Đồng nghĩa của protected

Alternative for protected

Đồng nghĩa: saved, secure,

protects, protected, protecting

Đồng nghĩa: cover, defend, ensure, guard, harbor, safeguard, screen, shelter, shield,


Intended to be kept secret
private secret confidential clandestine covert unofficial closet classified closed inside secretive stealthy discreet hidden privileged sneaky stealth surreptitious undercover underground backstage backstairs dissembled esoteric furtive hushed incognito intimate nonpublic privy restricted undisclosed unknown backdoor concealed inconspicuous offstage sneak underhanded censored dark sneaking underhand unpublished unrevealed unseen untold veiled non-public top secret top-secret in camera strictly confidential under wraps behind the scenes behind-the-scenes hole-and-corner close to one's chest hush-hush not for publication not in the public domain off the record under one's hat behind someone's back hugger-mugger not for circulation not open not to be disclosed not to be made public cloak-and-dagger one-on-one tête-à-tête quiet mum mom close personal sensitive tight strict low soft dern sub rosa arcane carefully guarded closely guarded sly black shrouded under-the-table on the QT sub-rosa obscured conspiratorial disguised buried exclusive wily cunning back-alley skulking slinking shifty cloaked backstair under the table crafty slippery covered masked devious indirect ulterior hole-in-the-corner artful camouflaged foxy shady unidentified hidden away under-the-counter obscure limited between ourselves screened undivulged reserved unauthorized guileful tricky scheming fraudulent not visible secreted silent feline catlike enigmatic catty noiseless tucked away unnoticeable uncommunicated evasive surprise incog unauthorised invisible on the quiet cautious out of sight clouded buttoned up on the sly with a lid on mysterious in secret restricted access unobtrusive internal intelligence undeclared unprofessed restrictive discriminative spy inner bosom illicit illegitimate illegal creep underneath unbowed subversive dirty unfair shorthanded unethical unscrupulous mean quick need to know unsuspected murky kept concealed kept secret QT unacknowledged dissimulated impenetrable backroom contemptible slinky two-faced regulated sealed nameless unannounced unnamed anonymous sideways sidelong oblique in holes and corners secondary underlying unexpressed insidious cloak and dagger calculating elusive creepy circumspect low-down unapparent hole and corner hidden from sight hidden from view out of view lost to view off limits closed off in private unsaid ambiguous mystic occult strange unenlightened deep enigmatical unintelligible out-of-the-way mystical special unrelated unrecounted out of bounds allowed granted controlled exceptional under cover in ambush unreported in strict confidence eyes-only in confidence not to be quoted to be kept under wraps not to be mentioned not for public consumption not public within these four walls for eyes only between you and me between you and me and the gatepost between you and me and the doorpost between you and me and the wall between you and me and the bedpost unspoken unstated unmentioned unnarrated suppressed duplicitous designing perdu planted stashed cached enshrouded recondite guarded clever hushed up covered up put in the hole holed up subtle unconfirmed shonky snide fly slim unsubstantiated uncorroborated carny cowardly yellow undocumented unauthenticated unsanctioned unratified uncertified off-the-record unendorsed


Dwelling or raised in, or as if in, cloisters
cloistered secluded sheltered cloistral confined hermitic insulated isolated reclusive restricted sequestered shielded withdrawn shut-off covert hermit-like hidden monastic quiet remote retired retiring secret solitary unworldly anchoritic eremitic recluse secluse seclusive shut off segregated quarantined cocooned private stranded abandoned screened lonely out-of-the-way unfrequented removed hermetic off the beaten track unsociable tucked away reserved ascetic concealed deserted lonesome cut off out of the way alone singular austere blockaded aloof personal uninhabited distant simple insular undisturbed conventual monkish antisocial cenobitic introverted monachal cut-off lone misanthropic hard to find separated isolate close closet beleaguered shy standoffish confidential unapproachable incommunicado retreated separate hidden away off the grid self-denying hermetical veiled curtained eremitical detached apart claustral monastical canonical shut away inconspicuous departed shrouded set apart ivory-towered celibate taken out far from the madding crowd contemplative companionless faraway friendless unaccompanied outlying inaccessible godforsaken meditative coenobitic far unreachable obscure unsocial unique one only one-off sole special far-off far off far-flung unget-at-able far removed Spartan frugal oblate hermitical by itself by oneself unattended all alone independent stag eremetic forsaken offish particular sui generis lorn self-sufficient uncompanionable self-contained on its own


Allowed by the rules
legit authorised authorized legal legitimate proper licit permissible kosher constitutional legalised legalized valid official warranted just statutory rightful justifiable due established canonical condign decreed enforced enjoined innocent judged ordained passed commanded enacted judicial jural juridical jurisprudent legislated legitimatized mandated ordered ruled vested warrantable bona fide card-carrying on the level of right on the up and up allowed allowable lawful sanctioned permitted admissible justified above board within the law recognized approved endorsed decriminalised recognised decriminalized going by the rules by the book acceptable sound binding fair statutable enforceable licensed right honest genuine upright ex cathedra granted chartered licenced enforcible de jure acknowledged prescribed aboveboard contractual straight precedented sure enough accepted orthodox certified traditional accredited regular confirmed ratified standard true conventional authoritative correct customary agreed validated admitted settled chosen agreed upon received formal normal authentic usual documented popular fixed tolerable tolerated backed affirmed common appropriate nominated assigned supported okay declared set elected universal stock undisputed commissioned appointed ordinary prevailing delegated prevalent familiar routine well-known time-honoured representative real determined consented favored conceded verified democratic classic designated specified authenticated selected unquestioned general OK'd suitable identified undoubted understood known mainstream proclaimed arrived at vouched for methodical classical accustomed named ceremonious regulation square explicit professed ceremonial preferred tried and true favoured widely recognized commonly accepted tried and tested time-honored generally accepted let accorded sanctioned by law elective proven certain stated tried and trusted done made official pro forma of the people strict characteristic renowned believed stipulated recognizable perceived regimented orderly express excusable pardonable all right predictable realized remembered constituted codified bearable unforbidden venial OK unprohibited systematic realised recognisable straightforward sincere in order ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual ensured by law in accordance with the constitution within accepted bounds uncontested natural canonic anointed verifiable trustworthy straight-shooting honest-to-goodness truthful upfront for real reliable definitive signed recommended cited picked announced conformist conservative confessed pegged deputed classified consecrated individuated bonafide right as rain telling the truth fair and square on the up-and-up decided deserved doctrinal traditionalist returned answered concluded underwritten blessed advocated notarized commended upheld sponsored sealed attested credible magisterial best opted for settled on singled out decided upon entrusted tabbed mentioned drafted merited traditionalistic ultraconservative unprogressive reactionary unheretical button-down unoriginal old-fashioned buttoned-down hidebound mossbacked old-line old-school standpat die-hard brassbound paleoconservative archconservative certifiable sworn unchallenged avowed well established derivative well-established commanding sovereign arranged allotted prearranged veritable effective actual usable fitting straight arrow pious by the numbers bien pensant in line religious according to the book punctilious unexpired OK'd boosted competent apt earned scheduled imperial executive mandatory bureaucratic ruling departmental supreme ex officio administrative reasonable legally acceptable legally binding fit holding water requisite moralistic moral virtuous ethical principled applicable noble twenty-four carat well deserved in principle befitting equitable well earned right-minded habitual typical signed and sealed true-blue in effect in force preordained installed expected predominant household wonted charged going fashionable touted well worn unopposed bog-standard okayed current everyday in vogue long-established prescriptive plain requisitioned bid dictated summoned most scholarly most reliable


Resistant to sticking


Not hurt or damaged in any way
unharmed safe unhurt unscathed uninjured fine intact sound undamaged untouched whole all right OK unscarred okay unscratched alive and well in one piece not hurt safe and sound free from danger out of danger without a scratch out of harm's way secure well alright in good shape shielded sheltered guarded out of the wood out of the woods healthy defended unassailable hale unimpaired protected from harm protected from danger unbroken unwounded unblemished unmarked unthreatened safeguarded O.K. scatheless as new like new as good as new impregnable sure confident reassured invulnerable immune unworried assured certain good fit snug riskless safe as houses in safe hands in a safe place up to snuff as fit as a fiddle in the pink as right as a trivet hunky-dory in good health in fine fettle as fit as a flea hearty able-bodied strong fresh vigorous robust fighting fit fit as a fiddle normal restored hardy blooming thriving full of life physically fit well-conditioned hale and hearty in good physical shape in good condition in good trim in tip-top condition alive and kicking wholesome active lively sturdy bouncing in shape chipper strong as an ox in good physical condition sound in body and limb in excellent shape solid as a rock in good kilter fit as a flea in fine feather in good form husky trim bushy-tailed bright-eyed up to par in rude health right as rain bursting with health rested healthful strengthened together glowing able luxuriantly untroubled aerobicized flourishing relieved soothed comfortable muscular potent firm lusty tough athletic virile rosy-cheeked stout in top form the picture of health better healthier right recovered refreshed rehabilitated ok healed cured mended invigorated fitter fine and dandy

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