Đồng nghĩa của exalting

Alternative for exalting

exalts, exalted, exalting

Đồng nghĩa: compliment, elevate, extol, glorify, honor, laud, praise,


Present participle for to celebrate, extol, or proclaim the glory of
praising extolling glorifying acclaiming magnifying lauding worshipping worshiping blessing reverencing idolising idolizing revering applauding lionising lionizing venerating carolling caroling celebrating deifying emblazoning esteeming hero-worshipping hymning resounding apotheosizing paying tribute to commending cracking up distinguishing erecting eulogising eulogizing haloing honoring honouring intensifying lifting paying homage to subliming transfiguring uprearing bigging up holding in awe looking up to building up holding in high esteem holding in high regard putting on a pedestal setting on a pedestal setting on pedestal singing the praises of adoring admiring adulating sanctifying hallowing aggrandizing hailing dignifying canonizing ennobling canonising respecting panegyrizing elevating commemorating loving cherishing appreciating saluting complimenting immortalizing valuing enshrining prizing immortalising enthroning consecrating observing idealizing memorializing treasuring recognizing beatifying thinking highly of idealising raving about memorialising making much of crying up recognising enskying praying to dedicating ballyhooing decorating toasting having a high opinion of flattering solemnizing going into raptures over solemnising singing paeans to bigging something up cheering ordaining rolling out red carpet crying someone up praising to the skies crying something up acknowledging proclaiming regarding highly marking bowing down to welcoming having a high regard for offering prayers to singing praises to singing touting setting apart feting accrediting rhapsodizing over waxing lyrical about keeping signalizing boosting stroking heaping praise on speaking highly of signalising going into raptures about giving thanks to heroizing making holy throwing bouquets at approving of holding in admiration making sacred preserving regarding handing it to hearing it for holding in esteem deferring to giving key to city giving glad hand installing thanking anointing approving praising enthusiastically publicizing sacralizing gushing about enthusing about enthusing over vaunting holding sacred gushing over raving pushing rooting rhapsodizing about sainting recommending publicising doting on expressing approval of expressing admiration for bowing down before puffing up expressing delight over going on about going wild about dedicating to God giving accolades to giving credit to showing appreciation of waxing lyrical thinking much of marveling at standing in awe of giving a posy giving a bouquet setting store by setting great store by taking your hat off to holding dear holding in the highest regard holding in great respect holding high placing on a pedestal really liking perpetuating eternalizing lifting up remembering mobbing rhapsodizing raving over divinizing doting upon eternizing characterizing discriminating individualizing differentiating singularizing rhapsodising celebritizing publishing trumpeting bestowing honour on belauding performing singing praises pedestalizing bowing down speaking well of making a fuss over making a fuss of sounding the praises of showing respect frocking devoting worshipping to excess formalizing enjoying crowning bragging about protecting living up to singing someone's praises favouring favoring making famous illuminating mythifying giving praise to adorning raising idolatrizing besainting behallowing making immortal congratulating containing representing embodying expressing incorporating embalming manifesting realizing paying homage giving a boost to investing inaugurating individualising characterising setting down including setting out clapping making into a saint regarding as sacred laying hands on rolling out the red carpet inducting embracing liking keeping alive the memory of formalising monumentalizing instating thinking the world of wondering at thinking a lot of rating highly relishing rating valuing highly extolling the virtues of attaching importance to holding in respect realising spelling out laying down initiating making official officiating at setting in stone saying nice things about sacrificing offering absolving sprinkling baptising confirming crossing baptizing signing establishing cracking something up cracking someone up coronating consummating giving approval giving kudos devoting to God swearing in giving it up for kinging offerring benediction invoking happiness on pronouncing holy invoking happiness invoking benefits praying for hurrahing hurraying affirming upholding rooting for


Present participle for raise to a higher rank or position
dignifying elevating ennobling advancing aggrandizing promoting raising upgrading boosting canonising canonizing deifying enshrining enskying enthroning glorifying honoring honouring magnifying improving the standing of improving the status of giving a higher rank enhancing preferring moving up improving the position of kicking upstairs glamorizing adding distinction to adding dignity to romanticizing idealizing adding lustre to glamourizing venerating apotheosizing increasing idolizing giving promotion to giving a higher position to idolising idealising glamorising romanticising glamouring up distinguishing putting on a pedestal praising extolling lionizing adorning augmenting lionising bestowing honour on making lofty rhapsodizing fetishizing lifting furthering overemphasizing building up putting up overemphasising rhapsodising giving advancement to giving a higher rank to viewing through rose-tinted glasses painting a rosy picture of gracing erecting subliming uprearing lording exaggerating sentimentalizing sentimentalising looking at through rose-colored glasses making glamorous thinking romantically progressing sublimating developing appointing improving hoisting converting romancing placing in a higher rank giving promotion admiring worshipping dreaming worshiping moving up the ladder stepping up raising high giving advancement looking at something through rose-tinted spectacles celebrating lauding hymning eulogizing acclaiming panegyrizing hailing immortalizing emblazoning applauding resounding blessing caroling lifting up carolling singing singing the praises of heroizing crying up immortalising bigging up cracking up hiking sounding the praises of commending eulogising


Present participle for to raise in rank, status etc.
uplifting exciting inspiring stimulating animating delighting elevating exhilarating lifting raising thrilling arousing elating electrifying enlivening heightening inspiriting transporting filling with joy firing the imagination of galvanizing quickening encouraging rousing galvanising stirring energizing invigorating inciting intoxicating envigorating energising gladdening moving cheering inflaming vitalizing heartening provoking sparking instigating enthusing firing impelling filliping informing pepping up cheering up motivating vivifying enrapturing spurring kindling irritating impassioning bracing urging instilling spiking intensifying emboldening livening up jump-starting commoving gingering up firing up juicing up geeing up bucking up giving a buzz breathing life into zipping up spurring on amping up jazzing up reviving activating kick-starting prodding giving life to lighting up making alive giving new life to lighting a fire under livening breathing new life into bringing to life revivifying awakening evoking engendering causing influencing triggering driving persuading stirring up drawing forth bringing out calling forth inclining swaying impressing putting life into imbuing touching goading steeling infusing striking incentivizing piquing being responsible for bearing up buoying up reassuring giving one an idea starting off infecting working up giving impetus firing with enthusiasm sparking off setting up carrying affecting beghasting getting occasioning enduing chirking up enkindling revving up building a fire under brightening buoying refreshing revitalizing boosting charging titillating rejoicing sending juicing pepping revitalising perking up picking up snapping up putting zip into giving someone a kick pumping up giving someone a charge making very happy giving someone a thrill turning on giving someone great pleasure turning someone on


Present participle for to augment or make something greater
enhancing increasing adding to intensifying magnifying amplifying inflating strengthening building up augmenting boosting upgrading raising lifting escalating elevating swelling aggrandizing enriching heightening deepening stressing reinforcing building underlining compounding consolidating emphasising emphasizing expanding furthering jacking up extending hiking incrementing accentuating advancing amping up ballooning beefing up bumping up cranking up enforcing exacerbating multiplying puffing up pumping up maximising maximizing proliferating mushrooming sharpening aggravating redoubling stepping up inflaming worsening making worse improving making greater enlarging sending up concentrating widening broadening picking up quickening gaining strength whetting darkening pointing lightening exaggerating rising spiking accenting rousing brightening intensating setting off heaping on adding fuel toning up piling on heating up pouring it on growing developing supplementing adding snowballing annexing spreading mounting padding topping up making larger making bigger filling out encouraging promoting fattening breadthening building on nurturing cultivating fostering stimulating accumulating fortifying buttressing supplying topping subsidizing hotting up becoming worse subsidising optimizing doubling jazzing up progressing rounding off filling up tripling bettering adding fuel to fire eking out lengthening making better accelerating reenforcing supersizing hiking up upraising amassing dilating distending prolonging ameliorating pumping teeming parlaying swarming protracting waxing thickening upscaling pullulating ratcheting up slapping on collecting following up going up hyping tacking on upping elongating marking up blowing up fleshing out jacking shooting up optimising


Present participle for to exaggerate, use hyperbole
hyperbolizing exaggerating magnifying embellishing embroidering amplifying inflating padding stretching colouring coloring fudging enlarging expanding distorting heightening falsifying emphasising emphasizing boosting boasting bragging fabricating hiking caricaturing corrupting elaborating on building up cooking up going to extremes blowing out of proportion blowing up out of proportion overstating overdoing overemphasizing overestimating overplaying dramatizing overemphasising dramatising blowing up out of all proportion overdrawing elaborating overstressing aggrandizing catastrophizing intensifying putting on enhancing puffing misquoting lying misrepresenting misreporting pyramiding laying it on thick stretching the truth blowing up making a mountain out of a molehill making too much of making a big thing out of emphasizing too much playing up drawing the long bow increasing augmenting swelling pumping up extending escalating spreading touching up filling widening surcharging maximizing ballooning bloating maximising cramming going up driving up beefing up fleshing out blowing out of all proportion swelling up overvaluing overselling overpitching adding colour romanticizing scamming upping overexaggerating romanticising romancing piling it on shooting a line drawing the longbow prettying up loud talking piling it on about laying on laying it on thick about bigging up laying it on with a shovel making a federal case of laying it on with a trowel making a production out of blowing something out of all proportion making a big thing of making a drama out of a crisis laying it on with a trowel about hamming it up overacting overrating overdoing it bending melodramatizing dressing up perverting gilding varnishing garbling misstating misinterpreting chewing the scenery tearing a cat cooking manipulating misrelating hamming hyping overdramatizing mugging putting a spin on disguising faking straining overpraising promoting belying warping massaging twisting expanding on slanting accentuating accenting making a production of emoting burlesquing acting travestying pointing up stressing spinning doctoring puffing up overcharging altering laying it on changing gingering up enlarging on jazzing up adulterating quoting out of context tampering with giving a false account of taking out of context prevaricating fiddling trumping up equivocating paltering conning fixing overusing overworking chewing up the scenery theatricalizing stretching a point making a song and dance about making a fuss making too much of something making a big thing of something interlarding laboring at getting carried away showing off overstating the case making larger magnifying importance overwriting making a big deal out of something allowing too much for overcalculating expressing emotion juggling filling out aggravating yeasting overelaborating overembellishing distending adding detail to adding flesh to fiddling with interfering with tinkering with patching acclaiming giving someone a sob story making a mountain out of exaggerating information going into detail about applauding praising making mountain of molehill spreading on thick making federal case forging belabouring counterfeiting advancing making mountain out of molehill piling on sensationalizing inventing soft-soaping poisoning airbrushing laboring labouring debasing overplaying it going overboard paying extravagant compliments embellishing the truth sweet-talking giving fulsome praise laying on with a trowel vitiating play-acting belaboring dwelling on harping on faking it contravening contorting framing up deaconing rigging traversing fibbing salting deceiving glossing putting on an act four-flushing enacting executing splashing producing staging showing playacting presenting tragedizing performing sensationalising parodying making much of camping it up highlighting hams up laying too much stress on attaching too much importance to attaching too much weight to concealing gracing coating making something out of nothing snowing angling miscoloring cloaking biasing mangling cheesing biassing giving a false idea of blowing smoke glossing over dressing skewing confusing masking covering up passing off bearding pirating blarneying foregrounding going on and on about going over the top about making a big thing about playing on heartstrings giving color to playing to gallery making a performance of playing to the gallery underlining window-dressing adorning brightening decking camouflaging enriching sugar-coating underscoring featuring punctuating pressing ornamenting garnishing beautifying bedecking illuminating italicizing overlaying whitewashing tinseling tinselling plating aurifying glittering engilding begilding washing painting italicising calling attention to turning spotlight on drawing attention to bringing to the fore


Causing strong feelings of excitement and happiness
exhilarating exciting thrilling breathtaking stimulating intoxicating enlivening envigorating invigorating stirring vitalizing electrifying heady mind-blowing uplifting bracing charged cheering electric energising energizing exhilarant exhilarative galvanic galvanising galvanizing gladdening hair-raising heart-stopping inspiring kicky mind-bending mind-boggling revitalising revitalizing rip-roaring rousing refreshing animating animative elevating exhilaratory eye-popping giddy inspiriting quickening stimulative tonic inspirational moving encouraging motivating affecting motivational impassioned emotive striking passionate spirited heartening persuasive provoking memorable dynamic impactful riveting provocative emotional dramatic gripping lively animated impelling influential impressive poignant instigative instigating arousing anthemic affective energetic touching inciting meaningful awakening vibrant piquing enthusiastic vigorous hearty triggering soul-stirring emotion-charged thought-provoking interesting challenging appealing spine-tingling fascinating titillating adrenalizing hectic captivating astonishing restorative amazing intriguing stunning wonderful absorbing overwhelming magnificent renewing reinvigorating incredible sensational expressive profound roborant spectacular fabulous wondrous stem-winding awe-inspiring entertaining compelling intense enthralling startling heartfelt awesome fervent enchanting eloquent staggering vivifying significant innerving arresting remarkable action-packed out of this world powerful fiery engaging wild astounding explosive fantastic stupendous brilliant deep mournful delightful piquant sincere beautiful eye-opening sad marvelous grand doleful marvellous cheerful soulful sexy inflammatory strong heart-warming agitational heartrending ardent inviting fervid tender heartbreaking attention-grabbing complex complicated difficult baffling confusing puzzling shocking mind-altering cliffhanging knife-edge compulsive amusing pleasing diverting riotous charming buzzworthy pleasurable exquisite jaw-dropping imposing dazzling amazeballs splendid glorious extraordinary beguiling unique magnetic eye-catching consuming engrossing enticing majestic monumental lavish entrancing showy luxurious influencing prompting galvanical reviving cordial rejuvenating vital brisk shareable viral potent sensitive sparkling ensational readable elating hallucinogenic suspenseful laden pervaded permeated filled feeling imbued suffused stirred fraught loaded full saturated deeply felt stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic warming tense exalté nerve-racking boisterous rollicking ripping uproarious adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat telling shaking trembling breathless sententious heart-stirring jolting giving one food for thought adrenaline-fueled shivering quaking vibrating shuddering upsetting outstanding enriching inspirative improving buzzy volatile adrenalized frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging fab miraculous boss picturesque heart-rending tear-jerking power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable unforgettable zero cool battery operated insane cool surprising curious never to be forgotten gee-whizz excellent crazy unreal unbelievable enjoyable ridiculous far out terrific meaty charismatic eventful hypnotizing hypnotic tantalising mesmerising worthy of note fresh mesmerizing preoccupying bewitching unputdownable portentous trenchant topical fine unboring immersing hypnotising newsy splashy relatable prepossessing attractive involving vivid racy out of the ordinary tantalizing exceptional newsworthy alluring mesmeric spellbinding noteworthy seductive emphatic magical funny bad daring first-class primo divine momentous like wow swell hunky-dory super groovy dandy first-rate superb bold delicious stately massive pleasant humorous witty agreeable fun incendiary inflaming congenial recreative droll nice seditious hilarious chucklesome admirable insurgent rabble-rousing anarchic comical tremendous demagogic relaxing scream clever riot be a ball fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless rebellious fomenting agitating revolutionary extravagant transcendent phenomenal hate-mongering intemperate rabid mutinous eager vehement flaming contentious controversial excited committed assiduous earnest dedicated steadfast allegiant zealous resplendent far-out notable sumptuous special fantastical out of sight dreamy unmitigated commanding prominent splendorous towering arrestive surpassing magnific seditionary great confounding perfect incitive sightly like a red rag to a bull fierce feverish frenzied heated burning warm messianic violent fanatical perfervid passional torrid glowing raging red-hot demonstrative warm-blooded incandescent superheated religious tumultuous blazing uncontrollable hot-blooded impulsive impetuous ungovernable steamed up high-pressure forceful stimulated precipitate headlong high-powered hotblooded quickened


A feeling or expression of reverence and adoration
worship reverence praise adoration devotion glory respect worshipping glorification homage honour veneration adulation exaltation revering adoring deification honor laudation love praising regard thanksgiving venerating admiration extolling extolment glorifying honouring idolatry idolization prayers worshiping dulia esteem honoring latria lionisation lionization magnification awe beatification benediction genuflection prostration supplication -olatry hero-worship praying to hero worship lauding magnifying paying homage apotheosis tribute obeisance deference acclaim recognition high regard commendation appreciation plaudits acclamation elevation applause approbation compliments estimation affection fealty favour favor accolades attachment approval passion idolizing blessing eulogy credit accolade lionizing fondness submission loyalty tributes thanks flattery kudos celebration panegyric fidelity allegiance lionising idolising idealization infatuation crush warmth sycophancy ardor weakness wonder kneeling astonishment amazement ardour distinction prestige liking wonderment canonization eulogium repute idealisation gratitude popularity consideration salutes congratulations compliment attention grace respectfulness prayer admiring faithfulness props obsession hero-worshipping fanaticism duty fawning encomium hankering bow care pash amore yen shine paean bootlicking pride tenderness high esteem hymn citation piety fervor fear intimacy feeling acknowledgement fervour great respect puppy love acknowledgment devotedness sentiment fame abasement delight puff reputation aggrandizement renown court marveling greatness merit name importance nobility cachet illustriousness dignity bowing kowtowing pumping up marvelling pats on the back immortalization notability privilege eminence surprise ovation bouquets paeans commemoration trust aggrandisement good image good name high standing good reputation falling down pat on the back translation fetishization worshipfulness ennoblement loving thankfulness appreciativeness vengeance wrath repayment idolism exaggerated respect breathless adoration puja kindness intense love pleasure salutation service dithyramb eulogies blandishments account high opinion blandishment eulogiums closeness familiarity endearment friendliness good opinion testimonial puffing up salute troth extravagant flattery audation valuing prizing thought concept aroha servile flattery fulsome praise deifying putting on a pedestal uplifting obsequiousness devoutness religiousness puffery dread terror obedience ingratiation kowtow boost cheering hurrah cheer recommendation bravo rave plaudit cry horror invocation unctuousness cajolery sweet talk toadyism gratification like good word big hand false praise soft soap soft-soap honeyed words consternation shock apprehension stupefaction fright friendship ideolatry taste amour involvement inclination amity relish emotion enchantment rapture zeal cherishing partiality flame case enjoyment rogation communion litany soft spot ardency romance orison wuv luv

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