Đồng nghĩa của adoring

Alternative for adoring

adores, adored, adoring

Đồng nghĩa: admire, cherish, idolize, revere, worship,

Trái nghĩa: abhor, abominate,


Feeling or showing love or great care
devoted loving affectionate fond admiring worshiping worshipping ardent doting enamored enamoured tender tenderhearted venerating adulatory idolising idolizing reverent reverential indulgent warm caring lovey-dovey touchy-feely amorous solicitous warm-hearted gentle lovesome kind friendly dear demonstrative overindulgent passionate nurturing attentive sympathetic supportive sentimental benevolent mushy amatory romantic amicable thoughtful lovesick infatuated besotted foolish tender-hearted fatuous simple fascinated struck serving silly soft comforting emotional commiserative soothing attached cuddly chummy huggy pally matey partial considerate cordial concerned faithful amiable loyal generous fervent close earnest all over overfond buddy-buddy predisposed addicted responsive soft on crazy over nutty about bound up close-knit expressing adoration silly over compassionate kindly charitable humane kind-hearted magnanimous benign understanding selfless good-natured kindhearted warmhearted soft-hearted helpful altruistic gracious unselfish mild motherly beneficent merciful good-hearted maternal liberal benignant humanitarian softhearted fatherly chivalrous noble genial sweet neighborly big-hearted congenial neighbourly good affable sociable lenient intimate goodhearted sensitive pleasant decent approachable open-handed hospitable philanthropic feeling forbearing large-hearted tolerant giving disinterested self-sacrificing denying incorruptible self-effacing extroverted self-denying obliging self-forgetting open inseparable paternal empathetic familiar great-hearted self-forgetful companionable forgiving protective pitying gallant good-humoured good-humored comradely patient pleasing fatherlike nice brotherly constant fast special cherished all heart thick firm agreeable clement forthcoming tight empathic public-spirited easy complaisant philanthropical bighearted maternalistic welcoming well-disposed cheerful munificent likeable palsy-walsy accommodating likable mellow confidential treasured valued bleeding-heart well meaning boon easygoing convivial civil well-mannered courteous unstinting bosom especial delightful inward good-tempered expressive polite near personal sisterly cozy encouraging cosy bonhomous hearty greathearted open-hearted effusive lovable thick as thieves angelic as thick as thieves gushing mother bland sweet-tempered sheltering unreserved communicative conciliatory receptive ungrudging watchful expansive unrestrained happy patriarchal best unconstrained candid uninhibited heroic cooperative peaceful peaceable on good terms sparing careful easy-going permissive courtly parental valiant favourite condoling interested commiserating consoling tactful honourable honorable free bounteous bountiful openhanded freehanded moderate dearest favorite big moral comprehending benefic sympathizing temperate sympathising having heart in right place bleeding heart openhearted respectful unassuming engaging urbane unoffensive mild-mannered loving and giving regardful well intentioned unctuous princely stately suave harmless soppy parent fraternal matriarchal cliquey guiding courageous clannish melting avuncular soft-centred clubbable vigilant clubby diplomatic ladylike decorous gentlemanly civilized bubbly regular very dear paternalistic brave personable appreciating vicarious nearest and dearest protecting supporting caretaking confident genteel well-bred well mannered mannerly unsparing lovely mindful wholesome fearless intrepid stout-hearted bold dauntless couth like-minded amusing confiding outgoing hilarious favorable conversable jocose entertaining kindred social vibrant funny happy-go-lucky compatible amical comical jocular jovial enduring deep-rooted abiding durable reliable long-standing long-lasting eleemosynary soft touch propitious dutiful deferential calm lavish heart in right place quiet placid unpresumptuous charming prepossessing winsome worried anxious civilised impassioned noble-minded valorous as nice as pie appealing taking captivating simpatico reasonable sweet-natured barley-sugar winning enchanting even-tempered staunch steadfast stable steady freehearted fulsome meek humble soft-spoken shy non-confrontational pacific laid back lamblike demure dovelike modest retiring cool dove-like heedful human knightly piteous ruthful fervid erotic anacreontic amative favourable old softie open-minded well disposed do-good well-intentioned honest moralistic virtuous ethical principled respectable upstanding righteous conscientious upright pampering permitting soft-shell emollient assuaging mollycoddling assuasive lax compliant pardoning favoring humoring spoiling excusing light condoning yielding letting allowing humouring favouring high-minded just fair going easy on live with being big elevated high lordly goodish lofty great on top of each other enthusiastic heartfelt wholehearted genuine cheery sincere inviting eager deep palsy


Totally committed to a cause or belief
devout devoted dedicated earnest faithful genuine sincere staunch loyal ardent committed intense passionate steadfast zealous fervent deep enthusiastic firm keen resolute serious unwavering wholehearted active card-carrying constant down-the-line fast good pious pledged profound stanch steady sworn true true-blue vehement deep-dyed dinkum heartfelt red-hot adherent fervid goody-goody heart-and-soul pietistic revering venerating worshipping worshiping mad keen true blue goody two-shoes avid fanatical big doting dutiful exuberant supportive eager rabid impassioned fond dependable reliable trusty trustworthy allegiant unswerving stalwart unfaltering honest tried-and-true dyed-in-the-wool warm single-minded stable enduring sure persistent immovable burning tried and true tried and tested deeply felt intent strong unfeigned perfervid true-hearted tried hearty patriotic orthodox unflinching driven stubborn solid conscientious fixed purposeful fiery strict trusted obdurate conservative traditional hard-core confirmed unchanging attached bona fide religious upright hard-working honourable honorable resolved liege full-hearted pure unfailing from the heart tenacious persevering settled inveterate unhesitating responsible gung ho spirited torrid motivated rigid passional stout diligent deep-seated uncompromising extreme inflexible cordial unmovable unbending energetic inexorable bound close assiduous vigorous abiding unqualified studious solemn unquestioning truthful go-ahead straight secure incorruptible bosom true to life never-failing scrupulous boon truehearted heart-to-heart behind one fundamentalist reverent prayerful urgent attentive concerned sound die-hard redoubtable adamant established immobile changeless determined consecrated admiring on one's side unflappable stiff tough in good faith through and through unyielding as thick as thieves inseparable durable certain decided strong-minded set on gritty set strong-willed dogged bent on hardboiled untiring indomitable obstinate buckled down bent engagé out-and-out as keen as mustard single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end entrenched powerful abject acute conformist obedient open heightened severe intrenched exceptional consuming rooted extraordinary observant impervious dear real deepest emphatic upfront confiding correct believable loving affectionate circumspect deep-rooted stirring thorough inflamed rousing supreme excessive great grave righteous right just trustable moral virtuous ethical nice safe decent unpretending meant calculable right-minded actual pretensionless undissembled undesigning authentic string along with on the level doctrinal all-consuming thoroughgoing worthy veridical undistorted estimable high-principled creditable square all right hardened militant twenty-four carat honest to God bred-in-the-bone no lie on the up and up up front hopeful pushy forceful fierce zestful engaged emotional obsessive hot itchy ripe zealotic antsy fired obsessed frenetic fanatic fireball afire self-starting possessed gung-ho wild-eyed participating of the faith busy of the true faith occupied animated flaming influential activist contributing feeling coming on strong involved employed working excited engrossed hopping forward immersed absorbed bustling interested superheated charged glowing feverish blazing ecstatic demonstrative hot-blooded warm-blooded incandescent raw enthused tender warmhearted heated responsive tied-up go-getting gotta have dying to keen as mustard hopped up hot for two-fisted


A feeling or expression of reverence and adoration
worship reverence praise adoration devotion glory respect worshipping glorification homage honour veneration adulation exaltation revering deification honor laudation love praising regard thanksgiving venerating admiration exalting extolling extolment glorifying honouring idolatry idolization prayers worshiping dulia esteem honoring latria lionisation lionization magnification awe beatification benediction genuflection prostration supplication -olatry hero-worship praying to hero worship idolizing fetishization apotheosis lionizing hero-worshipping admiring loving obsession lionising idolising idolism fanaticism fervor fervour tribute obeisance deference acclaim recognition high regard commendation appreciation plaudits acclamation elevation applause approbation compliments estimation affection fealty favour favor accolades attachment approval passion blessing eulogy credit accolade fondness submission loyalty tributes magnifying kneeling thanks flattery kudos celebration panegyric fidelity allegiance idealization infatuation crush warmth sycophancy ardor weakness wonder astonishment amazement ardour distinction prestige liking wonderment eulogium repute idealisation gratitude popularity consideration canonization salutes congratulations lauding compliment attention grace respectfulness prayer faithfulness props abasement duty fawning encomium hankering bow care pash amore yen shine paean bootlicking pride tenderness kowtowing high esteem hymn citation piety fear intimacy feeling acknowledgement great respect puppy love acknowledgment devotedness sentiment bowing fame delight puff reputation aggrandizement renown court marveling greatness merit name importance nobility cachet illustriousness dignity pumping up marvelling pats on the back immortalization notability privilege eminence surprise ovation bouquets paeans commemoration trust aggrandisement falling down good image good name high standing good reputation pat on the back translation worshipfulness paying homage ennoblement thankfulness appreciativeness vengeance wrath repayment kowtow exaggerated respect breathless adoration puja kindness intense love pleasure salutation service dithyramb eulogies blandishments account high opinion blandishment eulogiums closeness familiarity endearment friendliness good opinion testimonial puffing up salute troth extravagant flattery audation valuing prizing thought concept aroha servile flattery fulsome praise deifying putting on a pedestal uplifting obsequiousness devoutness religiousness puffery dread terror obedience ingratiation boost cheering hurrah cheer recommendation bravo rave plaudit cry horror invocation unctuousness cajolery sweet talk toadyism gratification like good word big hand false praise soft soap soft-soap honeyed words consternation shock apprehension stupefaction fright friendship ideolatry taste amour involvement inclination amity relish emotion enchantment rapture zeal cherishing partiality flame case enjoyment rogation communion litany soft spot ardency romance orison wuv luv


Present participle for to have deep love or admiration for
loving worshipping worshiping cherishing admiring idolising idolizing prizing revering treasuring deifying doting on reverencing adulating canonising canonizing esteeming hero-worshipping honouring lionising lionizing loving dearly caring for holding dear holding in admiration honoring regarding highly respecting bowing to looking up to setting great store by thinking the world of falling for flipping over going for holding in high regard loving intensely standing in awe of having a high opinion of putting on a pedestal venerating glorifying exalting appreciating valuing extolling liking paying homage to praising thinking highly of holding in high esteem lauding apotheosizing magnifying hallowing embracing fancying aggrandizing relishing idealizing sanctifying holding in esteem idealising holding in awe enjoying elevating valuing highly praying to desiring appreciating greatly thinking much of paying tribute to setting store by favouring favoring doting upon having a high regard for blessing regarding rating highly bowing down to lavishing affection on offering prayers to approving of singing praises to marveling at heroizing thinking very highly of valuing greatly deferring to giving thanks to feeling great affection for caring very much for placing great value on supporting immortalizing holding sacred enthroning wanting nurturing celebrating thanking enshrining finding attractive immortalising beatifying taking to rating bowing down before having a pash on having a crush on extolling the virtues of attaching importance to having a thing about carrying a torch for having an eye for having the hots for taking a liking to holding in the highest regard holding in great respect holding high really liking petting spoiling indulging pampering feeling affection for hymning resounding emblazoning caroling carolling apprizing backing paying homage applauding lifting up taking pleasure in bowing down hailing commending singing the praises of divinizing worshipping to excess thinking a lot of wondering at holding in respect encouraging having a predilection for having a proclivity for having a penchant for cajoling brown-nosing flattering fawning blandishing craving consecrating going into raptures over lusting after enskying dignifying ennobling embosoming doting yearning coveting preferring burning for haloing erecting illuminating distinguishing raising mythifying transfiguring giving praise to adorning uprearing wishing for aching for following leching after leching over affecting cultivating an interest in having taken a shine to having a soft spot for having eyes for taking a shine to delighting in mooning over grooving on


Present participle for like very much
liking loving enjoying relishing savouring digging delighting in fancying reveling in savoring rating highly regarding highly going for grooving on having a liking for rejoicing in taking pleasure in getting off on having a taste for having a weakness for getting a buzz from getting a thrill from going a bundle on having a thing about getting a charge out of getting a kick out of appreciating cherishing glorying in luxuriating in getting a thrill out of caring for favouring favoring thoroughly enjoying taking to having a penchant for having a predilection for having a proclivity for taking great pleasure in having a soft spot for really liking treasuring valuing having a passion for having a great liking for taking a fancy to having a thing for getting a buzz out of preferring embracing adulating taking great delight in admiring doting on feeling affection for indulging in finding irresistible holding dear taking an interest in enjoying greatly taking satisfaction in taking joy in basking in lapping up really enjoying feasting on getting high on taking delight in reveling revelling prizing having affection for deriving pleasure from getting a kick from of longing for cottoning to getting a buzz from of thinking the world of madding about having a fondness for doting wallowing in finding appealing gloating over hankering for getting a bang out of crowing about taking a thrill to finding pleasure in liking to indulge in finding satisfaction in going in for amusing oneself living it up eating up carrying a torch for venerating living a little choosing worshiping worshipping feeling deep affection for esteeming rating deriving great pleasure from liking very much jubilating putting on pedestal falling for delighting revering immersing yourself in drinking in exulting in finding enjoyable having regard for deriving satisfaction from finding agreeable approving of having a preference for feeling self-satisfied about getting pleasure from partake of getting a charge from of having an affection for minding hearting having fun having a ball having a good time taking a shine to thinking well of respecting holding in esteem finding attractive feeling affection toward having a high regard for leaning toward caring very much for feeling affection having a pash on overindulging leaning holding very dear less than threeing losing one's heart to thriving with passionating about wilding about giving one's heart to becoming infatuated with pottying about falling head over heels in love with having it bad wilding for becoming smitten with developing a crush on attracting wuving luving luvving desiring wanting having it bad for craving desiderating coveting luxuriating endorsing wishing for sanctioning liking to wanting to loving to wishing to wallowing exulting setting one's heart on sighing for having a craving for dreaming of itching for feeling like yearning for pining for taking a liking to thirsting for hungering for having a yearning for having a yen for hankering after joying indulging rejoicing exuberating glorying kvelling triumphing taking great pleasure taking great delight finding great pleasure finding joy in enjoying to the full having fun with amusing oneself with feeling satisfaction with drooling over


Present participle for to worship a god with religious rites
revering worshipping worshiping glorifying reverencing venerating exalting deifying extolling lauding praising esteeming magnifying paying homage to paying tribute to celebrating commending acclaiming admiring eulogizing emblazoning complimenting applauding eulogising commemorating honouring lionizing hailing saluting honoring appreciating aggrandizing panegyrizing lionising singing the praises of toasting dignifying distinguishing ennobling touting recognizing sanctifying hallowing valuing decorating prizing erecting subliming observing speaking highly of recognising raving about singing paeans to making much of bigging up taking one's hat off to crying up rolling out red carpet blessing hymning resounding caroling carolling cheering respecting ballyhooing flattering accrediting feting recommending approving of uprearing cracking up giving accolades to giving credit to showing appreciation of speaking well of bigging something up expressing admiration for crying something up giving key to city giving glad hand looking up to handing it to endorsing monumentalizing memorialising memorializing congratulating felicitating raving over heaping praise on waxing lyrical about throwing bouquets at saying nice things about paying respects welcoming giving bouquet cracking something up cracking someone up singing praises of taking off hat to idolizing rhapsodizing about rhapsodizing over idolising boosting stroking approving building up putting on a pedestal waxing lyrical praising to the skies vaunting expressing approval of singing praises trumpeting blowing up proclaiming clapping publicizing rooting plugging pushing hearing it for publicising promoting raving singing going into raptures about puffing up hurrahing hurraying encouraging apotheosizing supporting hero-worshipping advertising advertizing immortalizing adulating going into raptures over hyping immortalising sounding the praises of rooting for giving a big hand giving it up for puffing giving a puff to heralding publishing affirming upholding solemnizing enhancing elevating augmenting giving approval giving kudos solemnising signalising signalizing giving a posy giving a bouquet crediting glamorizing increasing favouring favoring praising enthusiastically romanticizing canonizing idealizing whistling intensifying transfiguring lifting haloing showing appreciation for paying respects to sanctioning advocating gushing about enthusing about enthusing over belauding glamouring up glamourizing adorning lifting up enshrining adding dignity to raising yelling shouting holding in awe hooting adding distinction to heroizing mobbing gushing over looking on with favour giving ovation expressing respect for holding in high esteem holding in high regard citing adding lustre to canonising hiking idealising glamorising romanticising flaunting bragging about expressing delight over going on about going wild about giving a hand showing appreciation setting on a pedestal setting on pedestal bringing the house down giving a standing ovation putting your hands together bestowing honour on shouting for talking up giving a boost billing putting up in lights laying it on thick piling it on putting up giving a round of applause hollering for cheering on rising to giving a boost to sounding off for making a fuss over making a fuss of showing respect rolling out the red carpet merchandising overpraising building beating the drum for hyping up crying giving publicity to putting in a good word for


Present participle for to flatter or compliment excessively
praising flattering complimenting adulating revering venerating elevating glorifying inveigling lionising lionizing stroking bootlicking cajoling fawning over gushing over raving over sweet-talking worshipping worshiping brownnosing brown-nosing building up buttering up falling all over kissing one's feet playing up to putting on a pedestal sucking up to working over complimenting excessively laying it on thick soft-soaping spreading it on working on gushing fawning wheedling overpraising blarneying charming humouring blandishing humoring courting honeying massaging softening rubbing the right way puffing belauding hero-worshipping fawning on smooth-talking snowing crawling to beslavering jollying conning salving creeping to oiling selling toadying groveling grovelling coaxing catering to sweetening up persuading getting next to ingratiating oneself with palavering slavering puffing up buttering up to stroking one's ego exalting soothing fawning upon roosing flannelling flanneling kowtowing to toadying to abasing oneself to prevailing on talking into keeping someone sweet making up to currying favour curry favoring with demeaning oneself to sucking up truckling to bowing and scrape to rubbing up the right way dancing attendance on curry favouring with curry favoring getting on the right side of prostrating oneself to grovelling to getting round admiring commending expressing admiration for panegyrizing paying tribute to pandering to lauding waxing lyrical about paying blandishments to paying court to making much of saying nice things about laying it on with a trowel

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