Đồng nghĩa của primed

Alternative for primed


Of, containing, or using undetonated explosive


To have triggered a passionate feeling or reaction
excited provoked incited riled stirred up fomented impassioned inflamed rallied roiled roused stirred triggered aggravated agitated animated electrified fired up goaded inspired instigated aroused enthused galvanized incensed irked ruffled stimulated whipped up baited charged egged on elicited encouraged enlivened grilled kindled piqued pumped up revved up set off vexed vext vivified worked up wound up activated angered awakened brought about brought out caused charged up commoved energised energized enkindled galvanised jolted motivated needled pepped up sparked off touched off triggered off worked into lather chafed discomposed flustered induced infuriated intensified maddened offended shook shook up started taunted upset waked up woke up fed the fire spurred sparked drove inclined given incentive gave incentive driven summoned up fostered whetted called forth influenced moved prompted inspirited fired quickened generated urged invigorated revived prodded evoked envigorated wakened engendered spurred on exhilarated impelled raised actuated produced thrilled promoted vitalized refreshed kick-started turned on waked titillated revitalized pushed restored invoked revivified occasioned fanned initiated set on made put up to revitalised created fueled fuelled renewed rejuvenated brought into being strengthened uplifted cheered swayed heartened propelled incentivized gladdened rekindled pricked fermented set going called into being emboldened ignited brought on resuscitated lit a fire under reanimated put in motion set in motion boosted impressed precipitated resurrected abetted buoyed up tempted reinvigorated intoxicated awaked brightened bucked up keyed up fired the imagination of regenerated built up effectuated steeled bred recharged brought summoned lift exhorted grabbed given rise to gave rise to braced set worked wrought elated cheered up bestirred livened up woke woken gingered up called up breathed new life into disturbed drew forth drawn forth buoyed catalyzed mobilized filliped increased brewed touched rewakened rewaked originated pleased reawakened perked up fired with enthusiasm mobilised jazzed up catalysed conjured up effected pressed compelled interested hatched spawned captivated led to attracted yielded recalled drummed up irritated empowered struck nudged persuaded impacted picked enticed refreshened recreated freshened renovated repaired heightened tickled reactivated instilled exalted geed up bounced back juiced up breathed life into brought forth translated into psyched got to crazed called to mind fired the enthusiasm of affected begat begotten begot annoyed improved reassured awoken awoke delighted developed cultivated gotten going got going woken up comforted disquieted startled enchanted educed tantalized assured fortified lifted lightened astonished amazed consoled dynamized teased boosted up cheered on spiked exercised called reached restarted re-established bugged astounded jump-started got informed made an impression on told on made waves steamed up touched up spooked rooted on got someone going fanned the flames of brought back relieved brought to zipped up had an impact on amped up tantalised made for switched on reconditioned brought around innervated brightened up made whole challenged rewoke rewoken worried refined perturbed alarmed stoked up troubled concerned given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to elevated distressed unsettled coerced enthralled built incentified intrigued distracted dismayed disconcerted pressured sustained jumpstarted egged galled furthered enforced allured bothered flurried unnerved yolden yold disposed reminded advanced stricken manifested ravished run put out shaken confused jogged stung outraged hit hooked overwhelmed overcome helped chirked up unhinged discomforted ailed alarumed derailed frazzled fussed distempered hagrid sicced nurtured coaxed fascinated enhanced seduced involved exacerbated gripped conjured solicited fazed reproduced frightened amused entertained lured suggested relaunched reinstituted overpowered evinced actualized procured forced sent magnetized killed transported spirited someone up raised your spirits reinforced rattled picked up extracted countenanced sharpened burned up burnt up mustered set afoot started up put a bomb under snapped out of it juiced made an impression drew on recovered cranked up put into action put under a spell gotten to magnetised livened set on foot weirded out freaked out agitated for put someone's back up put one in mind of drawn on brought to mind acted as a stimulus to put life into talked into cut a figure invited innerved raised someone's spirits carried done did given a boost to gave a boost to began begun gotten gave a buzz given a buzz sown the seeds of gathered shaken up sowed the seeds of honed gave someone a kick given someone a kick absorbed absorpt enraged applauded disinhibited beguiled supported engrossed bewitched obliged edified exasperated entranced charmed operated enheartened displeased shocked rivetted hypnotized riveted mesmerized enraptured antagonized assisted engaged spellbound transfixed reenforced nettled tripped softened melted overawed dazzled whomped up awed hounded occupied courted drew drawn facilitated bettered confounded overjoyed reestablished ran constrained peeved bolstered miffed fretted hassled cajoled led leaded convinced discomfited initialized warmed relighted aided relit praised backed overcame redeveloped affronted narked beared borne up bore up undone hagridden hagrode undid perplexed confirmed rescued palpated cued dug ameliorated grappled civilized conceived bemused bedazzled immersed wowed busied arrested witched wiled enwrapped echoed drove on driven on bristled madded enflamed graveled ired rankled gravelled ticked off raised the morale of boosted someone's morale lifted the spirits of bielded reintroduced stimulated spiritually stiffened the resolve of psyched up propped up nursed wooed prevailed upon discombobulated dazed inveigled converted advised bewildered marked deranged frenzied stiffened infatuated diverted flushed caught up enamoured encapsulated captured expressed lit up imparted crossed empurpled delivered enabled propagated extraught progenerated cranked reignited favoured favored saved made sore introduced magnified performed CPR gave new life to afflicted brought to life called out acerbated got in someone's hair given the kiss of life to felt admiration become cheerful mesmerised drawn out plotted pressurized rubbed up the wrong way expanded made enthusiastic made splash brought round gave birth to stirred embers acted as a incentive to gave the kiss of life to added fuel won over rattled someone's cage gained strength redoubled tugged at your heartstrings made brighter lashed flirted with ventilated prevailed on suggested to extorted incarnated given someone a charge blown away brushed up antagonised badgered made uneasy milked grandstanded made someone's blood boil hinted led on pressurised rabble-roused knocked one's socks off gave someone a charge made wild vivificated lost one's temper ensnared modernised given a lift to enslaved left a mark on spurred to action gave a new lease of life to come to life caused to appear had an effect on hinted to updated augmented intruded made someone's hackles rise civilised got under someone's skin acted as an incentive to bugged up blew away issued made happen raised spirits solaced brought back to life entreated agitated against planned burned commanded recuperated made someone see red got across intensated buffaloed made active grieved rediscovered given new life to asked for it showed off gave a lift to zapped had as a result replenished acted upon leaned on got something going poured it on mounted complicated made anxious made a hit deepened filled with joy made happy won had as a consequence added fuel to the flames interfered helped out puzzled got up contributed to boosted moral initialised raced one's motor schemed gave a lift burnt dispatched made flip knocked out hacked off reminded one of pushed buttons pained ruffled someone's feathers embittered sprung left an impression on drew out hypnotised modernized built a fire under worked on mustered up looked up scored called for registered made alive insinuated fanned the fire given a new lease of life to necessitated regained made to happen extended got at examined showed stunned tickled pink changed teed off slayed jarred cleared up depressed interested greatly started off enriched forwarded raised hell spirited up scared heated up pushed around boiled given a lift given birth to suscitated fanned the flames tired worked someone up activized caused anxiety to appealed held spellbound left the door open to subdued felt respect enamored disheartened touched a chord alerted asked for bulldozed made confident brought on oneself molten bore borne hitten given life to gave life to added fuel to fire gave shot in arm given confidence to given shot in arm given hope to gave hope to gave confidence to gotten in the way got in the way gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm gotten up sowed the seeds sown the seeds took out of mothballs taken out of mothballs gave courage to given courage to sprung up sprang up grew grown sprang ridden herd on rode herd on gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation came to life given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gotten smoking got smoking slew taken someone aback shown off took someone aback slain begged for took one's breath away taken one's breath away took your breath away taken your breath away given someone grief gave someone grief gave the incentive to given the incentive to became cheerful took a turn for the better taken heart took heart taken a turn for the better given someone a cue gave someone a cue shown got started gotten started given a boost gave a boost appealed to got through to stricken a chord gotten through to struck a chord drove mad drove crazy driven mad driven crazy given joy to gone over big gave joy to went over big gave pleasure to given pleasure to given someone the pip blew up driven up the wall got someone's goat drove up the wall gotten on someone's wick got up someone's nose got on someone's wick got on someone's nerves got someone gotten someone gotten someone's goat gotten across gotten at gotten up someone's nose gotten someone's back up gotten someone's dander up gotten on someone's nerves gotten on one's nerves gave someone the pip got someone's dander up got on one's nerves got someone's back up blown up got a rise out of gotten a rise out of


To have created by training or teaching
developed cultivated educated fostered prepared trained guided nurtured equipped instructed taught tutored coached drilled enlightened honed indoctrinated molded moulded promoted schooled shaped shope supported demonstrated explained clarified expounded explicated counseled counselled described inculcated informed mentored directed pointed out advised supervised lectured briefed gave lessons gave instructions gave the facts showed the ropes showed given the facts given lessons shown given instructions developt shown the ropes disciplined put someone through their paces exercised conditioned groomed instilled fit reared upskilled readied brainwashed programmed initiated grounded ground practiced practised lessoned edified qualified led seasoned leaded cared for drummed into raised accustomed illuminated fitted put through the grind looked after made ready bred improved habituated parented warmed up got ready worked out provided for licked into shape brought up inured equipt let in on versed set propagandized rehearsed mothered piloted sharpened formed put in the picture worked over broke in set up propagandised broken in put through the mill proselytized nursed tended nourished implanted imbued acquainted persuaded influenced prepped familiarized bettered uplifted elevated gotten into shape catechized proselytised walked through updated got into shape familiarised whipped into shape helped hypnotized studied illustrated matured manipulated compelled planted wrought worked loosened up introduced told tailored convinced taken care of took care of ordered presented hardened illumed shepherded communicated cherished clued inspired illumined clued in dinned something into put in the picture about gave lessons to made fit steered laid it out for attended to filled in put through grind hypnotised put through mill made suggestions to made conversant with familiarized with made recommendations to broke down put together tuned up given lessons to broke broken brake drilled into gave pointers dinned gave information to given pointers gave instruction to hammered into given information to given instruction to exemplified displayed exhibited domesticated sparred tempered acclimatized aged regimented fixed organized adapted mellowed based notified stretched oriented crammed toughened armed ripened endowed poised hipped labored laboured cleared strained apprised arranged braced orientated empowered ostended walked one through protected radicalized learnt made experienced facilitated annealed learned moderated enabled mitigated aided predicated rested laid fortified imparted civilized kept posted preached gave instruction got used to clued in on gotten used to homeschooled made something clear to wised up shadowboxed instructed in tutored in grounded in organised made suitable acclimatised shaped up made up impressed upon armed oneself informed about provided pulled one's coat trained in equipped with socialised watched over levelled gave counsel to given counselling to advanced fitted out caught up revealed gave direction to given instruction given advice to genned up on coached in drilled in knocked up kept your hand in explained things to gave someone tips given someone tips offered suggestions gave counselling to feed opened eyes made recommendations given direction to raised youngster supplied with facts taught information pounded into improved mind limbered up taught about taught school toughened up schooled in broken someone in managed clued up on demonstrated to fanaticized sponsored laid out clued up engineered cautioned given counsel to bolstered socialized offered opinions tamed got set suited filled in on got into condition radicalised genned up demonstrated something to acquainted with forearmed made plans for paved the way broke someone in civilised primed in backed leveled climatized fed polished up broken down hanged gave advice to hung made clear made aware of extremized nursled gotten set acclimated gave someone hints disclosed given someone hints lay out given a grounding in gave a grounding in did done gave character given character gave lessons in given lessons in broke it to broken it to gave the low-down on gave the gen about given the low-down on given the gen about given someone an idea gave someone an idea given the lowdown gave the low-down given the low-down gave somebody the lowdown given somebody the lowdown gave the lowdown done exercises did exercises gave an idea of given an idea of gave a demonstration of shown how something works showed how something is done showed how something works shown how something is done given a demonstration of shown the way to showed the way to given counselling given direction gave hints given hints gave advice gave direction gave counselling gave guidance given tips given counsel given advice gave counsel given guidance gave directions gave tips given directions holp


To have acted in preparation for something

Trái nghĩa của primed

primed Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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