Đồng nghĩa của swanky

Alternative for swanky

swanky /'swæɳki/
  • tính từ
    • (từ lóng) trưng diện, phô trương, khoe khoang

Tính từ

Rather posh, elegant, ritzy
classy deluxe elegant fancy fashionable high-class luxurious plush posh ritzy splashy stylish sumptuous swank trendy upmarket chichi exclusive expensive flamboyant flashy glamorous grand lavish ostentatious peacocky plushy pretentious rich sharp showy smart snappy swankish swish tony with-it opulent upscale lush chic luxury palatial extravagant luxuriant splendid grandiose ornate luxe costly magnificent Lucullan exquisite elaborate gorgeous glitzy lavishly appointed fine majestic palatian silken Babylonian Lucullian stately select luscious snazzy tasteful sophisticated modish handsome de luxe palace graceful fancy-pants beautiful affluent immoderate high-toned upper-class refined courtly regal high-end lux schmick superior first-class dicty impressive prodigal prestigious well appointed indulgent well-appointed fit for a queen fit for a king cultivated dignified comfortable aristocratic princely imposing choice distinguished splendiferous pompous genteel dashing upholstered exuberant high-quality a la mode nice flash swell artistic quality attractive prestige snobby resplendent discerning polished elite superb ornamented in cool pricey champagne cultured overdone urbane classic delicate lovely charming suave noble abundant intemperate excessive up-market dear comely dainty rare profligate recherche profuse yuppie formal profusive agreeable five-star spacious pleasant glittering finest prominent notable esteemed important poised appealing coffee-table large-scale illustrious hedonistic special elitist snotty high-hat persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish potty respectable monumental happening voguish fresh supercool hip high fashion heavenly arty famous leafy awe-inspiring spectacular ultra loaded stuffy well-off gracious sybaritic pampered reputable eminent renowned super frilly riotous velvet wild glossy well produced epicurean self-indulgent overindulgent hedonic out of this world spiffy embellished valuable precious with good taste exaggerated unreasonable wasteful unrestrained salubrious cosmopolitan mod uptown upper-crust high pleasure-seeking thriftless copious improvident beyond price aesthetic swishy au courant over-the-top effusive unstinging openhanded decorous on fleek in vogue affected debonair sprauncy plummy larney swagger august esthetic stylized well-designed well-bred well-dressed la-di-da top-drawer chi-chi sensuous voluptuous comfy exorbitant in the lap of luxury premium extortionate inordinate overextravagant stiff steep overpriced big-ticket big-budget high-priced high-cost high-ticket

Tính từ

Trendy or in fashion
swank stylish smart chic trendy modish natty now dashing fly trendsetting contemporary modern popular chichi current mod latest upscale hot rakish trig posh new favoured favored faddy newfangled prevailing usual customary genteel in vogue with it up-to-the-minute all the rage in style a la mode in-thing up to the minute well-liked latest thing last word a go-go fashionable hip voguish cool happening in sharp elegant au courant snazzy tony snappy fresh swish groovy exclusive swell supercool up-to-date spiffy sassy classy kicky schmick dapper on fleek du jour designer in fashion big kicking swinging all the go with-it faddish up to date in thing dressy styleworthy trim debonair red-hot vogue sophisticated crowd-pleasing neat funky favourite popularised culty large popularized favorite pop de rigueur well-dressed bang up to date well-groomed clean well-heeled expensive sexy smartest nice finest newest formal Sunday youthful party young nicest high-toned glamorous high-class def hep downtown turned-on flippant the new massive attractive cutting-edge à la mode high-fashion understated tasteful flattering good ultra-modern swaggy spruce well put together well turned-out dap jaunty fashion-conscious nifty clever well-turned-out ingenious crucial well dressed slick dainty well turned out as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox spruced up prim dressed to kill dressed to the nines prevalent celebrated desirable wanted preferred liked in favour well-known legendary sought-after cosmopolitan gnarly in favor widespread in the mainstream in demand commercially successful successful swagger ritzy flash fine fancy le dernier cri modernistic flashy jazzy polished beautiful ostentatious uptown besuited avant-garde down sleek stylin' fashionably dressed plugged-in dressed to the teeth crisp appealing impressive well groomed smartly dressed exciting on trend last-word bang up-to-date bling groomed presentable suave elaborate fancy-pants urbane pretentious steezy showy ornate excellent distinctive first-class lovely dress stunning gorgeous spick and span well-tailored soigné charming clean-cut spiffed-up well-presented dolled up in good taste with style class foxy splashy pizazzy pizzazzy in high feather dressed up looking sharp flamboyant gay bright loud colorful awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware colourful on to plugged in turned on in the know tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to new-fashioned advanced progressive forward-looking cutting edge leading-edge leading edge go-ahead high-tech recent hi-tech state-of-the-art modern-day brand-new modernised modernized leading newly discovered contemporaneous novel latter-day space-age ground-breaking updated groundbreaking innovative innovatory present-day nouvelle pioneering ultramodern new age recently developed neoteric never-before-seen

Tính từ

Characterized by pretentious or showy displays
ostentatious flamboyant extravagant flashy gaudy showy garish flash loud splashy grandiose ritzy swank theatrical tinsel tinselly affected classy dashing fancy glitzy pretentious brash conspicuous glittery kitsch ornate overdone vulgar actorly bling superfly chichi crass dicty flaring flaunted flaunting noisy obtrusive pompous specious tasteless exhibitionistic fussy gay jaunty peacocky spectacular splurgy sporty tony uptown fancy-pants high-flown over-elaborate over the top arty-farty bling-bling razzle-dazzle OTT tawdry meretricious glaring jazzy bold tacky lurid trashy snazzy brilliant bright naff cheap brassy glittering chintzy colourful florid brummagem harsh colorful blatant brazen screaming in bad taste expensive striking eye-catching gross nifty crude resplendent raffish catchpenny over-bright violent splendiferous gimcrack distasteful unattractive bilious nauseating bombastic outrageous sickly Brummagem kitschy overwrought cheap and nasty plastic superficial sham plush pinchbeck unrefined elaborate low nasty common exciting dazzling glamorous kenspeckle commanding bodacious prominent catchy noticeable grabby marked pronounced arresting remarkable emphatic dramatic rich sensational opulent histrionic sumptuous luxurious vibrant vivid pizazzy pizzazzy common as muck splendid stylish pizzazz frou-frou coarse sparkling brightly coloured swashbuckling brilliantly coloured pzazz trumpery gussied up in poor taste flakey peacockish luxuriant gassy luscious flaming camp flaky putting on the ritz shoddy intense sleazy shabby tatty inferior glowing rubbishy schlocky junky strong second-rate poor miserable bright-coloured cheapjack low-grade mediocre lousy cheesy radiant rotten low-rent psychedelic kaleidoscopic blazing deep-coloured shining worthless obvious multicoloured paltry baroque multicolored bad execrable cut-rate wretched terrible bum schlock bargain-basement clear rococo many-coloured scruffy mean makeshift run-down dingy el cheapo broken-down shameless audacious highly-coloured highly colored rude uncouth lowbrow cheap-jack useless decorated festooned tactless improper lustrous graceless impolite offensive unseemly deep indecorous indelicate bedazzling rough lowbred jerry-built irradiant dilapidated seedy multicolour lively unmistakable third-rate poor-quality sheeny warm glossy luminescent incandescent gleaming wild motley smart luminous candescent artificial varicoloured prismatic variegated shiny tinny manifest evident polychromatic harlequin rainbow lucid grand ropy graphic glistering lambent multicolor exaggerated refulgent beaming rubbish grotty duff ablaze low-down slipshod rainbow-like many-hued base looking like an explosion in a paint factory not up to snuff like an explosion in a paint factory frowzy jarring clashing blinding painful to look at cheap-looking flowery fakey startling aureate whimsical full richly coloured fresh brave daring saucy adventurous unspeakable dirty twopenny-halfpenny animated visual corinthian flimsy insubstantial rickety sickening magnificent cheapo convivial merry ramshackle revolting vile inappropriate casual informal bodger titillating shocking daredevil defiant eye-searing badly built outstanding distinct unacceptable substandard inglorious trendy fun salient imaginative stimulating effective interesting disgusting thrown together garbagy sucky valueless natty well marked forceful definite plain undiplomatic bizarre dreadful cruddy fiery bloody fluorescent elegant stately trifling multihued sick gruesome embellished ornamented adorned sharp gilded prosperous imposing beautiful superb iridescent chromatic glowering sanguine livid overbright busy impressive overstated dime-a-dozen two-bit varicolored multichromatic colored gingerbread spiffy snappy schmick rakish sassy scintillating polychrome gorgeous lavish varied hued versicolor wedding-cake gee-whizz phantasmagoric particoloured coloured picturesque particolored patent parti-colored many-colored multi-coloured many-splendoured flagrant open protruding transparent overt intrusive protuberant inescapable thrusting palpable unconcealed scrubby neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown mangy moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels threadbare grungy down-at-heel ratty timeworn naked undisguised sheer observable perceptible Day-glo inflated straightforward bald unabashed outright unashamed mannered out of place sticking out impudent barefaced undeniable unblushing overambitious inelegant rank brass-necked indisputable cut-and-dried unembarrassed unmitigated insolent egregious arrant outmoded faded out-of-date stodgy frumpy untidy slovenly unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky unkempt messy sloppy unrepentant unsubtle sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb rough-hewn roughneck uncultured incult insensible indiscreet unpolished uncultivated rugged ill-bred illiberal posey la-di-da assuming without shame protrusive deliberate crying overbold in plain sight flaunty conceited heroic snobbish pseudo snippy hifalutin sophomoric vainglorious pseud poseur stupid raunchy hideous foolish unsightly outlandish barbarous off-color unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial unlovely barbaric flatulent toffee-nosed poncey hollow puffed up feigned hyperventilated high-minded put-on stilted highfaluting la-de-da arty too-too fake chi-chi

Tính từ

Tending to boast or brag
boastful bragging conceited crowing egotistical swaggering swollen-headed vain vainglorious vaunting blowhard braggart bumptious ostentatious overbearing arrogant big-headed big-mouthed cocky overweening proud puffed-up swanking big bigheaded bombastic complacent egotistic exultant hifalutin immodest know-it-all loudmouth pompous pretentious puffed up self-aggrandizing self-applauding self-important self-satisfied smart-alecky snooty strutting stuck-up windbag full of oneself full of yourself hot stuff on ego trip full of hot air too big for one's britches narcissistic egoistic self-loving self-regarding self-obsessed self-absorbed self-admiring haughty egocentric egomaniac peacockish inflated self-centred self-conceited affected important consequential swellheaded imperious egoistical biggety biggity smug self-opinionated prideful assured wrapped up in oneself in love with oneself high-and-mighty self-centered pleased with yourself think too highly of oneself pleased with oneself think a lot of oneself think one is God's gift think one is the cat's whiskers think one is the cat's pyjamas have an excessively high opinion of oneself braggy presumptuous self-aggrandising flamboyant cock-a-hoop holier-than-thou saucy impertinent self-flattering uppish huffish lofty patronizing self-assertive bossy snobby supercilious self-asserting chesty masterful confident self-affected pontificating self-confident self-engrossed overconfident selfish self-gratulatory snobbish high-handed self-complacent uppity self-dramatizing authoritarian blustery forward self-congratulatory pontifical huffy high-hat peremptory impudent self-promoting condescending self-assured self-contented dominating self-pleased self-adulatory magisterial brash cavalier highfalutin extroverted domineering disdainful unreserved lordly self-glorifying extraverted toplofty toploftical presuming sniffy blusterous uninhibited patronising

Tính từ

Smugly superior or dismissive of perceived inferiors
elitist arrogant egotistical high-and-mighty pompous pretentious snobbish superior aristocratic haughty highfalutin important inflated patronising patronizing persnickety puffed up snooty snotty stuck-up uppity affected conceited supercilious high-hat disdainful hoity-toity ostentatious uppish toplofty sniffy overbearing snippy high and mighty toffee-nosed lofty elitist presumptuous overweening lordly snobby condescending proud imperious peremptory cavalier chesty bumptious huffish boastful huffy toploftical presuming fancy-pants la-di-da remote egotistic tony aloof stiff-necked high-flown masterful assumptive self-assertive self-asserting high-handed putting on airs grandiose bragging posh poncey windy prideful vain portentous boasting puffy la-de-da flaunting high-minded self-centred self-centered overconfident pushy bullish cocky brash cocksure smug insolent self-important forward bold dictatorial domineering smart officious blustering opinionated brassy hifalutin assuming exclusive saucy impertinent rude unabashed brazen flip hubristic sassy wise pushful immodest audacious contumelious unblushing smart-alecky barefaced boldfaced cheeky throwing one's weight about procacious cool malapert pert fresh ritzy potty cliquish vainglorious contemptuous scornful swaggering bossy narcissistic pontifical self-opinionated impudent bigheaded self-satisfied egoistic egoistical swellheaded selfish self-conceited magisterial swollen-headed egocentric bloated confident self-affected self-promoting self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying self-engrossed self-congratulatory full of oneself self-confident stuck up autocratic dismissive biggity big-headed biggety assured self-assured sneering mocking authoritarian self-righteous self-serving know-it-all orgulous holier-than-thou blusterous indifferent scoffing pontificating smarty cold-shoulder inconsiderate jumped up wise guy on an ego trip too big for your boots sententious above oneself tyrannical stiff despotic nervy showy refined uncivil schmaltzy chichi campy disrespectful highfaluting full of yourself on high horse high falutin' sure on your high horse too big for one's boots gone Hollywood too big for one's breeches braggart bombastic self-loving braggy self-complacent self-pleased unreserved complacent self-flattering self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery self-applauding dominating extroverted extraverted uninhibited arbitrary offhand stuffy strutting vaunting ranting oppressive highhanded ambitious loud obnoxious undemocratic heavy-handed curt casual fustian willful rigid wilful inflexible anti-democratic repressive stagy unconcerned insouciant uninterested on one's high horse self-respecting high theatrical derisive commanding airy wiseguy standoffish honourable gracious honorable free familiar overbold unceremonious discourteous offensively self-assertive overfamiliar rash impolite ironhanded dominant abrupt brusque glib terse cursory perfunctory off ungracious pedantic pleased with yourself high falutin impetuous previous premature overhasty hasty foolhardy precipitate self-aggrandizing reserved distant detached disparaging slighting withering presumptive take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish over-elaborate improper inappropriate shameless splendid exaggerated grand spectacular flatulent flowery magnificent overstated careless jeering abhorrent insulting full of contempt rejecting antipathetic contemning averse unsympathetic scouting despising repudiating mannered contrived artificial genteel precious turning up your nose at looking down your nose at lah-di-dah upper-class snot-nosed full of airs and graces over-refined

Tính từ

Polite, elegant, and sophisticated in manner
debonair suave urbane charming courteous refined smooth sophisticated cultured dashing elegant civil confident gracious self-assured self-possessed chivalrous courtly dignified gallant genteel gentlemanly polished dapper smart spruce stylish trim well mannered attractive cool fly sharp snappy spiffy svelte swish well bred affable gentle mannerly trig well-bred well dressed well groomed buoyant casual cheerful cultivated detached happy jaunty nonchalant pleasant sprightly well-groomed well turned out on fleek snazzy posh sassy dainty spiff swell swank classy sporty chichi well-dressed smartly dressed ritzy well turned-out hip trendy fashionable happening kicking schmick supercool in vogue fashionably dressed civilized polite tasteful precise couth discerning natty accurate advanced evolved improved pinpoint sensitive stately airy majestic spot-on close forward mathematical developed graceful high accomplished late exquisite rigorous higher handsome ladylike progressive neat punctilious fastidious discriminating sublime well-mannered nice crisp besuited aesthetic restrained plush high-brow high-minded esthetic experienced distinguished superior civilised chic nifty tidy snug spry modish swagger prim bandbox showy nobby doggy nimble brisk kicky clean rakish neat and tidy turned out as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox dressed to kill dressed to nines decorous proper respectable formal seemly decent obliging befitting correct tactful diplomatic honourable de rigueur honorable conventional becoming well-behaved worldly worldly-wise aristocratic poised fitting respectful fit suitable noble glib slick right bland fine well behaved moral conforming done comme il faut cosmopolitan ceremonious distingué impeccable politic snobbish proud appropriate sedate modest demure considerate orthodox comely meet prudish priggish prissy media-savvy balanced metropolitan haughty smooth-tongued smooth-talking educated agreeable silver-tongued finished enlightened privileged well-born aloof soft fulsome genial soft-spoken sociable oily unctuous cordial ingratiating pleasing cavalier upright virtuous venerable highbrow composed attentive in line by the book straight strait-laced puritanical by the numbers well brought up well brought-up thoughtful gentlemanlike accommodating magnanimous well informed well read erudite learned well-educated standard reputable approved accepted apt usual customary stiff stiff-necked stilted traditional starchy kosher OK acceptable right stuff okay careful staid reserved affected in good taste good ceremonial au fait seasonable highbred august flattering preux adulatory complimentary lofty high-bred imposing studied patronising pompous ostentatious pretentious confined la-di-da artificial intolerant hollow patronizing snooty straitlaced precious discreet condescending stuffy

Tính từ

Slang or colloquial terms for attractiveness

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