Đồng nghĩa của undeniable

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Trái nghĩa: deniable,

Tính từ

Irrefutable, or impossible to deny
certain incontestable incontrovertible indisputable indubitable irrefutable sure unquestionable undebatable clear conclusive evident inarguable manifest obvious patent positive proven unassailable watertight clear-cut irrefragable plain straightforward transparent unmistakable accomplished beyond question categorical definite emphatic express marked pronounced self-evident sound unanswerable unarguable unchallengeable undoubted unequivocal actual apodictic binding compelling compulsory necessary obligatory real true beyond doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt for sure sure thing as plain as a pikestaff open and shut staring one in the face no ifs and or buts absolute unambiguous genuine convincing final decisive authoritative demonstrable firm definitive confirmed beyond dispute guaranteed assured reliable verifiable hard undisputable palpable fixed airtight accurate authentic infallible factual not in doubt set valid established concrete provable unerring decided establishable safe confirmable acknowledged veritable forceful predestined destined uncontested telling accepted in the bag undisputed nailed-on flawless effective demonstrative known ascertained unquestioned supreme unqualified unconditional determined persuasive verified tangible foolproof unchallenged recognized dependable having down pat bona fide clinching ultimate trustworthy downright doubtless unfailing uncontroversial settled not in question well-founded substantial recognised precise salted away on ice existent strong cogent credible complete plausible outright inescapable undoubtable perfect impregnable pure sheer observable solid unimpeachable irresistible cold attested sure-fire determinate inevitable certified realistic without loopholes irrevocable as sure as eggs is eggs substantiated sure-enough total convinced confident very weighty unfaltering satisfied unwavering persuaded steadfast no ifs ands or buts undoubting unshakable without doubt de facto faultless powerful unquestioning free from doubt thorough flat apparent resolute double-checked exact secure questionless implicit flat-out well grounded surefire hands-down essential substantive unavoidable ineluctable no mistake consummate inexorable determinative last deciding fated imminent ineludible for certain preordained unpreventable predictable predetermined unescapable inerrant natural impending dinkum peremptory impreventable unalterable foreordained doomed inevasible authenticated sure to happen to be expected bound to happen in the cards literal to be anticipated demonstrated certifiable inalienable immutable tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary inoppugnable overpowering material freely admitted not disputed unbreakable safe to say unvarnished uncontestable unequivocable open-and-shut invincible enduring unshaken uncompromising abiding constant changeless never-failing unchanging steady unchangeable for a fact unvarying bare open nailed down exhaustive invulnerable rational prominent pat superior well-grounded impressive authenticating reasoned reasonable uncontradicted right fair unalloyed failsafe irrebuttable overwhelming ironclad odds-on apodeictic veridical unfabled inexpugnable stable frozen sealed hard-and-fast potent no two ways about it validating well-proven down pat returnless stone cold satisfying efficacious imperative irreversible commanding that's a fact tacit fail-safe intrinsic influential beyond a doubt faithful sober beyond the shadow of a doubt can't-miss virtual implied can bet on it unappealable beyond a shadow of doubt compulsive insistent trusty determinant revealing settling resolving irrefrangible unacknowledged nof ifs ands or buts especial legitimate perceptible self-assured specific self-conceited self-confident unhesitating there are no two ways about it well reasoned believable real-life objective real-world validated proper litmus test all out straight out no ifs ands or buts about it corroborated resounding rank affirmative all sewn up existing unimaginary documented logical serious unmitigated truthful considerable out-and-out cocksure thoroughgoing explicit direct forcible honest physical regular utter good what you see is what you get kosher one hundred per cent significant unadulterated unreserved whole unabridged fundamental honest to God honest-to-goodness sure enough real live non-fictional for real utmost unrelieved rightly so called foreseeable expected decreed ordained fateful required prescribed mandatory ineliminable without recourse all locked up certain to happen

Tính từ

Clearly perceptible or self-explanatory
obvious clear plain evident apparent manifest patent conspicuous pronounced transparent palpable prominent marked decided salient striking distinct bold noticeable perceptible perceivable visible discernible detectable observable tangible recognisable recognizable unmistakable indisputable self-evident incontrovertible incontestable axiomatic demonstrable blinding inescapable overt open undisguised unconcealed frank glaring blatant flagrant explicit self-explanatory unquestionable unsubtle bald barefaced broad lucid luculent luminous nonambiguous pellucid perspicuous ringing straightforward unambiguous unambivalent unequivocal conclusive distinguishable exposed precise public understandable as clear as day as plain as a pikestaff as plain as the nose on your face bald-faced beyond doubt beyond question bright-line clear as a bell clear-cut crystal clear cut-and-dried open-and-shut plain to see right under your nose standing out a mile standing out like a sore thumb staring someone in the face sticking out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb writ large written all over one definite certain positive indubitable absolute categorical gross open and shut sure sensible egregious appreciable rank comprehensible emphatic outright verifiable naked notable brazen well defined shameless arrant out-and-out audacious direct arresting downright showy glaringly obvious confirmed verified stark remarkable distinctive express measurable obtrusive pointed unqualified accepted in plain sight outstanding straight decisive written all over someone particular prima facie black-and-white undoubted intelligible clear cut univocal uncontestable beyond a doubt under one's nose no ifs ands or buts full manifestly exclusive controlled evinced divulged disclosed undisputed flat discernable apprehensible revealed evidenced credible plausible ostensible seeming believable colorable extravagant runaway assured seeable patently true notorious staring one in the face provable cinched guaranteed unalterable noncontroversial much in evidence staring you in the face as plain as day as clear as crystal unhidden unrestrained out in the open telltale for sure on ice unique complete utter cut and dried inimitable in the bag attestable evincible make no bones kenspeckle commanding bodacious splashy eye-catching flamboyant significant brilliant dramatic easily seen catchy noisy grabby sheer plain as the nose on your face unabashed unashamed thoroughgoing unfeigned wholehearted sensational signal arrestive spectacular noteworthy irrefutable for certain as plain as daylight unblushing flaunting impudent recognized unchallenged uncontested insolent brass-necked ostentatious unembarrassed brash unmitigated proven unrepentant recognised supportable empirical sustainable confirmable checkable empiric solid actual real snazzy flashy without shame screaming protrusive meretricious crying overbold deliberate loud gaudy brassy garish glitzy substantial in full view big as life can't miss it concrete deducible ascertainable inferable genuine hard legitimate veritable authentic certified material veridical valid legit factual certifiable objective firm honest substantive true definitive specific proper unreserved blunt candid unblurred quantifiable undisputable lucent limpid crystal no catch understood given well documented bona fide well-grounded honest-to-goodness easily understood black and white no strings attached flat-out no fine print crystal-clear no holds barred nailed-on straight from the shoulder point-blank straight out clearly expressed granted fundamental assumed apodictic indemonstrable presupposed unquestioned axiomatical goes without saying aphoristic apothegmatic proverbial strong impressive extraordinary rare uncommon important considerable identifiable unusual memorable exceptional momentous special amazing astonishing stunning discoverable bright astounding out of the ordinary vivid unforgettable singular surprising dazzling staggering distinguished visual famous phenomenal incredible breathtaking seen audible viewable heavy in view in sight clearly visible forceful reasonable avowed major thick cognizable wonderful startling noted ocular awesome imposing colourful attention-grabbing macroscopic powerful jazzy electrifying weighty preeminent lurid consequential attractive great interesting colorful not hidden sharp to be seen meaningful predominant serious standing out dominant moving principal historic tidy sizeable fair protruding intrusive extreme touchable capital eminent known critical engaging goodly illustrious awe-inspiring pivotal main vital crucial jaw-dropping gee-whizz ornate prestigious telling shocking tactile physical leading familiar decipherable scandalous noble renowned plainly seen eye-popping opulent thrilling sizable wondrous outrageous fascinating citable star resounding on view on display mentionable namable nameable amazeballs large redoubtable terrific stirring hot pre-eminent in evidence astral different sticking out vulgar plain as day super well-marked individual on show worthy of attention red-letter headline ponderable well-defined stimulating deep intense monumental wicked eventful buzzworthy hair-raising newsworthy never to be forgotten out of this world unordinary excessive glorious refreshing classifiable traceable moderate easily noticed fresh multicoloured multicolored above board well-known corporeal close gorgeous captivating beautiful rich good-sized healthy estimable forestanding exhibitionistic lively glittery chief primary storming enunciated unmissable eloquent expressive thumping thundering indelible haunting distingué well marked defined clean-cut to the fore tactual inordinate celebrated divergent discrete easily distinguishable miraculous projecting outwards protuberant thrusting anywhere to be seen dinkum in the foreground clear as day prime essential staple basic key famed unexpected sign-posted well-worn drop-dead marvellous prodigious unbelievable not to be forgotten well known forcible published of consequence of importance tremendous horrifying dynamite compelling charming cogent lofty confounding bizarre paramount projecting pertinent relevant central jutting focal stupendous fantastic out of place publicized uncanny exciting unreal enormous dreadful smashing primo marvelous hearable acknowledged atrocious big publicised shared broadcast awful heinous appalling sensationalistic revealing unco world class zero cool gilt-edged infamous in circulation freely available public knowledge in the public domain in the open widely known superior speaking fluent pretentious immodest sensationalist gee-whiz catchpenny landmark flash much preponderant heavy-duty severe earnest earth-shattering resonant cardinal especial impactful large-scale high-priority mighty portentous urgent all-important keynote carrying a lot of weight quantum generous burning milestone fateful front-page high-level extensive hefty potent climacteric pressing earthshaking grave far-reaching monstrous flagitious terrible reprehensible disgraceful yellow shock-horror melodramatic ideal tasteless overdone outside iniquitous shameful villainous flagitous deafening roaring carrying vocal auricular aural sounding over-elaborate theatrical kitsch affected fancy external outer fine hanging out grody stick out like sore thumb flaming out and out bare-faced emotional piquant tabloid sultry coloured rough pungent livid coarse X-rated colored graphic warm radiant swanky pompous OTT superfly ritzy fancy-pants exterior majestic admirable delightful surface tinselly bling-bling dicty tawdry exhilarating high gleaming rousing heady grand one and only standout golden superficial resplendent overwrought sumptuous classy splendiferous tony swank tinsel dashing peacocky histrionic luxurious worthy of note of particular interest peculiar within earshot loud enough able to be heard outermost extrinsic invigorating energizing envigorating titillating biting spine-tingling energising worthy of mention mind-blowing utmost murder splash underlined stand-out major-league high-profile boss cool exceeding independent identifying private custom personalised nonconformist customized patented individualized idiomatic specialized subjective privy offbeat dissimilar intimate personalized individualised distinguishing specialised original customised over the top profound gripping arousing outward over out worth mentioning worth taking a look at something else of note the end from within on the surface toward the edge to the eye

Tính từ

(attributive) Bearing a complete and unaltered version of
simple unadulterated candid frank honest direct sincere plain absolute unqualified bald stark arrant blank blooming bodacious categoric categorical complete consummate cotton-picking crashing dead deadly definite downright dreadful fair flat flat-out naked outright perfect plumb profound rank regular stone thorough thoroughgoing total unconditional unmitigated utter very blunt unadorned uncorrupted wholesome unvarnished all-out out-and-out straight-out unembellished sheer pure unalloyed positive unequivocal clean entire gross wholesale veritable palpable unrestricted unmodified surpassing patent deep-dyed infernal flagrant blatant glaring blasted through and through whole all transparent overt obvious real unreserved explicit bare straight forthright full straightforward right genuine unambiguous undiluted mere unlimited upfront extreme dyed-in-the-wool open plain-spoken right-down undisguised proper unquestionable clear outspoken harsh certain unmixed artless brutal full-bore in every respect truthful final comprehensive ultimate exhaustive unmistakable indubitable undecorated inveterate blessed confounded unornamented point-blank clear-cut full-scale basic straight from the shoulder plain vanilla natural undiminished emphatic actual ingenuous guileless supreme wholehearted firm unstinting brazen barefaced conclusive unrestrained express innocent sure uncompromising undivided pure and simple unremitting all out no-nonsense straight out no catch no ifs ands or buts severe sole unfeigned austere unpretentious unbounded unaffected true common rude unveiled unexaggerated prize undissembled realistic lone decisive utmost resolute intense grim infinite limitless assured plainspoken unguarded unconstrained true to life warts and all overarching unbroken plenary determinate wide unquestioning out and out solid up-front without reservations only matter-of-fact perpetual no strings no fine print full-on true-blue full-blown no holds barred eternal on the level no kicker extraordinary pronounced egregious serious all-fired capital insistent adamant fixed assertive vanilla brute maximum determined unregenerate peremptory unembroidered unstinted monstrous atrocious notorious vile infamous relentless single altogether quite shameless optimum raw rigid unabated rightly so called stone-cold enduring steady steadfast abiding unfaltering never-failing horrible huge folksy homey untempered unmollified unbending unmoderated unabridged concentrated undisputed point blank uninterrupted inclusive totalitarian without reservation oppressive sweeping through-and-through main unconcealed upright unsparing persistent unsoftened unalleviated unrelieved in-depth minimal modest resounding definitive free-spoken easy heartfelt righteous unpretended earnest reliable unimpeachable valid known well-established trustworthy hearty undesigning forthcoming singular solitary in every way uninhibited everlasting unaltered habitual undying double-dyed untarnished untouched confirmed unblemished authentic apodictic specific communicative freehearted openhearted lay it on the line out-front open-and-shut not afraid to call a spade a spade talking turkey above board round accountable naive no strings attached one hundred per cent bluff unmannered brusque unpretending unhypocritical naïve dinkum square universal abrupt curt unceremonious short meaning what one says threadbare worn patchy indelicate terse gruff undiplomatic sharp no fooling on the up and up like it is crisp caustic worldwide widespread snippy hard-hitting to the point brusk short-spoken tactless trenchant impolite crusty up front uncivil unpolished discourteous general snappy brief pulling no punches omnipresent not beating about the bush straight-talking not mincing one's words calling a spade a spade straight-shooting speaking one's mind all-embracing

Tính từ

Free from error
correct right accurate precise true exact veracious faultless flawless strict certain conclusive definitive faithful infallible irrefutable perfect reliable unambiguous undisputed unimpeachable unquestionable unrefuted valid error-free errorless proper unerring appropriate dead-on good meticulous OK on-target regular scrupulous so spot-on standard word-perfect acceptable bang on O.K. actual amen equitable factual impeccable just legitimate okay on the beam on the button righteous rigorous stone truthful undistorted unmistaken veridical on the mark on the money on the nail spot on along the right lines dead on for sure on target on the right track on track right on right stuff according to Hoyle cooking with gas free of error on the ball on the nose on the right lines right as rain authoritative matter-of-fact final absolute clear-cut fit just so specific canonical explicit minute detailed official definite genuine straight word for word bull's-eye unequivocal clear without error historical objective nonfictional verifiable hard documentary fact-based case literal unelaborated unvarnished undoubted unfaked what really happened what actually happened as it really happened in accordance with reality as true as I'm standing here as true as I'm sitting here telling it like it is authentic sound kosher real direct solid close fair reasonable legit credible realistic suitable veritable ideal bona fide effective sure model defined convincing fitting lawful distinct warranted legal accepted unfailing satisfactory inch-perfect honest particular trustworthy rightful unmistakable pinpoint all right methodical thorough certified concrete sensible unembellished dead right logical unadulterated verbatim recognized careful true to life picture-perfect dinkum picture-book letter-perfect punctilious well-founded unblemished recognised judicious rigid systematic lifelike adequate authorized defensible sharp sanctioned certifiable scientific just right commensurate deadly formal approved immaculate licit justified licensed categorical warrantable pure irreproachable whole exemplary veristic verisimilar spotless stainless justifiable seamless indefectible cogent rational straightforward plausible unobjectionable established very licenced authorised supreme average requisite agreeable positive inerrant exactly right conscientious satisfying on the level painstaking discriminating deft discriminative skilful skillful punctual tenable simple ultraprecise express intact assured undeviating unexaggerated accredited constitutional understandable reasoned without blemish supportable sustainable authenticated vindicable dependable copybook admissible foolproof textbook defendable documented verified fine alright validated natural acknowledged unbroken classic coherent normal unexceptionable without fault believable unabridged endorsed ratified best permissible dead existent exquisite nice sober sure-fire decent allowed in order clean tolerable decisive safe commonsensical levelheaded pukka opportune archetypal competent consummate optimal passable sure-enough up to par up to standard up to scratch sufficing sufficient serviceable de facto inerrable comfortable true-blue unsullied quintessential fail-safe up to the mark up to snuff signed and sealed well-suited watertight straight from the horse's mouth well grounded good enough well-grounded orthodox severe fastidious unwavering stringent well defined lethal conventional naturalistic preferable clearly defined plain uncompromising delicate crystal clear due statutory vérité unswerving complete bare surgical determinate individual uncanny inevitable hunky-dory in depth gospel stark compelling sincere failsafe univocal to a T polished well-defined invariable narrow in accordance with the facts pragmatic lucid congruent viable workable grounded reputable perfected to a turn excusable undamaged undeceptive signed sealed just what the doctor ordered just what we need persuasive unimpaired explainable forgivable maintainable arguable apparent ordinary unembroidered written usual verbal critical de jure mint unmarked creditable relevant ordered cleared customary cathedral decided ex cathedra and delivered ex officio pardonable remissible venial allowable probable condonable identical superlative pristine superb on the line on the up and up high-principled like it is pertinent made to order apt ultimate prototypical tailor-made just the job masterly not figurative the real McCoy for real based on facts dead-center downright tip-top able to hold water characteristic representative guileless typical ingenuous archetypical indubitable echt artless unaffected entire unspoiled unmarred absolutely right very accurate exactly correct by the book to the point weighty analytic analytical consequent prudent enough unpretentious undesigning unpretending as good as new as sound as a bell blow-by-blow telling thoughtful word-for-word to the letter letter-for-letter letter for letter honest-to-goodness pucka optimum surefire guaranteed unbeatable can't-miss efficacious sinless ample commensurable frank overt candid aboveboard forthright open straight from shoulder up front square dinky-di firm commonsense commonsensible informed all there holding water profound well-advised holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together together intellectual unassailable advisable right-thinking standing up cool right-minded unadorned abundant real McCoy incorrupt blameless prime peak top circumstantial bonafide proportionate plenty innocent untarnished moral virtuous upright guiltless nailed down on the numbers idyllic foremost tried and true handy effectual useful always effective apodictic incontrovertible tried and tested helpful steady undeceivable efficient omniscient never failing uncorrupted cleanhanded inculpable lily-white white squeaky-clean legalized binding congruous unbiased unprejudiced finest balanced unspotted crimeless unguilty plentiful plenteous apposite apropos suited bounteous ten aces A-okay above reproach above suspicion unflawed whiter than white note-perfect as pure as the driven snow squeaky clean beyond reproach fleckless beyond criticism apple-pie choicest choice true-to-life contractual usable enow aplenty copious as much as you need necessary fitted as much as is necessary minimal bountiful respectable true-life card-carrying legalised unexpired presentable best possible fairish palatable straight from horse's mouth middling convenient moderate common pre-eminent best-case assuaging assuasive appeasing legally acceptable legally binding swell pleasant snug goodish unexceptional sufficiently good pretty good jake fairly good run-of-the-mill bog-standard completely understandable so-so A-OK middle-of-the-road fair-to-middling quite good totally fine not bad in effect within the law in force

Tính từ

Insisting on immediate attention or obedience, especially in a brusquely imperious way
peremptory imperious dictatorial authoritative autocratic bossy arbitrary high-handed overbearing dogmatic domineering tyrannical authoritarian brusque commanding despotic abrupt brisk imperial magisterial summary arrogant assertive autocratical firm imperative lordly masterful overweening positive tyrannic tyrannous wilful willful emphatic insistent intolerant certain compelling decided definite finished fixed obstinate rigorous severe stringent uncompromising oppressive harsh draconian dominating officious pushy absolute repressive autarchic undemocratic anti-democratic haughty strict doctrinaire high and mighty totalitarian monocratic iron-handed unyielding illiberal coercive imposing czarist tsarist confident demanding rigid cocky inflexible forceful iron-fisted heavy-handed pushful opinionated pompous tenacious controlling bullish egotistic dominant exigent ruthless self-confident overconfident pressing urgent powerful cruel pontifical lofty stubborn decisive superior proud supercilious importunate bullying stern brutal unlimited cocksure adamant absolutist one-party uncontrolled unjust determined stuffy insolent regnant fascistic downright subjugating dictative Neronian inhuman crying dire clamant burning exacting merciless inexorable tough relentless ironhanded mean self-assured disciplinarian all-powerful masterly assured self-willed impressive ordering aggressive bidding unaccountable unconstitutional single-party sure of oneself strong-willed dystopian overpowering pushing driving czarlike unreasonable patronizing compulsatory obligatory required mandatory compulsory unrestrained crack the whip in driver's seat on your high horse strong unassailable throwing one's weight about dogmatical clamorous crack-the-whip august patronising judicial stately majestic highhanded dignified regal in charge necessitous instant emergent acute critical throwing one's weight around autarchical no joke flat-out straight out absolutistic not backward in coming forward binding overriding throwing weight around no ifs ands or buts persistent unavoidable dogged entrenched unchallengeable narrow-minded unquestionable categorical opinionative unbending self-opinionated opinioned obdurate small-minded prejudiced pigheaded stiff-necked egotistical fanatical unequivocal one-sided bigoted wrong-headed formal bullheaded unrelenting persevering unfaltering overproud presumptuous unwavering resolute patient pertinacious lording it heavy resolved preponderant snotty high-and-mighty uppity ascendant prevalent cavalier disdainful sniffy overwhelming burdensome crushing resounding monotonous reiterative continuous perseverant pitiless murderous trying onerous stiff excruciating rough bitter unfair hard hardhanded punitive rugged grim searing grievous disheartening gloomy backbreaking discouraging weighty sombre hefty dismal depressive troubling dispiriting superincumbent bleak worrying distressing troublesome stressful somber taxing depressing confining headache rough going

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