Đồng nghĩa của complying

Alternative for complying

complies, complied, complying

Đồng nghĩa: agree, assent, conform, obey, submit,

Trái nghĩa: deny, refuse, reject,


Willing to accept or agree to something without objection or resistance
acquiescent consenting compliant agreeable submissive amenable pliant yielding acceding assenting biddable ingratiating obsequious tractable willing accepting accommodating agreeing approving conforming cooperative deferential flexible nonresistant obliging passive persuadable unresistant meek obedient obeisant persuasible servile subservient toadying tolerant tolerating unassertive unprotesting bootlicking convincible docile easy malleable resigned acquiescing assentive longanimous resistless suasible susceptive unresisting game ready respectful easily persuaded self-effacing Uriah Heepish eager keen happy enthusiastic glad ungrudging sympathetic concurring disposed responsive manageable non-resisting cheerful well-disposed complaisant dutiful duteous ductile timid mild favorable in agreement favourable in accord patient forbearing subdued humble spiritless slavish self-abasing spineless grovelling lamblike supine under someone's thumb nonresisting domesticated comformable pliable obeying abject giving-in groveling bowing down uncomplaining tame subordinate law-abiding soft conformable menial surrendering amiable placable lowly kowtowing fawning disciplinable governable controllable trainable teachable handleable under one's thumb cringing sycophantic reverential gentle manipulable quiet polite toadyish adaptable peaceable unassuming impressionable brown-nosing mean suggestible regardful unctuous long-suffering orderly workable susceptible reverent snivelling sniveling well-behaved slimy sucky modest peaceful low ass-kissing retiring good disciplined indulgent easy-going smarmy cowed lenient oily courteous attentive easily influenced shy influenceable soapy arse-licking calm enduring flattering ignoble crawling easygoing forgiving base devoted stoical sycophantish creeping greasy milky restrained oleaginous prostrate truckling craven diffident mannerly brownnosing considerate deferent cool subject easily handled receptive inferior timorous stoic gullible hesitant cowering weak serene fearful well-mannered browbeaten awed frightened intimidated moldable apathetic inactive tranquil good-natured civil non-resistant crouching complacent go-with-the-flow demure supple transformable bendy cowardly admiring laid-back quiescent gracious thoughtful weak-kneed mellow docious decent unobtrusive idle loyal faithful unpretentious mealy-mouthed parasitic philosophical beggarly appreciative non-violent well disciplined unflappable downtrodden solicitous proletarian plebeian unconfident unambitious conciliatory common smooth nonviolent insecure well trained trusting lowborn sleepy motionless civilized genial shrinking plain forelock-tugging excessively deferential apple-polishing well behaved lumpen baseborn low-life vulgar prole lower-class venerating flat charitable kind unsure apprehensive suckholing compassionate despicable easily swayed in one's power in one's clutches in one's pocket moderate obscure lax poor ordinary simple self-conscious merciful civilised unwashed dull at one's beck and call mundane withdrawing prosaic everyday good-tempered like putty in your hands well mannered good-humored rolls with punches putty in hands cast down with the patience of Job good-humoured scared humiliating administrable conformist assentient accordant consentient seemly domestic tameable tamable controlled conscientious open adoring loving trained untroublesome convenient amendable fatalistic reconciled under someone's control arse-kissing ingratiatory well-trained courtly chivalrous gallant decorous credulous devout enslaved stipendiary sneaking parasitical compliable dancing tender rulable adapted phlegmatic cordial satisfied adjusted renouncing relinquishing accommodated down-to-earth bowing adulatory scraping saponaceous sycophant dedicated responsible punctilious mousy cringey observant under control pacific submitting putty in one's hands filial laissez-faire wormlike average declassed commonplace placid backward bashful sheepish supplicatory childlike usable bowing and scraping ruly selfless wimpish boneless obligatory binding at one's mercy a slave to pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy zero tentative encourageable pious worshipping worshipful solemn easily manipulated spongy easily led putty like putty in one's hands lithy wussy unforthcoming aw-shucks warm soft-hearted at peace able to be influenced sheeplike honouring hearsome honoring unquestioning mim understanding composed sensitive pleasant warm-hearted tender-hearted eating crow generous friendly upholding worshiping incumbent on affable eating humble pie uninvolved non-participating wrapped around finger on a string equable chilled easy-oasy permissive imperturbable even-tempered unexcitable mild-mannered jejune vapid forbearant like a lamb to the slaughter honest persistent persevering honourable correct honorable righteous equanimous untiring mild-tempered unruffled self-possessed inexcitable lifeless honey-tongued insincere smooth-tongued slick silver-tongued smooth-talking impassive philosophic fortitudinous solid high-minded worthy moral virtuous lawful ethical principled proper right-minded non-aggressive reactive unassured nervous anxious self-controlled self-restrained saccharine nauseating slippery endearing cloying insinuating wheedling cajoling winsome winning sickening disarming static reflexive bearing flaccid disinterested unreceptive asleep latent stolid poker-faced moony deceivable dominated clean-living upstanding upright self-doubting not self-assured lacking in confidence wimpy lacking confidence uncertain lacking assurance lacking self-confidence not confident dupable clement subjugated bullied insinuative timeserving creepy charming serving silken oppressed inert pampering naive liberal unsuspicious mollycoddling deludable unoppressive pardoning benign temperate unburdensome humoring spoiling excusing light condoning fleeceable low-born low-bred straight just respectable hands off repressed humouring peasant low-ranking nagged going through motions walking through it constrained uxorious above board lethargic indifferent henpecked deprived enervated sluggish lazy negligent careless ground down led by the nose treated like dirt without a mind of one's own in fear of one's partner tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging wife-ridden under someone's heel effete indolent lymphatic listless languid uninterested slothful torpid heedless slack unresponsive dormant unoccupied lackadaisical sedentary do-nothing tired


Conforming to, permitted by, or recognized by law or rules
lawful decent good honorable honourable law-abiding righteous solid virtuous civilised civilized duteous dutiful ethical moral obedient orderly peaceful peacekeeping compliant disciplined well behaved honest upright just principled right-minded upstanding respectable worthy high-minded noble proper reputable scrupulous straight right morally correct fair trustworthy equitable pure admirable incorruptible laudable exemplary meritorious saintly unimpeachable praiseworthy lofty irreproachable blameless clean elevated saintlike godly unbribable guiltless sinless nice angelic high-principled stand-up right-thinking squeaky clean pure as the driven snow whiter than white all right peaceable respectful correct tractable clean-living true commendable irreprehensible inculpable self-righteous moralistic anti-corruption impeccable immaculate conscientious kosher respected venerable esteemed glorious biddable submissive amenable conformable docile manageable distinguished trusty notable deferential great reliable eminent above board dignified rectitudinous prestigious fitting conscionable responsible professional humane square justifiable Christian innocent uncorrupted untainted favoring balanced sound incorrupt incorrupted condign deserved merited rightful justified legal due morally right morally acceptable true blue competent warranted lily-white charitable well-behaved estimable cultivated sanctimonious saving favouring religious dinkum prim sportsmanly lenient sportsmanlike straightforward proud faithful legit untarnished true-blue on the level in the clear up front without reproach on the up and up of excellent character squeaky-clean regardful nonviolent polite ruly courteous acquiescent pliant devoted decorous reverential attentive loyal well trained well disciplined well mannered well-mannered willing cordial harmonious amicable friendly amiable strife-free restrained controlled well-trained quiet non-violent civil thoughtful considerate meek yielding subservient unresisting observant malleable ingratiating governable accommodating under control obeisant passive mannerly obsequious bootlicking tame calm tranquil pliable servile resigned honoring complaisant sheeplike venerating honouring controllable docious obliging hearsome unquestioning seemly at peace well brought up cooperative tolerant mindful well-brought-up wrapped around finger in one's pocket on a string in one's power in one's clutches dedicated punctilious at one's beck and call reverent deferent filial obligatory binding incumbent on


The absence of incompatibility between two things
consistency agreement accord accordance conformity correspondence congruity compatibility harmony similarity conformance congruence congruency correlation equivalence coherence compliance concord concordance concurrence consonance equality equivalency parity uniformity union affinity association coincidence conformability likeness relationship sameness similitude symmetry unity affiliation agreeing alliance analogy coordinateness resemblance apposition equal terms concession concert concurring identity reconciliation congeniality amity verification accession accommodation compromise acceding assenting acknowledging ratifying comparability parallelism balance regularity alikeness identicalness evenness homogeneousness homogeneity unison match oneness fit smoothness closeness equalness proportion consensus coequality levelness equilibrium par tune adequation solidarity unanimity analogousness assent support interoperability adherence like-mindedness symphony orchestration concinnity interchangeability connection relation orderliness keeping rapport semblance similar nature consonancy form coordination order comparison nearness fitness concurrency arrangement togetherness meeting of minds harmonization uniformness congruousness consilience comparableness indistinguishability mapping unvariedness standardization selfsameness duplication conforming conformation matching community common denominator commonality parallel interaction equatability commensurateness harmonisation equipoise standardisation synthesis observance shapeliness finish proportionality rhythm centrality abidance observation no difference coexistence conjunction coinciding compatible harmonious chorus deference obedience stability approximation synchronism concomitance organization dovetailing submission concertedness consent unanimousness steadiness quits tie draw collaboration link accompaniment organisation one mind empathy synchronization complete agreement sympathy level pegging blending integration respect blend friendship chime comity camaraderie peace communion agreeableness integrity attunement suitability synchronisation articulation single-mindedness fellow feeling

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