Đồng nghĩa của clued up on


To impart information or knowledge
verse acquaint advise apprise brief clear enlighten familiarise familiarize hip inform instruct tell acquainted with conversant with familiar with informed about instructed in knowledgeable about proficient in skilled in abreast of apprised of at home with catch up clue in fill in well informed about wise up au courant with au fait with genned up on in touch with no stranger to plugged into well up on clued in on in the know about switched on to up to date with school educate prime keep posted train update coach teach let know notify prepare drill tip off direct let in on edify tutor discipline guide indoctrinate communicate inculcate initiate reveal disclose warn post clue make aware explain clue in on gen up on fill in on put in the picture about put in the picture keep up to speed with upskill lesson divulge form make aware of keep up to date acquaint with give information about clue up about make familiar with shape mould develop ground groom accustom relate make familiar illuminate announce make conversant habituate accustom to counsel lecture lead cultivate impart instruct in teach in educate in brainwash rear mold show give lessons to inform of advise of school in indoctrinate in initiate into level apprise of expose caution forewarn make known to get up to date tip din something into make known announce to give lessons break in give notice put wise send word to level with leak to report to give the lowdown give a rundown of show the ropes get together bring up-to-date send word open up give the gen about open eyes give the word put someone through their paces put on to make conversant with bring out give the gen give the low-down on fill-in introduce uplift better elevate improve prime on ground in alert breed brief as to intro knock down fix up come out with run by give character bring up declare to enlighten as to give the low-down lay it out update about put on the line offer information keep up to date with wake put wise about point out give intelligence give the rundown give details to explain the situation to explain to bring up to date explain the circumstances to give information to describe the state of affairs to bring up to speed advance familiarize with present with instill intimate manage sharpen instil imbue nurture appraise make acquainted with bring into contact with give instruction to clarify implant exercise catechize give a grounding in equip with give the facts pound into teach school improve mind polish up keep abreast make cognizant tout keep up to speed wise tattle leak clue up communicate to impart to keep in the loop give a pointer blow the whistle on sneak on give two cents give the low-down to give a tip give someone to understand grass up communicate knowledge fill someone in orient tell about update on notify of give instructions give rundown give the rundown on show the lay of the land gen up give the gen on bring up to date on give a rundown season train in coach in habituate to inure state recount describe narrate speak report utter say prime in naturalize mix popularise introduce to adapt wont adjust popularize case naturalise use condition recite declare rehearse chronicle voice put wise to clue up on portray proclaim get lowdown on get lay of land become aware of bring into common use become adept in get to know about make clear come to know get with it break the ice gain friendship awaken to bring into use let next to get to know check out get in make used to let down hair depict vocalize verbalize broadcast pilot engineer steer pass uncover uncloak charge chart talk bare unmask enunciate delineate articulate unbosom unveil convey unfold paint exhibit indicate signify spin represent spill mention display drum into give lessons in leave word call upon verbalise give an account of tell on gossip put before express give evidence of give out let on about set forth spit it out be evidence of give facts reel off break the news retail confess let slip lay open vocalise sketch weave break it to pass on make public publish give away detail betray blab let out discover publicize present circulate admit promulgate publicise relay give blurt out specify air disseminate spread pronounce let on suggest mouth spell out sound release share cite transmit enumerate put into words get across vent acknowledge repeat assert put across lay bare deliver set out itemize expound avow bring into the open outline spill the beans bring to light affirm list phrase raise itemise note give voice to go public with catalogue quote put testify formulate catalog advertise advertize asseverate put forward blurt word throw out blow the lid off spill the beans about trumpet particularize let drop break profess name frame elucidate particularise herald run through designate propound cough vouchsafe babble purport out squeal couch transfer ventilate recapitulate talk about aver maintain denote let the cat out of the bag own let the cat out of the bag about blazon illustrate conduct whisper transfuse shout allege demonstrate summarize document blow wide open bespeak define hint moot summarise spill your guts about discuss speak about render picture own up give expression to characterize remark claim submit numerate propose come clean enounce argue squeal about intone explicate blare characterise evince concede annunciate declaim tick off give an account clothe come out avouch flash blow the gaff address insinuate come out of the closet bring out into the open modulate imply give the game away translate take the lid off give vent to exclaim lay out spout spring recap retell provide details chime in confide blaze manifest get off your chest placard spiel sing interpret identify opine run down contend protest put out rattle off mutter stress drop broach put over instance offer decipher get over fess up cough up come clean about tell all about allow connote grant testify to demystify account for allude to pop off pour out tell of blow the gaff on unravel simplify clear up untangle give utterance to get through bring forward put in words speak out unriddle point to shout from the rooftops make plain break down go into detail evoke track issue preach unburden expatiate discourse mumble send breathe yammer yak gab tabulate trade read let fall give details of attest resolve elaborate put about table reply chirp insist snitch soliloquize regurgitate swear let one's hair down posit ejaculate give details chime plead hand on break a story carry signal spell hold forth crack vouch tweet import hold cry sound out jaw lip emphasize debate emphasise conjure up unearth bear reference preconize burst out with go public on exchange information comment adduce tell all dish the dirt evidence construe take the wraps off number answer warrant notice be specific about comment on dispatch noise abroad confirm specialise advocate purvey diagram refer to stand for specialize asservate blazon abroad speak up reassert allegate reaffirm sound off add up to analyse analyze talk of decode let cat out of the bag make reference to tip one's hand go into make out advert to give the details of get down to brass tacks reveal to give testimony put in plain English disclose to bear witness compare notes run over touch upon let into touch on forward make obvious mail sign swap opinions email get off throw light on lay down flesh out spill your guts trust entrust record trace follow write register monitor echo unload rehash style term bewray give up slip cover descant voice-over phonate feed trickle transpire unfurl overshare open perform turn round go public ring up make tell the story of say again play back sketch out chin go log apprive disburden solve run with blow the whistle buzz nail debunk undress venture wire cable adumbrate certify look run by again open up on declare one's preferences propagate proliferate diffuse reason let it all hang out intonate inflect moan warble groan croon yodel canary emit enlarge enact dramatize count dramatise write up blow something wide open show up get out mean give words to have one's say yell roar unburden oneself infer pitch set down graph get one's tongue round bring word communicate information bring word on blow intend vow guarantee move witness stipulate promote distribute unclothe hazard unload on spill to crack to give the skinny on give information tell a story give a report of figure out dope out spill all confide in give utterance give expression attest to depose dictate put up argument give a description of paint in words return serve speak coherently speak clearly inventory run past speak publicly volunteer give blow-by-blow validate give a account of circumstantiate epitomize embellish continue propagandize bring into view wise to open your heart lay it on share a confidence bend an ear lay the gaff breathe a word of give the latest keep informed reiterate review smoke out give forth hand down bring in betoken paint a word picture of epitomise produce individuate individualize individualise annotate shed light disentangle defog paint a picture unscramble make intelligible express in words spell it out set the scene put in plain words give an explanation of do your party piece give a report give verbal account to make clear erupt flow sum figure agree reproduce draw up fly speck quote chapter and verse report on sweat details provide details of give details on matter hold up to view justify belt out disperse propagandise check off peddle supply provide furnish accede accept act din iterate restate ready extract give the facts on crack wide open mark recognize throw light upon draw a map of explain in simple terms run off count noses keep tabs advert realize assent go over issue a statement about call blast give notice of drum invoke rap chat converse symbolize expose information take account of appreciate put round make available add persist make a clean breast of yield cop to acquiesce make a clean breast realise go into details recognise 'fess up concur own up to get something off one's chest reenact experiment test hone illustrate with exemplify lay give as an example draw attention to excerpt appeal to remember give as example reminisce portend let anyone know of remark on spread around read out jabber change course go about alter course come about change direction trot out say further continue to speak state further go on keep going wink be symptomatic of be a sign of amount to be an indication of be a symptom of symbolise flag up emerge spout out spew out gush out come spurt out give the show away break silence prep sling pass the word fill out insert write in complete write out bring to public attention bring to public notice open one's mouth go through carry on run off at mouth shout something from the rooftops press grass bring out into open put cards on table get out of your system disillusion disabuse chatter orate predicate go on to say gush settle shop spin a yarn shoot the breeze pipe murmur perorate drawl gas get off one's chest squeak explicitize lay it on the line open someone's eyes rat dish correct disenchant highlight explicitise utter suddenly run off at the mouth come forth reveal all fink put forth shed light on clear the air sort out draw a picture of straighten out clear the air about make simple get something straight make perfectly clear reveal information rat on divulge information call out cry out split on tell the facts give it up supply with facts grass on undeceive pipe up with be honest with


Past tense for to impart information or knowledge
familiarised familiarized acquainted instructed accustomed habituated advised apprised briefed cleared coached enlightened hipped informed made conversant made familiar primed schooled seasoned told trained versed accustomed to coached in educated in habituated to instructed in inured taught in trained in adapted adjusted cased caught up clued in conditioned drilled explained filled in indoctrinated in initiated into introduced to mixed mixt naturalised naturalized popularised popularized posted primed in schooled in used wised up wonted clued in on genned up on got up to date kept up to date put wise to awakened to checked out filled in on gained friendship got in gotten in got together gotten together let know made clear tipped off became adept in become adept in became aware of become aware of broke the ice broken the ice brought into common use brought into use came to know come to know got lowdown on gotten lowdown on got to know gotten to know got to know about got with it gotten with it gave a rundown of given a rundown of gave the gen about given the gen about gave the low-down on given the low-down on let down hair let next to put in the picture about put on to got lay of land gotten lay of land kept up to speed with made used to familiarized with made conversant with prepared tutored taught based educated initiated indoctrinated upskilled disciplined introduced predicated rested acquainted with hanged hung ground grounded grounded in made familiar with informed of informed about inducted made aware of given information about gave information about let in on kept posted clued up about notified warned clued advised of updated apprised of made known to made aware put on the line put wise about put in the picture revealed announced disclosed communicated divulged primed on alerted introed briefed as to cautioned forewarned brought out run by fixed up knocked down guided directed come out with tipped waked edified oriented updated on told about notified of leaked to reported to laid it out pointed out levelled with updated about declared to brought up-to-date announced to sent word kept up to date with brought up to date on gave the gen given the gen offered information made known enlightened as to genned up ran by came out with woke woken gave intelligence given intelligence given notice gave notice gave the word given the word gave the low-down given the low-down given the rundown gave the rundown gave rundown gave a rundown given a rundown given rundown given the lowdown gave the gen on gave the lowdown gave the rundown on showed the lay of the land given the gen on given instructions gave instructions given the rundown on shown the lay of the land


Having a good or detailed knowledge of
au fait acquainted abreast of apprised of at home conversant familiar in touch knowledgeable about up with au courant aware of down enlightened about expert plugged into skilful skillful up to date well informed about wise to clued up about genned up about hip to in the know about no stranger to up on well instructed well up on well versed in switched on to up to snuff informed knowledgeable abreast up well-informed versed up-to-date aware cognizant in the know acquainted with familiar with au courant with knowing plugged in versant genned up on comprehending conscious up to speed on informed about cognizant of experienced in up to date on well-grounded well-acquainted enlightened up-to-the-minute current up to speed au parfum in on informed of party to clued in on advised of in the loop partaking of wise apprised privileged sharing in privy sussed of switched-on to kept posted hep percipient witting perfect in sentient on the beam alive practised in skilled into at home with sensible perceptive proficient au fait with cool practised apprehensive practiced skilled in hip down with proficient in experienced learned savvy clued-up mindful switched-on well-read tuned in sussed understanding well informed educated with it ware observant competent judicious discerning sophisticated grounded posted well versed clued up genned up in the picture schooled erudite observing seasoned sure well-versed intelligent sharp plugged-in alive to versed in sensible of alert to used to on to apperceptive certain well-educated across alert cultured literate accustomed illuminated attentive introduced watchful instructed awake well educated omniscient sage apprized clever sensitive to awake to vigilant tuned-in sagacious well briefed conversant with with-it at ease with filled in brainy on the ball ware of hep to well-rounded well up in regardful of recognizant of well-briefed primed trained in sensible to having your finger on the pulse confident capable briefed on top of things advised cognizant in familiarised familiarized appraised in control confident with competent at up to date with cluey clued recognizant plugged in to careful abreast of the facts clued in thoughtful wary respectful heedful chary regardful noting perceiving recognizing noticing assured prescient scholarly remarking recognising keen lettered conscious of conscientious cautious solicitous cagey observative wide-awake responsive to mindful of able to recognize seized of clued-up on percipient of appreciative leet chary of wary of careful of watchful of heedful of intellectual shrewd astute on the job on one's toes be up on know ins and outs with eyes peeled know all the answers academic cultivated bookish literary highbrow canny acute studious civilized worldly cunning urbane unprovincial calculating qualified pedantic esoteric recondite brilliant insightful bright smart wily widely read donnish well read cerebral sapient switched on perspicacious with a knowledge of with an understanding of genius quick solid philosophical abstruse philosophic accomplished deep civilised sound polymath solemn scientific grave studied pansophic professorial sharp-witted clear-sighted clear-eyed worldly-wise having been around quick-witted

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