Đồng nghĩa của inviolable

Alternative for inviolable


Never to be broken, infringed, or dishonoured
sacrosanct sacred holy hallowed untouchable inalienable unalterable unchallengeable absolute impregnable unassailable unbreakable intemerate divine firm indestructible inviolate unbreachable uninfringeable invulnerable sanctified secure safe venerated immune blessed consecrated revered blest venerable consecrate sacral reverenced invincible protected unimpeachable unaltered unchanged infrangible defended unthreatened impenetrable unconquerable strong unattackable respected unbeatable dedicated stout religious indomitable well fortified well defended heavenly godly enshrined supernatural anointed unprofane set apart intangible impalpable imperceptible godlike insuperable bulletproof unstoppable insurmountable unshakable immovable solid unyielding fortified shielded guarded well-defended spiritual immortal exalted devotional immaculate ecclesiastical sacramental theistic saintly pure pious safe and sound eternal numinous solemn devoted to God dedicated to God entire unbroken intact perfect honoured reverend worshipped beatified honored worshiped deified devout churchly righteous sainted canonical moral prayerful church saintlike virtuous scriptural apostolic angelic god-fearing priestly good faithful pietistic devoted reverent clerical glorified innocent upright theological orthodox sacerdotal ministerial believing ecclesiastic unworldly spotless doctrinal humble seraphic just chaste clean pastoral non-secular prelatic parsonical pietistical faultless untainted uncorrupt sublime undefiled God-fearing deistic sectarian ecclesial bible biblical ritual ordained canonized non-temporal churchy sinless pontifical papal episcopal canonised born-again reverential evangelic Christian otherworldly ethereal dogmatic hierological metaphysical mystical theologic cherished reserved messianic special adored evangelical churchgoing dutiful blameless celestial deific purified classical prophetic ethical clerkly vicarial schismatic moralizing smug moralising worshipful worshiping ceremonial uncorrupted stainless irreproachable beatific worthy guiltless hieratic rectorial presbyteral among the angels upstanding seraph worshipping theocratical cleric monastic monkish rabbinical parsonish parochial diaconal full of good works supplicant supplicating pleading beseeching soliciting entreating imploring suppliant supplicatory


Impossible to penetrate
impenetrable impervious impermeable dense solid thick hard impassable impregnable unpierceable indestructible puncture-proof unbreakable unyielding closed impassible invulnerable resistant sealed tight unassailable unattackable waterproof hermetic safe secure bulletproof close compact firm hermetically sealed murky substantial unpiercable tightly packed fortress-like airtight watertight water-resistant water-repellent damp-proof nonporous imperviable leak-proof rainproof robust durable stable steady sturdy reliable invincible sound hardy well-made well-built tried-and-true enduring well-founded reinforced heavy immovable established heavy-duty armoured strengthened dependable rock-solid strong hard-wearing fortified flourishing imperishable bombproof hardened everlasting well-armed well made well-protected fixed lasting concrete steely long-lasting cast-iron toughened seasoned cohesive hard-bitten inured knockabout storm-resistant armored hard as nails well fortified fast stormproof well defended well protected coated weatherproof proof shut showerproof proofed rubberized blocked obstructed inaccessible stopped up windproof galeproof vacuum-packed wrapped taped up stuck down -proof repelling shut tight leakproof waterproofed waxed repellent untouched unmoved unaffected immune unreceptive unswayable unfeeling impassive unapproachable unwavering rigid obdurate unmovable unbending locked fastened clumped plugged bolted smothering snapped unnavigable pathless trackless unpassable blockaded forbidden treacherous untrodden insurmountable untraversable


Not requiring surgery

Trái nghĩa của inviolable

inviolable Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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