Đồng nghĩa của inelastic

Alternative for inelastic

  • (Econ) Không co giãn.
      + Xem Elasticity.


Having a solid, almost unyielding surface or structure
firm hard solid stiff unyielding dense rigid compacted compressed set solidified compact congealed close-grained condensed hardened inflexible concentrated resistant frozen gelled walkable adamantine jelled jellified steely stony heavy impenetrable impermeable impervious nonporous substantial thick tough unbending unmalleable impliable non-flexible taut stiffened unbendable immalleable unflexible unpliable tight tense unsupple stiff as a board unmoving renitent refractory sturdy fine-grained concrete close nonflexible starched flinty chiseled unbreakable chiselled incompressible undeviating straight uncurving unswerving ungiving as straight as an arrow incompliant brittle indurate annealed fixed numbed strong robust consolidated rugged as hard as stone rocklike as hard as iron really hard rock-hard rock-solid massed husky set in stone packed very hard crowded serried rocky rock-like close-packed jam-packed packed in closely packed tightly packed durable granite iron creaky indurated as hard as a rock stout poured conglomerated precast calcified caked petrified steeled dried monolithic cemented squeezed pressed appressed bunched squashed blocked sealed immutable unrelenting resolute unchangeable dimensional rigorous packed together packed close pressed together unwavering uncompromising jellied brick wall like a rock crammed thickset impregnable overgrown jungly impassable piled jammed heaped full deep jammed together closely set heavy-going jungle-like close-knit packed like sardines

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