Đồng nghĩa của chiseled

Alternative for chiseled

chisels, chiseled, chiselled, chiseling, chiselling

Đồng nghĩa: carve, engrave, inscribe, make, point, sculpture, tool,


Past tense for to cheat, or to get something by cheating
cheated conned defrauded swindled fleeced stiffed bilked diddled suckered gypped cozened stung hustled rooked skinned flimflammed bled did done shortchanged victimised victimized screwed fiddled hosed sticked stuck mulcted squeezed shorted gaffed skunked reamed choused thimblerigged euchred plucked nobbled beat beaten ripped off shook down shaken down did in done in deceived tricked duped bamboozled put one over on hoodwinked scammed misled gulled fooled finagled shafted hoaxed exploited took for a ride taken for a ride pulled a fast one on double-crossed burnt burned hornswoggled milked sandbagged deluded buncoed clipped snookered beguiled sold a pup to taken to the cleaners took to the cleaners had gouged sold a bill of goods to swizzled snowed strung along pulled a swifty on embezzled robbed took advantage of taken advantage of gazumped overcharged rushed double-dealt roped in set up chicaned fudged swizzed extorted humbugged short-changed sold a pup led up the garden path stitched up hit below the belt pulled a fast one had on stole stolen snew snown took in taken in wrung goldbricked sold illuded lured bluffed misguided inveigled soaked entrapped misinformed gipped shucked spoofed gammoned trimmed buffaloed plundered juggled sweet-talked caught taken took put the screws to jerked around betrayed sold down the river screwed over sucked dry overreached faked out sucked in run a game on sold a bill of goods stacked the cards pulled something funny bent the rules stretched the rules penalised fined forfeited penalized baulked punished frauded balked extracted jiggled done a number on did a number on wrenched forced expelled wrested wringed wheedled kidded played dirty coaxed cajoled seduced crossed despoiled entranced charmed attracted tempted enchanted enticed blackmailed belirted cribbed lirted rogued blenched pauperized impoverished dazzled spellbound blinded hypnotized captivated mesmerized wooed bewitched pilfered outwitted pigeoned ensnared won over strong-armed led on soft-soaped pulled one's leg sucked the life out of jived gave someone a bum steer given someone a bum steer allured decoyed baited solicited did the dirty on done the dirty on grifted framed ruined disappointed frustrated foiled circumvented bilked of thwarted fast talked ran a game on befooled buttered up done someone in the eye suckered into finessed manipulated pulled fast one jockeyed pulled played for a sucker did someone in the eye mesmerised bled someone of something done out of did out of shaved grafted swagged led down the garden path hypnotised imposed on preyed on looted crowded played extraught shove shave shaven tore from teared from taken out took out did number on done number on gave bum steer broke the rules given bum steer broken the rules chiselled persuaded induced put on hooked pulled the wool over someone's eyes fascinated manoeuvred maneuvered influenced flattered blandished tantalized blarneyed mousetrapped wiled tantalised drew drawn trapped urged prevailed on swept off feet talked into magnetized titillated magnetised faked put on the wrong track wangled swayed lied come on turned on invited led astray palavered got enthralled disinformed steered got round outmanoeuvred outfoxed outmaneuvered made a fool of whetted the appetite of worked on spread it on let down put on an act put on false front intrigued interested put up a front put up smoke screen teased pressed excited wormed prevaricated snared bantered pestered plagued aroused honeyed killed witched brought round fabricated courted misstated misrepresented wowed convinced caught out falsified distorted perverted smooth-talked pretended made your mouth water pulled strings pulled wires sent on a wild goose chase led up garden path appealed to bedevilled bedeviled came on enamoured entangled misdirected jollied feigned gotten shammed enmeshed engaged importuned bartered soothed jawboned contrived enraptured rivetted riveted baffled grabbed absorbed absorpt flirted with stroked come on to beckoned oiled soaped outsmarted propagandized played a trick on toyed with dissimulated tolled prevailed upon propagandised dissembled mocked pulled in trifled with rigged sweetened up arm-twisted put someone up to something hit on gaslit gaslighted picked up four-flushed pulled someone's leg covered up made up to wound up one-upped passed off fixed double dealt set at ease let on played trick on split sold out put off guard wrong steered played games lain to lay to argued into thrown off the scent threw off the scent tormented tortured flanneled flannelled fawned defied defeated bribed talked imposed netted obsessed encouraged ingratiated captured gagged jested joked yucked quipped yukked japed wisecracked funned joshed chaffed dared fibbed belied eluded disobeyed rebelled against vamped flirted taunted stupefied provoked trifled dallied affected bootlicked softened massaged pushed brownnosed toyed juked mollified appeased wantoned impressed endeared toadied caressed foxed cuckolded counterfeited simulated dusted two-timed led leaded stumped enamored stimulated prodded philandered with made annoyed besotted harassed gnawed beleaguered badgered worried harried converted placated came on to challenged assumed professed used biased biassed inclined pressurized reasoned argued pressured coerced arranged dragged trained roped immeshed meshed entoiled implicated bagged embroiled tangled ensnarled ragged ridiculed stepped out played away bothered imposed upon crossed up bunked gotten around got around conciliated alleged blagged pandered to pacified propitiated sweetened played joke on beat out of worked over built up chatted up operated infatuated angled landed touted ensorcelled shilled pressurised kowtowed distracted played with dallied with tripped up assuaged gentled exaggerated dangled made use of won obtained secured caught up involved betrapped benetted played fast and loose with psyched out handed a line sucked up to played up to acted claimed perjured equivocated failed backstabbed made eyes at sent on a wild-goose chase play-acted kept hanging played a jest on played a prank on played a joke on humoured softened up drawn attention drew attention impersonated purported aspired talked someone into something exerted influence on exerted a pull on played a practical joke on paltered bulled misinstructed laid it on brought pressure to bear on rubbed the right way laid it on thick twisted one's arm pulled wool over caught your eye made a hit with disarmed made an impression on stretched the truth said something untrue poked fun at told a terminological inexactitude shucked and jived perjured oneself faked it caught the eye of flammed passed for malingered BSed made fun of plotted machinated concocted a story lacked candor brought off tickled your fancy fished made sport of not told the truth claimed falsely made a sucker of reeled in lit someone's fire given wrong information to whitewashed won the affection of swept you off your feet played for a fool humored departed from the truth dangled a carrot in front of told a falsehood told a white lie masqueraded wrought invented a story conspired floated someone's boat colluded worked brought in setted a trap for connived swung poked borack kept someone hanging on played someone false played games with lobbied told a lie laid for turned someone's head gave wrong information to laid claim told an untruth stabbed in the back told stories stonewalled unarmed made up a story made out flattered into committed perjury boxed in twisted around your little finger jazzed told untruths passed oneself off as licked someone's boots gnawn drawn out drew out besotten taken for took for gave the come-on to given the come-on to thrown threw took to cleaners taken for ride took for ride beaten out of taken to cleaners drew in drawn in got next to gotten next to batted eyes at given the runaround gave the runaround gave the wrong impression given the wrong impression stage-managed got the better of gotten the better of hocus-pocused broken faith with broke faith with misspoke misspoken overdrawn forswore forsworn overdrew broken promise forsworn oneself broke promise forswore oneself beared false witness


Having an irregular or uneven surface, edge, or outline
rugged rough uneven jagged irregular ragged bumpy broken coarse rocky lumpy scraggy craggy pebbly roughened stony pitted unlevel asperous hilly mountainous scabrous unsmooth wrinkled furrowed precipitous roughhewn chiselled leathery sharp strong-featured rough-textured broken up knotty knobby gnarled harsh knobbly rutted rutty steep cragged scraggly indented gritty nodular rough-hewn shingly notched jaggy holey not smooth abrasive unfinished knotted nicked gravelly nodose nodulous knurled potholed serrated hard choppy denticulate sawtooth holed alpine rock-strewn crude crooked chapped saw-edged unpolished coarse-grained ridged twisted gnarly rock-bound dented knaggy odd grating thick lump-filled scratchy weathered pitty scarred protuberant cracked bristly pointed barbed spiked weather-beaten snaggy toothed hairy rolling undulating spiky pebble not flat not level strong lined denticulated fragmented crenulate crenulated cleft corrugated high serrate crenated crenate serrulate dentate manly masculine rangy elevated sloping angular pointy cross-grained wrinkly contorted bent boulder-strewn upland highland soaring towering distorted disconnected flinty solid lapidarian bouldered stonelike rockbound inflexible petrous petrified lithic rock-ribbed flakey difficult mangy leprous deformed out of shape tortured jerky discontinuous inelegant treacherous scaly abrupt flaky textured grooved marked clumpy eroded surfaced raised striped full of lumps ribbed bobbly cut scored bony gouged scratched blemished riddled pockmarked pocky nubbly nubby curdy bulging eaten away clotted curdled grainy granular chunky congealed coagulated covered with lumps


Physically unyielding or stiff
rigid stiff hard firm inflexible unyielding taut inelastic unbending compact solid stiffened tense tight flinty hardened immalleable impliable unbendable unflexible unmalleable adamantine chiselled solidified unbreakable unsupple non-flexible stiff as a board impenetrable tough set steely close dense impermeable concentrated sturdy thick stony stretched compressed impervious concrete strong compacted robust congealed frozen rock-solid jelled condensed substantial heavy strained as hard as stone rugged stressed as hard as iron rocklike unpliable really hard indurate close-grained rock-hard refractory nonporous unwavering fixed tensed massed husky snug tightened consolidated very hard brittle rocky strung out tightly drawn tightly stretched renitent not loose not slack rock-like fine-grained nonflexible incompressible starched granite iron unshakable unmoving creaky resistant durable ungiving gelled walkable incompliant indurated jellified annealed numbed hypertonic stretched tight contracted drawn as hard as a rock flexed sore straight undeviating inextensible inductile unadaptable stable uncurving unswerving anxious extended worried wired nervous edgy nonstretchable on edge non-stretchable packed crowded stout as straight as an arrow crammed thickset serried impregnable overgrown blocked sealed immutable rheumatic aching jungly impassable unrelenting resolute jammed together piled packed in close-packed jam-packed closely set heavy-going tightly packed jammed heaped full deep jungle-like close-knit closely packed packed like sardines unchangeable dimensional rigorous uncompromising jellied brick wall like a rock set in stone

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