Đồng nghĩa của dead on

Tính từ

Exactly right
on the button correct dead right right spot-on on the nail on the nose exact precise accurate true proper dead-on bang on good on-target veracious so valid perfect on target genuine faithful factual on the money spot on authentic strict errorless unerring definitive veridical real veritable absolute actual dinkum certified certifiable conclusive undisputed irrefutable unquestionable unrefuted certain undeniable authoritative legitimate right on on the mark faultless reliable unambiguous honest pure flawless meticulous infallible unimpeachable regular echt error-free pucka pukka sure-enough appropriate standard bona fide legit acceptable indubitable kosher truthful exactly right on the ball free of error on the right track final just right clear-cut undistorted direct unmistaken rigorous amen on the dot specific established preferable accepted conventional detailed explicit canonical minute without error word for word straight official definite just what the doctor ordered just what we need ideal hunky-dory literal unelaborated unvarnished realistic straightforward credible close natural as true as I'm sitting here on the line true-blue on the up and up undeceptive high-principled as true as I'm standing here on the level like it is characteristic archetypal guileless typical ingenuous archetypical representative artless unaffected simple concrete de facto unpretending average dinky-di real McCoy normal unpretentious effective honest-to-goodness existent undesigning fitting complete utter out-and-out thoroughgoing thorough total word-perfect scrupulous OK consummate downright satisfactory unqualified sheer unmitigated O.K. admissible fair sound unalloyed outright arrant right as rain impeccable on the beam righteous right stuff just along the right lines stone for sure on track okay on the right lines cooking with gas equitable according to Hoyle undoubted sure watertight inerrant immaculate in every respect solemn fit matter-of-fact bull's-eye unequivocal just so clear

Tính từ

Done with care and precision
nice delicate elaborate exact fastidious fine meticulous precise refined perfect strict subtle accurate careful dainty detailed exquisite faultless finical finicky methodical nuanced painstaking particular skilful skillful thorough fine-drawn finespun finicking hairsplitting minute nifty orderly persnickety superior close definite hairline incorrupted ultra-fine unerring winning spot-on intricate airy pinpoint rigorous rigid sensitive precision involved narrow soft overnice sophisticated minuscule abstruse fancy mathematical formal well-made well-crafted well-executed hair-splitting faithful correct veracious authentic true literal right factual truthful punctilious regular scrupulous fair convincing explicit realistic conscientious lifelike proper genuine just veridical verisimilar veristic unmistakable defined deft solid true to life systematic sharp discriminating concrete scientific distinct discriminative judicious punctual word-perfect on the mark bang on on the beam matter-of-fact spot on on the nose telling it like it is as it really happened ultraprecise on the nail fact-based on the button clear-cut ethereal fragile elegant graceful light insubstantial diaphanous thin slight flimsy floaty beautiful gossamer lovely frail lacy gossamery filmy feathery wispy tenuous sheer translucent fairy aerial rarefied fluffy transparent gauzy lightweight intangible shadowy impalpable chiffony threadlike skimpy unworldly otherworldly ghostly wraithlike vapory gaseous waiflike eerie vaporous pellucid chiffon unsubstantial tiffany very thin cobwebby subtile permeable deficient gossamer-like limpid lucid gauzelike see-through neat pretty trim petite slim charming tasteful select dinky choice rare cute tender precious recherche sweet attractive pleasing comely bonny feeble darling delightful

Tính từ

Competent or talented
good able adept capable competent gifted masterly proficient quick skilful skilled skillful talented accurate clever dexterous dextrous efficient masterful multiskilled multitalented proper reliable satisfactory suitable useful versed very well virtuoso accomplished balanced consummate crackerjack deadly expert knowledgeable mean nifty polished qualified seasoned trained adroit all-around all-round au fait dead-on deft educated effectual errorless exact experienced first-rate fitted handy master on-target practiced practised precise refined right on schooled serviceable sporting spot-on stringent suited sure-fire sure-handed taught thorough topflight trustworthy tutored veteran well well-rounded workmanlike hardy ace great crack complete compleat professed brilliant savvy excellent professional apt wizard artful fine well versed tasty stellar outstanding wicked first-class smart habile fit sharp superb bravura delicate genius magnificent pro effective slick up to speed impressive supreme marvellous formidable on the ball ingenious superlative marvelous practical learned top-notch exceptional equal a dab hand at elite whiz vet big league out of this world old superior magic demon hot up to it with it up to snuff well-versed dynamite agile strong dazzling splendid equipped versant specialist peerless brainy leading intelligent world-class facile cool hotshot endowed class there smooth adequate nimble-fingered well trained extraordinarily skilled very skilled highly skilled exceptionally skilled immensely skilled highly trained highly qualified wised up tuned in a hand at wonderful terrific tremendous effortless powerful eligible exercised nimble finished awesome familiar hardened long-serving smashing fab certified very good exquisite battle-scarred conversant ready prepared tip-top tested tried brill best exceptionally good remarkable disciplined instructed A1 know the ropes on the beam no slouch knowing the score top-drawer methodic methodical systematic decent employable long-term champion kosher quintessential sensational fabulous fantastic exemplary ultimate perfect happy pitch-perfect mighty virtuosic faultless licensed chartered fluent appropriate handpicked deluxe choice capital redoubtable preeminent transcendent certificated switched-on acquainted well-informed dominant invincible indomitable phenomenal extraordinary drilled phenom sussed hep hip first class artistic star top topnotch distinguished super supremely skilled right fitting time-served leet authorized well up desirable preferable ideal puissant amazing cut out for having a knack for class act shining at clean rounded accustomed sport licenced proved accepted authorised admirable astounding up on very able sharp as a tack know stuff no dummy top-hole cunning easy alert knowing bright keen in the know worthy responsible the right stuff knowing one's stuff broken in sufficient neat established mature well suited well qualified adapted crisp astute highly endowed worldly-wise like a pistol having the goods knowing the ropes old hand has what it takes like a one-man band equal to the task having the right stuff having know-how up there green thumb able to perform old-timer nippy know backwards and forwards know one's onions hot tamale sophisticated worldly wise steady weathered long-time old-time inured all around know one's stuff know the answers know one's business know ins and outs know the score from way back knows one's stuff not born yesterday been around wise to ways of the old school canny shrewd informed au courant sly conscious abreast matured adult ripe up-to-date full-fledged quick-witted actual wily developed crafty streetwise aware grown cognizant street smart full-grown up foxy perceptive cagey sharp-witted no stranger to full-blown ripened sensible at home plugged in out-and-out genuine advanced street-smart understanding bona fide across grown-up calculating businesslike apprised fully developed fully fledged real versed in familiar with full-size full-term active working finely judged prompt cute resourceful cognizant of at home with well up in kept posted used to well versed in skilled in proficient in well up on au fait with experienced in clued up genned up au courant with in full bloom well-read tough unbelieving confirmed verified impeccably credentialed prodigious well credentialed habituated productive organized toughened of age rangé credentialed organised of long standing past your prime patriarchal full of years worldly wise been there dynamic ultraefficient well versed well informed having the know-how prescient fully grown feasible fleet senior full privy omniscient knowledgeable about percipient sentient abreast of informed about witting alive comprehending into acquainted with apprehensive in your prime evolved prime cultured cultivated reasoned considered perfected mellowed consummated aged cured culminated killer useable realizable realisable hyperefficient usable practicable posted down appreciative top-shelf perfectly-executed well-executed flawless impeccable tuned-in having good hands practised in well informed about apprised of clued-up up to date with-it full grown full scale full blown switched on with an understanding of with a knowledge of in the loop fully-fledged devious guileful tricky specialized applied firsthand experient up to speed on plugged into up to date on perfect in genned up on clued up on down with confident empirical specialised sure designing scheming objective hands-on on top of things deceitful existential experiential experimental empiric subtle slippery Machiavellian manipulative duplicitous deceptive in control competent at conversant with confident with inventive pragmatic heuristic non-theoretical factual grounded total well-developed fly imaginative fiendish slim sneaky cagy beguiling dodgy pawky vulpine introduced mindful carny in the field how-to in on insidious dishonest deep at ease with completely developed

Tính từ

Displaying logic and common sense
good logical practical rational sensible analytic analytical cerebral certain circumspect collected commonsense credible deductive discerning enlightened faultless infallible intellectual intelligent justifiable objective perspicacious philosophic plausible ratiocinative realistic reasonable reasoned reasoning reflective sagacious sound synthetic thinking thoughtful trustable unquestionable veracious veridical cogent coherent colorable commonsensible commonsensical confirmed corroborated errorless hard impeccable inerrant informed knowing levelheaded meticulous proven rigorous secure shrewd sincere substantiated sure truthful validated verified accurate calculable careful certified cognitive defendable defensible definite empiric empirical exact explicit judicious maintainable open precise prudent sharp stringent supportable sustainable tenable well-advised well-reasoned well-grounded clear-cut letter-perfect spot-on well-thought-out dead-on on-target valid solid well-founded justified sober just firm wise consequent well reasoned sage astute lucid reliable together well thought out insightful clear perceptive clever systematic politic sapient consistent methodical pragmatic organized well-informed grounded organised well organized level-headed matter-of-fact well advised cool well grounded learned knowledgeable educated dependable acceptable feasible canny savvy articulate viable orderly percipient balanced profound responsible plain understandable down-to-earth advisable sane joined-up far-sighted no-nonsense full of common sense all there hard-headed factual congruent comprehensible intelligible well informed relevant supported dispassionate meaningful unemotional straightforward prosaic trustworthy showing great knowledge with great knowledge identified cold unimpassioned deliberated fair regulated equitable unidealistic honest intuitive straight deliberate ordered thorough well-organized mathematical straight-thinking scientific decent erudite well considered strategic tactful smart experienced impartial believable legitimate clear-sighted clear-eyed common-sense with both one's feet on the ground cogitative contemplative desirable trusty moderate restrained conservative controlled temperate unprejudiced argute scholarly foresighted tactical unexcessive right admissible making sense unbiased standing to reason legit unextreme convincing well-expressed considered well-presented thought-out fair-minded open to reason evenhanded in one's right mind based on good sense weighty authoritative well presented well expressed well-structured well judged telling satisfactory satisfying full of insight recognized flawless watertight correct recognised established orthodox accepted true unassailable thought through right-thinking well founded right-minded holding water holding up standing up holding up in wash got it together discriminating discreet serious-minded mature attentive conversant au courant steady-going having all one's marbles in right mind

Phó từ

Precisely, especially of a numerical quantity
on the dot precisely exactly on time prompt promptly punctually sharp bang on on the nail spot on to the minute on the button on the knocker on the nose dead squarely right bang square directly plumb smack spot on time slap bang accurately just to the second bang on time smack-dab dead on time smack dab due slap on the stroke of … spang straight on the dot of … at the proper time at the right time for sure the ticket as well neither more nor less correctly square on the very thing specifically no ifs ands or buts sure literally sure thing to a tee even absolutely full word for word to the letter on the money no mistake smack on expressly strictly slap on for a fact unerringly faithfully closely verbatim perfectly direct properly letter for letter plump faultlessly immediately rightly truly flush unswervingly literatim without error line for line point-blank in every detail ad verbum with strict attention to detail aright religiously punctiliously undeviatingly rigorously sic without flaws without deviation on target slam bang smack bang flawlessly by the book with a literal interpretation diametrically slap-bang distinctly headlong clearly without mistakes veridically spot-on fairly considerately straightforwardly objectively justly reliably minutely unambiguously validly explicitly authoritatively meticulously word-for-word at close quarters close at first hand straightly fair beeline in detail true primly on-target as a crow flies without deviating word-perfectly verbally ipsissimis verbis without variation with precise aim appropriately verbatim et litteratim word by word fittingly really according to the letter word for word and letter for letter in the same words plainly actually simply appositely genuinely congruously suitably duly factually completely undisputably indisputably veritably unmistakably strictly speaking not figuratively letter by letter

Phó từ

In an open, honest, and direct manner
frankly candidly honestly directly openly bluntly plainly truthfully forthrightly straightforwardly actually admittedly categorically clearly explicitly forsooth freely indeed matter-of-factly point-blank really sincerely straight truly unambiguously unequivocally verily baldly outspokenly overtly starkly without dissembling forthcomingly level without prevarication dead level in truth to be honest very honestly without beating about the bush from the hip on the level on the line truth to tell with no holds barred without reserve laid on the line straight from the shoulder to be frank with you to tell you the truth as a matter of fact straightly unreservedly genuinely plainspokenly guilelessly unguardedly artlessly downrightly openheartedly ingenuously freeheartedly uninhibitedly naturally undisguisedly simply transparently unaffectedly roundly unpretentiously truely unfeignedly unqualifiedly outrightly bluffly unmistakably certainly nakedly brutally legitimately blatantly absolutely abruptly harshly trustworthily innocently boldly fairly literally patently barefacedly unquestionably wholeheartedly brazenly unpretendingly tactlessly brusquely realistically manifestly evidently easily uprightly naively undiplomatically squarely obviously undeniably positively in reality curtly flagrantly authentically unadornedly visibly veraciously in fact earnestly palpably unrestrictedly assuredly unrestrainedly rudely unceremoniously in point of fact righteously veritably completely barely lawfully heartfeltly legally shortly precisely man to man flatly woman to woman in actuality scrupulously justly apparently gruffly distinctly straight up unexaggeratedly sharply definitely kosherly tersely profoundly snippily in all sincerity decisively to tell the truth reliably unsophisticatedly noticeably undoubtedly roughly utterly without constraint avowedly indisputably impolitely seriously perceptibly surely recognizably discourteously legitly incontrovertibly incontestably unforcedly in plain language glaringly thoroughgoingly snappily unstudiedly vocally caustically unsparingly to be sure in plain English crisply in actual fact in sooth tartly if truth be told de facto to someone's face in effect recognisably rawly for real without mincing words unadulteratedly pulling no punches heartily conspicuously outright spontaneously shamelessly pronouncedly plain honourably unhesitatingly decidedly purely essentially unbiasedly observably certifiably audaciously undesigningly in public cavalierly straightforward severely indelicately insensitively face to face homelily lucidly goodly uncivilly fervently indubitably specifically pragmatically honorably unarguably inarguably so doubtless snappishly straight out sure alright properly bruskly crustily arrantly totally unstintingly principledly deeply naïvely virtuously expressly unashamedly regularly basically unconstrainedly all right unsubtly impolitically hands down unmanneredly without doubt in all honesty without pretence familiarly beyond doubt without a doubt uncompromisingly nothing else but no ifs ands or buts with all one's heart frontally briefly folksily dustily of course licitly validly unimpeachably publicly exactly intimately personally forwardly ungraciously grittily without inhibition vociferously above board fundamentally point-black austerely communicatively vigorously briskly irrefutably indiscreetly heartlessly well confidently by all means sheerly pointedly businesslikely without beating around the bush unhypocritically unartfully demonstratively levelly opinionatedly stridently relaxedly correctly grimly unselfconsciously abrasively accountably uncontestedly acceptedly unchallengedly hardly faithfully without question without any question for fair without mincing one's words in the concrete very to all intents and purposes all things considered true rightly intolerantly patchily robustly unrefinedly impartially coldly modestly speaking truthfully speaking frankly cordially objectively equitably genially good-naturedly believably ardently unassumingly even-handedly ignorantly callowly inexperiencedly greenly to be frank honest Injun aboveboard on the up and up inconsiderately intelligibly dispassionately granted allowedly confessedly friendlily practically hardheadedly ethically prominently to your face markedly passionately trustfully unsuspiciously unwarily gullibly credulously saliently disrespectfully strikingly creditably credibly impudently brassily open-mindedly equally fair-mindedly laconically cheerily blusteringly bearishly loudly perceivably trustily dependably straightforwards foursquare discernibly detectably blankly deadly consummately bodaciously unconditionally thoroughly perfectly dreadfully rankly unmitigatedly bloomingly cleanly unfeelingly impertinently tangibly confrontationally aggressively humbly brashly unabashedly self-evidently reasonably neutrally reputably wholesomely axiomatically demonstrably funkily mundanely lustily earthily grossly hurtfully thoughtlessly unsympathetically uncaringly unkindly evenhandedly indifferently detachedly unimposingly unostentatiously unobtrusively it must be admitted to be fair sillily factually temerariously insolently decently morally no holds barred blindingly inescapably steadily confirmedly uncharitably cruelly prosaically in earnest in good faith discreetly in all conscience unpresumptuously unambitiously without feigning without equivocation from bottom of heart self-effacingly with all sincerity from the bottom of your heart civilly rationally blamelessly no punches it cannot be denied it must be confessed it must be said it must be allowed unembarrassedly unrepentantly immodestly unblushingly jejunely unambivalently pellucidly ringingly luminously broadly perspicuously luculently without any elaboration publically conclusively understandably distinguishably exposedly trenchantly with no punches pulled laying one's cards on the table with all your heart doubtlessly undisputedly

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