Đồng nghĩa của well off

Alternative for well off

Trái nghĩa: badly off,

Tính từ

Possessing money
in the money affluent rich flush in clover loaded prosperous wealthy well-to-do moneyed opulent rolling in it stinking rich well heeled not short oofy quids in rolling in money well-off in easy street in the black made of money on easy street well-heeled deep-pocketed monied silk-stocking fat well-fixed fat-cat well-endowed comfortable propertied cash rich with deep pockets substantial filthy rich minted successful of means in the chips of substance flourishing worth a bundle worth a packet upscale uptown profitable doing well booming thriving plutocratic privileged snug on velvet upper-class lucrative productive remunerative gilded pecunious lush moneymaking money-spinning gainful large favoured socially advantaged set for life leisure-class independent upper class fortunate favored multi-crore happy eminent bountiful famous on the up and up influential powerful lavish leisured overflowing lousy rich with money to burn prodigal profit-making easy buoyant solvent of independent means on Easy Street doing it easy lucky financial in luck blessed having it made worth a million landed well provided for bloated old money nouveau riche upper crust advantaged elite enviable in the gravy living high off the hog sitting pretty in the lap of luxury fertile fruitful luxuriant fecund prolific fructuous juicy economic paying cornucopian cushy born with a silver spoon in your mouth jammy property-owning rewarding advantageous beneficial useful worthwhile financially rewarding well paid landowning happier better-off valuable paid expedient going win-win well-paying sweet good constructive generous satisfying recompensing going concern paid off very productive financially worthwhile more fortunate

Tính từ

Experiencing luck and good fortune
happy fortunate lucky privileged prosperous successful healthy providential fortuitous profitable serendipitous well-off wholesome auspicious bright chance coincidental golden opportune promising propitious unexpected advantageous efficacious enviable fair favourable favorable favoured favored felicitous fitting flukey fluky incidental just meet nice proper timely unforeseen accidental well-timed helpful convenient welcome beneficial rewarding fruitful expedient encouraging gainful useful valuable jammy rosy seasonable heaven-sent born with a silver spoon in your mouth good apt suitable appropriate right fit befitting blessed applicable benign fitted well timed becoming hopeful satisfactory desirable full of promise pretty optimistic charmed relevant reasonable likely ripe in luck blessed with good luck born under a lucky star due correct pertinent pleasing apposite heartening pat roseate upbeat rose-colored rightful decent requisite kosher right on comme il faut casual seemly adequate advantaged suited germane reassuring acceptable deserved toward sufficient merited worthy excellent handy comfortable okay condign to the point up to snuff in keeping on the nose on the button born with a silver spoon in one's mouth thankful timeous equitable halcyon merciful easy hot conformed reconciled accommodated decorous perfect likely-looking positive up-and-coming palmy ideal effective that's the ticket just what was ordered benefic kindly friendly capable assuring done justified beneficent salutary benignant having a charmed life sitting pretty born with a silver spoon fine in order all right comely best beseeming conforming behooving competent warranted legitimate sensible earned healthful flattering constructive cheering gratifying pleasurable pleasureful pleasant inspired apropos inadvertent unintended well deserved well-deserved well earned neat well-chosen choice uncertain haphazard unlooked-for unanticipated unpremeditated unintentional unplanned unwitting favouring favoring dexter brave agreeable congruous well chosen random chancy incalculable variable commodious odd contingent telling well put well expressed convincing joyous covetable cut out for user friendly advisable fit for purpose righteous right up someone's street up to standard good enough in keeping with politic swell copacetic in character presentable legit flourishing fine and dandy hunky-dory OK as it should be according to Hoyle what the doctor ordered spot on at the mercy of events to die for tickety-boo on the ball jake unobjectionable well unexceptional cool win-win desired attractive admirable sought-after superior tempting worth having exciting envy much to be desired

Tính từ

Characteristic of or denoting a wealthy and fashionable person who travels widely and frequently for pleasure

Trái nghĩa của well off

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