Đồng nghĩa của in the pink


In good health
well-conditioned healthy fit well hale robust sound hearty wholesome whole able-bodied bouncing in shape in fine fettle strong in good health vigorous in good shape fighting fit sturdy fine fit as a fiddle hardy in good trim up to snuff alive and kicking blooming stout thriving husky right as rain as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea flourishing firm lusty in tip-top condition hale and hearty bursting with health tough strapping muscular aerobicized normal athletic stalwart unimpaired trim OK all right in rude health in good condition up to par powerful rugged solid brawny sinewy lively staunch burly active good energetic sane buff safe chipper full of life fresh able in excellent shape right vital fit as a flea bushy-tailed bright-eyed physically fit in good physical shape in trim perky sprightly in peak condition full of vim capable Herculean mighty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans uninjured unharmed as right as a trivet hunky-dory strong as an ox healthful sound in body and limb together glowing solid as a rock luxuriantly in fine feather in good form stable as strong as an ox okay proper rude beefy hefty jacked hunky powerhouse red-blooded forceful as strong as a horse well-built peppy as strong as a ox gingery thewy roaring solidly built dynamic rough thickset stark flush powerfully built iron substantial intact very well up to scratch fast bombproof undamaged durable flawless vibrant wide-ranging perfect rigorous unhurt undecayed well built well constructed hard unblemished well-constructed hanging together holding together potent restored virile safe and sound rosy-cheeked in good physical condition in good kilter in top form the picture of health shredded ripped tenacious muscly heavy well made hulking cast-iron hardened toughened hard-bitten inured secure well-made strenuous heavy-duty enduring young upright influential unflagging acclimatised resistant acclimatized resilient indefatigable seasoned important A1 bursting with good health significant upstanding forcible puissant hard as nails fixed steady big reinforced unyielding well-founded stocky masculine hard-wearing thick strongly made invincible indomitable meaty chunky enthusiastic bulky stiff stouthearted decisive strong-arm all-male man-size male manlike mannish man-sized built to last lean tiger manly jock stud two-fisted lion-hearted colt audacious jockstrap stately confident beefcake he-man self-reliant noble dignified hunk undaunted fibrous stringy leathery


Marked by vigorous growth, especially economically or financially
prospering golden booming flourishing halcyon prosperous roaring blooming burgeoning lush successful thriving expanding growing palmy profitable rich boomy exuberant healthy luxuriant mushrooming profuse rampant robust doing well in full swing going strong in top form vigorous rank thrifty active busy strong buoyant developing fruitful going improving progressing lucrative productive triumphant ballooning snowballing fast-growing blossoming going places on a roll going well faring well in the ascendant on the up and up wealthy flush opulent affluent monied substantial fortunate moneyed comfortable well-to-do well-off well-heeled fat loaded remunerative gainful deep-pocketed moneymaking lucky prolific happy privileged snug well-endowed well-fixed fat-cat silk-stocking joyous money-spinning in clover uptown oofy glorious auspicious minted sitting pretty rewarding favoured favored on easy street well off in the money well heeled set for life worthwhile profit-making beneficial joyful idyllic bankable paying boom advantageous juicy economic propertied blessed on top of heap upper-class cash rich on velvet leisure-class quids in stinking rich filthy rich doing it easy rolling in money of means in the chips in easy street worth a bundle rolling in it of substance with deep pockets worth a packet made of money in luck rosy abounding carefree plentiful plenteous blissful contented upmarket prodigal sound working and up promising on the up advancing arrived rolling cooking up-and-coming easy solvent efficient home free gangbusters boffo pecunious providential propitious main-line have it made have the wherewithal high-income fertile advantaged upscale favourable plutocratic financial enviable elite independent socially advantaged in the gravy money-making well-paid ongoing delightful precious best large cost-effective high-paying multi-crore having it made of independent means on Easy Street cushy fecund fructuous cornucopian paradisiac peak favorable encouraging win-win sweet good fatness jammy well paid in the black cost effective

Trái nghĩa của in the pink

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