Đồng nghĩa của warranted

Alternative for warranted

Đồng nghĩa: bonded, guaranteed, secured,

warrants, warranted, warranting

Đồng nghĩa: assurance, authority, authorization, certificate, guarantee, justification, mandate, oath, pledge, promise, reason, right, sanction, voucher, vow, word, writ,

Tính từ

Authorized with a warrant
competent condign deserved due fair just justified merited right rightful allowable allowed assured certified guaranteed sanctioned secured fitting appropriate suitable proper fit justifiable earned reasonable meet apt equitable well deserved well earned requisite adequate correct good moral honest ethical virtuous decent legitimate befitting principled right-minded entitled richly-deserved rightly due becoming desirable sensible sufficient obligatory ample enough well-deserved upright righteous felicitous satisfactory happy honourable lawful bounden legal honorable right and proper scrupulous nice straight well-earned conscientious all right stand-up official authorized orthodox applicable canonical noble permitted authorised card-carrying moralistic in principle on the level twenty-four carat on the up and up holding water seemly worthy comme il faut fitted decorous convenient expedient suited qualified apposite acceptable relevant deserving able opportune capable functional prepared feasible adapted pertinent ready timely pretty useful employable apropos useable available serviceable usable correspondent conformable equal anticipated expected awaited slated rhadamanthine scheduled coming accepted established conventional formal accurate exact regular precise perfect advantageous right on propitious favourable desired prudent that's the ticket just what was ordered on the nose on the button ideal de règle golden promising fortunate lucky auspicious providential benign ripe done meritorious seasonable commendable favorable well timed comely best praiseworthy heaven-sent estimable laudable admirable excellent respectable exemplary fine creditable needy praisable eligible thankworthy exploitable equipped practicable operable preferable good enough -worthy

Tính từ

Allowed by the rules
legit authorised authorized legal legitimate proper licit permissible kosher constitutional legalised legalized valid official just statutory rightful justifiable due established canonical condign decreed enforced enjoined innocent judged ordained passed protected commanded enacted judicial jural juridical jurisprudent legislated legitimatized mandated ordered ruled vested warrantable bona fide card-carrying on the level of right on the up and up sanctioned lawful approved licensed permitted allowed recognized acceptable licenced admissible recognised allowable accredited justified reasonable right within the law certified correct above board defensible genuine supportable sound accepted fair suitable by the book sensible understandable tenable appropriate true okay endorsed authentic real logical acknowledged going by the rules well founded ratified statutable confirmed validated sustainable signed commissioned empowered plausible honest upright chartered rational well-founded pukka probable orthodox ex cathedra de jure fitting sealed signed and sealed admitted necessary vindicated befitting passable tolerable okayed sanctioned by law satisfactory tolerated credentialed OK enforceable binding decriminalised decriminalized fair enough possible worthy likely pertinent concedable applicable relevant cogent codified constituted granted contractual straight precedented enforcible prescribed aboveboard coherent sincere good compelling reasoned convincing countenanced not unlikely not impossible credible solid grounded pragmatic lucid reliable believable congruent realistic viable workable sure enough appointed democratic ensured representative by law in accordance with the constitution persuasive verifiable dinkum effective deputed guaranteed formal authoritative vouched for authenticated documented verified ascribed deputized qualified attributed credited deputised officially recognized decided conclusive straight from the horse's mouth definite cleared decisive customary precise cathedral positive and delivered ex officio deposed witnessed notarized fit vindicable defendable excusable maintainable explainable arguable forgivable pardonable condonable remissible venial able to hold water bearable sufferable endurable manageable all right in order within accepted bounds brookable feasible sanctionable imaginable thinkable livable unforbidden unprohibited conceivable let consented favored conceded accorded welcome unobjectionable favoured A-OK totally fine righteous respectable attainable achievable doable practicable affordable expected predictable inevitable mortal creditable normal natural foreseeable unsurprising accountable supposable comprehensible cogitable earthly explicable to be expected anticipated par for the course on the cards intelligent practical wise equitable judicious commonsensical objective sober decent advisable prudent thoughtful impartial commonsense sapient percipient moderate restrained conservative controlled reflective sane temperate analytical unprejudiced informed thought-out well-thought-out firm levelheaded cognitive unexcessive level-headed analytic fair-minded open to reason evenhanded well-advised in one's right mind based on good sense ratiocinative making sense clear-cut full of common sense unbiased standing to reason politic well-grounded knowing cerebral well grounded thinking commonsensible together cool circumspect consistent well thought out well advised unextreme well reasoned

Tính từ

Based on, or displaying, common sense
well-founded valid justified logical rational reasonable informed reasoned sensible solid sound analytic analytical coherent credible hard justifiable legitimate levelheaded commonsense commonsensible commonsensical consequent factual firm just sober defensible good plausible proven substantiated supportable understandable well-grounded rock-solid well grounded based on hard data based on hard facts accurate correct warrantable regular normal defendable true proper faithful precise vindicable exact veridical balanced veracious strict undistorted cogent well founded judicious prudent intelligent discerning practical realistic thoughtful wise lucid well-advised consistent circumspect grounded sagacious shrewd down-to-earth sane matter-of-fact astute pragmatic well-thought-out clear well reasoned intellectual together discriminating relevant convincing telling responsible legit perceptive holding water objective knowing deductive ratiocinative well thought out well-reasoned cool well advised systematic fair compelling congruent methodical perspicuous articulate germane pertinent kosher organized no-nonsense sage mature canny enlightened hard-headed organised well organized level-headed sharp joined-up reflective philosophic faultless cerebral thinking perspicacious tenable confirmed sustainable believable acceptable impeccable corroborated viable full of common sense maintainable right advisable cognitive weighty authoritative reliable all there clear-cut politic businesslike hard-nosed supported well-expressed considered well-presented well presented well expressed well-structured plain clear-sighted clear-eyed straight deliberate common-sense with both one's feet on the ground unidealistic with both feet on the ground with one's feet on the ground extensional juridicious necessary deducible subtle obvious well-organized inferential holding together equitable thought through decent substantial powerful strong impartial sapient bona fide percipient moderate restrained conservative controlled temperate unprejudiced feasible thought-out unexcessive fair-minded open to reason evenhanded in one's right mind admissible based on good sense making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme probable persuasive irrefutable arguable effective workable uncorrupted able to hold water conclusive clear-headed attested forceful tested potent determinative trustworthy efficacious stable far-sighted discreet serious-minded orderly clever well-informed attentive conversant comprehensible intelligible au courant steady-going having all one's marbles in right mind recognized flawless watertight right-thinking satisfactory profound holding up recognised standing up holding up in wash got it together established orthodox accepted unassailable satisfying right-minded meaningful identified infallible trustable reasoning collected unquestionable certain synthetic errorless sure sincere secure inerrant colorable meticulous rigorous validated verified truthful empirical certified open definite calculable explicit stringent careful empiric dead-on spot-on on-target letter-perfect most likely

Động từ

To have tolerated
allowed tolerated approved beared brooked endorsed endured accepted condoned lived with put up with stood for permitted okayed nodded at borne bore gone along with excused gave green light went along with given green light stomached supported swallowed stood suffered abided abode countenanced hacked sustained stuck sticked submitted to handled absorbed absorpt bided met pocketed stuck out sweated out taken took tholed worn wore withstood sanctioned coped with bode bidden went gone admitted of held with grinned and bear it let lumped it faced weathered favoured favored indulged consented to authorized bore with put John Hancock on abided by hung tough hung in there stuck with heard of sat through borne with hung in acknowledged authorised sat still for sat tight underwent undergone agreed to submitted shouldered braved encouraged resisted defied experienced backed helped approbated took kindly to taken kindly to aided championed abetted commended approved of granted conceded stuck it out received survived lived through smiled on gave the green light to consented deferred green-lighted capitulated confirmed took something lying down dealt with upheld advocated given the green light to stood firm against took it agreed played the game sat out coped signed off on had taken one's lumps acquiesced stomached something allowed to humored faced the music toughed out it invited waited out permitted to granted permission to held out against taken it applauded stood up to taken something lying down green-lit humoured acceded to fell for fallen for got on with gotten on with beared up under ridden out went through taken patiently took patiently gone through been through rode out gave the go-ahead to engagde in beared the brunt of gave permission to given the go-ahead to given permission to engaged in saw out saw through seen out saw through to the bitter end seen through to the bitter end seen through bitten the bullet taken one's medicine bit the bullet took one's medicine given the nod gotten behind gone for went for given stamp of approval gave the okay to got behind gave the thumbs up to upholden given the thumbs up to gave the go ahead to gave stamp of approval given the okay to gave the nod

Động từ

Past tense for to officially affirm or guarantee
affirmed guaranteed promised asserted assured attested pledged averred avouched certified ensured maintained professed stated undertook undertaken underwrote underwritten upheld upholden alleged avowed claimed contended declared endorsed guarantied insured proclaimed pronounced testified vouched vowed backed defended insisted purported secured stipulated supported swore sweared sworn protested argued delegated sponsored backed up stood by vouched for bore out borne out bore witness borne witness stood behind answered for gave grounds for given grounds for took an oath taken an oath confirmed verified asseverated corroborated substantiated proved justified validated vindicated authenticated announced established witnessed laid down ratified prove proven deposed held acknowledged evidenced rationalized predicated put forth rationalised demonstrated put forward said so protected cinched showed explained said sustained testified to indemnified beared witness to covered covenanted iced plighted advanced admitted excused represented advocated lay down bound oneself stood up for made out gave credence to given credence to swore up and down sworn up and down crossed one's heart pretended engaged given an undertaking gave an undertaking contracted indicated agreed committed documented okayed moved adduced confessed cited legitimized repeated propounded checked emphasized told committed oneself emphasised legitimised lent weight to shown crossed heart attested to sworn to swore to seconded reasserted reaffirmed charged manifested suggested pleaded pled shielded guarded implied reassured postulated ascertained whitewashed submitted owned expressed notified registered extenuated stressed sealed conveyed recognized evinced appeared cleared mitigated set out opined sweared on the Bible allowed recognised accredited settled pressed set betokened clinched made a deposition pleaded for stuck up for provided evidence of given an assurance gave an assurance made excuses for nailed down accounted for given proof of gave proof of made evident stated under oath set to witnessed to put up argument made a case for shed light on pointed to swore on bible explained away owned up put on ice sworn on bible let have it locked up demonstrated the truth of rubber-stamped sworn an oath swore an oath given substance to gave substance to gave one's word given one's word shown to be true showed to be true challenged safeguarded hinted insinuated accused intimated imputed seemed buttressed determined cosigned averted bargained pledged oneself hedged reiterated signified meaned meant qualified approved invoked offered laid recited recounted presented solemnly promised rehabilitated disproved confuted refuted disculpated palliated impersonated intended imported wagered provided trusted promised under oath were responsible for was responsible for been responsible for own reasoned exonerated legalized adjured legitimatized pretexted sanctioned voiced bespoke personated denoted effected laid claim posited offered grounds for found espoused bound assented pledged yourself sweared blind staked exculpated signed for legalised countersigned uttered gave evidence given evidence authorized obligated spoke for acceded alibied appeased concurred subscribed spoken for relied on arranged ventured volunteered setted oneself up posed as disclosed debated enjoined spouted conceded disputed dictated urged crossed blasted crooned stumped mixed ripped granted reported constated soapboxed spieled prescribed zapped stood bail for requested enforced made sure of revealed encouraged developed convinced resulted fixed got behind gotten behind allegated passed rendered informed grounded ground had confidence in made an affidavit authorised setted the seal on plighted oneself given assurances gave assurances sang sung alleged that one is masqueraded as passed for setted oneself up as argued for gave a pledge given a pledge done justice to did justice to given an explanation for gave an explanation for gave reasons for given reasons for mouthed off exculpated oneself provided insurance for covered for produced proof represented oneself as submitted proof double-checked resolved provided an explanation for mounted showed beyond doubt crossed your heart pressed for produced evidence proved to be genuine jumped on had a lock on mixed it up proclaimed that one is shot one's wad sussed out entered into an agreement feigned the identity of brought forward given your word sweared under oath answered to had a case had bone to pick laid down the law made good on attributed shown beyond doubt proved to be reasonable exonerated oneself socked it to one popped off agreed to pay vindicated oneself opened up implied that one is lived up to talked big asserted that one is made safe pinned down insisted on stuck it to submitted evidence locked on made secure come at locked horns with provided a justification for given an apologia for bound yourself absolved oneself said in defense maintained that one is ganged up on laid into gave an apologia for cleared up had at added up lit into gave a justification for made allowances deposed to provided a rationale for given a justification for established evidence gave your word held up shot off one's mouth tokened made a commitment sweared to the fact laced into come out cleared the air about made certain of passed oneself off as disproven bespake bespoken shown the truth of showed the truth of given assurance of gave assurance of sewed up sewn up taken a stand took a stand spoken out gave testimony given testimony spoke out shown once and for all shown clearly showed clearly showed once and for all sworn by swore by given witness gave witness gave an undertaking to given an undertaking to gave facts given facts flew in face of took on flown in face of taken on came at gone at went at asserted under oath went bail for gone bail for thrown one's weight behind threw one's weight behind given security to gave security to sworn to God swore to God given an affidavit gave an affidavit beared testimony acted as a witness gave weight to given force to gave force to given weight to came out acted as if blown hot air got off chest blew hot air gotten off chest gotten on soapbox got on soapbox gave word of honor undertook solemnly given your word of honour gave your word of honour undertaken solemnly given word of honor gave someone your word given someone your word showed cause shown just cause for showed to be reasonable spoke in favor of showed just cause for shown to be reasonable shown cause spoken in favor of gave an alibi for given an alibi for gave a reason for given a reason for given a rationale for acquited oneself given an excuse for thrown light upon threw light upon thrown light on threw light on gave a rationale for gave an excuse for apologized for spoken on behalf of proven a case spoke on behalf of spoke in support of given the rationale behind proved a case spoken in support of gave the rationale behind

Động từ

Past tense for to accept as satisfactory or conforming to the required standards or rules
authorised authorized sanctioned approved ratified confirmed accredited OKed formalised formalized cleared finalised finalized okayed homologated approbated endorsed licensed licenced validated permitted certified allowed accepted consented to countenanced empowered commissioned consented enabled supported legalized legitimized blessed blest backed passed affirmed agreed to legitimised legalised signed authenticated granted recognized entitled legitimatized chartered qualified acceded recognised let acquiesced assented to vested invested signed off on gave the green light to given the green light to said the word upheld acquiesced in sealed bought acceded to gave the thumbs up to given the thumbs up to made legal mandated legitimated assented vouched for condoned agreed rubber-stamped given the OK to gave the OK to concurred given the nod gave the nod said yes to gave the go-ahead given the go-ahead suffered let pass countersigned tolerated vindicated gave the go-ahead to given the go-ahead to given the green light gave the green light legislated concurred in admitted rubber stamped guaranteed greenlit greenlighted pronounced lawful established had conceded sanctified appointed bound gave permission given permission put the seal on upholden advocated recommended favoured favored decriminalized gone along with went along with justified regulated normalized sustained endured green-lighted green-lit codified decreed ordained laundered enacted constituted formulated complied caused seconded set seal on brooked decriminalised normalised granted the right to given permission for gave permission for privileged admitted of gone for went for cleaned up approved of made valid humoured indulged humored abetted gave leave given leave said yes concurred with cut a deal subscribed to championed corroborated substantiated promoted deputed given something the nod gave something the nod closed clinched capped wound up gave the stamp of approval to shaken on shook on given the stamp of approval to entrusted subscribed certificated made setted the seal on given the go-ahead for gave the go-ahead for regularized delegated indemnified made binding made stick gave assent to given assent to espoused given stamp of approval gave stamp of approval gave permission to given permission to dittoed accorded underwritten underwrote conformed adopted embraced regularised lent your name to initialled initialed made legally binding freed up lived with come round conferred a right to got behind gotten behind declared legal said the magic word sat still for heeded given authority gave authority gave authority to given authority to facilitated granted someone the right left boosted franchised heard of bought into passed on submitted to took kindly to pushed for lapped up deferred to made law acquiesced to conformed to toed the mark complied with winked at paid attention to blinked at caved in yielded deferred knuckled under agreed with played along with stumped for given the thumbs up said uncle gave the thumbs up taken kindly to acknowledged bowed down to toed the line sewed up sewn up gave leave for given leave for bore out borne out went with the flow gone with the flow gave power to given power to gave someone authorization given someone authorization given someone leave gave someone leave gave leave to given leave to given go-ahead gave go-ahead given gave taken up took up came round yolden yold gave carte blanche given your blessing gave your blessing given carte blanche given okay given the O.K. gave the O.K. gave okay gave authority for given authority for gave something the go-ahead given something the thumbs up given your blessing to given your consent to given something the go-ahead gave your blessing to gave your consent to gave something the thumbs up gave something the green light given something the green light gave a certificate to gave a diploma to given a diploma to given a certificate to given the word gave someone the authority gave the word given someone the authority gave green light gave one's word given green light given one's word given approval to given consent to gave one's seal of approval to given one's seal of approval to gave consent to gave the OK gave approval to given the OK gave one's assent to gave the green light for given one's assent to gave one's consent to given the green light for given one's consent to gave a blank cheque to given a blank cheque to given five gave five gave in given in put into effect carried voted for regarded considered held viewed respected felt envisaged deemed thought taken took regarded as being identical to considered something to be considered to be regarded as being the same as contracted abided by made do with settled for compromised on identified arranged engaged struck maintained legislated for yessed voted in settled on laid down received gained welcomed signed on come to an agreement on accommodated made into law entertained seen saw undertaken undertook stricken lay down gave something the OK given something the OK given something the go ahead gave something the go ahead came to an agreement on agreed on given one's blessing to gave one's blessing to gave the nod to given the nod to fallen in with fell in with accorded with

Động từ

Past tense for to bestow legal or official authority to
authorised authorized empowered commissioned licensed accredited qualified enabled certified vested invested licenced chartered sanctioned let permitted entitled charged granted capacitated privileged allowed delegated endowed entrusted installed ordained bid consigned passed deputized OKed enfranchised provided mandated deputised cast inducted instated inaugurated initiated crowned enthroned anointed tasked seated trusted consecrated committed intrusted established baptized dispatched instructed commanded honoured recognized franchised validated honored equipped confided to adopted granted authority to granted authorization to bequeathed bestowed conferred baptised granted a licence to granted a permit to suffered granted permission to recognised granted leave to legitimized admitted to office deputed appointed gave authority to given authority to granted the right to legitimised okayed gave power to given power to nominated awarded graced designated selected gave the right to given the right to invested with power gave permission given permission swore in sworn in named presented made eligible rated contracted engaged elected armed granted the right detailed allotted consigned to had coming placed trust in bestowed on ordered farmed out qualified for vested in entrusted to conferred on fitted for invested in constituted endowed in allocated granted to conferred a right bade gave given equipt chosen chose given the right gave the right gave authorization to given authorization to rubber-stamped given a permit to gave a permit to gave a licence to given a licence to gave permission to gave leave to given permission to given leave to given nod gave nod given a right to gave a right to gave approval to given approval to gave to given authority gave authority given to gave the go-ahead to gave the means to gave the power to given the means to given means to given someone the authority gave means to given the go-ahead to gave someone the authority given the power to gave the green light to given the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the thumbs up to gave a blank cheque to gave the stamp of approval to given a blank cheque to given the stamp of approval to given the OK to gave the OK to

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