Đồng nghĩa của inerrable

Alternative for inerrable

inerrable /in'erəbl/ (inerrant) /in'erənt/
  • tính từ
    • không thể sai lầm được

Tính từ

Always right or accurate
unerring infallible unfailing certain faultless impeccable perfect sure error-free flawless unswerving accurate assured deadly exact inevitable meticulous scrupulous true uncanny unimpeachable absolute correct dead definite errorless inerrant invariable just positive reliable spot-on sure-fire trustworthy unmistaken spot on dependable sound foolproof can't-miss effective fail-safe guaranteed surefire efficacious safe unbeatable acceptable tried and true omniscient handy apodictic never failing tried and tested incontrovertible effectual satisfactory helpful steady authoritative solid agreeable efficient satisfying right undeceivable watertight unquestionable always effective useful precise inch-perfect on target model bang on picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect unblemished ideal immaculate irreproachable spotless stainless exemplary seamless indefectible whole on the mark direct pure intact unbroken without blemish copybook exquisite without fault unsullied classic on the money clean just so textbook on the button lethal undamaged unimpaired mint unmarked consummate pristine superlative superb faithful proper masterly tip-top supreme crimeless unguilty unspotted entire unspoiled unmarred strict dead-on to a T close dead right perfected categorical bull's-eye distinct to a turn polished clear-cut detailed as sound as a bell as good as new right on on the nail sinless blameless incorrupt innocent moral virtuous upright guiltless untarnished lily-white uncorrupted cleanhanded inculpable white squeaky-clean clear ten squeaky clean beyond reproach fleckless beyond criticism nice aces apple-pie A-okay note-perfect unflawed above suspicion above reproach whiter than white as pure as the driven snow

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