Đồng nghĩa của duly

Alternative for duly

Đồng nghĩa: punctually,

Phó từ

In a proper manner
correctly appropriately fittingly properly suitably rightly accordingly appositely congruously happily meetly right aptly befittingly decorously deservedly fitly rightfully in due manner justly accurately well fairly truly satisfactorily perfectly adequately legitimately exactly acceptably justifiably precisely judiciously legally faultlessly unerringly decently nicely correspondingly by rights relevantly aright honestly lawfully reasonably equally with decorum without error in a satisfactory manner to a T responsibly condignly pleasantly soundly proportionately sufficiently consistently genuinely OK according to your due factually impartially equitably all right in due order becomingly faithfully alright sensibly passably fine serviceably tolerably flawlessly moderately charitably with reason dutifully benignly beneficently frankly unreservedly respectably tolerantly piously benevolently righteously evenhandedly temperately helpfully honourably duteously candidly virtuously straightforwardly honorably with good reason uprightly as intended in the approved manner as is appropriate in the appropriate manner in a satisfactory way without flaws in the accepted manner in the true sense goodly applicably opportunely felicitously seemlily timelily pertinently expediently conveniently advantageously propitiously usefully favourably auspiciously favorably germanely beneficially competently desirably justifiedly seasonably kosherly ideally materially meritedly validly prudently requisitely worthily relatedly profitably morally effectively compatibly conventionally agreeably okayly prettily qualifiedly significantly advisably satisfyingly fortunately connectedly ethically luckily providentially promisingly standardly politically wisely presentably amply conformingly gainfully orthodoxly politely averagely legitly finely preferably comfortably solidly consonantly patly admissibly commensurately goldenly congruently genteelly acceptedly nobly principledly rationally fairishly conscientiously allowably palatably usably commendably fortuitously relatively logically necessarily truely correspondently right-mindedly likelily comelily practically approvedly formally officially valuably commensurably usually refinedly prosperously deservingly strategically customarily ripely pointedly efficaciously unobjectionably straightly conformably moralistically expectedly ably meritoriously fruitfully permissibly pragmatically functionally capably praiseworthily welcomely obligatorily importantly hopefully creditably authoritatively middlingly coherently admirably laudably accordantly harmoniously exemplarily useably optimally timeously recommendably eligibly feasibly cleanly excellently sagaciously correlatedly saliently purely traditionally unexceptionally high-mindedly friendlily squarely pleasingly handily humanely sympathetically astutely authentically constructively healthily providently encouragingly brightly productively conclusively influentially compellingly convincingly anticipatedly normally commonsensically comparably proportionally really successfully reliably estimably irreproachably wholesomely reputably tellingly weightily blamelessly scrupulously sedately concordantly preparedly commonly unimpeachably modestly demurely dignifiedly tastefully trustworthily serendipitously incorruptibly salutarily readily flukily commodiously neatly regularly bravely accommodatingly choicely conscionably benignantly verily practicably decisively clearly cognately congenially utilitarianly incidentally enviably archetypally availably quintessentially supremely canonically accidentally cogently primly designedly fixedly equivalently shrewdly rosily greatly cannily promptly rewardingly compulsorily mandatorily optimistically relatably punctually ordinarily predictably seasonally lucratively kindlily supportably defensibly tenably licitly so-so dependably abundantly casually unexceptionably hearteningly analogously definitively effectually farsightedly circumspectly peculiarly uniquely venerably plentily upbeatly roseately inspiredly snugly praisably needily coolly peachily groovily applicatively coextensively sterlingly possibly probably decidedly definitely positively courteously boundenly wonderfully trustily applaudably immediately speedily punctiliously ceremoniously invaluably incorruptly priggishly prissily puritanically prudishly unexpectedly coincidentally plentifully plenteously bounteously consumably approvingly versatilely symmetrically stiltedly starchily stiffly diplomatically disposedly copiously minimally bountifully consummately prototypically absolutely ultimately joyously healthfully salubriously hygienically proteanly carefully skillfully proficiently skilfully expertly adeptly talentedly cooperatively togetherly companionably adaptably particularly professionally interoperably intendedly cushily primely favouredly practisedly experiencedly foremostly idyllically exploitably selectedly expressly fair-mindedly operably indulgently obligingly accommodatively guiltlessly concerningly pointfully actually cozily loftily strongly forcefully veraciously sinlessly saintlily godlily pre-eminently veritably naturally angelically impeccably immaculately tactfully Christianly staidly polishedly crucially guilelessly typically representatively characteristically archetypically ingenuously certifiably plausibly potently persuasively irresistibly powerfully impressively reservedly dispassionately objectively sincerely evenly strictly concretely indubitably truthfully unaffectedly artlessly simply well-behavedly eloquently credibly unanswerably directly veridically unpretentiously unpretendingly undesigningly cosily ergonomically elegantly ceremonially centrally majorly chiefly pivotally critically mainly methodically lucidly urgently compulsively articulately systematically forcibly without bias without prejudice vitally essentially indicatively fundamentally puissantly suasively inducingly consequentially meaningfully momentously operatively

Phó từ

Following, afterward in either time or place

Trái nghĩa của duly

duly Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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