligent judgmatical judgmatic discerning stable tolerant regular silentious unheard unimpressible insusceptible goody-goody old-maidish buttoning up clamming up hidden mum's the word tight chops zipping one's lips buttoning one's lip malevolent shut away straight arrow by the numbers shocked sagacious softly-softly kid-glove delicate lenient abstinent peaceable straight-faced indurated inexcitable averse astounded under wraps inobtrusive nonaggressive corked up in charge chilled on a leash in control of yourself closed up in private in chambers in privacy pessimistic inhumane aghast dazed thunderstruck amazed awake civil worldly-wise faint cowardly shuddering recreant poor-spirited frightened scared considered not excessive compromising lonely alone strictly business cold turkey dependable settled reliable in the background in the dark sober-minded benign even-tempered sobersided gobsmacked flabbergasted selfish sarcastic hating egoistic sardonic egotistical misanthropical companionless shell-shocked along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches on lookout having foresight not rash dumbstricken obmutescent playing your cards close to your chest mature anxious troubled friendless skeptical unaccompanied knocked for six cool as cucumber astonished aphonic hit for six like a clam poised responsible sound carefree secure restless tense discomposed edgy unsettled unperturbed blithe lonesome good full of common sense well balanced calculable serious-minded unswerving having both feet on the ground medium comfortable checked regulated constant curbed relaxed perturbed unrelaxed bothered nervy jittery antsy mindful provident aware special one-off sole unique singular one only unworried deadly musty conformist suspecting scrupulous shrewd forethoughtful unquiet discomforted disquieted discomfited devil-may-care happy-go-lucky humourless fusty by itself unanxious old-fogeyish keeping a weather eye on all ears walking on egg shells thinking twice keeping on one's toes handling with kid gloves on your guard belt-and-braces watching one's step watching out walking on eggs on your toes taking it slow playing safe hedging one's bets on the qui vive on guard on the watch with one's eyes peeled genteel narrow magisterial fetid straitlaced important self-important hot bloated humorless puffy foetid Victorian smug smoky smelly careless lighthearted slaphappy gay lightsome oblivious debonair doubting unattended forsaken sui generis out-of-the-way particular deserted lacking social skills by oneself on edge stag separate lorn on its own verecund blushful recoiling nonplussed unbothered not bothered forgetful feckless inattentive blind supine deaf without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss heedless undisturbed negligent undaunted easily embarrassed as dry as dust vague overcareful canny overcautious

Tính từ

Not having or showing feeling or sympathy
stony unfeeling hard callous heartless unsympathetic merciless pitiless ruthless insensitive cold uncharitable inhuman unmerciful inhumane remorseless unsparing harsh compassionless obdurate cruel affectless indurate indifferent uncaring severe soulless stonyhearted ironhearted pachydermatous desensitised desensitized unemotional insensate cool stern impassive unresponsive frigid unfriendly blank unforgiving expressionless deadpan inflexible hardened unbending tough unmoved steely icy flinty frosty unyielding inexorable uncompromising unrelenting uncompassionate firm hostile unwelcoming fixed adamant coldhearted adamantine Rhadamanthine hard-hearted cold-blooded case-hardened hard-boiled cold-hearted stony-hearted thick-skinned slash-and-burn take-no-prisoners poker-faced lacking compassion marble-hearted stoney aloof emotionless unkind hardhearted unpitying wooden brutal stiff apathetic fierce grim forbidding austere vacant with a heart of stone implacable inexpressive rigid relentless unconcerned stolid lifeless dispassionate unexpressive empty savage numb inscrutable distant barbarous mean hard-nosed glazed straight-faced strict reserved glacial unsmiling catatonic sadistic serious rigorous somber lukewarm sombre inconsiderate grave remote vacuous uncordial hard as nails hard-bitten inanimate ferocious dead stark intimidating chill inhospitable ungentle rough barbaric dour rugged untouched clammy intolerant gelid brittle antiseptic gruff solemn hard-eyed cold-eyed flat unaffected phlegmatic surly thoughtless frozen solid louring uninterested formal lowering stringent undemonstrative unsentimental vicious unremitting dull spiritless standoffish wintry matter-of-fact sullen wintery passionless stoic coldish detached morose impersonal arctic disinterested resolute hollow stubborn unsusceptible unstirred unappeasable bleak sour exacting impervious vindictive glum calm disapproving frowning impassible unpleasant repellent imperturbable disdainful bloodless haughty iron incurious uncommunicative as hard as nails unapproachable absent cutthroat dog-eat-dog cut-throat unenthusiastic mean-spirited obstinate unloving unreadable bland illiberal stoical sober stand-offish authoritarian bestial unimpassioned heedless indurated uncongenial fell monstrous gray grey ramrod glassy wanton bitter wicked strong draconian oblivious heavy-handed immovable menacing antipathetic inured sturdy glowering truculent toneless toughened headstrong compact mean-looking sanguinary withdrawn obtuse halfhearted aversive repugnant feelingless inattentive cold fish gloomy dismal unsociable cool, calm and collected dreary depressing untroubled inclement unperturbed unruffled determined cheerless dogged brutish bloodthirsty fiendish unworried unflinching offish cynical diabolical feral steadfast insensible torpid tenacious vague joyless selfish inane unmindful unempathetic evil heinous restrained controlled unflappable hard-headed churlish set compacted compressed stone-hearted atrocious without sentiment hateful anesthetized earnest stupid benumbed punishing vigorous uninvolved unshakable nonplussed world-weary butcherly unkindly brute beastly dastardly intractable undaunted self-centred crabbed motionless anaesthetized careless hurtful cantankerous absent-minded concentrated unmalleable flagitious egregious heedless of deaf to nowhere nonemotional sulky unimpressionable nasty hard-edged crass lacking sentiment no-nonsense strait-laced impenetrable self-centered hardheaded refractory cast-iron tactless imperceptive hard-line hard-shelled grim-faced cold as ice blind toughened by experience fiery nobody home furious granite boot-faced self-controlled as tough as old boots stony-eyed reactionless stonehearted reptilian uncommiserating demanding satanic hatchetjob coldblooded passive ungenerous unamicable ungenial mechanical killer rancorous malevolent mortal ironfisted revengeful unaffable discouraging off-putting depraved hellish faceless utilitarian subhuman dumb unintelligent devoid killer instinct unneighbourly unsocial uncompanionable inert cold-shoulder po-faced stiffened without pity stuffy premeditated stingy unfair ungracious armour-plated invulnerable overbearing appalling insentient impenitent unhappy solitary unneighborly hard-hitting numbed asleep tyrannous constant vengeful punitive crotchety unamiable sensationless deadened unchristian censorious drastic immalleable impliable insusceptible hard-as-nails seasoned lacklustre fish-eyed lusterless lackluster melancholic hard-faced dejected saturnine ugly senseless insipid tight-lipped murderous bloody tyrannical avaricious unregenerate greedy unrepenting indefatigable uncontrite unsensitive unsympathizing spiteful astringent humourless humorless paralyzed still paralysed blind to pokerfaced desperate two-fisted immutable pugnacious with a hide like an elephant inured to uninviting moody dreaming dreamy laid back formidable malign wolfish malicious cannibalistic malignant abstracted idle angry brooding mortified crabby dark critical threatening iron-fisted uncalled-for mean machine dense indifferent to insensitive of insensible to insensitive to disregardful of insensible of grumpy cross sinister having a killer instinct unthinking uncomprehending ditzy pained miserable practical shrewd realistic solidified scowling carefree witless foolish daydreaming vapid silly down-to-earth anguished foreboding comfortless congealed splenetic crusty grouchy unimpressed nonchalant insouciant blithe staunch hardy stout unwavering condensed close-grained inelastic persevering relaxed bad-tempered bold packed consolidated hard-handed rocky disheartening wretched dreadful unswerving serene resistant unfaltering dry-eyed undismayed ill-tempered purposeful devil-may-care happy-go-lucky walkable gelled gutsy awful drab mirthless funereal assertive easy casual unanxious forceful gritty jellified jelled unshaken lighthearted slaphappy gay laid-back lightsome debonair untiring equable immune uncomfortable zealous impermeable thick heavy nonporous substantial pococurante hearty supercilious fanatical emphatic collected neutral supine deaf unbothered not bothered without a care in the world at ease not giving a toss forgetful feckless undisturbed lackadaisical negligent steady aggressive lusty immune to impervious to oblivious to unquenchable burning single-minded unmindful of proof against wilful mulish stiff-necked intransigent unclubbable antisocial dry buttoned-up asocial standoff persistent unshakeable bull-headed strong-minded unpersuadable pertinacious masklike meaningless noncommittal immobile willful self-willed inconvincible bloody-minded pat pigheaded perverse iron-willed contumacious self-opinionated ossified opinionated bullheaded unimpressible unrepentant uncooperative impertinent bullhead recalcitrant tough nut to crack proof against persuasion hanging tough set in stone violent vile despicable base horrible listless contemptible bad foul coarse dangerous low sharp abominable homicidal dishonourable low-down wild horrid catty rotten snide degenerate terrible immoral maleficent dirty frightful detestable execrable dishonorable oppressive virulent frightening obnoxious exploitative blah hideous disagreeable ghastly devilish shabby rowdy loathsome deplorable indelicate composed odious blasé abrasive scummy crude degraded unruly unaroused unexcitable ill-natured objective rude curt wounding nefarious corrupt lawless indiscreet uncivil perverted infernal abusive ignominious low-minded boorish criminal villainous sinful abhorrent untamed petty fearful shameful extreme reticent grisly gruesome currish pernicious brash unprincipled debased reprobate unrestrained fearsome not nice infamous hasty wrathful ignoble scornful profligate lethargic licentious uncontrollable despiteful languid impious crazed browbeating venomous wimpy moony draggy could care less contemptuous couldn't care less dire don't give a damn what the hell intemperate casehardened competitive unnatural loveless intense bearish upsetting stone-faced ice-cold unjust excessive horny ravening bullying ill tormenting torturous clinical demoniac unreasonable gloating disorderly cat-and-mouse accustomed habituated uninfluenced destructive level-headed businesslike cool-headed not caring despotic dictatorial suppressive onerous rational unagitated ruffianly lawbreaking bored non-committal half-hearted sluggish unambitious unmotivated cutting tranquil abject disgraceful experienced biting red in tooth and claw Laodicean unmanageable quiet marble caustic hardhanded droopy dispirited lazy shocking horrific rabid meanspirited self-contained acclimatized coarsened used impetuous raging delirious convulsive baleful grating unfazed raving enraged incessive undomesticated cold-faced hard-shell grubby sordid vitriolic frantic infuriated rapacious mad along for the ride going with the flow rolling with the punches easy-going nonaffected unexcited inaccessible acclimatised steeled irreverent unashamed unsubmissive prepared brusque annoying irritating acerbic horrendous horrifying harrowing tigerish biffo animalistic primitive aggers worthless galling cheap lame lousy narrow-minded acerb hair-raising macabre nightmarish unrevealing sedate placid taciturn inexcitable disciplinarian resolved hard-core ascetical domineering by the book absolute pressing disciplinary imperious dyed-in-the-wool ascetic autocratic contaminated faulty lewd putrid insubordinate impure libidinous indecent reprehensible demoralised miscreant abandoned demoralized spiky argumentative scurvy scabby scungy ratty terrifying unspeakable repulsive alarming unscrupulous debauched graceless amoral shameless rubbing the wrong way hard to take terrific grewsome spine-chilling revolting lurid nightmare deceitful unlawful wrong unethical iniquitous dishonest devious nauseating terrorizing sickening unsophisticated unsavoury delinquent crooked shady slippery scandalous unconscionable two-faced defiled scheming improper disreputable unrighteous sly felonious underhanded shifty unconscientious gross from hell lou bloodcurdling terrorising eerie inept clumsy gauche unsubtle maladroit self-indulgent vitiated disparaging errant libertine demonic evil-minded self-seeking conscienceless morally wrong objectionable dodgy decadent questionable corrupted dissolute scoundrelly crafty scrofulous black-hearted bent squalid incorrigible ungodly unsavory tasteless uncouth slaughterous impolite discourteous roughshod bungling unpolished blundering awkward unthoughtful disrespectful precipitate vulgar untactful rash straightforward unhandsome unmannered undiplomatic unmannerly impartial incautious short reckless ignorant unceremonious unconcerned about equitable unbiased uninvolved with apathetic towards apathetic about nonchalant about unprejudiced offhand about casual about nonpartisan regardless uncaring about uninvolved in uninterested in like a bull in a china shop bored by dismissive of mindless of equal careless of square frivolous about evenhanded candid just reckless about unimpressed by regardless of fair cavalier about ill-mannered ill-bred weary of unenthusiastic about unresponsive to lukewarm about unmoved by phlegmatic about nonaligned highbrow diffident silent superior not giving a monkey's

Tính từ

Dark, damp and humid
dank damp moist clammy dripping dampish dewy humid musty soggy wet wettish close fusty moisture-laden muggy slimy steamy sticky unaired sultry sweaty drizzly heavy oppressive airless stifling rainy mucky like a sauna like a Turkish bath misty irriguous stuffy suffocating soupy sodden saturated soaking oozy showery drizzling drippy sweltering fuggy warm not dry mucid mucous muculent pasty hot pouring raining teeming precipitating stormy soaked drenched waterlogged sopping bucketing inclement boiling watery tropical moistened dampened very damp foggy cloudy vaporous wetted claggy torrid tropic roasting scorching burning baking sweltry blistering searing parching very warm steaming flaming fiery summery broiling sizzling red scalding like an oven blazing ovenlike recalescent decalescent febrile calescent white on fire igneous heated incandescent thermogenic feverish smoking fevered feverous piping red-hot boiling hot breathless unventilated superheated ardent fervid ultrahot fervent white-hot baking hot stale piping hot very hot blazing hot confined thick stagnant balmy extremely hot perspiring jungle-like frowsty hot and humid fetid foetid withering burning up oven-like lush febrific hectic smothering low overpowering frowzy equatorial unbearably hot smoky sweat box steam bath like a blowtorch like a furnace badly ventilated poorly ventilated pyretic perspiry sweating clouded fogged hazy bathed misted up steamed up fogged up thermal hot and sticky diaphoretic sudoric stinky moldy choky mouldy uncomfortable stale-smelling covered with sweat stewing

Tính từ

Deeply pessimistic
dark dismal pessimistic gloomy downbeat cynical bleak grim negative sombre despondent gloom-ridden depressing grave dreary hopeless morose cheerless fatalistic foreboding joyless defeatist drab melancholy glum lugubrious somber depressed despairing discouraging dejected demoralised demoralized desolate disheartening dispiriting funereal morbid troubled worrying dim harsh miserable mournful sullen bitter black doleful horrid oppressive alarmist austere distrustful doubting suspicious unfortunate unhappy unenthusiastic Eeyorish cold comfortless depressive disconsolate drear dreich elegiac elegiacal godforsaken gray grey saturnine sepulchral solemn forlorn dire wretched tenebrous tenebrific plutonian murky lonely darkening lonesome chill sunless Cimmerian cloudy sad woeful dull sorrowful dolorous blue uninviting melancholic sorry woebegone dingy pathetic dour heartbreaking heartrending distressing abject crestfallen downcast down in the dumps dispirited unpleasant saddening unpromising unwelcoming disagreeable rueful down in the mouth downhearted uncomfortable bad down awful piteous upsetting grievous inhospitable mirthless in the dumps distressed teary tearful inauspicious tragic bare stark troublesome low terrible forbidding cast down spiritless unfavorable unfavourable clinical impersonal institutional spartan mourning tough in low spirits dejecting lamentable unpropitious difficult moody dreadful hostile low-spirited harrowing drearisome unfriendly hard lamenting bland severe dirgelike draggy mopey poor ominous trying afflicted wintry jarring wintery inconsolable pitiable onerous taxing rough pitiful humourless humorless moping down-and-out heavy-hearted vexatious dangerous perilous precarious disturbing shadowy in a blue funk serious given to looking on the black side adverse problematic tricky heartbroken poignant sober plaintive excruciating dirge-like broken-hearted horrible tight grief-stricken squalid disappointing nostalgic awkward sticky grieving bearish devastated sorrowing traumatic straitened sordid anguished distressful thorny prickly delicate shameful in the pits colorless sinister painful taciturn dragged execrable deplorable inferior lousy moving foul long-faced exacting appalling hazardous arduous hairy bothersome challenging irksome critical knotty sulky indigent scurvy scungy impoverished displeasing detestable rotten doubtful horrific gut-wrenching problematical ticklish chancy worrisome concerning dodgy iffy punishing lacklustre deep lackluster hurting acheronian dubious suspect questionable colourless boring monotonous lifeless heart-rending unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring macabre humdrum desperate unlikely unencouraging uncaring disadvantageous portentous ruined abandoned deserted maudlin solitary chap-fallen unimpassioned exequial deathlike funebrial waste threnodic threnodial overcast unmoved touching disconcerting tragical unoptimistic resigned misanthropic deathly Stygian obscure hollow brooding bereft atrocious unhopeful unnerving disquieting discomforting sunk in gloom frowning glowering crabbed surly chapfallen oppressed weary mopish broody ugly grumpy unsmiling bad-tempered uncommunicative intolerable horrendous discouraged worried acherontic upset crushed lorn phlegmatic ill-tempered unresponsive regrettable companionless ghastly gruesome afflictive demoralizing demoralising in the doldrums cut up blue funk having the blahs having blue devils looking on the black side shocking crushing dolesome heart-breaking singing the blues agonizing discomposing agonising lachrymose derisible frightful plangent horrifying mortifying pensive heart-wrenching tear-jerking despicable contemptible injurious disgraceful vile trashy shoddy filthy destitute derisory unwelcome exigent ill-fated hard-pressed lurid discommodious tortured harmful undesirable full of hardship threatening objectionable strained ill-omened treacherous direful ill-boding chilling parlous nightmarish pressing messy jeopardous apocalyptic rocky very bad rigorous rugged sensitive controversial poverty-stricken cruel savage brutal burdensome hardhanded inhuman saddened heartsick brokenhearted droopy heavyhearted heavy stiff searing heartsore wistful dysphoric crummy hangdog destroyed tristful weeping bleeding ripped in pain cast-down bummed out down and out fed up torn up on a downer taken down low-down let down in the toilet worthless sedate stern base suffering earnest affecting weighty paltry mean staid compassionate stirring beggarly commiserative arousing shabby sourpuss muted subdued stony-faced no-nonsense poker-faced forsaken ruthful helpless homeless alone calamitous pained stony God-awful merciful lame meagre to be pitied meager small cheap inadequate insignificant regretful lost forgotten choked friendless uncared-for gutted dragging defenseless defenceless fruitless bummed sour hapless powerless downtrodden unrelenting tortuous scabrous disastrous unendurable biting inexorable stringent out of sorts weighed down isolated outcast withdrawn estranged rejected secluded unsocial unbefriended uncherished left empty unattended renounced lone apart single reclusive troglodytic by oneself

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